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18/01/2013 at 13:52

Afternoon all,

Hope you're all snuggled up inside.   The concept of running outside round our lanes or across country is simply a non-starter as it's treacherous!  Yesterday afternoon I went out for a recovery run and had to turn back after 2.5 miles as any bit of lane that was in the shade was like  a sheet of ice and the verges are deeply rutted mud so impassable.  The snow is settling in today although it isn't too deep yet.  Treadmill for me tomorrow and probably Sunday at this rate.

Matsmum, sorry to hear your daughter has asthma.  Mine was only diagnosed last year after a couple of scary incidents when my throat closed up and I couldn't breathe.  I put it down to hay fever, although I'd never suffered before and saw the doctor who suspected I had asthma when I told her the things that happen when I run.    After several different meds I'm now on the Symbicort 'smart' program which is a combined inhaler giving a low dose of  steroid together with the part that opens the airways.  I take it morning and night but can take it more during the day if I have a bad session such as what I'm experiencing at the moment.  It's the pits and has really affected my self confidence.  Good news about your treddy though - I find mine very useful, especially in this weather!

Stay safe everyone and please don't take any risks in dodgy conditions.

18/01/2013 at 15:20

I finally decided against risking a run, as I have to go about .5 mile on tarmac before I enter the forest. I had contemplated running in the road, but this was also risky as a lot of drivers hadn't bothered clearing the snow from their side windows, so might not see a walker, runner, cyclist or horse rider.

Luckily, our club session was able to go ahead as planned, last night, as the snow hadn't started, and the roads weren't icy, although a bit damp. We did pyramids comprising 1,2,3,3,2,1 efforts. There were several sharp right hand corners on the circuit, so I slowed down for them. Most of the runners sped round them, but I'm still being cautious of falling whilst the ground is a bit dicey.

18/01/2013 at 21:14

Just enough snow here to be a nuisance. I'm feeling the cold which is quite unusual. Blood pressure checks today at my GP to complete my MoT.140/70 which is quite pleasing for an old man.

Out searching this afternoon for a friends dog that had gone missing a long way from home. Failed to find it. Received a phone call this evening to say that the dog had turned upwet and cold at 7:00pm which is its dinner time.

We always seem to train based on distances. Using time as the unit(s) of measurement is just as effective.

19/01/2013 at 16:41

Afternoon all,

Impossible to run outside here today so did a short but useful treddy run - 3 miles of hill reps this morning (struggled a bit with my breathing again) then a 3 mile recovery run this afternoon.  I'll be on there again tomorrow as the forecast is for more snow and temps down to -10 tonight - yikes!

JJ, glad to hear you're still alive and have the proof   Good news about the doggy.

TE, you are wise to be cautious.  No point in taking risks in this weather.

Stay safe and warm everyone.

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19/01/2013 at 17:36

Red, minus 10, that's really hard core Very wise to keep to the treddy.

I decided to risk a short run this morning, as the snow has been thawing, and the roads fairly clear. I just ran 3.5 miles, which comprised a mixture of walking, jogging and running, on pavements, roads and grass verges. The snow on the grass was about 3 inches deep, so was good for the quads in having to lift the feet out of the snow.

Tomorrow is a forest run with club colleagues, and I hope to do at least 10 miles. I do agree, however, with JJ, that time on the feet is equally as important as distance covered.

Stay safe everone, and if you are racing tomorrow, take care and don't take risks.

19/01/2013 at 19:12

Snow forcast for tonight and tomorrow. Supposed to be going to London tomorrow  for MrsJJ's birthday lunch with various family members. Ho hum!

19/01/2013 at 22:13

No question of running here; snow very deep. No question of using the car either, as it's hidden under a mound of snow and my drive has an uphill slope. If I could have got the car cleared, up the drive, and along the uncleared cul-de-sac where I live, I would have been ok since the main road has been cleared. As it was, I walked the 2 miles into town and back, with shopping. Milkman didn't deliver today, so had to get milk as an absolute minimum. Enjoyed the walk and wished I'd thought to take my camera. 

20/01/2013 at 07:43

Morning all, it's minus 2 at the moment and not expected to get above freezing all day. There are 2 inches of snow forecast for the south east today, which includes the forest. I'm looking forward to the forest run, but not the drive to meet up with the others. The main roads were clear of snow yesterday, but may well be icy this morning.

20/01/2013 at 13:47

Hello everyone, first of all thanks for all the advice about the HRM. It is much appreciated and it has been passed on to daughter H.

I have missed 2 training runs because of the weather. It is much warmer here now - a couple of degrees below,- but cold enough to stop a thaw setting in. I did 13 miles this morning by keeping on the main road which has been gritted. I just kept running to the post office and back!!!  It was quite good though since I didn't need to carry a water bottle and could leap into the house for a wee. It took 2 hours and 40 minutes (the run, not the wee) and the wind was so cold that it hurt my sinuses.

JJ - great about your blood pressure. Mine always goes up when I go to the doctor, so now I take it at home and keep a record. Great about the dog finding its way home. My grandfather who lived in Broadstairs, Kent, had a greyhound and when his daughter moved to London she took the dog with her as her pet. The dog went missing and eventually turned up back with my grandfather. He had found his way back by following the railway line.

Columba - lots of snow where you are!  When I was at Aber I stayed in Alexandra Hall on the sea front, and later in a flat in the main street with my husband. We were teenagers but felt so grownup.

Red - I think that the inhaler you have has an accumulating effect, doesn't it? Which may mean that your symptoms become less troublesome. Daughter L 's bouts are brought on by infection, but thankfully are quite rare. Lucky us having treadmills. Well, I haven't quite got mine yet!  It is being delivered next Friday.

Little K is now in purgatory in case the stage 2 county trials, which are scheduled for Wednesday, get postponed because of the weather.  She is now doing 6.8 min miles. She is tiny, like a little gazelle with spaghetti legs. 

What is the hardest most testing run you have ever done? 

20/01/2013 at 14:51

Afternoon all,

Well it certainly wasn't -10 here last night as there was only a minor frost and the temp was -2 when I fed the horses.  Started snowing early on though and hasn't stopped.  I walked 2 miles to the next village to get the paper and then back again across the fields.  The B road had been gritted but our lanes haven't so are impassable without a 4x4 and even they are struggling on the steep bits.

Needless to say I went on the treddy and did a leisurely 10 miler (it' a step-back week) without incident which was a relief.

Matsmum, you'll enjoy your treddy in weather like this.  Have you used one before?  My most testing run was the Kent 50 miler (which was actually a double-marathon of 52.4 miles).  Tough but enjoyable   You're quite right about the accumulating effect of my inhaler but I've been taking it for over 6 months now and am getting frustrated.

JJ, did you venture into London?  Happy birthday to Mrs JJ whatever you did.

Columba, it's quite bracing walking out in the snow isn't it?!

TE, hope you managed your forest run.  There's no traffic moving round here now and it's really quiet and still.  I had considered running the Canterbury 10 miler today but I'd never have got there, even if it actually went ahead!

I had a meeting with DeNDRoN scheduled for tomorrow in central London but there's no way I'll be able to get there now so have sent my apologies in advance.  Even if I managed to get to the station, which is 7 miles away (mostly on little lanes), there are bound to be train cancellations and then there's the worry about whether you can get home again! I don't mind getting snowed-in sometimes though.

20/01/2013 at 16:27

Red, I did the forest run this morning which could be described as "the run from hell," although we enjoyed it. To give you some idea of the conditions, it took 2.44 hours to run 11.75 miles. I will do a more detailed write up later.

The Stubbington 10k was today, but none of us had entered and we all agreed that even if we had, we wouldn't have risked driving there on the icy roads. It is always a popular race and fully subscribed. I must check on the web later, to see if it was cancelled.

20/01/2013 at 18:55

Decided today to try a run in the woods, using the shoe "snow chains" I bought about a year ago but never needed to use because we didn't get a real winter. Not so this year. I decided to go for a run in the woods with Nemo and try out the chains, so duly fitted them and set out up the hill. Nearing the top I suddenly realised the right one was missing. Nothing for it but to turn around and head down again - of course I found it nearer the bottom than the top of the hill! Thought maybe I should swap shoes for a slimmer pair, this done, we set out again. This time I thought, let's go the opposite way round the circuit, so running down the hill again instead of up. Reaching the road at the bottom, guess what? I found the left shoe had no chain! So up we went yet again - this time we went all the way back round and I didn't find the missing chain! By now the snow had turned to ice rain so Nemo and I went home - well that was a failed experiment. Good idea, but only if the damn things stay on your shoes!

Just took my vegetable peelings outside and everything is covered in sheet ice - somehow don't think we'll be driving to work tomorrow morning. Website for our workplace is showing road condition "Red" - which means keep vehicles off the roads.

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20/01/2013 at 19:45

Matsmum - I know Alexandra Hall. Were you a student in Aber? - It's a students' residence now.

Walked to church this morning (2 miles) - mostly on the road, as it had been cleared, jumping onto the verge or pavement on the rare occasions when a car came along. Pavements were lethal, except in town itself where they'd been cleared; enough people have walked along them to flatten the snow, which has then frozen. Passed a dead fox (yesterday passed a dead rat). Didn't have to walk home; someone gave me a lift to the end of my road.

Among the many footprints in the snow I have seen some which were probably made by people wearing chains, - a criss-cross chain-like pattern. Wonder why yours kept coming off, BIW? Dragged off by twigs underfoot?

I'm supposed to be going to Aber on Tuesday but will cancel unless we get a sudden thaw, and that isn't what they're forecasting.

20/01/2013 at 20:07

Probably they aren't meant for running in, just for use with normal shoes? Anyway, after Nemo and I got home and thawed out, I decided to do the Lochte core workout DVD and then one of my Pilates ones.

John just reminded me we don't have to go to work tomorrow anyway, it's an American holiday. We both work for American concerns so get the German bank holidays and the American holidays too. I forgot tomorrow is Martin Luther King day.

20/01/2013 at 20:33

4" of snow here. Bl**dy nuisance. Managed two slipping and sliding dog walks and went to our little gym for about 25-30 mins. Did 1 to 2 mins reps on tready, weights, rower, elliptical trainer and floor exercises.

Hardest run I've done was the London Marathon at 48 hours notice. I was62, very fit and running fast 10ks and 10 miles. I cruised easily to half way in 1:50, started to feel a bit tired and at 16 miles I had the first attack of cramp. I spent the final 10 miles staggering between first aid posts getting attention to aches, pains, cramp in every muscle you can think of. I always advise people to treat a marathon with with respect or you will get badly bitten. Unfortunately I ignored my own advice.

Actually, every race is very hard if you push yourself to the limit.

20/01/2013 at 20:34

Thank you for MrsJJ's birthday greeting. We spent the day snowed in and catching up with admin.

21/01/2013 at 10:28

Still got snow and ice here so will once again be reduced to working on our indoor equipment - we have free weights, stretching bands, a bike trainer and a stepper. Used to have a rowing machine too but John took that to work and uses it in his workshop during his lunchtime, or so he tells me.

21/01/2013 at 13:34

We've got melty snow and no ice but it's a no run day so it doesn't matter.  What did matter though was when I was happily doing my core stuff in the nice warm music room and Mike came in and told me that the singer would be arriving in an hour.  She was supposed to be coming tomorrow so I had the tidying and cleaning all mapped out for after my workout.  

Needless to say the workout I got from running around with the hoover, duster etc for the next 45 minutes definitely counted as some form of cross-training!  Thankfully Mike's studio was clean already.

JJ, how glamourous!

21/01/2013 at 13:40

We have had heavy snow here all weekend and last night plenty again. Didn't do a long run at the weekend too risky with my left ankle so did some sledging and snowboarding instead with the youngest great fun, a sort of cross training effort. Good to see you guys are all at it, need a treadie I guess here in the office perhaps as no room at home.  Ran down to work on the trail in the speedcrosses and then seem quite good as long as I stay off any ice. Got my waterproof socks on which are brilliant really keep the water off the feet. Need to do some miles this week......lets hope we get a thaw soon.

21/01/2013 at 16:12

My forest run yesterday was a bit of a "Walking In A Winter Wonderland." The forest was really picturesque, with the trees and ground covered in pure white snow, but the going was quite lethal. To take 2hrs 44mins to cover 11.75 miles is an indication of how tough it was. As is apparent, much of the time was spent walking, as we had to contend with breaking ice, ankle deep mud, and fields covered with deep snow. We kept off the trails most of the time, as they were covered in hard ice, and too dangerous to run or walk on. There was a bitterly cold easterly wind, and it snowed most of the time, although not heavily. We really felt the cold whilst walking, and our running was never more than jogging pace.

We only saw two other runners, but there were several dog walkers, and two snow men.

I feel great today with no aches or pains, so must be getting my old fitness back. This years race times will show whether this is so.

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