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17/03/2013 at 09:40

Hello Tracey G - nice to meet you. You obviously know people on here? You are right about the expense - I have bought new trainers and I think they are a mistake.  My old ones are Asics nimbus 13 and I couldn't get any anywhere in my size. I researched and was assured that the 14 is exactly the same apart from a few tweaks.  But they seem narrower and I have a wide foot..... taking myself off to a specialist running shop miles away on Tuesday for further advice.

Diana D - You are one speedy lady.  I am impressed.

Red - Good luck today with your 20 miler.  I am soooooo jealous.

TE - Hope it's not too chilly when you are marshalling today. You are a generous spirit to do it.

Columba - Well done in your race. You made me laugh about your specs. I can see distances but fail to see things right under my nose, and that can be somewhat hazardous as well. If I turn a corner and come across a wire fence unexpectedly I can easily run straight into it!

JJ - I am steeped in misery. I have not run now for 8 days. I don't know whether the new shoes I bought are hurting because I have a problem with my foot or whether they are wrong for me. On the up side my foot is definitely feeling better, so perhaps all is not lost.  I have not cycled because pressing with the ball of my foot on the pedal gave slight discomfort.  I gave dancing a miss on Thursday in case that made things worse. As I said to Tracey G I am going for advice on Tuesday to a specialist running shop. I have always had a neutral shoe and won't change that at this late stage, but perhaps one with a wider toe box might help. Oh dear.

Little K had a brilliant time in Derbyshire, in spite of lots of wobbles about going away from family for the first time. And C, my eldest grandson, is doing his first half marathon today! He asked me how my foot was and I said, well, it's stillon the end of my leg and that is a good start 


17/03/2013 at 11:06

Sorry to hear that matsmum, keep u the gentle massage and the tennis ball under foot.

20 miles for me this morning- very fresh,

17/03/2013 at 15:40

Matsmum, have you tried icing your foot? It may help.

Well done Columba.

3600m swim done this morning, followed by a 5ml run. Heading in the right direction.

Took Charly to the local market day this afternoon, not an unqualified success I have to say, he didn't like the children's carousel at all and barked at a busker playing the clarinet!

17/03/2013 at 15:49

Afternoon old peep!

Sorry for absence yesterday but my credit card and I were at Olympia at the Knit and Stitch show   It reminded me how much I hate the tube!

Had a very pleasant 20 miler this morning, mostly hilly with some gentle undulations thrown in.  Managed to maintain marathon pace for the last 5 miles even though it was a tad hilly in places.

Matsmum, have you seen a Physio about it?  I have a 3 day rule - if whatever it is still hurts after I've rested it for 3 days then I take myself off to see the Physio.  I like Gel Nimbus too but bought a few pairs of 12 (I think) when they reduced the price as they are purple which is not only my favourite colour but also the colour of my charity   Hope your grandson enjoyed his 1/2 and well done to K for being so brave.

JJ, I don't blame you as you have nothing to prove.  You're still an inspiration to me xxx

Columba, well done for your 5 mile race. 

TE, hope you weren't too cold doing your marshalling duties.

17/03/2013 at 16:09

Matsmum, the race went ahead in the most atrocious weather, heavy rain throughout, and occasional hail. There were 262 finishers and 148 did not starts. The weather obviously put off the fair weather runners I was stationed out in the wilds of Lepe Road, on a blind bend, standing on the grass verge. I was frozen and soaked, but it was worth it to see the smiles of the runners, especially those that were struggling, when I shouted out words of encouragement. We have put fliers on runners cars advertising our Club, and our Solent Half Marathon in October. To be honest though, I would rather have been running, as you don't feel the cold like you do standing around.

00 50 well done on your 20 miler, especially if conditions were as bad as in the New Forest.

BIW good to hear that your running is coming on well. Charly must be tone deaf.

The rain stopped this afternoon and the sun has come out. Isn't it always the way?

17/03/2013 at 16:20

Red, our posts crossed. Glad you enjoyed your 20 miler. You should be in good form for the VLM.

I was frozen and soaked in atrocious weather. It is, however, very rewarding Marshalling, as it keeps the races in the calendar, and the runners do appreciate cheerful encouragement. I think that runners who have never marshalled don't realise all the organisation that goes on in the background, to put on a good race, and get the results out on the same day.

JJ I agree with Red that you have nothing to prove. You were obviously a successful racing cyclist, and reached a very high running standard in your sixties. All I would say, to quote the Spencer Davis song is "Keep on Running."

17/03/2013 at 18:32

Matsmum - about your foot; what Red said.

I too have to go miles for a specialist running shop. A railway line called the Heart of Wales runs through my town, - 4 little trains one way, and 4 the other, each day - at the south end is Swansea, at the north end is Shrewsbury, each of which has a specialist running shop. Living in Wales and being over 60 I get free travel on this line during the winter months. "Winter months" end at the end of March, so I am planning a trip to one or the other before then, to get a pair of shoes which will replace my Saucony Phoenix when they near the end of their life. They are ok at present.

BIW / TE - maybe Charly is not tone deaf, maybe the busker wasn't playing very well?

Did a bit of gardening this afternoon. First time for ages. Came on to rain but I'd had enough by then anyway.

17/03/2013 at 19:23

Rained nearly all day  here.

Don't worry guys. I won't be giving up running completely and who knows what will happen when the weather gets warmer and I've done a couple of months of decent runs.

There are plenty of neutral shoes about so you should have quite a choice. Asics are usually wide as are Mizuno, Brooks and some Nike models.

When you marshall I'm afraid rain and cold are part of the job.

Good to see that marathon pace finish to the LSR

Nice to see the 5 miler in there. Great progress.

After 2 weeks without a run it will take only 3 - 5 runs before you get back to normal so no worries.

17/03/2013 at 21:53

Today I bought my marathon shoes. The mizuno were too wide for me but the Asics DS racers felt just right for my skinny foot. They are the lightest shoe I've ever bought but they still have a deceny heal. They are neutral. 5 weeks to bed them in...

18/03/2013 at 08:19

00 50, I used to wear Asics DS Racers years ago when I was doing my PB's and found them an excellent shoe. I'm sure they must have changed beyond recognition these days, but only for the better. I never wore them for the marathon or long training runs, but just for club speed sessions and races up to and including half marathon. If you are quite light, then I'm sure the racers will be ok for the VLM.

Off for a 9 mile run shortly with a couple of club mates. 

18/03/2013 at 12:42

I'm not light Terence I'm 12 stones. But I wore DS racers for last years marathon and it was OK. It was an experiement but it worked out well. I'll do a long run in the new ones in the next few weeks jusat to be sure.

Edited: 18/03/2013 at 12:43
18/03/2013 at 15:57

Afternoon all,

I forgot to pop in here this morning, DOH!  Just a 3 mile recovery plod for me earlier.  Blimming cold again but at least it wasn't raining.

18/03/2013 at 18:15

Just a 7 mile road run this morning in rain and cold wind.

18/03/2013 at 19:23

Raining again for most of the day. Most depressing.

18/03/2013 at 19:46

Firstly, BIW - apologies for not replying months ago after my visit to Ramstein - life is hectic in Northern German especially as we are now officially in 'drawdown' with all British Forces to leave Germany by 2018/19 - this means a lot of work for me as I have to close the MoD Schools!

Secondly, as you can see I am still alive and ran a lovely 7 miler at Ramstein today where I visited again - lovely forest run by the perimeter fence of the US Air Base.   Following the visit, a nice long drive to Mons, Belgium to visit the SHAPE International School - great scenic run through Luxembourg and still plenty of snow around.

Thirdly, now into the last 5 week of my 15th London Marathon Training - it's been tough training through this German Winter as in Paderborn (where I live), we've had snow on and off (mainly on) since last December and I'm now sick of the sight of the white stuff!   Despite the weather, training has been great and all the long runs are in the bank including 2 x 22 milers and 1 x 20 miler.   I'm runnning 23 miles next week followed by the Paderborn Easter Saturday Half Marathon!

Was briefly in England last week to run my home Salisbury 10 in 67 minutes which I was chuffed with and it was great to see my best mate (and Best Man) Terry Earney (TE).   After the sad loss of his beloved parents in recent years, Terry is now running better than ever and the Old Timer (my friendly nickname for him) is flying at the moment.   Terry is coming to Germany Land next year to run the Classic 31K Trail Run - the"Hermannslauf".   It will be a good weekend although I will get English Ale from the NAAFI or Terry and me to enjoy as I can't stand German Beer (sorry, it' all gas and I feel very unwell after a short drink of the stuff).

Well, it's good to be back at the forum and I'll input from time to time.   Sadly, I'm still at work (only 51) so haven't got too much time especially as eldest daughter is about to do her GCSE's swiftly followed by son and younger daughter.

Busy times ahead in all matters especially work - will enjoy a few more years in Gerry Land but then it's back to Salisbury - what a delight to look forward to!

Best Wishes Everyone - Keep On Running!


19/03/2013 at 09:04

Morning all,

Tony, nice to hear you're still going strong!  Good luck with VLM, give me a wave if you spot me 

Our lovely old cat Tinker is not well.  You may remember he had a fibrosarcoma removed last year and he sailed through the op but the vet couldn't get all the bad bits out because it was so deeply entrenched in his muscle so inevitably they grew back.  3 weeks ago he had another op and we were very worried that he'd get through it but if he hadn't had the op he'd have become very poorly quickly.  He seemed fine afterwards, and the vet was very pleased that he'd got all the bad bits out, but in the last few days he's been off his food and drinking more (never a good sign) so we went to the Vet's last night and now he's got medicine for his tummy and I've got to get a urine sample to test his kidney function (which was OK at the time of the op).  He's sitting on my desk watching me as I type and he's purring away but I just wish he could tell me what's the matter 

I'll be out for a mid-paced leg stretcher a bit later.  Possibly a tempo run but not sure yet as my mind is elsewhere.

19/03/2013 at 09:29

Hi Tone, a nice surprise to see your post on here. It's a very long time since you last posted and I hope you will find the time to make more regular contributions.

Red, sorry that Tinker is not well and do hope that he gets better. You are doing the right thing by going for a run, as it should help to take your mind off him for a while.

Very thick fog round here and the local radio has stated that as usual, many drivers are driving without lights. Why are so many drivers so stupid? Why do they think cars have lights and fog lights?

Tonight's club session will be mile reps. so that will be a good sharpener for Sunday's 10k.

Off to the dentist later this morning, to have a filling replaced in a back tooth.

19/03/2013 at 10:03

Red - sorry to hear about Tinker; but glad to hear he was purring as you typed! What sort of age is he? You referred to him as an "old cat".

Hello Tony, welcome back. You sound very busy. 

Official time for the 5-miler is 56:29, which gives me a 63.87% age grading. There were just 2 behind me!

19/03/2013 at 16:06

Tony, good to have you back. We've not had as much snow as you but still I'm sick of it too. Drawdown I understand very well, working for the U.S. Forces, they started drawdown back in 1991 and have gradually been reducing in Europe ever since. I'm surprised there's been very little in the news about the current state of the U.S. economy - our American civilian colleagues are about to be put on furlough - one day off unpaid each week until the end of September. We have a hiring ban, so can't replace anyone who leaves us. All good fun!

19/03/2013 at 18:49

Excellent time for the 10 and you've clearly been training well for VLM so things are looking up. keep us posted.

Poor old mogs. I'm sure he knows you're doing your best.

What is your best race age grading so far?

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