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26/03/2013 at 08:51

Red, what model are the Asics that you are sending back? Mine are Asics 1000, which have replaced the 1170's. They are quite different from the 1170's in that they are lighter, and appear to have less cushioning. I didn't like them at first, but have now got used to them. My improvements in race times justifies me persevering with them. 

Went to a club interactive session with a physio. last night, which was quite educational. I seem to be breaking all the rules at my age by running on consecutive days and doing LSD runs. He believes in quality speed work and less mileage. I believe that we mature runners with many years of experience, know our bodies, when to take it easy, and have additional rest days. Perhaps I have just been lucky over the years.

A hill session with the club this evening.



Bionic Ironwolf    pirate
26/03/2013 at 09:08

Yesterday was "rest day" for me too, I think quite a lot of training plans use Monday as rest day because most of us tend to do more intense training on the weekends. Tonight is swim training but of course I can't swim due to the stitches in my hand (which don't come out until next Tuesday). So I'm thinking of taking the flotation belt and doing some aquajogging in the pool, with a rubber glove on my right hand to keep it dry. Well, if Chrissie Wellington can swim with a cast on her arm, reckon I can manage a bit of treading up and down the pool with all the other injured or old biddies?

26/03/2013 at 09:23

When I get a chance I'll have top have a bit of a read back to get to know you guys more, who you are what you are doing and how your training is progressing and perhaps more importantly what training you are doing - so if ignore performances/injuries I apologise.

I have had two rest days now ahead of the Braintree 5 on Sunday week  and am intending to run every other day now until then - I do like the idea of more quality and less mileage, because, as in my younger days I was very much mileage based, what I achieved on 70/80 miles a week my contemporaries achieved (and more) on less mileage - I guess over training was a big thing for me and from the state of my legs at present - could be again.  My main target for the year is the Wix 5 in October so once Braintree is out of the way I will go back to concentrating on speed - plenty of tempo and intervals and Kenyans Hills - with one longer run a week of no more than 10. (time is an issue as I have promised my running will not impact on family life - all my runs are conducted at 5:30 am) 

I rested Saturday when the snow hit us hard, not because I had it planned but because I was off to the Children's University with my son. I ran a very slow 8 on Sunday and then 3 yesterday. Off today and then 6 tomorrow with a fgew strides thrown in. Sorry to take up so much space  as a newbie on the thread if not on the forum - hopefully I can contribute something in a positive way.

26/03/2013 at 10:56

Morning all,

It's warmer today thank goodness.  Off to do my intervals soon but haven't decided whether to do a pyramid session or 800m.  Typing that has made my mind up 'cos I did 800s last week so it's a pyramid day 

Terry, they were my trusty Gel Nimbus but they bore no resemblance whatsover to previous models - the toe box is cramped and they've reduced the width at the front so much they are almost straight rather like models for overpronators.  I didn't even try a run in them as I know such a snug fit wouldn't suit me for marathoning.  

Now I've got to research a new brand.  I need neutral shoe, midfoot strike with plenty of cushioning (although I don't mind a bit less cushioning really).  Any ideas anyone?

Grendel are you talking about 5 miles or 5k?  I do my runs early morning too so it keeps the rest of the day free and makes for a happy hubby.  Please don't worry about talking too much - we old biddies like to waffle and I can ramble on for ages 

IW, LOL at the image of you in the swimming pool with your rubber glove on 

26/03/2013 at 11:21

LOL - I can talk all day about running - yes it's a 5 mile race - I do agree I used to run lucntimes and evenings - now I find it nice to get it out of the way early knowing that it is not hanging over you.

Bionic Ironwolf    pirate
26/03/2013 at 14:24

Red - I did do  just like I said - 1000m up and down the pool as fast as I could go, whew, that's quite a workout, I feel rather tired. But glad I did it.

Grendel - a quick potted history. I started running at age 11 with my Dad, joined a club at 12 and ran track  and x-country until age 17, did orienteering for 6 years or so, then gradually moved into 10km, half-marathon and eventually at 31 my first marathon. Began triathlon at 42, did first Ironman at 50. Last summer had a hip replacement (hence my forum name) which put paid to marathons (45 done) and Ironman (8 of those). Now 63, am back in training for the triathlon season, have entered one Olympic distance, 2 sprints and 2 half-Ironman races. That's it so far for this old lady.

26/03/2013 at 16:59

Well done IW!  I still hate swimming btw 

Ask me how my intervals went, go on.  Well I'm going to tell you anyway 'cos i"m quite chuffed.  I decided to try and push even harder so I went for 8 min miling - now stop sniggering you speedy peeps as that's mega fast for a plodder such as this Redhead.

So, as I was a tad nervous about my breathing I was a bit of a wuss to start with and began with .1mile on my usual gradient of 2.  That felt OK so I did the whole lot at 8 min miling (well, it was 7.4 mph on the treddy which I reckon is pretty close to 8 min miling).  1 mile warm-up then .1, .2, .3, .4, .5, .4, .3, .2, .1 with 1 min recs then 1 mile cool-down.  No probs with my breathing during the intervals. Recovered quickly during the 1 minute recs.  

Crikey!  The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that my breathing has improved dramatically over the last few weeks.  You may also have noticed that this has happened during Lent when I have been completely vegan.  I'm beginning to suspect I might have a problem with dairy products.  I try not to eat too much cheese anyway but that's the one thing I've really missed during Lent but if it means I can breathe easily then I will try to steer clear of dairy products (well, most of the time anyway).

Just to put this into perspective, I have never run any significant distance at 8 min miling, ever.  The only time I ever got close to it was when I went off too fast in the Dartford 10 miler about 8 years ago and I got to the 5k mark in 25 minutes then had to slow right down later on as a result.  I also got  a great big lecture from JJ and DavidB about learning to pace myself properly! 

26/03/2013 at 21:44

Red, great interval session there! It has to be more than a coincidence that your breathing has improved since you became a vegan.

Hill session this evening comprising 3 sets of 5 continuous hills with 2 minutes jog recovery between sets, and then an extra hill to finish off. It was very cold and we never really warmed up, despite the tough session.

26/03/2013 at 21:57

10.5 miles for me, no idea of pace but felt steady. Very cold out there.

I've never had issues with my breathng but my daughter who has only been running seriously for a few months seems to have trouble when she runs fast sessions. I assumed it was an experience thing.

26/03/2013 at 22:23

A bit of a comeback in progress. Legs a bit tight today but I still went for a 37 minute run and used HR to keep everything under control. Did 400s at around 121-125 bpm then slowing until HR dropped to 110-100. This took about 150m each time. Quite a slow run but it's what I need at the moment. Forgot to look at total distance so I don't know the pace and that's probably just as well.

Now that's an excellent pace for speed training. I'm impressed. 8m/m or better is your new standard for intervals.
Would goat or sheep dairy products be a suitable substitute for cow products? It would make a balanced diet much easier to achieve.

OO 50
What's the "trouble" your daughter has?

27/03/2013 at 07:26

She pulled up crying after a recent track session and has complained in parkruns about her breathing and being short of breath- I think it's just her breathing rhythm and a confidence thing- most of the time no issues.  

I've just entered a10k for Sunday

27/03/2013 at 09:12

Ironwolf 1000 metre swimming sounds an awful lot - I struggle up just to pld up and down with 400 metres taking up to an hour!! hats off to you.

Good session Redhead, a pyramid session is one of my favourites - (along with 20 times a minute)  0050 could it be that your daughter is running tense in the parkruns - if she can be encouraged to drop her shoulders and relax it may help her -

Well after Sundays 8 and Mondays 3 miles,  I took yesterday off as a rest day and followed that up with a 5 miles this morning in just over 45 minutes so reasonably happy with that - Legs still feel that they are lacking a bit of bounce and may opt for a very easy 3 miles in the morning rather than a longer run. Will see how I feel in the morning -

27/03/2013 at 09:16

00 50 I'm not medically qualified to comment on breathing problems, but I would say that it is normal to be short of breath after a track session, or a hard race. The faster we run, the harder and deeper we breath and the more uncomfortable it becomes. If you are worried, I would seek medical advice to put your mind at rest.

Off for a forest run later this morning, but it is still bitterly cold and I will be well wrapped up.

27/03/2013 at 09:23

00 50 I forgot to say good luck in your 10k. Have you got a time target?

JJ good news that you are getting back into it again! You'll soon be "topping the charts" in the 70's race category

Grendel, do you intend entering races longer than 5 miles in the future?

27/03/2013 at 09:23

Haven't been on for a day or two, and having caught up with reading posts I now have to rush out to get my hair cut. So it's hello and goodbye and see you later.

27/03/2013 at 09:46

Morning all,

The sun is out and I've been out too.  7 miles @ MP which included hills so I'm pleased I managed to maintain an average pace.  Blimming cold and windy though.

JJ, good point.  I'll try and introduce both sheep and goat's cheese occasionally and see if I get a reaction.  I can replace a lot of dairy things by using soy substitutes and it isn't as if I eat mountains of cheese anyway.  Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm not sure I'm ready for the "or better" bit of 8 min miling being my new standard just yet! I'll keep that speed for a few weeks and then I won't be doing any speedwork for a while as I've got the 2 marathons and my streak to contend with.  If I recover quickly after the marathons then I'll give it a couple of weeks and get back into some speedy stuff.

Glad to hear you're getting your legs moving again 

00, I agree with TE about being out of breath after a track session.  If she recovers quickly afterwards then it's more likely that she's just getting used to the feeling of being out of breath rather than an underlying problem.  Hope that's all it is.  Which 10k?

Grendel, what's "20 times a minute"?

27/03/2013 at 12:28

Yep my thoughts exactly- not worried at all about the breathing issues- she is just not used to running that hard and struggling to breath.

Time target for the 10km is sub 40 which should be achievable. The marathon is the main event so I plan to run 3-4 miles to and from the race and run within myself. It's the North Tyneside 10k which goes from North Shields to Whitley Bay (st Mary's ligghthouse). Could be fun if this weather continues   

Good run Redhead.

27/03/2013 at 14:16

Redhead - I do a 20 times 1 minute with a minute recovery between each effort - I tend to do them eyeballs out  

Bionic Ironwolf    pirate
27/03/2013 at 14:32

Grendel - I didn't swim 1000m, I did aquajogging because I still have stitches in my hand so have to keep it dry. I jogged up and down the pool resting my plastic-glove covered hand on top of my head, got a few funny looks and  a couple of people asked me if that was a new exercise! My normal swim is around 3000m, not to say that I'm a great swimmer, I'm not, I'm the slowest in our master's group, I am just able to keep going for a long time. Hubby and I are both long distance swimmers, I've done 6km, he has twice swum the Cologne 12km open water race, and tackled the Channel relay swim last summer.

Just finished a bike workout on the turbo - 10min warm-up, 40mins of (20seconds sprint 40 seconds steady), 10 mn easy cool-down. That was hard work but I feel great now!

27/03/2013 at 15:22

I do have to read back don't I to catch up!!!

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