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06/09/2009 at 20:33
very large wayhey cos that is such a good feeling!
06/09/2009 at 20:51

And a wayheeyyyy from me too!

10.5 miles today.  It was flipping cold when I set off at 10 am, but I am pleased to say it did warm up a tad.  Last long run before the Robin Hood HM next Sunday and I am glad to say I felt pretty good, no  knee problems, no back problems and no hunger pangs.  I have decided that energy gels are damn fine things and do seem to stop my grumbly tum.  So where did I go?  Up the long hill for 3 1/2 miles to Lenton, then a left turn towards Hanby, past the the aptly named house "fine view", then the chicken farm and onwards to Sapperton.  Down the hill to Pickworth and then up the hill out of it, then turn left and nearly 2 miles to home.  All done in 1 hour 50 mins, not fast, but OK.  Taper madness for the rest of the week, followed by HM.

Swallows -1 (looking very lonely he was too)

Smug cat with mouse - 1

Unicorn - 0

06/09/2009 at 21:11

Thanks guys! I'll leave the large celebration until I've proven to myself that it wasn't a one off and that I can do it again. I suspect it has been poor pacing (and a touch of laziness) that has kept me slow until now.

I did actually check that my running watch wasn't running fast, or something stupid, because I still don't quite believe that time is real! But the technology appears to be functioning correctly.

Anyway, on such a high that I've thrown running kit in the wash, drier and am now packing it to take to  on a 3 day business trip. Pity the rest of the hold baggage sharing a confined space with my shoes!

06/09/2009 at 21:13
Wolverhampton Marathon - Our 35 th FM in 4:39

After feeling unwell yesterday - bad head, sore joints , mentally subdued, snowed under with personal problems ,I didn’t go expecting to do more than a HM, Though I did know that the HM would NOT be a problem, just a formality as such, time wasn’t a worry, but of course the FM is a totally different story in every aspect

but as the morning unfolded, seeing and chatting to friends, I just kept myself calm, relaxed and positive, I went through my normal routine of changing and preparing, I never let anything let me differ or detract me from that
Phillip’s comfort and warmth is paramount to me - but of course I do have to look after myself

So, off we went, I would not push any pace, a comfortable 2:10 HM would suffice - but lingering in my subconscious deep would be - am I up to a FM today, and this remained with me, The FM if I were to carry on would be based on stored energy, and tactics and the want and will to survive, as my training now - a - days isn’t good

I clocked off the miles quietly, laughing and having fun, and re- assessed my physical and phsycological standing regularly

I quickly realised that I was in ok good form, I was feeling good, which was a surprise after yesterday , so I just kept cool, kept going , NO heroics - as I went along, I started to concentrate deeply on FM distance, the course has changed greatly , so I had No idea what to expect, I wasn’t even bothered

Marathons runners should be prepared and go expecting the unexpected , and for me today, as I’ve run Wolves many times my tactics paid real dividends , but my ultimate decision on switching from HM to FM would come much later around 11 miles or so

I knew that 26 miles today would ONLY come from my legs strong and my physiological stamina and strict mind structure, so I had to work on this, I knew I could handle the pain , but I didn’t want to struggle on the second lap just to say I’d done another marathon - that was NOT on my agenda, but I did have to make a decision soon, so after around 10 miles after the hill my mind was made, I was running relaxed, I felt strong, a 5 hour marathon would suffice

The HM came to an end in around 2:05, that wasn’t even on my mind, the new course didn’t bother me in the slightest, but this FM did, I wanted it badly, so onwards through 14 and 15 miles, now - I had to just run the streets and bends and junctions as I arrived at them, sore joints started, but I could handle that - I moved towards 20 miles, I was happy, really happy,

I felt a little fatigued and really sore for the first time around 20 miles, but I was fully in charge, I knew there was only 6 to go, I could handle that with NO problem
I felt proud as I moved on running All the way through 21, 22, 23 miles, then I savoured the last bit, 24 well, I was half in tears and half laughing, came to 25 and I just chilled and jogged home,

I felt real good, tired of course, but I was so happy, i had never lost control, today would stay with me for a long time finishing in 4:39

Could’nt quite believe it myself - but I had proved to myself I can still do it

Now for Robin Hood FM next week
06/09/2009 at 21:59
Mick oustanding effort, you rock! , well done, great report as well. Keep up the great work.
06/09/2009 at 22:02

Evening All

Summer's back! ... but why did it have to pick today?
There I was looking forward to a nice wet and windy plod through the Essex countryside next thing .. scorchio!

Today - 2:40pm - Essex Way Relay (Leg 7) West Bergholt to Dedham - 11.2 miles - 01:2? tbc

The Essex Way Relay .. in a nutshell .. 46 teams of 10 runners covering 82 miles of the Essex Way footpath from Epping to Harwhich.

Can't say it was my best days running. In fact it was prettty much a struggle from start to finish. Just didn't have the energy .. mainly due to flying off at the start ( was in fifth place for the first mile til the wheels started to fall off), getting confused (ok .. lost) in the same bit of woods that got me last year and going totally unprepared with drinks, gels etc (thank god for the two unofficial drinks stops)
That being said I've knocked a good 5 mins off last year and I think I was a place quicker (13th?? tbc) as well.
Had to have curry tonight to recouperate.

Happy running all

... and hope I'm not to late for a WaaayHeeeeeeyy!! Helen  

06/09/2009 at 23:05

Good running everyone.

M'bro 10k this morning, 46:30.  My first ever 10k race.  yesterdays preperation of walking and queuing around alton towers left my calfs feeling like lead this morning but in the end really enjoyed it and now have a PB to beat for the next 10k I decide to enter.

07/09/2009 at 08:38

That's a cracking time, FoC - well run!

0610  Dry, cloudy and quite breezy from the west here on Merseyside.  Through Marine Gardens and on to the Marina; prom and beach, then back roads, cycle path & Victoria Park.  Detour onto beach caused by high sand banks.

5 miles, 42:00, JogWatch: 0

07/09/2009 at 09:39

Well dom one and all with a late Way haay. Cracking effort Mick. Went up to Glasgow with my boy on Saturday for the TKD championships and then GSR on Sunday, our second HM together. Late night Friday and Saturday, not the best prep, my knee was twinging and he was a bit sore from his fights but not deterred. Bigger field than previous but weel organised pulse start, and altough there were some tight areas on the course, in the round and in the main it was a good course. Miles one to two knee was niggling but we had set of at around 7.30 pace and stuck with it, miles three to five really hurt and son was also feeling nauseous but at around six the pain in my kneee all but disappeared. The weather was light rain, which kept us pleasantly cool,The run through the first park at Bellahouston was uncomfortable but Pollok was an absolute pleasure, with gentle undulates and some good humour. We came through seven still on 7.30's. the next coupek were slightly rough as we had to work hard to maintain pace and not sure we did. Checked how A was feeling at 10 and we decided to press on. entered Glasgow Green at 12 and knew we would be well inside a PB for A as he had done 1.46 at the White Horse and we were a little bit ahead. Had to motivate him gently to maintain pace and we rounded the final bend, linking hands and running the last couple of hundred crossing in 1.38.11/12 so dad ahead by 1 sec (I started onw leg after him and finished one leg in front) One very tired but happy son and one very proud and now hurting dad, but both looking forward to nexr week in North Wales.
Run well people, back later.

07/09/2009 at 10:55

Just read back a few days ... great reading as always and great running everyone!

Yesterday I did exactly 10 miles in 1:29:50 at avHR 139 bpm. I had planned 7-8 miles but felt very strong so  kept going. Pleased with a sub 9 min/mile pace (just!) at what is a tad below my 70% working heart rate. I think that "pace@70%" will improve further over the next month as I get some consistent longer runs in.

Soooo, over 27 miles last week (and over 35 in 8 days), all with no niggles. No cycling last week though ... but cycled to work today as the sun was out!

I'm going to try hard to keep to the plan of running 6-8 miles every 2nd day with a longer run at the weekend, all below 70% wHR.

07/09/2009 at 11:12

By the way MLRers ... just finished reading this fantastic book ... really enjoyed it and can highly recommend it. A great (true) story with really interesting wacky characters in it ... and some facinating insights into running and avoiding injury.

Edited: 07/09/2009 at 11:13
07/09/2009 at 12:38

Hi Everyone,

 It's great to be back in The Land of the Living i.e. I've got regular access to a PC again & have seen off my cold (touch wood).

Got out for a v.pleasant 4 miles on Saturday morning.  I was chuffed with myself as I'd struggled to make 4 miles before my summer hol.  I had to improvise my route to allow for a car rally event on The Prom, but it made for a good distraction & re-discovery of some old paths etc.

As Autumn arrives & the silly season at work kicks in from now until Christmas, I'm hoping to enjoy a good couple of months of solid running progress.  Fingers crossed

Brightly coloured Mini Coopers whizzing at top speed - 3

Jog watch - 2

07/09/2009 at 14:29

Hi Ickle Legs

Hospital 5k again, clockwise. 20:54.42 - 6:43m/m

1k- 3:40:.96 - Went out a bit harder today and was blowing very early, so had to deliberately settle it down. I've set my watch to beep at 3:59 intervals and was well up on that.

2k– 4:00.22 -  Lost few seconds at the lights crossing the A41,Was still ahead of the beeps when I got to the 2k point.

3k– 4:16.41 - No problems with following the right path today. Was spot on sechedule at 3k, but obviously slowing.

4k– 4:38.39 - After crossing the little wooden bridge and starting the climb my legs had gone, I still pushed on best I could, the beeps went off as I crossed the central reservation on the 41 a fair bit down. (16.36.39 -  16:29.38)

5k- 4:18.03 - Tried to get on top of my form for the last Km and picked it up a bit passed the church, nothing left for anykind of push to the finish tho. (20:54.42 - 20:50.18)

Lost time on yesterday run on Km's 3 and 4 but was quicker on 5th Km.

Parkit session again. 

Recovery run tomorrow I think, same course but at a relaxed pace.

07/09/2009 at 15:11

Hello everyone, I'm still alive but battling an injury (just posted in the injury forum). I've stayed off the forum as I found it too upsetting but I'm feeling brave today so I thought I'd pop in and say hi.

 I hope you're all well and enjoying your running, I really hope I can be back updating you all on my runs again soon, even if I will have to take a massive step back through lost fitness! x x x x

07/09/2009 at 19:48
Take it easy, CarlyWoo - the body needs to devote itself solely to repairing the injury and I'm sure you'll soon be up to speed & posting once again.
07/09/2009 at 20:16

went down to thje club I'm joining. 6.5 miles in around 56 mins.  I normally wouldn't have been over the moon with it but since it was only going to be a recovery run after yesterdays 10k, I'm amazed how my poor shins and calfs managed it.

 No more until thursday though...I'm making a teal effort not to over do it too soon, really want to avoid the shin splints again.

08/09/2009 at 09:35

0625  A grey start but really warm.  Big tour of Victoria Park followed by a circuit of Marine Gardens and the grassy paths running parallel to them.

4 miles, 34:11, JogWatch: 0

08/09/2009 at 10:04

Been out of sorts lately since running the FLM it severly got the better of me and I have been so sluggish.

 My last run was Thursday last week 3.67 miles 26:14. Will have to get back 2 runs a week and aim to achieve 7m/m again. Some good running stil going on, well done all.

08/09/2009 at 13:35

Hope you're well again soon, CarlyWoo.

Out for a short speedwork session last night.  A few weeks ago I tried a speedwork session of twice last night's distance and had throughly enjoyed it.  My Ickle Legs felt sluggish last night, possibly due to a combination of a busy weekend, Saturday's 4 mile run and a long/dull day in work.  Hey Ho.

08/09/2009 at 13:43
MLR - 3.2 miles in 28:58. 9:03 min/mile, avHR138 bpm. Planned a longer run today but listened to my legs and cut it short ... they were pretty dead from Sunday's 10 miles and the cycling to/from work yesterday and today. Somehow I have to get home on the bike!
Edited: 08/09/2009 at 13:44
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