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kittenkat    pirate
28/07/2007 at 13:46
8 miles this morning with a hangover from hell - managed under 8 min miles so Luton, here I come!
28/07/2007 at 16:12
Saturday 28/07/07 - 2:00pm - easy jog - Frodsham.

2.75 miles - 23:00 (8:21/mile average) 233ft toatal ascent - Nike Free 5.0 Trail.

Felt really rubbish, not a good sign as I plan on racing tomorrow and got stung by nettles.

29/07/2007 at 09:52
Some of you guys are inspiring. As for little ol' me I clocked up a mere 7.2 miles this morning.
My first back to back days running since the end of May and it always feels worth it afterwards. If not maybe whilst actually running. After the feeding frenzy that was France I have committed to run the excess pounds off.
Where was the rain that everyone keeps telling me about? OK there were a few puddles but as I ventured out today it started off overcast but as I ran up towards the Circus the sun appeared and BINGO! another beautiful run unfurled. My knee is definatley sore but not painful and actually feels better but the prognosis is not god if what I read is true.
The run in general today was comfortable and consistent but still I need to open up a bit to cut the 2 to 3 minutes that I was running before my holiday.
Keep this thread alive everyone. Tell the running world about the greatest pastime!
29/07/2007 at 12:56
37MIN 8K Today lots of energy left so will pick it up again midweek
29/07/2007 at 15:36
Sunday 29/07/07 - 11:00am - Race - Chernobyl Challenge 10k, Preston.

6.215 miles - 37:32 (6:03/mile average) - Nike Vaporfly.

After yesterday's miseable effort and not being able to get my heart rate down last night I was in two minds wether or not to race today.

Woke and RHR was normal so I thought why not?

Felt good on my warm up and was feeling confident, two mile in to the race and I started picking off people, four miles in and I was still feeling good and making up places, at five miles my legs had gone. Still ran hard to the end but it was all over for a pb by then, I enjoyed the run and I've got a week of hard runs in my legs to bolster any excuses.

29/07/2007 at 17:22
Went on a 9 mile run this morning wasn't quite sure how far to go but was feeling good at around about 5 miles so added a couple of extra miles to my planned 7. Nice and steadily 8 1/2 minute miles which is something I didn't think I'd be able to do 6 months ago.

Have a 10K race planned for next Sunday so will probably do 3 short 3 milers before then along with my club run on Wednesday.
30/07/2007 at 17:58
Monday 30/07/07 – 12:15pm – Long Hilly Trail – Sandstone Trail (Pudding Lane to Hampton Green)

24.2 mile – 3:52:00 (9:35/mile average) - 3287 ft total ascent. Mountain Bear Galdiators(1).

Today was scheduled as an easy recovery run 35 mins/4.5 miles, instead I did a long trail run, because I felt like it.

Set off on a known route but wasn’t sure how far I’d get before I had to turn round. When I got to what should’ve been the turn round I just kept going, this happened about 5 times because I felt great, eventually a field full of bullocks made my mind up for me and I headed back. Oh dear! no wonder I was feeling good on the outward leg I had the wind behind me and now it was blowing hard in my face. Well I just had to get on with it and when I got back to the hills there was enough cover to shield me from the wind and things were fine again.

The time is an estimate as I stopped my watch by mistake at some point, but I know it was 12:15 when I set off and 4:07 when I got back, so that’ll have to do.

Another one of those “that’s what running is all about” runs!

30/07/2007 at 21:42
Missed a few days last week as just couldn't seem to motivate myself, so started off in a small way again today.
Hilly 5k in 28.58 - felt good to be out in the sun.
31/07/2007 at 08:33
31/07/07 - 7.2m - 1:04:54*C 1,049 F 145g HRT 199
One of those unfathomable days again. I woke up early and felt like death and forced myself out of the door. Another superb morning with the sun out but decidedly chilly first thing. I started out feeling like a 5 miles but got to the circus and decided to do the 7 instead. Ran mainly on my high arches today and does it show. Finally under 1 hour 5 minutes, yippee!
Jog Watch - 4
kittenkat    pirate
31/07/2007 at 08:35

Took myself out for my LSR - was just going to do 14 miles but added another 2 for good meausure. Ran well within the pace I should be training at, the sun was shining and it was good to be alive.
31/07/2007 at 08:51
Fri 27th July - Wedding Day 7k - 42 mins

Been injured for a couple of years, just starting to pick up the fitness with lots of cycling with bits of running and decided to do this one really slowly.

Felt great to be out in the cool air - starting right at the back, no pressure and chatting to people on the way round. Felt even better to finally start to feel a bit stronger. Even managed a bit of a sprint finish :o) Lovely
31/07/2007 at 11:05
Glad you enjoyed your race Happychap

Tuesday 31st July
6 miles 1:02:03 on Eastbourne seafront in the sunshine - lovely
31/07/2007 at 11:18
Nice, everyone seems to having fun and that's what it's all about.
31/07/2007 at 11:19
30/07/07 - 5k, slow shamble (never bother timing myself)
31/07/2007 at 14:59
Tuesday 31/07/07 – 1:00 pm – Easy Trail – Moulton, River Weaver.

5.36 mile –41:13.87 (7:31/mile average) - 270 ft total ascent. Nike Air Zoom Ekiden.

An easy run around what possible is the course of the “Pie and Peas” race tomorrow, legs felt good after yesterday’s effort, a really enjoyable little run only spoiled by the fact that I destroyed another pair of shorts going through a gate (second pair in two days)

Weather was glorious, nice and sunny without being too hot, perfect for an easy jog.

01/08/2007 at 06:40
31st July 2007 - 9.30am.

Was just intending to do a shortish run, but ended up doing 5 miles in 45 minutes.
Amazing you one can get quite carried away!

Felt great afterwards, and looking forward to more of the same tomorrow!
01/08/2007 at 15:11
Wednesday 01/08/07 - 1:15 pm - Easy Trail - The Ridgeway.

3.84 miles - 31:56.27 - (8:19/mile average) - 649 ft ascent - Mountain Bear Gladiators(1).

Although I'm racing tonight I couldn't resist going for a run as the weather was beautiful, took it dead easy until I saw another runner and had to pick up the pace, I can't help being a little competitive, but I did feel good.

Beautiful run in the beautiful country! Brilliant!

01/08/2007 at 15:13
can't remember, not for a coupl,e of weeks at least.

Feel completely clapped-out and have race on Saturday - ooops!
01/08/2007 at 15:17
LOL BCDB - call it tapering, then it is ok
kittenkat    pirate
01/08/2007 at 17:54

Very hilly 8 miles, sprinted 4 hills and sprinted last 0.3m (av 8 min miles)
Felt ok, but hot and my achillies is still a bit stiff, MSM gel and Aloe heat gel applied - I smell like a rugby player's jockstrap.

Ewww - ok slight exaggeration!

Did I spell that right?
ramble, ramble.
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