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22/05/2013 at 19:41

'lo all

Where's the sun gone? Haven't seen it for days.

I climb trees because I'm convinced I'm the oldest teenager in the business.

Weeds are doing very well at the moment.
Ever grown an Albizia? I bought one for £1 from Notcutts. It was reduced from from £19:99

The Wava age grading statistics are reasonably accurate (moderated by statisticians to check for anomalies) so if your age grading drops you are likely to be training to a lower standard.

22/05/2013 at 20:07

Oooooh, not familiar with Albizia JJ but it looks gorgeous!  Looking at the leaves I wondered if it's in the same genus as mimosa?  I did grow a mimosa tree (with the fluffy yellow flowers) in a pot in our very sheltered courtyard in London. Always worth a punt for such a great reduction.

Feeling happier now I've hacked back some weeds   Poor Esther is neighing her little heart out each time Kizzy goes out of view.  Hopefully she'll only have to stay inside for a few days - I've ordered her a grazing muzzle which I think might help, even though it looks like an instrument of torture!

22/05/2013 at 21:10

JJ - What I want to know is, what on earth were you and Mrs JJ doing climbing trees and playing football when you should have been looking after the grandchildren?

Oh Red, everything always seems to happen at once, doesn't it. It must really have tested your resolve to get out there and do those miles.

OO - a cold, or those birch trees giving you trouble?  Or the fields of rapeseed? Loads of people are suffering at the moment. Get better soon.

OH has crippled his back, walking backwards and tripping over the Puffin sandpit, landing heavily on a malevolent stone bunny with pointy ears. There has to be a lesson in there somewhere.

Yes, K was speedy in that 5k race. She thought she had gone faster because her garmin had said under 7 every time she checked. Ofcourse it wasn't chip timing and she was at the back of the runners crossing the line, so it is possible she was faster than the result might suggest.

Off to deliver painkillers and TLC . No, not to the stone bunny, JJ. To my poor OH.

Night, everyone.

23/05/2013 at 08:48

00 50, yes it's a great feeling to be running faster now than 12 years ago. I'm sure your pace will pick up again, once your cold has cleared up.

Red, sorry you are going through a bad patch, but I'm sure you'll soon bounce back.

Diana, good to see you again at the Wiverley RR10 last night. It was a tough course wasn't it. We had a very good club turn out, I think we had 41 altogether. I wish we could have had better turn outs for the HRRL races, as we struggled to get a complete "B" men's team, for almost all the races. I'm looking forward now to the Brockenhurst Park Run, which will be my first.

Matsmum, hope your OH soon recovers from his fall. I wonder why he was walking backwards.

Last nights race was on a completely new course, and we were warned that the entire race would be in the Inclosure, and there would be lots of hazards. The mud wasn't too bad, but I think the long steep hills caused the most problems to runners. My hill work stood me in good stead and I was able to attack on the hills. About half way through, we had to manoeuvre over or around a fallen tree. I chose to put one foot on it and then step down. I think many ran round it. My time was 37.07 and the distance 4.67 miles. My mile splits were unbelievably consistent, considering the up and down nature of the course. They were :- 7.53, 7.53, 7.53,8.12 and 5.14 for the last .67 of a mile, which is 7.51 pace.

Tonight is a club social run in the forest, meeting up for drinks afterwards.

23/05/2013 at 09:11

Morning all,

Great running again TE!

Matsmum, oh no, not your OH as well.  Mine has a history of back problems so I hope yours recovers quickly.

Diana, excellent cross-training 

Been ministering to the poorly hubby who's pain turned acute last night and we hardly slept a wink as a result.  Painkillers didn't touch the pain at all but he finally drifted off to sleep through exhaustion.  I can't believe he's got another trapped nerve - it's so difficult to find the source and treat and I'm afraid he's got more pain to come before we finally get rid of it.  He's got another session with Mary on Tuesday but there's no point going to  Physio yet as his shoulder is too gummed up (although Mary has loosened it somewhat) and his pain is too strong at the moment 

I haven't been out for my run yet as I want to wait until he's awake.

Esther seems to have settled into her spell of incarceration and Tinker is fine again 

23/05/2013 at 09:53

Red - oh dear, oh dear, my thoughts are with you - and hubby - and Esther (what does a grazing muzzle do, BTW?)

Matsmum - you too, - what lesson do you think should be learned from it? "Don't walk backwards" or "put the stone bunny somewhere inaccessible and replace with a foam-rubber one"?

OO - hope that cold goes soon. Late spring seems to be a bad time for colds.

TE - yes thank you, Tuesday's X-C was much pleasanter than the previous week's, - much much pleasanter - sunshine, warm but not too warm, bluebells, wood anemones and lots of other spring wild flowers.

Yesterday evening I took two (home-made) cakes to the leisure centre to contribute to festivities following the 2nd of 3 5k races organised by the running club. I didn't race (still feeling the effects of 10 hilly miles on Sunday plus Tuesday's x-c). Might do the third one in a few weeks' time.

JJ - LOL at the "oldest teenager in the business". A friend of mine once described me as "the oldest hippie in town". Bit unfair, just because I was wearing something vaguely ethnic.

23/05/2013 at 13:34

Columba, the grazing muzzle will reduce her intake of grass by about 70% because there is just one small hole that she can eat through.  I'll stick a photo of it on my blog next time I update it - it looks like an instrument of torture and I'm not sure how she'll take to it!  

She gets so upset when she has to be shut away that I thought it would be worth a try so that she'll be able to stay out with Kizzy.  It never used to be a problem as I used to be able to restrict their grazing together to keep weight off them both but now Kizzy is really old I spend all my time trying to keep the weight on her.

Day 33 was 5.57 miles on the treddy, rather than in the torrential rain we've got here.  I did 2 miles warm-up then 10 x .1 mile @ 8 min miling with .1 mile recs then 1.57 miles cooldown.  My breathing recovered quickly inbetween the fast bits which was promising.

23/05/2013 at 13:43

Get well vibes to both Matsmum's and Red's other halves.

TE, brilliantly even splits. Mine a more an illustration of what not to do (start too fast and get progressively slower). However, I did finish just over half way up the field again and managed to pick up the pace for the last .67 of a mile.

Columba, I may do some baking this afternoon, as smaller grandson is over and loves to help with it.

23/05/2013 at 20:56

MrsJJ does not climb trees. She has to reassure passers by that I'm not dangerous.

Falling on a stone rabbit with pointy ears doesn't bear thinking about.

Hope you both can recover as quickly as the problems arrived. 

Your time was worth about 48:30 for 10k. Very good considering the terrain.

23/05/2013 at 22:21

Went swimming.

Red, it seems extraordinary that horses can get overweight just living on grass. But I do understand about being able to digest cellulose, which we can't.

Good that your breathing recovered quickly between fast bursts.

Are the suffering OHs still suffering?

24/05/2013 at 09:30

JJ, thanks for that. That would have been a very good time for a full 10k on that course.

Red, I've just received my entry pack for the SDM and thought you would be interested in the revised programme. When you  ran it there were several waves, with the fastest starting in the last one. They have now decided, to avoid the bunching where the faster runners catch up with the first waves, to just have two waves, the relay first, and the main marathon runners in the second. There is no mention of I pods being forbidden, and I was wondering whether it would be a good idea to wear one. I have never worn one in a race before, but am envisaging running for miles, totally lost, and just some music to keep me company. They have also included maps to study, and advised that if in doubt at cross roads to keep heading west. Do we need to carry a compass? 

Last nights club social run went well. We all drove out to the Shatterford Car Park and did a 5.45 mile run in the forest. A few of us ran the hills hard, which is good training for me. We then retired to the near by pub for a refreshing pint of shandy.

A rest day today, and the Brockenhurst 5k Park Run tomorrow.

24/05/2013 at 13:14

Columba, being overweight is more dangerous for horses than being underweight as it puts too much pressure on their hooves.  This can lead to a rotation of the pedal bone and/or problems with the coffin bone within the hoof causing lameness.   In serious cases the horses have to be put down so it something to keep a careful eye on.  For a horse such as Esther who is what we call 'a good doer' and is of a stocky build naturally you have to be really strict in limiting their grazing.  Plus, like me, she has the added problem of arthritis in one of her forelegs.  Bless her.

TE, the first time I ran it everyone started together then last time it was in waves and there was congestion on some of the tracks through fields.  I don't think the relays runners should start first though.  

My preferred way of solving the problem of congestion is what they do at the Steyning Stinger; they let walkers and slower runners start any time after 8am with the mass start at 9 or 9:15 (can't remember which).  That way us slower runners get to see the speedy peeps running past which gives us a boost but there isn't a great mass of slower runners for the speedy runners to pass.  

I don't remember any ambiguity in the route unless they've changed it so I wouldn't worry about that too much.

I never use an ipod whilst out running as I love to hear the sound of the birds etc.

Day 34 was 5.75 undulating miles in wind, rain and sun!  Total mileage now 225.05 

Mike's shoulder still painful but less so than the other night, thank goodness.  He's getting frustrated with being unable to do anything much.

Have a lovely weekend everyone - oh, and good luck to Diana and TE at your new parkrun.

24/05/2013 at 14:54

Red, thanks for your advice and good luck wishes for tomorrows parkrun. I agree that it's nice to listen to the birds etc. and I hope to be able to run with others and chat from time to time. I pods are anti social and I only wear mine on long runs when I run alone. I will have to reconsider my tactics as I was hoping the faster waves would overtake and help me to speed up. I think I will just run at my own pace and see how it goes. Your running streak is going very well and you will probably exceed 800 miles.

24/05/2013 at 16:55

I must say that I never run with an iPod or similar, though I know people who use long runs to catch up on recorded programmes and podcasts etc.

6.33 forest run today. Over towards you TE; we started at Pig Bush just south of Beaulieu Road station, and got just about as far as the edge of the Dibden Inclosure before looping back. That got me to 100 miles for the month so far - third month running of 100+

Weather has gone downhill since then, and I've needed a scarf and fleece! Forecast for tomorrow at Brockenhurst is better.

Glad to hear Mike is feeling somewhat better Red.

24/05/2013 at 17:18


Really cold and windy today. "Trouble is, we can't even blame anyone!" as someone commented to me.

Red - you'd think, with new hips and new knees being available for people, new hooves might be available for horses. But probably they're much too complicated on the inside (pedal bones? coffin bones?)

I don't run with an ipad, either. Largely because I haven't got one.

24/05/2013 at 18:15

I'm blaming global warming on this horrible cold windy weather.

Diana,well done on your 100+ miles. Dibden Inclosure is very close to home. It has been very muddy again there this year. I think it should be ideal conditions tomorrow for the parkrun.

24/05/2013 at 22:33

10 hours rain today. I think it's coming in through the hole in the ozone layer.

25/05/2013 at 10:26

Morning all,

Thankfully the rain stopped some time during the night and we've got sunshine and it isn't quite as cold (although my legs felt cold when I went for my plod first thing).  6.25 squelchy miles across fields with very wet grass so my legs got soaked and I was very muddy when I got home.  Total miles now 231.30.

Now off to play in the garden, re-organising the herb beds 

25/05/2013 at 15:40

Very cold first thing, but brightened up and warm and sunny for the Brockenhurst 5k Parkrun. This was my first 5k for nearly 12 years, and I had forgotten just how tough they were. Into top speed from the start, and trying to maintain it. Reasonably pleased with my 22.45 and a WAVA of 75.09. I was second male in the 65-70 category and just 9 seconds behind the first. Next time I'll beat him! Consistent mile splits again of 7.31, 7.28, 7.26, 0.19. The race was all on grass, and comprised 4 laps of the College Grounds.

Diana, that first holding of the race was a great success, and I hope it attracts more than the 113 runners for the next one. I'll certainly be back again, and try to recruit more of our club runners. I think some do the Southampton race, which has grown to 400 runners.

Red, well done running through squelchy fields. I'll be doing similar tomorrow, when 3 or 4 of us do a forest run.

25/05/2013 at 16:37

It was nice to see you again TE - we do keep meeting recently! Well done on your 2nd in AG. I came first in mine! This was a first of being first, although it wasn't first among many. My daughter thorougly enjoyed it, and came in in 25:17, so is determined to get under 25 minutes next time. I was very pleased with how it went, and hope it goes from strength to strength. We had 31 runners doing their first ever parkrun, so hopefully more newbies will hear of it and give it a go.

We got very little rain, so having cleaned the water butt and fitted a new tap, we're still waiting for it to fill again.

You're doing so well with your challenge Red!

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