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07/06/2013 at 00:02

Diana - 10 miles off-road must be pretty taxing. Congratulations on a second-a-mile faster than previously.

'OO' - what a hill! As though 5k wasn't tough enough without one of those in the middle - twice, in fact!

Red - my 5k wasn't too hot, as it was in the evening. Also there was quite a breeze (it's a bit exposed) and even got a bit chilly waiting for the start. Official time was 33 mins exactly, which is 67% age grading, quite respectable.

Your Mary Massage Lady sounds like a real gem.

07/06/2013 at 09:34

Columba, that was a very good age grading, well done.

I was going to say good morning, but it isn't. It's hammering down with rain and thundering and lightning. The last thunderclap was the loudest I have heard for years and there is another as I type. It is immediately overhead, as the thunder was almost instantaneous with the lightning. I was taught that every 5 seconds between the two was the number of miles away. I had intended a 20 minute jog this morning, but not in these conditions. I hope it clears up for tomorrow, or else we will be needing water skis.

It's getting a bit scary now, as the thunder and lightning is instantaneous. I'm staying indoors until it clears up.

07/06/2013 at 14:41

Afternoon all,

TE, hope that thunder's cleared away now.  We've had sun all day but I did hear the thunder in the distance around 10am.  I hope the weather is kind to you tomorrow and I shall send you a virtual push up the steepest of those hills which I can picture vividly 

00, well done you.  I chuckled at the video as I once did a 10k with a hill like that and it was a real lung-buster.  There's also one even worse than that during the Windmill marathon, up Hartley Hill.  I was trotting round with a fellow forumite and we virtually crawled up that on our hands and knees only to see a really old man sprint up it like a mountain goat!

I had a riparian run of 6.69 miles early this morning before it got too hot.  Now it's just sunny but with a strong wind.  So total streaky mileage up to Day 48 = 299.94 

07/06/2013 at 14:46

Red, thanks. The weather's cleared up now and the sun is shining. I will certainly be grateful for the virtual push up the steepest hills.

07/06/2013 at 18:27

I was out in that TE! Got completely soaked to the shin. My trail shoes are now nice and clean, but very wet from splashing through all the standing water. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, and am confident that you'll do well.

You're doing SO well with your challenge Red.

Good luck for Sunday OO 50.

Great age grading Columba

07/06/2013 at 19:11

Diana, you were very brave out running through the rain, thunder and lightning! Thanks for your confidence in me, I'll do my utmost not to let anyone down.

I'll attempt a race report Saturday evening, if a few glasses of pain killing wine don't put me "under the table."  

07/06/2013 at 20:45

Nice run Readhead and congrats on a very respectable 5 k Columba.

The odd rain soaked run can be fun Diana if it's not too cold. Dry those shoes quickly or they'll stink

07/06/2013 at 21:07

'OO'50 - not to worry, Nemo only attacks on my command!

07/06/2013 at 21:58


I have a lot of those begonias this year. Shade - yes.  Dry - no.

Btw, great running.

'tis the truth!  

You're heading consistently towards that prize of 70% age grading.

Placings aren't important because you have no control over the quality of entrants. It's chipping away at times that matters.

Have a good run. You've definitely earned one.

08/06/2013 at 05:12

JJ, thanks.

I was up bright and early this morning and getting ready for the hours drive to the finish, and then getting the bus to the start. It's not raining at the moment, so keeping fingers crossed that it will stay dry and not be too hot.

08/06/2013 at 19:18

A great run, lovely views, blazing sunshine and a brutal course. A bit disappointed with my 5.05, but in the circumstances, not too bad.

08/06/2013 at 20:21

TE - Is that the race report? Or will there be a fuller one when the pain-killing wine has worn off?

Had a bit of a "different" day today. Man v Horse was taking place, starting in Llanwrtyd Wells which is about 18 miles to the south-west (and said to be the smallest town in the UK). Several people from the running club were doing it, and I've always meant to watch it, so today I did. It was a huge event, - hundreds of runners, and I would have guessed about 50 - 70 horses, but someone told me there were 100. Local pubs doing a roaring trade, and police having to shepherd traffic through the town as the crowds were spilling all over the main through road. The runners set off at 11.00, and the horses at 11.15 (some horses very excited, prancing sideways down the road). Then I found my way to the second water-station (it's a 23-mile race) to watch them come through. A stream crosses the road just before the water-station, and several of the horses stopped for a drink. When I'd seen all "my" club runners through, I came home; - didn't fancy braving the crush at the end. Was a lovely day for it, though maybe a bit warm, and nearly all of it was off-road, over open hills and through woodland.

09/06/2013 at 06:51

Morning all,

Terry, it was very hot yesterday and that was a good time in challenging weather.  Oh those hills are meanies but the views are worth every bit of the effort.  Well done you!

Columba, I've always fancied the ManVhorse race (as a runner and as a rider) and the ManVtrain one too.

I'm procrastinating 'cos it's really cold and windy here and I've got to go and run 9 miles (it's ARUK's Big Walk of 9 miles today over in Cambridge and so I've decided to support it in my own way as I can't get over there).  Better get my backside off this chair and get moving 

09/06/2013 at 09:28

Columba, yes there will be a fuller race report later. Sounds like a great day for you at the ManvHorse.

Red, thanks yes it was very hot, 26 degrees, although probably hotter up on the Downs with no shade. Good luck with your 9 miles, that will bump up your total mileage.

09/06/2013 at 10:02

Well today is a washout for us, John was in a relay team for the Maxdorf triathlon as the swimmer but about 20 mins before the start a huge thunderstorm started. The organisers waited a while but there were still flashes of lightning so the swim was cancelled. A nightmare for their club - they couldn't turn it into a duathlon (run bike run) because the transition from bike to run is at a different place and everyone's running shoes were already over there! So they said they would start the competitors in small blocks, obviously you can't send 500-plus cyclists  out at once in a small lane, these are triathletes not pro cyclists. Lots of people decided like we did to give it up and just go home again. Feel sorry for the organisers after all their hard work.

09/06/2013 at 10:09

'Morning everyone. Actually I wish it was - while other parts of the country seem to have been basking in sunshine here on the east coast it is miserable - drizzle, cold wind and low temperature.

I would like to say there is sunshine in my heart, but it is a bit gloomy there too!  OH has had a couple of unexpected journies to Addenbrooks since I was on here and, though hopefully all may be well enough, I have reassessed my life in relation to others and decided to give up my business. There just isn't enough time for everything and time is very precious. Bank of Mum will be sadly diminished, but they are all grownup now and will just have to wait until I pop my clogs.  

Ofcourse it is a step forward rather than a step back. I have had absolutely no opportunity to run since that last one I reported, but that will change. And there will more time for family (gulp!) and OH. So the future looks bright.

Onward and upward!

09/06/2013 at 10:46

We took our mountain bikes with us in the car this morning intending to bike up to the big climb on the bike course after the swim to see our club mates (those who did actually start!) coming around for the 2nd lap, but it was raining so hard we knocked that on the head too and concentrated on getting the car out of the parking field before it turned into a sea of mud. At least the dogs were pleased to see us home again.

09/06/2013 at 17:57

Matsmum - what is your business (that you're giving up) (you've probably told us before but I've forgotten) - and if it is your own business, could you cut it down rather than giving it up completely?

I know all about Bank of Mum! - But there haven't been any demands made on it for a while now, so hopefully I can regard them all as fully independent.

BIW - what a disappointment, - and how devastating for the race organisers. Heavy rain and flooding has been reported in parts of Germany, and I wondered if you were affected. You evidently are.

Red - why not run the Man v Horse next year, and ride it the year after?

09/06/2013 at 18:03

Actually, looking at their website later today, they did cancel the whole event, for safety reasons. Good decision - if I had been registered to do this race I would not have gone out on the bike course, it's two laps including a very big climb and a terribly scary steep downhill on a bad road surface in a dim and dark forest. I can ride it in good conditions but wouldn't want to try it in a rain storm. I'm sure JJ you could have done it in your bike racing days but I'm not that good.

09/06/2013 at 19:30

As promised, here is my race report for the SDM which I ran yesterday.

I was up very early and it was still dark. I left home at 6.00 and drove to the Queen Elizabeth Country Park, which was the finish for the race. I arrived at around 7.00 and was directed into the competitors car park, which was in one of the large fields. Looking around, I felt a sense of apprehension seeing the hills disappearing at their tops into the mist. I thought to myself "what on earth am I doing here?"

A Marshall directed me to the public car park, which was quite a long walk away, where all the coaches, which were to take us to the start at Slindon College, were waiting. I climbed aboard the front one and found a seat at the back. When the coach was full, it set off for the 45 minute journey. The time soon passed as every one soon got chatting, and before we knew it, we had arrived.

The college and grounds were lovely, and as we were so early, we sat on the grass, or on the walls, in the sunshine. There was, however, a very brisk cold wind, so we kept our track suits on for as long as possible, before starting the necessary process of applying plenty of sun lotion. The baggage lorry was parked near the start, so we handed our kit bags to a Marshall, who loaded them in. They were stored safely in a marque at the finish for us to collect.

The relay runners set off at 9.00 and the main field for the full marathon at 9.30. We started off by running a lap of the grass running track, and then onto the road until we got onto the South Downs Way. We were climbing almost as soon as we left the road, and I was surprised that many runners were walking up the first hill. I ran the first few, and then started walking them the same as everyone else. The ground was rock hard, stony and deeply rutted in many places. This surface was tough to run on, as it was  jarring on the joints, and on the downhills, gave the quads a good pounding.

Marshalling was first class, especially where we had to cross roads, and also at the check points and water stations. I stopped at each station to ensure I got my drink and didn't spill any. This obviously added several minutes to my running time, but in the heat, seemed the best policy.

The scenery was really beautiful and the views from the top of the hills into the valleys were spectacular. The highest of the hills had been climbed and descended by the time we got to 20 miles, but the last 6 were still hilly and involved more walking. We passed several barbecues near the finish and the cooking smell made us feel very hungry. The finish was approximately 100 metres on grass, the only flat part of the course, and I was able to raise my pace for a strong finish. We all received a quality technical tee shirt and nice finishers medal, plus a goody bag with the usual drink, gel, packet of soup etc.

It was a tough race, but I really enjoyed it and am aiming to run it again next year, and beat this years 5.05. I had no problems driving home and this morning walked approximately .75 mile at good pace to test my legs.

I'm now thinking of entering the Clarendon Marathon, which is 90% off road and is on 6th October. This sounds more appealing than the IoW Marathon which is all on roads.

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