What's your motivation? Why do YOU run?

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20/11/2011 at 19:44

Just being nosy really ... Why do you run?

I lost about 5 stone a few years ago and found that running seems to be the best way to keep it off! Plus I seem to have become addicted to the whole running thing ... nothing beats that runners high!

20/11/2011 at 19:52

me too!

i started as a way to loose weight n keep it off

now..... i'm addicted! 

20/11/2011 at 21:10
Forgot to mention ... And chasing that elusive PB!
20/11/2011 at 21:18
Same as you - started to help lose 6 stone, but now I run because I love it (addicted is a good word!)
20/11/2011 at 21:46
I feel rubbish and suggish if I don't manage to get out running. I've been running on and off since I was 11 so can't imaging life without running now!
20/11/2011 at 22:24

I run to beat cancer........if I ever need to.

I lost both my parents to cancer at young ages, so I run to be fit enough to help fight off cancer if I should ever get it.  Of course, I hope to hell I don't.........but you never know    The upside is that I love running and it means I can eat cakes 

20/11/2011 at 23:00

I've a high energy dog who I take dryland mushing about twice a week.  To help him get fit, as well as burn off some excess energy I thought I'd give canicross with him a try.  (I wear a belt around my waist, he wears a harness and is attached to my belt via a bungee line to reduce any shocks to us both through his pulling.)

 Added bonus is that it's helping me get much fitter than I was and I'm becoming addicted to the runners' high as well.

20/11/2011 at 23:23

I run because I can.

I nearly died in 2005. I got to the point where I couldn't walk more than a mile, I stopped eating. I stopped caring. I choked on a chip and had to go to A&E before I turned blue and died.

Then I got better, (ok - after a lot of intervention) I found that I could run and I ran and I ran and I ran.

That's why I run - because I can.

20/11/2011 at 23:53
Sheesh, tough post to follow.

I run to give my brain a break from everything else.

I also really, really like having an excuse to tell people how far I can run.
20/11/2011 at 23:59
I've forgotten.
21/11/2011 at 00:24
I run because, as I found out last year, if I dont I feel like shite and get fat which really doesn't suit me. Hardly recognise myself when I get like that. Cannot stand feeling bloated and I have to take care with my mental health.
21/11/2011 at 05:47

Running is my sport. Many years ago ran towin on the track and  try to beat school records.

Now run to enjoy it and get weight down

21/11/2011 at 07:47

Keep weight off

Mid-life crisis (reason I ran a Marathon and want to do an Ironman in the future)

Wife is a Runner

Son ..(although he is only two want to set a good example)

Father in Law ex elite runner 

Solitude (bit of a loner really)

Cheap..ish (trainers,races,gear all exceptions)

Bragging rights 

Listen to Naff music when running (John Farnham the voice anyone ?? or Chariots of Fire)

And lots of others ....

21/11/2011 at 08:14
Was fat, seemed like something fit people do.

Now I've lost the weight, it's about enjoyment and competition. And speed.
21/11/2011 at 08:36
I spent a long time trying to find something that would get me fit. I was a couple of stone overweight at the beginning of the year. Now I run for the love of it, dropped 2 stone, and being fitter than I ever have been (I'm 42) is an added benefit.

I'm entering more and more races -- my first marathon next May, and another in July. And I'm inspired by tales of endurance and pushing against limits. I dream of running an Ultra one day. And I'll do it.
21/11/2011 at 16:25

Running was one of the few things I was good at when at school, so I carried on running!

I love the space; freedom; fresh air and keeping fit.

More recently though - running is the one thing that makes me eat. A few years ago I was really ill with an ED, spent time in hospital etc and am still struggling with it, but I do accept that if I run I have to eat!

Next year I'm 50 and want to run a marathon again to celebrate being 50!

21/11/2011 at 17:11
I run because the high it gives me soothes away all of life's issues.
22/11/2011 at 12:55

I have a very stressful job - without running and exercise I would probably have ended up in a psychiatric ward by now with a mental breakdown. Running helps me focus on the here and now, live in the present moment rather than brooding over problems.

I also enjoy being outside, I love scenic runs so with running I can combine my love for nature and my love for exercise.

22/11/2011 at 13:23
To get away from the real world.
22/11/2011 at 14:00

Began running to lose weight as I hated the gym.

Decided to run the Race for Life and realised I completely loved it.

I've met so many fantastic friends through my running club

Love having toned calfs and managing my weight.  And just being outdoors and sorting my head out.

Ran for a few years to chase PBs and keep fit.  Then found out I had cancer.  And my running meant that I recovered much much quicker from the surgery and treatment and now I run because I can and to remind myself I'm lucky to be alive.  And still because I love being outdoors and it sorts my head out.

Keep running  

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