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01/09/2009 at 18:43

Been a bit slack in posting recently...  anyway, my last run was yesterday 31st August at 11 am Grimsthorpe Castle 10K.  I'd been warned this would be a killer, but when I looked at the route idiot me thought "ooh it's no more hilly than my usual runs".  Ha ha, silly woman, what I forgot to factor in was that some of the terrain was lumpy bumpy long grass, farm tracks, field edges and grit paths.  A killer it was indeed, but a scenic one.  About 2K in I found myself thinking "why on earth do I do these stupid things?"  but I settled into a nice comfortable plod around the Grimsthorpe estate, through the trees, past the partridge and pheasant nurseries, down through a rather lovely avenue of mature trees (this bit was on tarmac yipee!) down past the lake, then back up a hill to the finish line.  At least I managed to stay on 2 feet, some people fell and hurt themsevles quite badly on the downhill stretches on the grit roads.  Mr S was watiing for me at the finish line and whisked me off for a rather yummy venison burger in the castle grounds. Yummmmm.

Provisonal time is 68 minutes... and I wasn't last!!

less than 2 weeks to the Robin Hood HM.... eek!   One more long run planned then it's taper time.

KatB - my numer for the HM is 159 - I'll e-mail you during the week.

01/09/2009 at 19:54

Gym session for me today.  Intervals on the treaddie 5 x  2m on 2m off, starting at 6.5mph and increasing to 7 for the next then 7.5 for the rest.  Then I did 5 x 1m repeats at 8mph.  That was followed by hill work at 5.5mph increasing the incline to 6 (not sure what that unit is). It was hard work, but I needed it.  then I did abs.

Shelscrape that sounds like a nice race.  Well done.  I need to enter more races next year. Look forward to hearing from you.

Anyone got any tips for the GNR? I'm booked into a hotel in the city centre, but I wondered if it's worth taking the car to south or even north shields then getting the metro back to the start.

01/09/2009 at 21:48

Evening all

Tonight - 7pm - Club efforts

1.5 mile warm up ( run from club, across rec to station, along ferry road and across bridge onto Canvey, along seawall to far side of slope in the path)

10 mins out - hard (approx 1.4 miles @ 10:10)

10 mins back - beat the clock (return leg @ 09:41)

1.5 mile cool down (return journey back to club)

phew that was hard work!

01/09/2009 at 22:14
Kat B - your profile doesn't have an option to message you.  Try messaging me as I think I've opted in for messages on my forum profile.
01/09/2009 at 22:26

Tonight it was down to club for one of our 'handicap' races.  Tonight's event was a 5 mile race and I was also playing my semi- final of the knockout cup.  As we were waiting to start it started thundering and lightening and I hoped that it would be going the other way from our route.  Not so lucky with the storm as no sooner had I set off when the heavens opened and it was absolutely torrential rain with lots of lightening.  As I was running along I kept thinking any minute now a car is going to pull up alongside of me and say the race has been abondoned so get in but again this did not happen.  The skies were really black and it was quite difficult to see with the heavy rain but I gradually crept up on my openent in the semi-final (she had set off 1.5 minutes before me),  I managed to pass her around the 2 mile mark and was able to pull away and maintain my lead over her.  Finishing time tonight was 38mins and 20 secs for the 5 miles which gave me an average pace of 7.39 min/miles.  Considering the awful weather conditions tonight I was pleased with my run as for this particular course it was a PB and I also made it through to the final of the knock out cup! Luckily I had taken a change of clothes with me so at least I was abloe to change into nice dry clothes before driving back home.

02/09/2009 at 08:03
31/08/09 -   6.71m
No time, just went out for a run. Wasn't sure right up to leaving quite where I was going to go. After my run of Saturday and I day off my legs were still sore. At least I had the luxury of another day off if I wanted as I had already racked up 114 miles for August. No I wanted to run somewhere. I had the plan to do an opposite run, possibly 4 but more likely 5. However as i neared the RAF roundabout I was thinking maybe along the high Street and back to the rest of the 5. No I carried on and decided i was going to run the entire length and run to Ickenham, no idea of length so a new route was born. It was lovely. At no point did I feel any discomfort, it was ideal. Only now writing this up have I found that i have actually run not far off seven. Some eight hours later too I feel pretty good. I shall be running this route some more, both ways.To think I really didn't fancy the run today, using Saturday as an excuse but I am glad I did. A new month tomorrow so onwards and upwards.
02/09/2009 at 09:30

Reading "Born to Run" at the moment ... great read but I feel I should be running 30 miles per day.

But back to reality ... 7 miles at 7:20 AM on Bank Holiday Monday via a circuit from Horsforth to Rodley, via the canal to Kirkstall, via the abbey and then the A65 back to Horsforth. I left my watch at home this morning but recall it was about 66 minutes at 135 bpm. Day off yesterday and no cycle commute today since, in theory, I'm doing a 5K race tonight in Hyde Park ... but my number hasn't arrived so not certain I'll run ... maybe the postie will drop it by this morning?

Edited: 02/09/2009 at 11:59
02/09/2009 at 14:29

Last night's run was one i've been meaning to do for a few weeks. Ran the start of the Worksop half, which for any of you who don't know, involves running straight up a fairly steep hill from the off before flattening out (ish) at about 3 miles. Not great with hills and figured the first time to discover how steep this hill is was not on the day so ran from work all the way up to where the pavement runs out, which was about 2.5m then back again. Certainly hard work up the first hill but made it without walking so pleased by that. 51.03 for the 5m which considering how much uphill it was (ok it was downhill all the way back but i was trying to take it steady even so!) i was quite happy with. Think this might become a regular route for the next few weeks. Still debating the Robin Hood half. Know i could probably do the distance if i took it steady, but also know how hilly it is so don't want to write myself off for too long afterwards. Have found a nice road 10m race on the same day not too far away so contemplating that instead. Better make my mind up soon i guess!

02/09/2009 at 15:17

Hello MLR faithful

Today is day 1 of a new approach to running, well more a new outlook on running really, I've wiped the slate clean, cancelled all planned races and challenges and  thoughts of Ironmans and mountains etc etc. and I'm going back to basics.

I steered clear of any routes I've run before and measured a nice easy 5k(ish) route.

Starting at the Library, went off down Wealstone n over the mini roundabout on to Church Ln passed the church and the golf course crossing. Left down Upton Ln to the A41, crossed over and down "the Bridleway" this is an off road section that takes you down to the canal, a nice mix of grassy and stony and a little wooden footbridge. tall corn all around.

I over shot my turning and nearly went as far as the canal but doubled back and headed right to the hospital. I know they are doing building work around the hospital so was prepared to take any diversions necessary. A marked road was blocked off but a decent path thru a field was more than adequate.

Back on to the hospital roads and thru a couple of carparks and onto Countess Way and back up to the A41.  A quick sprint to get over the crossing while the lights were still on red, up passed the mill Ln shops and back to WealstoneLn and the finish.

Remeasured the route to take in to account the little diversions but ignoring the overshoot and its as close to 5k as makes no difference.  22:16.93 - 7:08 m/m.

Jogwatch - 0

Back at the Library I went on to the fields and did some chins, press ups, dips, squats, lunges, burpees sit up and some stretching to round off a good session.

02/09/2009 at 21:13
Hanna, the Robin Hood half isn't as hilly as it used to be.  They changed the course a couple of years ago.
02/09/2009 at 22:11

Hanna, you had me flapping about hills at the Robin Hood HM for a bit there!!  I've just checked the route they sent me and I can see a bit of undulation, but nothing major, glad Katb can confirm that!

Glad you are full of cheer marshallini.

02/09/2009 at 22:18
Rather tired after back-to-back ten-milers, yesterday saw a well judged 4 miles on the quiet roads of Waterloo & Crosby [32:32, JogWatch: 2]

Today, out at 6.20am for a trail run round the lakes, returning on grass to my outward route near the railway line.
5 miles, 42:03, JogWatch: 1

Goodnight, all
02/09/2009 at 23:31

After a 4 week rest due to a nagging foot injury I was keen to get my fitness back up to scratch. Did two or three cautious slow runs (6km) the previous week. My heart rate was going crazy that first week (topping 200BPM which was a first!) and some muscles feeling a stiff after such a long break. I thought great I'm almost back to square one .....finally on Tues I got impatient and thought lets go flat out and see how I do...and set a new personal best !

1st Sep - 6km in 30min 55sec (a whole 27secs less than my previous PB..get in !)

Shocking myself I thought better stretch my legs afterwards for a good 10mins as I knew I would have some pain the next day. Suprisingly they feel ok apart from a mild left  achilles heel strain, so the stretching must of worked! I'll be amazed if I can beat that time any time soon, sometimes fustration is great motivator!

02/09/2009 at 23:36
well, i work on a charter yacht and as such i am lucky enough to get to run in many different countries.  this poses its difficulties as well as its benefits however (get off the boat, get to the gates of the marina, and then where? thank heaven for google maps...) but my last run was in Turkey in a little town called Gocek.  I am a red headed, fair skinned girl, and the temp (at around 5.30 pm) was still in the 30 to 35 degrees celsius range... and the hills came in at around 4-5%... but man, it was satisfying.  We have been busy with guests a lot recently and the opportunities to run have been few and far between, so the feet (and the legs and the arms - and most importantly the head) were ready to go at the gun, and I fired off a hour long, good paced, hilly run.  like i said, sat-is-fying.
02/09/2009 at 23:36

6.5 miles - 52:59.  Slow to start rain forced fast finish.

the rain was light to begin with so I plodded on nice and slow, did some of the two mile loop from my house than detoured up past Tesco towards Low lane.  left towards the industrial estate and left again towards big roundabout.  next roundabout swung a right and picked up our two mile loop from near the start again. At this point the rain was starting to come down a bit too heavy and I nearly popped my contact lens when I rubbed the rain from my eyes.  picked up the pace and got home.

just about to order some decent socks, these cheep running ones seem fine in the dry but thats two wet ones in a row and both times they've rubbed a bit too much.  Think I'm gonna try 1000mile.

03/09/2009 at 08:09

Great running AP 26!  And welcome to 1st-time poster here, Jenny

It's blowing a proper gale here on Merseyside but at 6.20am, I peeped out of the door and set off with a tour of the park and some minor roads into Blundellsands.  This kept me out of the worst of the v. strong NW wind and, as I turned onto the prom, I felt its force behind me - I could hardly run fast enough to keep up!

5 miles, 42:00, JogWatch: 1

03/09/2009 at 10:42

5k race last night (Hyde Park Series - Race 3 ... uses the parkrun 5K course) in 22:37. That's 7:17 min/mile which is faster than I've run in a while but still over 20s per mile slower than where I was earlier in the year (21:25 on the same circuit). But I'm happy - wasn't expecting anything speedy at this stage.

Splits: 4:06, 4:32; 4:33; 4:33; 4:51.

Over all: 3.107 miles, 22:37; 7:17 min/mile, avHR 168 bpm, MaxHR 173 bpm (excluding a 20s tachycardic blip up to 212).

Edited: 03/09/2009 at 10:43
03/09/2009 at 14:08

Hello Jenny and A P 26

Same 5k route as yesterday but without the overshoots and hesitations, well most of them.

Lost a bit of time on the first roundabout and the lights by Morrisons and took a big tumble on the worst part of the footpath where it's a bit overgrown getting some brambles tangled round my fee, I didn't go down hard but it did upset my rhythm.

21:45.08 - 6:58 m/m. sub 7m/m so happy with that, but can go faster if I stay upright.

Similar post run workout in the park again, even tho I was sore all over from yesterday's efforts.

03/09/2009 at 14:51

I went out for my LSR of 12+ miles today, very windy here. Did the normal route with a bit tacked on round an estate, so not the most inspiring... BUT I did go out and do my mileage... Even though I was trying to talk myself out of it earlier .  Was very slow but got round.  12.26 miles - 2:20 mins.

Does anyone else have the sensation when toward the end of a long(ish) run that their legs are not fully under control?  I feel like mine are running away with me sometimes....

03/09/2009 at 17:42

last run before sundays 10K

ran the usual 3.5Mile route in 27:36.  Nice and easy, legs were a little stiff as I've only just started to get out regularly again.  feel great now, just looking forward to sunday and then to get completely focused on the Cardiff Half.

DeliH, I know what you mean, If I don't keep a check on my pace I find my feet just want to go faster and faster, and on those runs I tend to finish early and out of breath

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