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07/05/2013 at 16:49

Red, the ground is the same here in the forest. I believe our hill reps this evening will be on a gravel trail, so may not be too bad.

07/05/2013 at 18:20

I was in the garden at lunchtime when a pigeon flew just above the lawn then in a flash a raptor appeared from nowhere and flew off with it while I stood there in a cloud of feathers. Nature raw in tooth and claw.


08/05/2013 at 09:22

Hill session last night was on a gravel trail, which was very uneven with gulleys each side and several pot holes. We did 3 sets of 3 x 45 secs up 60 secs down, with one minute recoveries between each set. I got a bit carried away during the first 45 secs and led all the way up. I then remembered that I had the RR10 race the next day (tonight), so took the remainder more sensibly, but still with the fast group.

08/05/2013 at 10:45

Morning all,

RAIN is with us but i;m not complaining too much as the ground needs to soften before I can the blimming weeds out!

JJ, the sparrowhawks sometimes treat our bird-feeding tree rather like a fly-through, fast-food birdy joint!

TE, steady on, time to rest up a bit.

Columba, LOL at the hoody and pyjamas look 

I've been procrastinating this morning as I'm doing boring paperwork so I'm off out for my run in the rain and will tackle it this afternoon.

08/05/2013 at 11:35

Hooray! - My email notifications seem to be back.

BI - from 1975 to 1979 we lived in a house right opposite the main entrance to Brentford football ground (OH, however, is a lifelong supporter of QPR). Although all the neighbouring streets were full of parked cars during matches, we never had any trouble parking because being so very near the gates, the space outside our house was occupied by a couple of lightweight wheelchairs which were easily moved onto the pavement.

It was a rather downmarket area and when we moved in OH said "We'll tell people it's North Kew".

Re dog handling: I've heard a similar comment made of Guide Dogs for the Blind, - it takes three times as long to train the blind man / woman as it does to train the dog.

JJ - that must have been a startling moment. I was once driving through the wilds of mid-Wales when a buzzard flew across the road right in front of me, carrying a rabbit.

I was working yesterday, and had a very quick turn-around when I got home before meeing the running club for a glorious (but sweaty and exhausting) six-and-a-bit miles off road, - fields, hills and alongside a river through a local wildlife trust area. Would have been unpleasantly hot running in the daytime, but by evening was just perfect.

08/05/2013 at 11:39

Redhead - check your messages.

08/05/2013 at 13:13

Checked, thank you 

Day 17 of 111 consisted of 5.53 hilly miles along the lanes.  The shoes I wore today are off to be recycled as I really felt the difference in the cushioning, or rather lack of cushioning!  Total miles so far 121.35.

08/05/2013 at 16:08

Red, Badminton sounds a great experience. I'm so imprerssed with your streak - the 5k a day is more than enough for me quite often.

Matsmum, I quite agree, the owners need more training than the dog! As JJ & Red said, don't panic about the slower paces at present. Normal service will be resumed.

Columba, I'll go & look for your blog. Canal running is pleasant. I've run along the Kennet & Avon out of Bath, as far as the aqueduct. There's always plenty to see.

BI, impressive time from Alistair Brownlee. Both brothers come across really well in interviews.

Quite a bit of rain here overnight, and it's drizzling now. Should be cooler for TE's RR10, but may be muddy. I'll have to look out my waterproofs for marshalling.

08/05/2013 at 16:39

Diana, I think I will wear my trail shoes if it is muddy. I'll bring my road trainers as well, and may wear them if it's not too bad.

08/05/2013 at 19:32

There wasn't time to be startled by the pigeon incident. It was certainly an example of  efficiency.

08/05/2013 at 21:07

If you are interested see if http://www.photobox.co.uk/my/album?album_id=52847345 gets you to the pics of the garden taken the day before yesterday.

The easy way to view big pics is to click  Slideshow at the  left of the link page.

09/05/2013 at 09:41

Great run at last night's second RR10. It was 4.53 miles and I ran it in 37.12, an average of 8.13. The conditions were tough, with many boggy areas necessitating careful walking or wading. The start was downhill on a gravel trail, and everyone went off at express speed. My first mile was 7.04, but the trail soon turned into mud and slowed us all down. There weren't many parts where it was possible to pick up speed, but the last mile or so was back on the gravel trail, but uphill, of course. This suited me, with all my endurance and hill training, and I was able to pick off many runners that had been exhausted by the mud. My mile splits were 7.04, 8.21, 8.41, 8.35 and 4.28 for the final 0.53.

Diana, It was good to see you as we climbed out of the mud, and thanks for your encouragement, it helped speed me on my way! The rain thankfully stopped for the race, and conditions were ideal, except for the mud, which was worse than expected. Thankfully, I had packed my trail shoes, which the mud did it best to pull  off. I'm sure some runners must have lost a shoe or trainers, as there was a lot of suction in the deeper mud pools. Well done to your Club for putting on a first class race. Our Club had a record turnout of I think, 38. We had thought the weather would have put many off, but that was not the case.

09/05/2013 at 09:48

Just heard on the local radio station that a pair of nesting peregrine falcons have been responsible for the loss of mobile phone reception for Vodophone Customer's in the Southampton region. As they are a protected species, it is impossible to repair the transmitter until the eggs have hatched. The company say that they are looking into installing a temporary transmitter.

09/05/2013 at 11:10

Apologies. I forgot to make the pics "public".

Click  http://www.photobox.co.uk/my/album?album_id=576283637 for garden pics and hopefully you can now see them as a public folder. Click Slide Show for the best way of viewing them.

09/05/2013 at 13:26

Day 18 of 111 6.54 miles all off-road.  Lots of beautiful bluebells in the woods.  Had to stop to report a suspect vehicle secreted in the bushes on the edge of a field.  Whoever put it there obviously didn't realise that there's a public footpath running along one side!  I forgot to update my total in my post yesterday which should have been 126.88.  Total miles so far 133.39. 

Purty flowers JJ.  I played 'snap' with some of the daffs, erithroniums and the yellow rhodi 

TE, you are on fire at the moment aren't you!  Another excellent run.  Now please take it a bit easier.

09/05/2013 at 15:14

Red, well done on your continuing streak, are you feeling healthier and stronger through this venture? Thanks for your concern about my overdoing it. Club night tonight will be a session led by a guest from "The Running School" into improving running style, running drills etc. so no hard efforts! This will be undertaken on our grass track. I've spend ages this afternoon cleaning the mud off my trail shoes collected during yesterdays race. On Sunday I will run 18 miles in the forest, and the following Sunday is the Victoria Park 10k race. I will do a 15 the next Sunday, and 12 the one after that. If my arithmetic is correct, that leads me into marathon week. Hopefully, all my build up will lead to a successful race. My main worry is that I will be in a reasonable condition for the hour long drive home after the race.

09/05/2013 at 18:53

Terry, given your level of fitness you will be fine for the drive home.  I ran the Kent 50 and then drove 2.5 hours home afterwards but it was getting out of the car at the other end that was a challenge!

I do feel quite strong, not sure about healthier though as I'm eating everything in sight at the moment 

09/05/2013 at 19:22

JJ - I am very impressed by your garden; it certainly rewards your hard work.

Well done TE, especially on that uphill stretch.

Awful weather here today, - raining hard, blowing hard. Fortunately it wasn't a running day but a swimming day.

09/05/2013 at 21:56

Red, thanks for the reassurance about the driving. As long as I make it home, I don't mind if I have to drag myself indoors. I wouldn't worry about the eating. I also am eating more than ever, but it is necessary to avoid losing too much weight.

Columba, thanks. I got my tactics wrong, and should have known better, as years ago, I was an experienced cross country runner. The reason runners start off so quickly, is so that they don't get stuck behind slower runners, where there are no opportunities to overtake. I was applying my road racing technique of starting off slightly off race pace, and then speeding up. This backfired, as I got held up at each muddy stretch, and those that had already gone through were able to get further ahead. The next RR10 is Wednesday week, and I will start off much quicker, in an attempt to avoid queuing.

The session with our "Running School" guest this evening was very useful. We did various drills and then put some of them into practise on the track. We started with 100 metres with high back kicks and our normal arm actions. We then moved on to moving our arms back to an imaginary side pocket and then up to the chin, with our legs again kicking back to near the buttocks. After three or four 100 metres like this, we did 400 metres. This felt really hard. We had 60 seconds recovery and did another 400, and then repeated again. This last lap felt easier, as we were getting into "our stride." The only downside was that the wind was blowing a gale, and it was pouring with rain. We shivered whilst listening to the instructions and watching the instructor demonstrating them. It was worth it though, as we all felt that we had learnt something, which we would put into practice.

09/05/2013 at 22:02

Thanks. I can't be chairman of the local gardening association and have a carp garden
The plot size is about half an acre which is about the limit for one person to keep tidy. Any more and I would need a hired hand.

I guess it's due to the diverse weather this year but I have early, mid-season and late tulips and daffs all out at roughly the same time. Makes things quite spectacular.

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