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04/05/2013 at 23:00

Son got home by taxi. He slept until I woke him at midday to ask when the ceremony was to start. 2.00 p.m. He then discovered he'd forgotten to bring a shirt... 

The full story is in a blog on the Fetch website; briefly, he did manage to get hold of a suitable shirt and get to the wedding on time.

I then went for a run to calm my nerves. Intervals; 5 x 2.5 minutes fast, with 2-minute walk breaks between. They were all about .25 of a mile in distance.

05/05/2013 at 07:18

Columba, glad your son made the wedding on time. Hope he had a tie to match the shirt. Well done for the interval session, which must have been a good nerve calmer.

Matsum, I hope the wings arrive in good time before the race, so that I can give them a trial flight.

It's 10 degrees at the moment, with a forecast of 20 (68f). Tomorrow is forecast 23 degrees (73f). The Fahrenheit reading always makes it seem hotter to me. 

05/05/2013 at 18:26

The Alton 10 mile lived up to its reputation of being undulating/hilly. It was warm and sunny, with a fairly strong, but cool breeze. I ran 79.56 which I was quite pleased with, but was gutted not to be first M65+. I don't know his time, as the results aren't yet on the web. The results of the first 200 were pinned on the school wall, but I didn't have my glasses to read them. A club member said that he thought I came 120th, I hope that is correct. I will provide more details when available. My high mileage is certainly paying dividends, and I obtained a negative split. My mile breakdown is :-7.47, 8.07, 8.04, 7.44, 8.08, 7.37, 8.14, 7.56, 7.46, 7.42, 0.42. Total mileage on my Garmin was 10.11.

Matsmum, I forgot to say the wings came in very useful. I flapped them going uphill, and glided down hill. I will use them in future races.


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05/05/2013 at 19:28

Those 7 minute miles are most impressive. Even better if you include the 7:67, 7:64 and 7:68. That leaves you only 8:14.

It's more likely to be the hard, fast runs that get you your excellent 10 mile performance. You need to be able to run the whole race at a fraction below lactate threshold. You raise your lactate threshold by doing tempo runs and long intervals.

A 14 year old is unlikely to overdo things at the race distances you've quoted. The important issue is to make sure the training is kept under control and that's quite simple. She should come away from a training session feeling refreshed and invigorated and if she's stiff and tired the next day she should take a day off. I hope she understands that it's when you rest that you get stronger. The training causes microscopic damage to muscle fibres. The fibres are repaired just that fraction stronger when you rest so that they can cope with the higher workloads. If you keep damaging the muscle fibres without allowing repair time you simply end up with overuse injuries

05/05/2013 at 20:14

JJ, thanks for your comments and advice which are always appreciated. I take on board your comments about the hard fast runs, and will be doing the second in the RR10 series on Wednesday evening. These are all off road, and between 4 and 5 miles in duration. These are short enough for maximum effort, and being off road are kinder to the ageing joints.

I was very pleased that my Coach and another club runner who I have been mentoring both got PB's. They thanked me after the race and said that it was through training with me and my pacing them on long training runs that enabled them to achieve good times on a tough course. My coach who has been running for nearly as many years as me, I won't mention her age, did exceptionally well getting a PB after so many years. I paced Mark, the other runner who is 47 for the first 5 miles, and then "ran off." I get as much pleasure from helping other runners to improve, as doing good times myself. When we were just leaving to return home, the very last runner was coming in. We all clapped and cheered and she put in a final effort. I couldn't help shedding a tear to think what she had put herself through to finish. I'm feeling tearful now, just thinking about it, and I hope she was encouraged by the reception and will continue running and racing!  

05/05/2013 at 20:16

Matsmum - here in Germany there are beginner triathlons for kids as young as 6, with appropriate course lengths. It's great to watch, all these little kids are fiercely competitive!

We have an Olympic distance tri next Sunday, it's the State championship which seems to us a bit odd as it's so early in the season, nobody's really raced anything yet except of course the pros. Incidentally, there's been a lot of discussion about just how the Brownlee brothers' 10km run times in triathlon stack up against straight running races, well, Alistair raced a standalone 10km last week and finished 2nd, clocking  28mins which although it isn't world beating it isn't too shabby.

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06/05/2013 at 09:24

The Alton 10 mile race results are out now and I was third M65+. Times were gun to finish, as there wasn't chip timing, so they were slower than our own clockings. First was shown as 1.18.49, second 1.19.35 and mine 1.20.07. Must try harder next time! I was 193rd out of 366 finishers. A disappointingly low turn out for a Hampshire Road Race League Race.

The race standard was higher than average these days, with 12 runners getting under the hour.

06/05/2013 at 09:26

Morning all,

Glorious morning here and will be running xc when the bread has finished baking.

Still on a high from Badminton Horse Trials and still got a silly grin all over my face!

I haven't been slacking on my Running Streak whilst away so here are my latest runs (there will be another one to add for today but I haven't been out yet):

Running streak days 12 - 14 of 111

Day 12 - 5.85 miles all on grass, around the car parks, camp sites and some of the grounds at Badminton. Got stopped loads of times by people asking me what I was doing (I had the scarf around my neck!!!).

Day 13 - 5.62 miles all on grass, followed most of the xc route with additional bits across the front of the house and along a couple of the entrance lanes. All at Badminton again but without the scarf.

Day 14 - 5.51 miles back home along the lanes.

Total miles so far 107.46 

Terry, very well done on your cracking time.  Your training has certainly paid off and it must have been hot out there yesterday.  The last runners coming in will have been overjoyed to have that welcome - I know 'cos I'm always near the back and I love it when people are still waiting round at the end 

Will read back later.  Have a lovely day everyone.

06/05/2013 at 12:54

Running streak day 15 of 111

5.53 miles, 2 on the lanes, 3 on rough grass.  I seem to be upping the pace quite naturally although I'm not pushing at all, just running at what feels like a comfortable pace.  No structured speedwork for another couple of weeks yet.

Total miles so far 112.99

Now for some gardening 

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06/05/2013 at 17:01

Red, your running streak is going amazingly well. You will get stronger day by day, and are wise to avoid speed work for another couple of weeks.

Another lovely warm sunny day today, and I ran a very easy pace 6 miles in the forest. The ground has dried up with only the occasional muddy sections. The sandy trails are now dry, deep and loose, making running heavy going. Tomorrow evening is a hill session with the club in the forest.

06/05/2013 at 18:25

Afternoonie or early eveninie

Glorious day in fact weekend really.  Thankfully spring has sprung at loooooooong last!  Summer is just around the corner.

Plays havoc with running when you aren't used to running in the heat and you are returning after yonks not running.  Hey ho, what doesn't make us strong will kill us or have I got that slightly wrong!!! 

I managed to enter VLM at silly o'clock.  Thought I needed a goal or two and having great, fond memories of London thought that may do the trick!  Fingers crossed.

Now for a glass of the pink stuff (Rose wine not antifreeze)

Run strong


06/05/2013 at 18:27

TE - congratulations - 7-minute miles are awesome - maybe thanks to Matsmum's wings?

I have finished last in several races, and it is nice to be appreciated with applause. Once I was told by the sweepers that I'd been "a pleasure to follow" - they explained, because I had run it all and not walked at all (nothing to do with tight lycra).

Red - this running streak of yours - you're averaging 7.5 miles per day! If I were running every day, I doubt if I'd do more than 3.

Having driven Middle Son to Abergavenny yesterday to get his train back to London, I made a detour to Brecon on the way home in order to run along the canal path. I've never done this before, and rather fancied a flat-as-a-pancake run. 4.77 miles (had hoped to do 5 but ran out of path); lovely views, and at one point the canal is on an aqueduct, which carries it over the river Usk. Stopped for five minutes to watch a boat coming through a lock. 

06/05/2013 at 19:45

TE - You ran a brilliant race, as indeed I knew you would. ( Ofcourse it is partly down to me! ) You should feel really proud.

Columba - So funny about your son! I read about it all on Fetch. I think we should be grateful for sons. If it were not for them we would all be couch potatoes without the need for nerve-calming runs that keep us fit! 

BI - My dog training is not going too well . It is being scuppered by husband and sons who need training even more than the hound.   

I did a 4 mile easy today - 11 min miles - except it wasn't that easy. It's 2 weeks since London now so I don't know why I should be struggling with 4 miles.

JJ - help!



06/05/2013 at 21:27

Columba and Matsmum, thanks. The wings certainly helped when the going got tough. I'm sure the encouragement and support of all on this excellent thread have helped me in my training and resolve to do well in races.

Only 4 weeks now until the SDM and Sunday will be my last long run, probably 18 miles. The following Sunday is the Victoria Park 10k, which I hope to run sub 47 minutes.

06/05/2013 at 22:36

'lo. Nice day and the garden looks lovely.

Good time and even better placing.
You may find the 10k is a bit tough after an 18 miler.

Don't worry about still feeling the effects of the marathon. It's not just a matter of muscle recovery. There are many other side effects including a weakened immune system. I've taken a minimum of 10 days and up to a month to get back to something like normal. Just keep ticking over with easy runs of 3 or 4 miles and it will all work out.

06/05/2013 at 22:38

Incidently, it has taken 3 days for my quads to settle down after my last run. Age has finally caught up with me. I will soon have to admit to being over 50.

07/05/2013 at 06:19

LoL, JJ!

Must admit I was totally enthralled last night listening to BBC 5Live Extra's coverage of the footy playoff semi-final between Brentford and Swindon, John is a life-long Brentford fan but is on his way to a work assignment in Belgium so didn't have the chance to follow his team. I've supported Man Utd for, oh about 100 years, but I have to say this match was a thriller. I thought when it finally went to penalties they would end up losing but no. The whole match was a fine advert for the lower leagues. So on to Wembley for the playoff final against Yeovil, as the commentator said, maybe lucky 7 this time - for John I so hope Brentford can win and gain promotion. He's not going to the match, as each time he's been before they lost the playoff!


07/05/2013 at 06:21

LOL at matsmum and the dog (husband/sons) training! We have a saying at our dog club  that new dog handlers take a lot longer to catch on than the dogs do!

07/05/2013 at 09:14

JJ, thanks. I shouldn't find it too much of a problem racing the 10k a week after an 18 miler, as Sundays 10 mile race was a week after a 20 mile training run. I will take the 18 miler very easily, as time on feet, is as important as mileage.

07/05/2013 at 13:21

Morning all,

Right, I think I'm up to date with what's been going on around here.

Matsmum, LOL at your man training.  Don't worry about feeling a bit under par after London.  As JJ says, it can take up to a month to be recovered fully.  It was your first marathon too so will have been a bit of a shock to your system   So you fancy Berlin too do you?  Have a look at Vienna and New York too (both on my 'to do' list).

Columba, I'll pop over to Fetch later and read your story.  My daily average is only high 'cos it includes VLM which was the first day.  It will drop over the coming weeks.

JJ, you will never be old in my eyes 

TE, that's an excellent target for your 10k.

Sorry if I've forgotten anything.

For Day 16 of 111 streaky days I ran 8.36 miles almost all off-road.  The ground is now hard as concrete and the rutted bits are treacherous.  I ventured through the forest to the top of a hill and found where the buzzards are nesting.  Total miles so far 121.35 - only 95 days to go (yikes!).

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