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Whatever happened to Aidan hewison?

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01/09/2005 at 21:15
October's RW has a fascinating article "Rest Practice" on page 76.

It tells us that poor old Aidan trained harder and harder and harder until his marathon time had slowed from 3:23 to 3:47.

He then sought advice and was told that he not getting adequate recovery.

What happened then? Did he take the advice, did he give up running, did he run faster or slower, train harder or further, or what.

The last we hear is that he received the advice in 2003. Two years have elapsed but all we get is the opinions of Dr Patrick Milroy and Dr Leslie Bonci and a few details of Paula's recovery regime which is not really possible for the average RW reader to put into practice.

What I want to know is "What happened to Aidan?"


01/09/2005 at 22:13

01/09/2005 at 22:19
Said the gymnast to the priest!
01/09/2005 at 22:30
Thanks guys, but


01/09/2005 at 22:39
Aiden is currently suspended in a torpid state of rest at a Cryogenics faciltiy in california.
01/09/2005 at 23:03
Thanks pizza man. Why couldn't they have mentioned that in the article? Is he fasting, and does fasting make you faster?

I guess the cryogenics is even better than the ice-bath as an aid to recovery.

04/09/2005 at 22:03
Still no news of Aidan??

04/09/2005 at 22:17
He walked into a bar...



I'll get me coat on the way out...
04/09/2005 at 22:55
Thanks Trenches

I've found an Aidan Hewison who came 139 in the total fitness ballbuster but the results don't say which year and anyway it isn't a marathon.


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