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25/06/2013 at 22:16

A local Sir and Lady opened their garden this evening for my gardening association's members. Probably the most beautifully designed garden I've seen.

That sounds like a real tough run.

25/06/2013 at 22:58

6.61 miles X-C with the running club. Included lumps, bumps, tussocks, clumps of reeds, just-ploughed fields, squelchy muddy-water-over-the-shoes bits, and an almost vertical climb to a triangulation point from where there were wonderful views all around.

26/06/2013 at 06:20

Something's out of whack this morning - I had to return home twice this morning, the first time because I realised I hadn't locked the door after greeting my neighbour, the 2nd time to fetch the fruit salad I made last night for our office get-together lunch today. Somehow I suspect today is not going to be my day!   

   Edited for a typo!  

Edited: 26/06/2013 at 06:21
26/06/2013 at 09:32

Red, I do respect you for continuing your running streak despite all your breathing problems, but I do worry that you might be racking up problems for later in life. Having said that, I'm sure that you know what you are doing, and taking the appropriate medication.

Columba, sounds like a very challenging run. Excellent training for next years South Downs Marathon

BIW, hope there won't be a third hiccup today!

Last night was a Kenyan Hill session in the forest with the club. We did 5 sets of runs up to and back to 4 markers. The midges were still in evidence, but I think we are getting used to them now. Tonight I am running in my fourth RR10 race which will be 5 miles.

26/06/2013 at 10:42

Morning all from here in gunk city!

Mike has now joined in the gunkiness with streaming nose and watering eyes - we're blaming grass pollen.  Although I'm gunky I feel up for a xc plod up to Great Dixter and back so will be out after lunch.

TE, thanks for worrying but I think it's important to try and keep my lungs functioning as best I can, despite being gunky.  I'm doing lots of breathing exercises and working on opening up my ribcage with massage too.  Anything's worth a try   I keep getting emails about the IOW marathon and it does look lovely........

JJ, wish I could have seen the garden.

IW, work on the premise that things can only get better 

Columba, well done you for completing that as it sounded tough (bur defo my favourite sort of run).

26/06/2013 at 13:55

Red, glad to hear that you are doing everything possible to keep your lungs functioning. I have now decided not to do the IoW Marathon, which is on a brand new route from East Cowes, instead of from Ryde, and instead am looking at the Clarendon Half Marathon which is on the same day, and 90% off road. I'm doing so many races this year, that I decided 3 toughie marathons close together was rather unwise at my age. I'm still doing the Pompey Coastal Marathon in December, so two this year is more than enough. I'm still keen to improve my shorter race times, and believe that too high a mileage for continuing marathon training would have an adverse effect.

I'm looking forward to my 4th RR10 race this evening at Manor Farm, Country Park, which is 5 miles.

26/06/2013 at 20:27

Hope you had a good run Terry 

My xc run was acceptable.  I didn't push hard and there was only 1 hill so it was quite and easy route really.  5.62 miles without too many problems.

However, when I got home MIke was really suffering with streaming eyes and nose and feeling very heady (we think it's the grass pollen that affects him most and boy is it in full bloom at the moment!).  

Then I went and pottered in the garden and I was cutting back some alchemilla mollis (frothy green flowers) and for the first time ever I had a bad reaction to its pollen - my throat closed right up and my mouth dried up and felt as if it was going to crack.  Now I've been a keen gardener all my life and have never had a reaction like that before!

Later on I trotted off into the fields to collect heads of elderflowers to make cordial and when I cut them a massive cloud of pollen came off and I was covered in it - no reaction at all.  

Why do we suddenly develop allergies as we get older?  Any ideas oh wise peeps?

26/06/2013 at 21:34

Alchemilla mollis - Lady's Mantle - pretty but invasive - and seeds itself everywhere. Are you sure you really want it? I've dug up a lot of mine, and am forever pulling up its seedlings.

Odd about the allergies. I had none until the year I turned 33, then suddenly developed hayfever and had it for about the next 30 years, every summer, co-inciding exactly with the timothy-grass season. And then it just quietly went away, or almost away; still get slightly sneezy in response to grass pollen.

Elderflower cordial - yes please!

TE - SDM??? - I Don't Do Marathons, still less that sort of marathon!

Did you survive the rest of the day, BIW?

26/06/2013 at 21:56

I was wondering whether your breathing has been an allergic reaction. I was out with the doodle this morning and she was walking through grass in front of me. I could see the clouds of grass pollen rising up and within minutes I was sneezing like a stuck pig (I like mixed metaphors). 

I had hayfever in June until my early thirties then it went away until a couple of years ago. Given that mine lasts only  a short time it must be caused by something very specific.

Kenyan Hills are good!

27/06/2013 at 15:48

Have been swimming. This will have been my last lesson until some time in September, - there is one next week but I shall be in London.

27/06/2013 at 17:18

Red, thanks, the race went well, but it was very tough, finishing up a very steep hill, with a sharp left turn to the finish. The course was very cramped in the early stages, and it was difficult to pass. In the last mile were a series of wooden steps, spaced widely apart, necessitating a couple of strides between each. This was hard, some being downhill and some up. It made legs that were already screaming, burn even more with the upward and downward reaching for the next step and trying not to fall. I lost two places at the finish, having just overtaken one club member at the bottom of the last hill, and then running straight on at the top, instead of turning left to the finish. The marshals' shouted "left, left," so whilst I made my embarrassing turn I was overtaken. This proves how important it is to have some prior knowledge of race routes.

There were several fallers, especially in one area where we went from bright sunshine, into near darkness between overhanging trees ,and over tree roots that were difficult to see. The race distance, according to my Garmin was 4.80 miles and my time was 39.30.  

Ran a good pace 6 miles in the forest this morning, working hard on the hills. I will take Friday and Saturday as rest days, in readiness for Sundays 10k road race, where I am hoping for a fast time, on their "super fast new course." 

Edited: 27/06/2013 at 17:21
27/06/2013 at 19:30

For the first time I have a mole in my back garden that this week is systematically tunnelling it's way round a flower bed full of annuals and pushing every third plant out of the ground. Luckily for him/her I am a mole fan.

We have christened him/her "Prune" as in black coated worker.

A couple of days rest should leave you nicely recovered for a fast run. Good luck.

I can understand how the steps would have taken you over lactate threshold and left you with not much in reserve.

27/06/2013 at 21:22

JJ, thanks. The steps really did take it out of us, and then having to run up that final hill left nothing in the tank. I have looked through the hundreds of photos that were taken during the race, and without exception, everyone looked absolutely exhausted. It was a real test of stamina and endurance, despite being relatively short in distance.

I forgot to mention that there were 3 polar bears wandering around the course. What their purpose was, nobody seems to know. There was chocolate cake at the finish which went down very well with tired, hot and hungry runners

27/06/2013 at 22:31

JJ - have you seen Prune at all, or only his/her effects?

TE, that sounds like a brutal course. We have some of those very wide wooden steps locally; running up them is bad, coming down them is sheer hell. 

28/06/2013 at 09:36

Columba, yes it was brutal and perhaps the toughest so far in the 10 race programme. I think coming down the steps was worse, as they were on very steep downhills and there was the threat of falling flat on ones face. There were 336 runners, which was a very big turn out for an off road race which was full of twists and turns, ups and downs, and many trip hazards. It was, however, still an enjoyable race, which challenged us to the limits.

28/06/2013 at 16:06

I see the site's gone awry again.

Struggled all through my run today.  Thought it would be OK as I was running in the rain but no, Darth Vader was with me and each hill was a nightmare. 5.6 very uncomfortable miles.

Columba, I love Alchemilla.  Those gorgeous frothy flowers!  If you don't want it to seed around just chop it back when the flowers start to go over and then it puts on a fresh flush of leaves and looks wonderful all through summer.  I wouldn't be without it as it just softens everything 

28/06/2013 at 16:12

I had to enter another of those catcha words when I logged in. I suppose it is an attempt to stop the spam which is beginning to appear again.

28/06/2013 at 16:24

My bookmarks have vanished again. I don't know what is going wrong with RW but the way it is going, they are going to lose a lot of posters to Facebook and the like.

28/06/2013 at 20:56

Still having to log in. I suspect another RW glitch.

We have only the mole hills. (S)he moved to another flower bed last  night.

28/06/2013 at 22:08

Site seems to be behaving itself for me. Though I still have "Path: p" at the bottom of where I am typing. 

Red - bad about the continued gunkiness, especially as it now seems to be both of you. You don't have any medication specifically for that, e.g. a nasal spray?

I always try to cut back the alchemilla as soon as the flowers are over, in the hopes of preventing seeding, but I suppose I must miss a few as seedlings pop up all over the place. 

Hill reps today; - 10 x 60 seconds, jogging back down between, and takeing a 2-minute rest break after every 3rd rep. Amazing how long 60 seconds seems when you're trying to run fast uphill.

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