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12/08/2009 at 12:14

Sounds like the Tabata Protocol in effect there SC, never sounds hard and always starts pretty comfortably, but then you know about it.

12/08/2009 at 12:19

back from hols!

02/08/09 - 2.13m
I fell in love with running again this morning. Day two of holiday and I had to head outside. From the caravan down the hill to the beach. Across the sand, up the very steep path. Down and across. I passed a couple of early morning ramblers. I commented "I must be mad." I jest of course. Fell onto rock and cut my shin. I ran on until about 20 minutes then turned back.
At one point I made the mistake of missing the very tiny path and went crashing to the ground again.
After a little while I came across the couple again and the break in the coastal sea defence wall. I decided to go down to the beach and run back to the Kennick Sands hill and then back home to the caravan.
A truly exhilerating run. I fell in love with running again.

12/08/2009 at 12:19
04/08/09 - 4.06m
All night I pondered which way to run and which route? Rain crashing on the caravan from the early hours like a continuous tapping snare drum. Leaving me restless until at 6am I could take it no more. I had to get up. Made tea and wated dreadful breakfast TV until just before 7 I could take no more!
After walking the path yesterday I wanted to run lt so much. It didn't disappoint, it was another amazing run. Made the more memorable by the heavy rain, the mud and the brilliant sea rock views. I had to stop a couple of times to gather myself and my breath. Past the derelict house, over the wooden bridge, up the rock steps. Past the perilous ponies then up to the shut up house on the rocky outlook.
From then on into Cadgwith, down to the harbour. I said "good morning' to a couple of fishermen under cover. I carried on up the very steep hill, through windy road, past new, old, ruined and spaces of houses.
At a road junction Cadgwith was apparently 11/2 miles to the right.
It was at this point that I wanted to go back. I ran back pietty much head down, onwards and upwards. Tough stuff indeed but I managed to do lt. Another trail run, I'm quite enjoying this lark.
12/08/2009 at 12:19
6/08/09 - 4.37m
Decided yesterday that I was going out along the coastal path. Just as tough although the muddy blts were less frequent. Stopped a few times to a) Take stock of the coastal beauty. B) to get my breath back.
I chose to run again to the far end of cadgwith (such a steep climb). At the junction l chose to turn right and head toward Cadgwith (?). So after running out of Cadgwith I ran back lnto the same fishing village! On the way back coming up to the boarded look out point a runner came towards me, how great was that?
Yet again sheep on the outward leg but none on the return, weird. Also no horses today.
A great run nonetheless. Brilliant.
12/08/2009 at 12:23
09/08/09 - 10.98m
Out of the door a few minutes before 7:00am and it was a beautiful morning. As the run progressed it did get hotter. Right from the start it I knew this was going to be slow. Maybe as I hadn't run this far in a couple of months is the reason, it was just the whole run was such hard work.
I am still sussing out my insoles but as I ran toward s Rockingham Road I felt something pushing up my right calf. I stopped thinking it was my tights riding up. Ran post a tubby la la (How can young people get to this size)? And just before the Indian I saw my leg's shadow, my insole was halfway out, flapping about. How weird?
To be honest I am happy to have run 11 but to be 7 minutes plus is disappointing.
12/08/2009 at 12:23
10/08/09 - 6.42
I really had to dig deep today for this run. Stopping a couple of times on route as I just didn't have the willpower. But I ran from the stopping spot so no real walking, besides it was only a short stop on each occasion. But I was feeling tired from the the holiday runs, Hilly Hill will never seems as bad again as running along the coastal path in Cornwall.
I wanted to run today as i want to run 100+ miles for the month and despite my holiday miles I will need to crank up. I originally wanted to do 11 but no way Jose, impossible. I got up early but tried to get out of the door and it took well over an hour to get out. Charged up my mp3, donned shorts and cycling top (bad choice this, really hot this morning). Ran OK along to Windsor but slight detour as tipper truck on Grovesnor/Windsor corner, barriers along to Ryefield as gas pipes being maintained, so ran in road all down to roundabout. Up the path and along service roads across Circus shops. Running down from Hill Station I had a hare on opposite side of road but i couldn't catch her, she disappeared past the ped lights along Swakeleys.
12/08/2009 at 12:24
11/08/09 - 2.20m ** PB 17'31**
A frantic run out just to make the most of the sun really brought out a gem of a run. Started out with a real spring in my step (the coastal path running must have helped). Up my road and up to Long Lane it was nice but up to the BP garage was a blast, I really went for it. Reaching Fourboys in 8'34, I knew this was going to be good. Managed to keep the pace all the way back and smashed my previous PB by half a minute. Brilliant.
12/08/2009 at 13:14

I decided to do a 4 1/2 mile loop around some hilly country lanes which are quiet but not deserted as there  are main roads that go through.

 When approaching a nearby school I saw something fluffy by the pavement and realised it was a bunny. I wanted to get him out of the road but noticed that he had both eyes infected and didn't really want to pick him up and certainly didn't want to leave him there to be run over, so I had to kind of give him a push and(not hard) drag him onto the pavement with my shoe into the bush.On the second lap round I saw he was still there eating grassHe will most likely die anyway but at least(hopefully) he wont get run over.

Pleased with the run although pace I felt was a bit slow 8:29, blame it on the hills!

 Jog-watch 1 with a cute Golden Retriever

12/08/2009 at 14:59
gosh irun, you've been busy. Great accounts. Misprinted, soz about the bunny. Always good to have hills tho
12/08/2009 at 16:07

irun it sounds like you were in Cornwall the same week i was at Dartmouth.  What was that rain like at all??? Still at least it cleared up for the rest of the week.  Sounds like you had some lovely runs along the coastal path.  It's such a lovely place to run with the gorgeous blue sea and all the yachts out there.

misprinted - hills are my excuse.

12/08/2009 at 17:44

ColW I used to use a Nike+ kit on my Ipod nano which seemed pretty good once it was properly callibrated and used to wrap the sensor in a tubigrip around my ankle. A freind at work uses the wrist band version which is a cheap and cheerful option. If you don't use Nike shoes then you need to work out how to wear the foot sensor and keep it stable otherwise you get a mis reading. The Nike+ website is pretty good for storing the data or you could set up a training log on instead. Probably the best thing to do is to look on ebay and see whats available.

Long run to work today at a moderate pace. Finding things hard at the momment as I have another bit of course work due in and havn't started yet. Find that the running helps order my brain but unfortunately after I get home from work I've lost the good ideas and am back to the start again. Failed to see my usual jogwatch but did manage to overtake a different jogger in a rather casual fashion, the chance to show off like that rarely comes along so it was too good an oppertunity to miss.

8.04 miles in58'18" @ 7:15mm

Jogwatch 1

YT: 715, MT 50something.

12/08/2009 at 21:16
Running on the coast takes some beating, to be sure - good blogging, iRun.

ColW, I agree with postie: the Train functions on the fetcheveryone site are simple and sturdy: even I can use some of them lol

1820 Headed for the trails by the sand hills and passed the Baths, 'Water's Edge' and Burbo Bank before deciding to push on along the Sefton Coastal Path. Turned at pump station and ran the trail by the W. Lancs Golf Club before picking up the beach at the Coastguard Station and following it to the Marina outfall. Apart from a rugby training game and a few walkers, it was quiet and the patterns & colours of the sand reflected the work of the recent tide. Up the path by the Marina & small lake, over the grass and home.

8.1 miles, 1:08:43, JogWatch: 6
12/08/2009 at 21:39

NIce work iRUN.


Ponderosa Fell Race

4 miles 951ft asc.

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday when I rode over the Horseshoe Pass it was glorious and  actually got a touch of sun burn, but this evening it was bad, the cloud was down and visibilty was down to about 50m,it was on off raining, but at least still warmish.

After a warm up jog to the aerials and back down it was race time. I set off conservatively but started passing people from about half way back up to the aerials, which was nice.

Then over the top and on the single track and I was stuck behind slower descenders, after the initial annoyance of not being able to pass I just settled in and enjoyed myself.

At one point there is a very boggy bit and people were going down and getting stuck but my line choice had me gain about 10 places, then the path opened up a bit and a few more places were gained.

marshallini wrote (see)
 I'll be looking to beat my time from then (33:06 - 34th)

But the finish is up a terrible climb and I lost at least 5 places, but I  beat my time from last year so that was a result!

32:34.15 (unofficial)

6.8 miles inc warm up

12/08/2009 at 22:13

Thanks for the input of the distance measureres folks, can i just ask how it actually carries out the measuring function?  Is by satelite technology or like a pedometer would.

Also, if it is satelite, does the actual route appear on a map when you upload it, or am i tearing the backside out of it!

12/08/2009 at 22:25

Oh, i forgot, ran 10K via Victoria Road, Fishermans path, down through Freshfield Woods across the meadows and up to Pinetops.

Didn't see any other joggers and no wildlife, the latter of which i'm begginning to consider somewhat odd, seeing as i run through acres of woods and meadows!

10K, 52:11, 8:24mm - another personal best 

Only managed chest press and abs workout at gym though, as I couldn't be bothered after the run today (really i wanted to get home and get the time and distance worked out!)

13/08/2009 at 15:40

ColW Garmins are GPS enabled (except for the Garmin 50) so when you download the data on the site it produces a map of where you've been. Some people have had trouble running in built up areas like inner London or through woods where the signal some times gets lost. Although the maps are simelar to the ones used by map my run and google pedometer they will show your route if you leave a road.
Nike+ and the G50 work off a foot sensor so are alot cheaper but won't show your route and are not as accurate.
I started off using Nike+ which was ok once it was callibrated, though the battery in the foot sensor has run out so it needs replacing, but I was fortunate enough to have two rich brothers who bought me a Garmin Forerunner 405 for my 40th birthday last year so now it's all I use.
My advice fwiw is to go the cheaper option first and if you start getting serious then check out some of the GPS enabled systems. There are product reviews on RW somewhere if its anymore help.

Long route today, waved and smiled at other jogger otherwise better run than yesterday.

8.06 miles in 57' 37" @ 7:09 mm

Jogwatch 1

YT: 723, MT: 72

13/08/2009 at 17:27

My Last Bike 25 mile TT 1:12:50 or 20.59 mph ave.

That's according to my cycle computer, but, I've just measured the route on google earth and it is only 24.6 miles or 20.26 mph ave.

ignoring the inaccuracies, average speed at various distances;
10 mile - 21.6 mph ave
15 mile - 21.15 mph ave
20 mile - 21.35 mph ave

plus a little before after total 26.15 miles

Need to be able to do that speed for over 4 times the distance in a years time

edit - official results for last nights race 37th - 32:35, 30 secs faster but 4 places down the field, 134 runners compered to last years 85.

Edited: 13/08/2009 at 18:36
13/08/2009 at 20:01

13/08/09 - 6.42
Got home this evening to an empty house. The sun was out and it was a generally super time to run. Wow was it hot though, phew.
Couldn't resist going out as I arrived home fromwork. Straight up to get changed and off out I went. Ran in the road up to Ryefield then over and up the pavement to the lights. Around the lights and up to hercies road. Reached the roundabout in 16'26, that was pretty fast. I was really pushing myself, I could feel it, the pace was good. tried to keep moving fast up Hilly Hill and along to the chippy. I felt the tiredness creep in on the way down to Sweetcroft.
From Sweetcroft I was determined this time that I was not going to stop at any point. Made a point of running hard up Honey Hill and carrying it on up Vine Lane and the top of Court Drive. The run homw as easier and great. managed to find a bit of extra spurt down my road to record a half decent time.
I'm loving running still.

Off for a cold bath, mmmm

13/08/2009 at 22:15

Greetings all!  Back from my hols in Somerset - camping with Mr S and little S and still finding it odd sleeping in a proper bed again.  Last week was a relatively restful week, the runs I planned on holiday did not materialise as planned as the nice quiet conuntry lanes were not as quiet as I thought, so I took to running on the beach at low tide - flipping knackering that was, but good training in the long run.

First proper run tonight since we got back home, 5.2 miles in 48 minutes!  That's a bit fast for me ... hope I can keep it up.  On the entire run I saw one car, one rabbit and one squished fox.  Where has every one gone?  4 weeks to the robin hood HM - eek!  I am being very strict with myself for the next 3 weeks, no skiving allowed at all and lots of pasta and jacket potatoes to be eaten plus another 10K in 2 weeks to keep me on my toes.  Happy running everyone.

13/08/2009 at 22:47
Good run, marsh. Not an event I've done but sounds "testing"

Shelscrape, you sound to be right on schedule for Nottingham. When I ran it in 2001, the Robin Hood had a real 'big city' feel to it.

6.30pm A recovery run after a gym session took me around the park, over the railway and round the lakes before I ran along the paths in Marine Gardens & Beach Lawn. The side roads led back to Victoria Park & home.

4 miles, 34:05, JogWatch: 4
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