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30/08/2007 at 07:23
74 consecutive days of running - that's impressive Swittle
30/08/2007 at 07:58

Morning all. I am amazed at te distances you all knock up. Great and truly inspiring! Anyway for me today.

30/08/07 - 7.7m 1:30:33 c 895 AHR 151 MHR 212
What is it about me or my body? I woke up this morning and felt a tad rough but nevertheless I ventured out of my door just before 6am this morning. The street lamps were beginning to turn off one by one and the sky was a light to mid blue. Shouldn't I be in bed? After 100 or so yards, not a chance. I ran again like Tuesday last. Like a spring lamb as I bounded on my high arches through the circus, Ickenham, Uxbridge and to home through the Village. I said hello to as many people as i could and the solitary Jog Watched joined me in a hi-5, what a day! It is great to be alive and what with my new extra half mile on the green my zest for extending myself is re-born. No knee trouble at all today. truly a great Thursday!
Jog Watch - 1

30/08/2007 at 09:31
Thanks, "B".  I'm not sure about the wisdom of it, however! 
30/08/2007 at 09:42

Morning all, Yesterday, busy day, went into work early on, to find not much to do so took an early mark called in at the Gym and did an hour and a half, 3 easy kilometers on the treaddie as i had been out previous two days. Had my Boxercise class in the evening, very hard it was, came out decided to do an easy couple of kilometers back down the hill towards home taking a little detour along the canal, very peaceful, feeling it this morning though, putting off my 10k's till tomorrow me thinks, rest day.

30/08/2007 at 15:06

Hello All  More good work from everyone!

Thursday 30/08/07 – 1:11pm – easy run  - Shropshire Union Canal.

4 miles – 26:29.28 – 6:37min/mile ave. – 80 ft asc.– Nike Vaporfly.

Jog Watch 0

Easy run along the canal today.  Wind was against me on the way back but it enforced good form and efficiency, not a lot else to say about today’s run.

I wish I could write more interesting and descriptive posts.

Happy enough.


30/08/2007 at 20:35

5.5 easy miles along Eastbourne seafront 57.55 mins

Unusually for me I went for a run along the seafront in the late evening. The tide was out and I could smell the seaweed on the rocks - a great time to go rockpooling , but no time for that! It was one of those summer evenings where the air feels soft and warm, but the swirling clouds of starlings over the pier reminded me that we are nearing the end of summer  Lots of other people out taking the air, walkers, skaters, and concert goers - off to see the band that I passed waiting outside the bandstand ready to go on. Mostly a flat run with just a cheeky little slope back up to the upper prom at the end. Five miles is just a short run now when not long ago it was my long run - and that feels great

Jogwatch: 5

31/08/2007 at 00:16
This is a great thread! No lack of description or evaluative comments. I try to imagine doing your routes myself. Just imagine if they were all collected and sorted by county - we'd discover places we never imagined existed.

For me, one of the stock 5 milers through Waterloo and Crosby with my friend who's just returned from Rhodes. Slight temperature difference was noted On the slow side, as we'd some catching up to do, and talked the whole 40 minutes.
31/08/2007 at 00:24

I love this thread!

I've really enjoyed my running this week - it has been easier than in all the heat and sun last week - not that I'm knocking good weather!

I don't get on line very often as I have to fight my teenagers for internet access, so I'll summarise the week so far.

Monday. Clunbury Hill Race. 5.9 km, and hilly (suprise!) This is a great race at a local show (The Purslow Show). The sixth time I run it and my second fastest time - 27:21. I finished 7th - which is my best position. Forgot my off roaders, so ran in lightweight road shoes - maybe a recipe for success.

No run on Tuesday (Monday is usually my rest day)

Wednesday 29th. 8km, mostly on road. 39:42. Jogwatch 0. An enjoyable steady run on one of my regular undulating routes. It is much easier now the fields have been combined. Have you noticed what a good year it has been for buzzards? I saw six on the run! (and a mad sheepdog who ran out and demanded to be stroked before she would let me past).

Thursday 30th. 26km. 2hrs 47min. Jogwatch 0. Ramblerwatch 5.

I would recommend this route to anyone. Just over half off road. I had run several bits of the route before, but never all together, and some stretches were new to me and require map reading. This was a circular route in the South Shropshire Hills, taking in three peaks: Titterstone Clee: 533m, and the two Brown Clee "peaks": Clee Burf : 520m and Abdon Burf : 540m.

A much cooler, grey day, not bad for running. As I reached the moorland on Brown Clee the wind picked up and it started to rain - I was glad of the gilet I was carrying in the bumbag. The cloud level fell and by the time I reached Abdon Burf there was no sign of the great view I had anticipated, so I grabbed a drink and jaffa cake and headed on across the common. I got a little lost but worked it out from the map without resorting to the compass. The route dropped a couple of hundred metres gradually, and looked easy on the map. Typically, the sun came out, so I was sweating buckets by the time I had finished the last 8 or 9 km, which was all on road. Tiring, but satisfying.

I shall definitely be doing this one again!

31/08/2007 at 06:56

I'm glad you like this thread, just let everyone know how good it feels to run.

31/08/07 - 4.3m 382 c 448 AHR 147 MHR 216
Back to beginnings this morning with the original route, I decided to taper down today ready for the 5 mile race on Sunday. I am presently feeling like running every day, something i have never tried. Four days consecutively is my best. I plan another small run tomorrow just to keep going then race the following day. After that who knows? Today was just a steady run, I am disappointed that my time was 38+ but what the hell, more running. I have managed to rack up a few miles this month, 120 in all, very happy with that.

 Jog Watch - 3 

31/08/2007 at 13:22

Superb run this morning 8.40 Kilometers, really pleased as this is the third outdoor run i have done this week, i have a phobia about getting out and running outdoors at the moment, so mega pleased, as i seem to do a lot of my training on a treadmill, i am one of these people who keep a detailed training log, not on line but on paper, detailed graphs everything, there has been an awful lot of blue treaddie runs in my log at the moment rather than red outdoor runs, but this weeks looking more like an old crysyal palace kit from the eighties that Ian Wright used to wear.

Anyway very pleased, three kilometers along the Canal towards Tamworth at around 6am when i started, just as night was turning into day, up along a hilly section, down passed Polesworth cricket club, passing a few polite dog owners walking their dogs, and back home down the hill into polesworth via Dordon, the first section was hard but better than lqast time, the hilly section was much better to. last section felt legs a little, but pleased with distance and getting out.

31/08/2007 at 17:36

Hi All,

Yesterday evening 6pm = 4 miles

Decided to do a slightly quicker pace over this shorter distance (my quick is by no means any body elses definition of quick!!) Took an old familiar route round my park and roads. Sometimes it feels good to run a route that you know inside out, you know the inclines, what is round the corner, yu somehow feel very confident. I managed to run past Crofton Park station, just as everyone piled out, so I ran on the road instead to keep out of their way (and all the cigs being lit up), I always seem to speed up when I hit a load of people..

Was quite muggy last night so was really hot and red in the face. But got a big grin from a very fresh faced runner as I was doing my end stretches. Run felt good, and what I sometimes cant get over is that I now consider 4 miles a shorter run!! 4 months ago and that would have felt like a marathon..

Jog watch - 6

31/08/2007 at 20:46

Hello guys and gals

Yesterdays effort was 16 miles of commuting followed by 5miles on the treadmill, I've been doing loads of slow running at 75%MHR since coming back from a knee injury but I think it's time to start doing some speed so I did 1mile warm up and 3miles at 85-90% of max then a 1mile warm down.

I'm doing a half marathon on Sunday so with this in mind, tonight I did a very gentle 3.5 mile jog @ 70%MHR through the woods and trails around the local golf course/country park. Perfect way to de-stress after work! I haven't really trained properly for the race so I'm going to just see how it goes.. but I'll try for a 1.45 which would be a pb for me by 5 mins, but I'm just glad to be back running again.

Plus I also heard today that I've definitely got a gold bond place for the London Marathon! Training!

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31/08/2007 at 20:48
Commuting meant Cycling no way could I do all that running...doh.
31/08/2007 at 23:21


Another enjoyable run today. Cardingmill Valley on the Long Mynd. 4.6km, 29:12, 300m of ascent.

A short run after yesterday's efforts, but I felt suprisingly good on the ascent. The downhill was a thigh pounder, but I had a big silly grin on my face - it was fun! No other runners, but a dozen or so walkers and a few families playing in the stream. Finished off with a coffee and flapjack in the National Trust cafe. 

01/09/2007 at 02:50
Fridays mean meeting up with the remnants of my club, the Red Herring Road Runners, in Wallasey and taking a big lap including Bidston Hill, Wallasey Ladies' Golf Course, up the hill again from the "easy" side and a cavalry charge back to the "Cheshire Cheese" in Wallasey Village. It's 75% off road on rubble paths, forest trails and sandstone outcrops, with great views - but not today, 'cos it's been a grey old day on Merseyside.

The club's about to fold, with only 2 of us running the last 3 weeks; however, 3 lost sheep turned up today and we ran the first half very steadily, chatting all the way, and the second half at pace, too much for me to catch 2 of the returners!

Jogwatch: 0, unless I count the 4 who ran with me
01/09/2007 at 10:30

01/09/07 4.33m 36:36:81 c480 AHR 156 MHR 229
Please tell me anyone, are there any other self abusers out there? What I mean is thus. yesterday I ate junk all day. Toast & marmalade for brekkie (that's OK), big bag of ridge crisps for elevenses, Big Mac & large Fries and a can of Coke for lunch with a toffee yoghurt, an apple, banana and an orange mid afternoon. Then after finally getting home from work at 8:30 a whacking great Chinese meal for one. I hate to think how many calories in that lot. But be honest do you fall off the rails completely at Times?
Anyway, today. My brain engaged at 5am this morning but I wasn't moving, rolled around for a good hour and then to my amazement it was nearly 8! i managed to get some extra kip. Came down and watched the athletics highlights on BBCi and was propelled into action to try and burn of at least some of the thousands of calories consumed yesterday. Glad I did, that's three days running I've been running and let's not forget my race tomorrow that will make it 4. It was back to my short run again and it was great. I have a new philosophy, every time I pass some one whether it be, pedestrian, cyclist, jogger or weirdo I am going to say hello! let them know I am glad to be running. I have done it for three runs now and so far it has been positive, try it!

Jog Watch - 3 (+2 in full gear but definately NOT running just walking.

 As said Kitty, hope the ankle mends soon

01/09/2007 at 10:55

iRUN -another name change? What a relief to see your last post I keep having days like that - I love chocolate and crisps and all those other things that are not supposed to be good for us. I really would like to lose a couple of pounds so eating them is definitely not ideal - yesterday and the day before I had crisps and chocolate - the rest of my diet is pretty healthy, and sometimes I can go a few weeks of healthy eating, but then I fall off the wagon again. I guess really the best thing is moderation - don't deny yourself anything, enjoy chocolate/crisps when you do have them - but just don't have too much! (that last bit is the bit I struggle with when I get started!)

((KK)) it will be great to hear how your training is going - good luck with the healing, hope it won't be too long before you are back running.

01/09/2007 at 11:51

iRUN  - My basic daily diet was chips, pies, cakes, crisps, biscuits and sweets and lots of them, no fruit or veg (chips don't count apparently) and it's been that way for years.  But 1st April this year I made a change, no more of the junk and I've added fruit and veg and fibre and things are going well.  I was a 13st 6lb and now I'm hovering around 12st 1lb.

Kittenkat  - Wishing you a speedy recovery. 

01/09/2007 at 12:42
Get well soon, KK

0930 From Longridge a pretty market town east of Preston on a very scenic 7-miler that is basically 4 miles up and 3 miles down. Climbing all the time, we passed a reservoir, caravan site and several farms before getting to the pub where we turn to take on Jeffrey Hill. About half a mile but steep enough to consider walking. The heather on Longridge Fell was a riot of purple which contrasted with the dark green fir plantations and the yellowy-green pasture. Put this together with blue skies, banks of white cloud and some sunshine and you'll see why we enjoyed it. The downhill was welcome, passing the hilliest golf course in the UK, I'd suggest. One golfer was waiting for a hand to pull his golf bag up a wooden ramp to the next tee!

Jogwatch: 1
01/09/2007 at 22:04

Sounds great Swittle. I had a not so scenic session on the treadmill channel hopping and watching amongst other things "animals do the funniest things!" I did my first interval session for a while 10 minutes warm up and then 1min/1min, 2 min/1min, 3min/2min intervals 3 times. About 4 miles in total. when I did the first set I felt like I couldn't possibly do three sets, but the second set was fine and the last set was ok too (beacsue it was the last set I think). Pleased to complete what was on my schedule and therefore ate health food tonight - fish and chips!!!!

Looking forward to getting outside again tomorrow - there is time for the treadmill in the winter. Happy running and racing tomorrow

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