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02/09/2013 at 20:28

Terry dear, I think you've cut off the forest! 

Looks chalky.  Is it?

02/09/2013 at 21:14

Red, no I haven't cut anything out. That picture is exactly as I took it. I photographed the hill from the bottom so you can't see anything past the top. Yes the white tracks are chalky, but there is grass and earth either side. There are lots of pot holes and "steps," so it is very tough running up. I have never dared to run down it, as I'm not that confident running down rugged hills. I always run down the opposite side which is steeper, but not so rough underfoot. It is, actually, much steeper than it looks.

Edited: 02/09/2013 at 21:17
02/09/2013 at 21:52


 A better forest picture.

Edited: 02/09/2013 at 21:54
03/09/2013 at 06:47

Well, that proves it......You are never too old to follow your dreams.

03/09/2013 at 07:22

Morning all,

Ooooooh, Matsmum's being all enigmatic!  Come on then wattcha up to?

TE glad to see some ponies now.  It isn't the NF without them.  I don't like running down chalky/flinty paths either and I've stumbled running down them many a time in marathons on the SDowns.

Intervalsont he treddy for me soon 

03/09/2013 at 07:22

Morning all,

Ooooooh, Matsmum's being all enigmatic!  Come on then wattcha up to?

TE glad to see some ponies now.  It isn't the NF without them.  I don't like running down chalky/flinty paths either and I've stumbled running down them many a time in marathons on the SDowns.

Intervalsont he treddy for me soon 

03/09/2013 at 14:41

Red, your last two posts have been posted twice. Seems like the gremlins are at work again

We have a hill session in the forest this evening. The last time we did the session, it was cut short because of the heat. Today is also very hot, so the same thing may happen again.

03/09/2013 at 15:35

Red - I'm glad I am not the only one given to repeating myself!  ( Or should that be 'oneself'?  Come to think of it I am probably better at pedantry than I am at grammar.

I was referring to the amazing 64 year old lady who swam the 110 miles from Florida to Cuba, succeeding at the 5th attempt over 30 years. And there were sharks. Maybe that's what I need - I am pretty sure I would be able to do a length if there weresharks snapping at my heels.

Nice photos TE, although they are deceiving.  I tried taking a photo from the top of our mountain across to the Statue on the next mountain but it made the run look completely flat!

Proud of Denzel in doggy training today.

First training run at 5pm. 4 miles.


03/09/2013 at 15:41

TE - lovely picture. Tried to enlarge it to get a better look at the ponies, but it wouldn't.

Hot here too, I hadn't realised quite how hot. Went out for a LSR about 11.00 a.m., which meant I was running through the heat of the day. Stopped twice, - once just to recover in a patch of deep shade, the other time to refill my water-bottle at the chalybeate spring in the Rock Park. The iron in the chalybeate strengthened me for the final 2 miles (it was only 8.19 miles altogether!)

03/09/2013 at 17:01

Matsmum, pictures are deceiving. The one of the hill looks quite gentle, but near the top is nearly vertical. It is often quicker walking up it than trying to run it.

Columba, I've got another pic. of ponies, if you would like me to post it. I tried to enlarge the pictures also, but they wouldn't. I thought it was just mine, but Red's picture wouldn't enlarge either.

It's going to be really hard going in the heat, for this evenings hill session. It will get hotter, however, as it is forecast 28 or 29 degrees for Thursday.  

03/09/2013 at 19:57

4 miles done, 43.36. The first mile always takes me 12 and a half minutes.  Maybe I should do that mile before i start the training schedule bit.

2 miles were xc to Matthew's memory place. I had to pause the garmin there because a young friend of Matthew's was close by. He has kind of lost his way, like many young men today, but he was inspired to see me and asked whether he could train with me. It would be great if he follows through with it. We shall see.

Kettles yesterday was about learning about technique and not about a workout.  JJ is absolutely right - if you do kettles you have to have a trainer.  Victoria is excellent, newly trained and inspiring to watch. Yoga was brilliant too.  Ofcourse I was rubbish because I have only attempted a couple of things on youtube, but I have to say I had the best night's sleep I have had for ages. I think it will really help me.

I also went to the podiatrist, but I will bore you with that another day! I had better shut up.

Have a good evening, everyone.

03/09/2013 at 20:55

Evening all,

It has been way too hot today.  My interval session was cut short as my right leg is behaving strangely and feels decidedly odd.  It's the one with the lumpy knee and I can feel tightness in the ITB and on the inside of the knee coupled with a bit of tightness on the adductor (they aren't as strong as they used to be when I was horse riding).  Mary Massage Lady had a poke around in there last week so it could just be the residual affect of her prodding.

After that I was assisting Mike as he did some tree surgery and he's pulled something in his back again.  What a pair of old crocks!

Sorry for repeating myself - I thinkg there are still gremlins around as when I come into the thread I am taken to a page from 2004.  Stupid website.

Matsmum, aha, I heard about her on the radio.  Excellent achievement and so determined.  Hope Matt's friend does trot along with you as I'm sure you'll help him.  I think I need to get into yoga as I'm having trouble sleeping at the moment which is most unlike me.

TE, I bet you were jolly hot this evening!

03/09/2013 at 21:00

Bonsoir tous.

Ran yesterday off road. Added 2 x 50m strides which felt quite good. Stiff legs again today.
Sweaty day today including cutting yew hedges.

Walk briskly for the first 200m, jog about 400m, do a few gentle leg stretches. You are now loose enough to run normally for the first mile.

Lovely picture. As seen in calendars.

Wet chalk is not good for running downhill. Anything else and I can catch/overtake a lot of folks.

Edited: 03/09/2013 at 21:01
03/09/2013 at 22:06

Red, yes it was really hot this evening, and when we got back to base to do our recovery stretches, the sweat was dripping off my cap as I was leaning on the railings and making a pool on the ground. Rather than reducing the session, it was increased from 3 to 4 sets. Each set comprised 6 minutes running up and down 3 hills continuously at a steady pace. We had approximately 2 minutes recovery between each set. We did drills before the hills, and afterwards, were given the choice of doing core work, or calling it a day. Most of us agreed we would do it, and the others jogged back.

JJ, I'm not very confident these days running downhill off road. I am much stronger running uphill, and usually overtake those that overtook me downhill.

Matsmum, take care with the kettle! I don't think I'll get one. The core work I'm doing together with higher mileage, and structured training is more than enough for me.

04/09/2013 at 06:25

Morning all! Weathermen confidently predicting 10 hours of sunshine today and temps back up to 30c tomorrow. Who says autumn's coming?

Getting a new tattoo tonight. Been thinking about it for some while but now with all the local pools shut for annual maintenance is about the only time of the year I can go to the studio as I can't be out of the water for 2 whole weeks during the season.

04/09/2013 at 08:23

Morning all,

Haven't been out for my run yet as I'm expecting a call - 'twas supposed to be at 7:30am but was moved bcak an hour.  Grrrr 

IW, are going for the Cheryl Cole look then?   What motif are you having and where are you having it?

TE, my goodness that sounded tough.  If I'd done a session like that in the evening I wouldn't have got to sleep for ages which is another reason I woudn't join a running club nowadays.

JJ, glad to hear you had another bimble 

04/09/2013 at 09:27

Red, it was very tough, but it is only as tough as we want to make it. The Coaches aren't slave drivers, and don't push anyone too hard, that aren't up to it. They do, however, shout out encouragement on the uphill's, to make it more competitive.

BIW, hope your tattoo turns out ok. Presume it will be somewhere where it is visible when you are swimming.

Already very hot this morning, forecast hotter tomorrow, but a 10 degree drop on Friday with heavy rain. Off soon for a recovery run in the sunshine.

04/09/2013 at 09:43

BIW - a new tattoo? How many have you already got?

Red - I am now getting notifications re the thread, but during the weeks they were missing I too was taken to some page way back in the mists of time when I tried to come into the thread.  Did Mary Massage Lady have any suggestions to make based on her poking around?

Coolish and rainy here this morning but I'm off to Lunnon tomorrow and it looks as though I'll have to dress for the tropics.

04/09/2013 at 12:37

Columba, I think today and tomorrow are the last hot days then the rain's coming!  Mary was poking around 'cso I asked her to have a go at my ITB and aroudn the meniscus (sp) area.  She sadi the bursa will just disappear of its own accord when it's ready to go.

Better run today.  Just 5.5 miles at a gentle pace between 10 and 10.5mm.  Leg feels much better thank goodness.

04/09/2013 at 13:06

Ran 3.5 miles early this morning. Off road again with the doodle. Far too hot.

I don't bimble, I shamble.

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