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29/04/2014 at 08:50

Morning all,

Very foggy here still. I couldn't find the horses when I went out at 5:30am! Off for my run soon. A nice hilly 5.5 mile route should hit the spot 

Columba, I'd forgotten those cartoons. Thanks for linking to them 

IW, boo to the teleconference and healing vibes to John's poor foot xxx

29/04/2014 at 17:06

May I suggest TE provides Red with his postal address and Red knits / crochets some dangly bits for the hat and sends them to him? - We shall want photos, of course.

Off out shortly with the running club. This week we are gathering outside "my" village hall, so I've only got to trot round the corner instead of going into town.

29/04/2014 at 17:53

Columba: Always good to benefit from home and away from time to time

This afternoon I raised my head, sniffed the air, and my whiskers quivered. I put my gear on and ran a 10 miler. I was listening to my scary Wagner playlist and almost in response was assailed by bloodsucking winged and horned beasts, almost like Valkerie, flying out of every hedge. It's definitely insect time! 

TE: Cor! Increasing the pace. Red will have you looking like Bob Marley with that hat.

29/04/2014 at 21:36

Hi everyone,

Sorry I've not been around much. Work are having a bit of a 'thing' at the moment about surfing the net so its difficult to make time get onto RW so regularly. Will skim through recent posts and try and catch up ..

Redhead - I'll carry on with my sauna sessions despite the 'dangers'. I seem to be able to lose toenails without going to the bother of stubbing my toes first. See you got up at silly-o-clock for a run and got wet And you've just passed 700 mile mark?

DianaD - see you've been playing in the mud on recent runs - great pic BTW

JJ - I've been in IT for years as a programmer, systems programmer and now support .. couldn't agree more with you and Redhead about lack of analysis.

BIW - some good training going on there. Have to say, I'm really enjoying the BBC coverage of the triathlon.

TE - running out of time tonight. Will try and look up those photos another time. I NEED to see this hat!! Well done re that 11 miler.  

Exhausted - I didn't run for three months but that didn't stop me posting on RW!

NB: Apologies to anyone/anything I missed but should be in bed by now (up at 5am tomorrow).

Just ending by saying I did a 4ml treadmill run on Saturday (avg pace was 10:32) and have done a 3ml treadmill run tonight in 31.12 (avg pace was 10.24 and splits were 10.50 10.22 10.00). So speed (my relative speed!) is coming back nicely.

C2C update - was out walking again on Sunday. Wore my new Brasher boots outside for the first time. Mrs Wm joined me for the first 4 miles then headed home. I carried on looping around Cirencester park and managed 12 miles in total in 4h 39m. No problems with the new boots .. just my feet and legs were a bit achey afterwards! Oh, and lots of bluebells, wood anemones, wild garlic and violets to see.

30/04/2014 at 10:41

Exhausted - 10 miles - that's funny, didn't you say you were giving up?

WtnMel - the same wild flowers are out here in force, as well.

Nearly 8 miles off-road (or mainly off-road) done with the club last night. Shall be taking things easy today!

30/04/2014 at 11:40

Columba - that's exactly what I thought!

30/04/2014 at 12:14

Afternoon all,

Lol at Exhausted's non-runningness 

Nice running Columba.

WtnMel, that was a good walk. The wild flowers are so pretty in the hedgerows and the scent of the bluebells, in the early morning when the ground is still damp, is sublime.

xc run for me in the fog earlier. Rather ethereal and pleasant. Ended this month on 141 miles - last month was 206. I've had my sensible head on in-between my marathons and just kept my mileage low 

Edited: 30/04/2014 at 12:18
30/04/2014 at 16:46

Just lost a post, and may not have the energy to try & recreate it!

Nice photos TE, with plenty of familiar faces. Daughter's friend had har reception there, and it is a nice venue.

Also smiled at Exhausted's 'non-running'. 'Low mileage' from Red was amusing too.

We sometimes meet for running club just up the road from my house, and I like that too, Columba. Have a great time in London.

Good distance for your walk WtnMel.

parkrun is free, but you have to register in advance. Look at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/register/ It is an amazing movement, with more and more runs starting, both in the UK and abroad.

30/04/2014 at 16:46

Exhausted, very pleased that you ran 10 miles. I didn't think you would be able to resist putting on your trainers again.

WtnMel, 12 miles walking in new boots is impressive. I'm not much of a walker, I'm afraid, I like to do my session in as short a time as possible.

Red, I've run 157 miles this month, but my total so far this year is only 637, which is way behind yours. If you are serious about knitting/crocheting something for the "Navigator's Hat," I will send you my address via the RW messaging service, which I presume is private. I will, of course, pay for the wool and postage. If this goes ahead, I will take a photo and post it on here.

Last nights club session was circuit training, all on grass. This was at the Gang Warily sports and leisure centre. There were 5 "work stations," positioned about 60 seconds running apart, each having 3 different apparatuses . We were split into groups of 4 and each started at a different station. We did 30 seconds on each  apparatus, then ran at good pace to the next station etc. We were then split into pairs of equal abilities, and did 4 sprints of approximately 50 metres on tarmac trying to finish ahead of our partner. This was continuous with each pair starting as the previous pair finished. We finally finished off with a series of stretches, and ended up in the bar. Well, some of us did. I forgot to mention that the grass was badly waterlogged, and we could have done with wearing wellies for the running in between work stations. The wet did, however, clean any mud of the trainers, which reminds me, I haven't yet stuffed them with newspaper.

I ran 6 miles this morning on road, and didn't appear to have suffered from the previous evening session.

30/04/2014 at 19:07

Weeeelll. I know. What I really meant was events. I hate 'em. Expos and portaloos and getting there and hanging around in the freezing cold. I'd just rather go for a run when the mood takes me a few times a week, or not at all if I don't feel like it. Everyone tells me I won't be able to do it unless I have the target of an event, and maybe I'll find out the hard way that they're right.

Insect bites all over me at the moment. Scratch, scratch. Does anyone else suffer from these?

Thanks, Diana on Park Runs. 

WtnMel. It's always difficult breaking in a pair of shoes. Rubbing on ankle bones always seems to be a problem. 

All the news is grim at the moment and the injustices and death tolls are disturbing, Syria, Nigeria, Congo and Sudan.. but there's something about a teacher being killed in her classroom a few months before she retires. Somewhere where you think you're safe and you're respected. Terrible


30/04/2014 at 20:05

Agreed, Exhausted, doesn't seem fair does it?

John biked home from work yesterday but says his foot is sore again - I'm not surprised, it's still got a bunch of open blisters.

I shall run tomorrow, it's the May Day holiday and I've taken Friday off too so a nice long weekend.

Last night at club Charlie continued to surprise me with his rapid progress - he is now chasing the "bad guy" into the hide, sitting in front and barking until he gets the arm, and he lets go of it on command. Brilliant!

30/04/2014 at 20:06

Just realised, we only have two weeks until our first triathlon race of the year! Better get out on my bike.

Edited: 30/04/2014 at 20:08
30/04/2014 at 21:13

Exhausted - You're not the only one with insect bites. I have two on my back. Think I got them while gardening rather than running.

BIW - are blister plasters any good for John, or are those blisters too close together / too big to be suitable for plasters?

I agree about the Events, Exhausted; the getting there, the queuing for loos, the waiting (packed into a crowd, and likely getting rained on), and the general nerves and anxiety levels, don't like any of that. Wonderful when it's over, though. I only do about 3 each year, helped by the fact that there aren't many near home. Why do I even do three? - It's that argument about Having a Target.

30/04/2014 at 21:51

'lo all
Garden open this afternoon for local viewing. Nice steady stream of visitors so enough time to greet people and  chat.

T.Wells parkrun is in Dunorlan Park. It's a two lap run.

Don't get carried away about knitting dangly bits for TE. Check the spec with him first.

Nothing wrong with running just to keep fit but most folks quite like testing their progress with a bit of competition. I've never felt anything other than keen anticipation for any sort of sporting event.

Definitely a fine hat. It will be valuable on winter runs.

01/05/2014 at 07:47

Morning all,

Oh my goodness the rain is with us - but I'm not complaining 'cos it will water in all the plants I moved around yesterday so thank you! I did a treddy run earlier as we're off out to the kino this morning to see Calvary.

TE, I'd be delighted to make something for your hat but there's no need to pay for anything as I always have lots of spare yarn lying around. When do I need to have it completed?

JJ, Lol  you naughty boy!

Exhausted, oh yes, I get bitten by everything these days. I never used t be bothered by midges etc but since the menopause they seem to make a beeline for me (although not the bees!).

Columba, hope you have a great time in London.


01/05/2014 at 08:12

Hi everyone

Exhausted - well done re 'non-running' 10 miler I don't suffer from too many insect bites. But if a horse-fly gets me I get a very bad reaction and a huge swelling on my arm/leg. These new boots have some sort of memory foam uppers so rubbing on ankles doesn't seem to be a problem. Agree about recent spate of news ..

Coumba - hope you took things easy after 8ml off-roader and legs have recovered.

Redhead - I'm very lucky to have Cirencester Park on my doorstep - miles of grass/woodland for me to walk in. Smiled at 'only' 141mls in April

DianaD - I've lost so many posts in the past I always do them in Notepad now and copy & paste into RW.

Terence - I love walking but yes, it's the time it all takes compared to running. Just until July though and after C2C walk has been done I can cut back on walking and concentrate on running. Want to train for a HM in the autumn. Circuit training sounds good fun (and good for you). Even the visit to bar afterwards to restore spent calories

BIW - well done to Charlie with recent progress.

JohnnyJ - obviously the schoolboy in me but had a chuckle about dangly bits for TE

Will be running again after work today - will try and do another 4mls on treadmill. Will be in Malvern this weekend - will be walking them thar hills and new walking boots will get another test. Going to try and do 12 (hilly) miles.

01/05/2014 at 09:24

Morning all,

We all seem to suffer with insect bites at the running club, even those that apply insect repellent. There aren't too many about, at present, but I've got a bite below my right knee from over a week ago, and it still hasn't disappeared.

Red, I won't have to hand over the Navigator's Hat until the same time next year, so there is loads of time before you need to start. If you let me know when you intend to start, I'll send you my details. In the meantime, I will take a couple of close up pics. of the hat and post them on here. The hat's got a long history, and it is quite an honour to have been awarded it.

JJ, unfortunately I won't be able to run wearing the hat as it is much too big. It started life as "a hard hat" and obviously was worn by someone with a much bigger head. It's also heavy and the dangly bits would fall off if I ran with it.

I think most runners dread the preliminaries before races. Finding the venue, parking, collecting chip and pinning on numbers, queuing for loos etc.  Having said that, however, I still find the lure of racing is my motivation for hard training. I'm not yet ready to retire to the occasional leisurely jog.

WtnMel, circuit training is good for you, but shouldn't be "good fun" if done properly. It really does work on core strength, as most runners are weaker in their upper bodies. It is challenging, as you can aim to improve your reps such as increasing your chin ups from 5 to 10. The strength gained in you arms will be important in increasing your running pace, as the faster you can swing your arms, the faster your legs will go. We have a saying at the club "pocket to socket."

Tonight is a Kenyan Hill Session with the club, in the forest.


01/05/2014 at 11:29

TE, I agree about race preliminaries, I would add also "attacks of the nerves". As said before, I haven't done a pure running race for a long time, I would say maybe 5 years. I did run a 15km with Nemo about 3 years ago but that was a fund raiser and all those with dogs had individual starts. We started first and were later overtaken by a man runing with a husky and another with a labrador - Nemo wasn't in the least bothered by them going past, obviously he doesn't have much of a competitive instinct. Unlike our previous dog Oz who was so fiercely competitive that John found himself at the front of a 10km road race with the leaders running under 4min kms! Much too fast.

I've no plans on ever giving up triathlons though.

01/05/2014 at 14:20

BIW, I believe it is nerves that makes up want to spend a last minute penny before events. We don't really need to go, but feel the need. Very amused at John leading a 10k road race at sub 4min kms pace. Good that you've no intentions of giving up triathlons.

I'm now attempting to upload a picture of the Navigator's Hat. I tried to take another from a different angle, but I think the batteries are low, because the screen kept showing "flash charging" but it didn't seem to, so will put back on charge and try again some other time.


It's picked up the wrong picture. I'm not very good at this.

I failed as the picture was too large. I'll try to reduce it.




Edited: 01/05/2014 at 14:22
01/05/2014 at 15:06

Sorry, I've had to give up. Pictures must be less than 250kb and I can't reduce it to less. I've tried the resize button but it won't make it any smaller. Anyone got any ideas please? 

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