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02/02/2013 at 21:00

Red - have you seen that scary man again?  Not a pleasant experience.

B.I - Thank you for the swimming advice. I am going to phone the centre and ask when their quietest sessions are, and hopefully they won't be when I am at work. Then I can practise. I would love to be able to swim properly. All my children can swim like fish and they are completely foxed that I can't do the same.

mcs - Hope you are over feeling poorly.  Best of luck with the interviews. 

As for me, I have been busy, pilates Wednesday, zumba dance on Thursday. The first dance class I went to left me aching like a little old lady ( Hang on a minute... I AM a little old lady! ) but this time I am more or less okay. Quite a bit of running - 6 miles today through icy wind, sleet, snow and hail. I have been using the treadmill the rest of the time and it's great now that it is working. We have a house in Spain which is 7km up on the top of a mountain. There is a circular mountain path that goes one mile down one side and then one mile up the other.  I love to run it when I am there. And now I can run it on the treadmill, with map and photos from Google earth. It's brilliant.  13 miles tomorrow, but outside, not on the tready.

It's lovely that sunrise is happening a little earlier. I was out by 7.30 this morning. Roll on Spring.

Little K is now running for the county and has been in Linconshire today (a 3 hour coach journey away ) competing. 

03/02/2013 at 07:56

Columba, sounds like an interesting session.

Matsmum, good luck with your 13 miler today. Hope the conditions are better than you described yesterday, and that little K did well in her race.

JJ, yes the 15 miles will be slow, as approximately 10 of them will be in the forest. It is one degree at the moment, with a forecast of a high of nine.

03/02/2013 at 14:15

Supposed to be 8C today but it doesn't feel anywhere near that.

The moree exercise you get the better but don't overdo the leg work. You don't need an injury.
If you're using the tready set the gradient at 1.5 and you will get fairly close to replicating road running.

03/02/2013 at 15:01

Matsmum - if I had one of those treadies I would be having fun running in unlikely places such as Antarctica and the Gobi desert.

My children are the same, - they all swam early and competently, and are a bit amazed that I am such a non-fish. I don't know about you, but in my childhood swimming pools were often closed because of polio, and i didn't start going regularly until I was in my teens.

JJ - thanks for the calculation info.

03/02/2013 at 17:01

13 miles today then a cooldown mile on the tready. Sad dreams last night and my mind was tired with it all. Then I forgot to take any food with me!  Not wise to  run 13 miles with only a small banana for breakfast. Especially when it's windy. There was a lot of black ice on the lanes for the first half. But I did see a deer running across the fields, so that made the effort worthwhile.

JJ - Thanks for the advice about the incline - I will do that.  I am not running fast on the treadmill. I have not used one before and am not confident about keeping my balance yet. But I am using it quite a lot - it's very tempting when you can go round different routes!

Columba - I never even saw a swimming pool until I was 14. And when I did go I was petrified!   It was outdoor and not heated ofcourse, and being a very skinny child I went blue within minutes since I dared not let go of the side!  I didn't go again until I had children and wanted them to be confident in the water.  I learned to swim myself so as not to pass on my fears to my kids. I can jump in and do a reasonable breast stroke, but that is about it.

TE - Thank you, the 13 miler went as well as it could under the circumstances! And K had a lovely time in spite of the long journey and acquitted herself very well on all accounts. She loves her county t-shirt!



03/02/2013 at 17:08

Really enjoyed today's forest run. It has dried out to a certain extent, and we were able to run more or less where we intended, without having to retrace our steps. I ran 15.25 miles, which included approximately 6.5 miles on roads.I'm really looking forward now to the 20 miler, as I have put in high mileage, and incorporated plenty of speed and hill work. It felt really cold the whole run, even though I was wearing three tops and a hat.

Tomorrow evening is the club's AGM, and there will be lots of changes, as many committee members are resigning. The aim is to elect a younger, dynamic committee with new ideas etc.

Haven't heard from Red for a couple of days, so hope she is ok!

03/02/2013 at 18:46

Well done little K!

Been busy today - Sunday swim I did 2400m, then a 5 sets of core intervals exercises at home, and pedalled 1 hour on the turbo while watching Italy beat France at rugby. Super game, really enjoyed it like JJ did. Made a chicken curry for dinner, and am now relaxing with a glass of red wine.

I have always been told I first went in the sea when I was 2 years old, on holiday in Wales, that probably accounts for my love of swimming. Since then the only time I've been scared of swimming was my first race at Remagen (famous for an old war film about the bridge across the Rhine). You are ferried 2.8km up the Rhine river on a car ferry and then they drop the tail for everyone to dive into the river! Was really scared the first time but now that is my favourite triathlon of all, I just love swimming in the Rhine.

04/02/2013 at 21:08

Matsmum, it sounds as though your childhood swimming was even more restricted than mine! I went a few times to a privately-run outdoor pool, but it didn't really lend itself to learning, - more of a funsplash thing. Also went in the sea on holidays to grandparents who lived in Bournemouth - liked splashing around in the waves but didn't learn to swim there either. From 11 years old I went swimming with a school group, summer terms only, and didn't learn to swim there either, but started going on my own on Saturday mornings and eventually one day just swam, - think I was 14 by then! BIW, I think perhaps you have mermaid genes. 

Been swimming this afternoon, rather warmer than I would have been running.

I was wondering about Red, too.

05/02/2013 at 09:51

Bought a new pait of trainers yesterday. they were Asics 1000, which are the follow on to the 1170. The 2170 are replaced by 2000. The 1000 have a lower heel and are lighter than the previous model. I believe the lower heel is to cater for the current trend to more forefoot landing.

No run yesterday as it was our Club AGM. Lots of changes and exciting times ahead! Tonight is figure of 8 circuits, but I won't wear my new trainers. I will take an easy run in them tomorrow.

I do hope Red is ok, as it is now several days since we have heard from her.

05/02/2013 at 10:24

Redhead put an entry on her blog on Sunday, which is one day more recently than she posted on here. It reports a 15-mile run battling with asthma, and includes several photos.

05/02/2013 at 10:39

Hey come on Redhead you are an ever present, hugs and well wishes to you. Having a bad year myself........letter of Redundancy being delivered to this office by a Dutchman on Thursday am and allowed to leave immediately I think, dont have to work three months notice period.  Had an interview yesterday but the money is rubbish but better than dole money I suppose, though struggling to deal with all this stuff.  Windscreen cracked on the way up to Buxton too so a great day!!! Another interview tomorrow about half an hour away so not too bad.
Keep on running guys its the only thing that keeps me sane, a three mile blizzard run to work with daughter this am.

05/02/2013 at 11:45

Chin up mcs - you know what they say, one door closes. another one opens.  Something better may be waiting for you down the road.

05/02/2013 at 12:37

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your kind words and for missing me.  Sorry for the delay in posting but we've been away attending Fran's funeral and I'm only just catching up with emails and other stuff!  

Did you like my blog photo?  Very elegant wasn't I!!!!  I haven't seen the horrid man from the village but I have found out that I'm not the only person to have experienced his inappropriate remarks.  My lovely friend, who is 79, has also been subjected to his comments but has never mentioned it to anyone else and just tried to ignore them.  So I'm going to confront him if I see him on his own and tell him in no uncertain way that if he does this again I shall report him to our local PCSO.  I'm being a little cautious in case he's suffering from some sort of neurological disorder, or maybe I'm being a tad generous there!  

(((Mark))), hugs right back at you.  Bad luck with the windscreen. Have you noticed how bad things like to gather together and then hit you all at once!!!  Glad you don't have to work your notice though and I hope you'll get enough severance pay to tide you over.  Good luck with the next interview.  Paws crossed xxx  

TE, I've noticed that manufacturers seem to be lowering the heel height.  I'm a mid-foot striker so I'm not sure how that would affect me.  

(((Matsmum))) sounds as if you need some hugs too.  Sad dreams can be very upsetting can't they.  Glad you're enjoying your treadmill.  If you need any workouts to try just email me as I've got a few good sessions that I do.  Having said that, the treadmills always have a variety of different things to try.  Well done to little K.  

Swimming?  NOOOOooooooooooo.  Even after the coaching sessions I had last year, the twice-weekly training, being told that I'm a very strong swimmer and having great advice from our very own IW. I still couldn't get my breathing right and didn't enjoy it at all!  The only thing I did enjoy was the water aerobics which was  a great workout   

I'm off to do  a treddy interval session now.  Hoping my breathing will be OK as it isn't as cold today as on Sunday (which was an absolute nightmare and my 15 miler took 15 minutes longer than the week before!).  Stupid asthma.  

Oh and in a moment of weakness I've accepted a place in VLM again even though it's the week after the Brighton marathon and I'd intended not to do it this year.  I'm doing an informal talk at the Alzheimer's Show on the friday before so I can use the opportunity to collect my number on the same day.  I shall just treat VLM as a publicity event and do my knitting again so there won't be any pressure on a finishing time         

Edited: 05/02/2013 at 12:39
05/02/2013 at 13:50

Congrats on VLM place love one of those........PLEASE anyone.......all the best with the village chap!!!

05/02/2013 at 15:58

Red, good news that you are ok, but sad that you had to attend a funeral.

Mark, you seem to be going through a period of bad luck. Hope your second interview produces a better paid post.

I also had some bad luck this morning with the car. I turned the ignition key and the silence was deafening. I belong to the RAC Home Start, so called out an engineer. He arrived within 15 minutes, which was very impressive. He tried charging the battery, but it wouldn't hold the charge, so he replaced with a new one. He was very efficient and was over an hour altogether. It was lucky that I had a lift to the AGM last night, as if I had been intending to use my car, I wouldn't have got there. On the other hand, I might have got there, but been unable to get back.

Club session tonight of figure of eights. We are thinking of incorporating yoga sessions after our running workouts, which should be beneficial.

05/02/2013 at 16:39

I let my Golden go today. For nearly 14 years she has been a faithful friend and given us so much joy.  Matthew chose her and named her Chase.  I took her to training classes and she was a star pup and loved learning all her commands and hand signals.  Where has the time gone?  Rest in peace, beautiful lady.

So no running today.

05/02/2013 at 21:06

Tough call. Many sympathies.

Would appreciate a review about the new shoes and how they feel.

Even if the guy has a problem it shouldn't be ignored.

Keep trying. You make your own luck by making things happen.

05/02/2013 at 21:34

Matsmum - oh dear, that is sad.

Redhead - glad you're back! - should have remembered about your friend, and guessed it was something to do with her funeral.

I also was wondering whether your annoyer may have some sort of neurological problem. Maybe he's been released into the care of the community, ha ha. In which case the local police probably already know about him.

Knitting in the VLM again! What happens to the knitting when you've finished it? (I suspect I've asked you this before).

Snow here today, not deep, kept alternately turning slushy and then being reinforced by another snow shower. Out with the running club in the evening, 4.17 miles in cold, dark, high winds, driving sleety rain.

05/02/2013 at 21:35

Mcs, good luck with the interviews. You're certainly not letting the grass grow under your feet!

05/02/2013 at 22:27

JJ, I didn't wear the new trainers for this evenings session, because it was speed work, and I didn't think it sensible to attempt to wear them for their first outing. I will wear them tomorrow for an easy pace recovery run, and report back on how they felt. If they felt ok, I may decide to wear them on Thursday for our hill session. I won't, however, wear them for the Bramley 20, a week on Sunday, as I don't think they will be "broken in."

Tonight's session was 5 figures of eight, which were  0.73 mile each. The aim was to run the first loop at 10k pace and the second at 5k pace.

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