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08/09/2009 at 15:28

Hospital 5k again (clockwise)

1k - 3.44.61 –  I said I was going to run this easy today so switched off the beeps on my watch, but then decided easy was not what I wanted and switched them back on. I didn't go off too hard but I was running very relaxed and went thru 1k a little slower than yesterday but still up.

2k - 3.55.09 –  I lost a couple of seconds at the entrance to the Premier Inn, but got over the 41 ok and was feeling good and relaxed still.

3k - 3.58.59 – Was still on top of the beeps going in to this and feeling good. No problems on this Km and was suprised to be still up.

4k - 4.27.90 – The hardest Km by far and I did lose concentration and thus slowed a bit, but still the fastest I've run it and was only just short of the beeps.Lost a few seconds crossing the 41 again, but overall this Km is still where the damage to the time is being done.

5k - 4.01.72 - Pushed on thru the last Km because a course pb was on the cards for sure. When you turn in to Chuch lane you get a little help from a gentle drop and I worked hard here,crossed over the mini roundabout and still hadn't heard the final set of beeps, so I was working now on the off chance I could break 20 mins. The beeps countdown over 10 seconds adn started going when I was in sight of the finish so I started sprinting(ish). Just missed the sub 4 split.

20:07.91 - 6:28m/m - So close but yet so far. I wasn't entirely convinced I could run sub 20 on this course (well I know I could, but not at the moment) but this just shows that I can, and I will and may have if it wasn't for those two little hold ups.

Parkfit and stretch to finish.

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08/09/2009 at 16:34


You can go sub 20 without a doubt judging by your last effort.

08/09/2009 at 19:35

Gmike if you want rain you can always come up here.  Pouring down today but down south i believe it was barbeque weather. Nice to hear from carlywoo again.  Get better soon!

Cardio session in the gym for me today. 40 mins at level 6 after a 10 min warm up. Mind numbing!!

08/09/2009 at 21:24

Flipping hot in the flat lands of Lincolnshire today.  Just short run for me tonight 3 miles up to the farm and back, no idea of my time as little S has hidden the watch again.  Last time he hid it I found ti stuffed in his toy toaster.  I will have a quiet rummage in his room later.

Anyway, back to the run.  Still very humid at 8 pm when I set out and dark.  So, headtorch finally located so I did not end up getting squished.  Lots of moths following the light of my head torch and noisy crows in the trees.  Felt OK tonight, rather nice running in the dark agsin after so long.

Glad to hear from you Carlywoo - hope the back fixes itself.

Camlo    pirate
08/09/2009 at 21:51

Good to see you back Carlywoo !!

Was planning a taper week as have a half on Sunday but hubby quite fancied taking the lad in the new bike trailer & because I worried about him on the road I stupidly tried to keep up !! 

Only a couple of miles but felt quicker than the easy run I intended!

Happy toddler waving - lots

Miserable toddler trying to get out a mile from home -1

08/09/2009 at 21:53

Evening all - a very warm day here in East Yorkshire.  Why is it we always get nice weather just as the kids go back to school?  Tonight's club session was another track session and there were quite a few of us out tonight for a change.  Started off with 4 laps of the track as a warm up before doing 2 laps at a faster pace and then 1 lap recovery.  Another 2 laps at a faster pace followed by 1 lap recovery.  We then did 4 laps followed by a rest before doing another 2 laps at faster pace followed by 1 lap recovery.  Finally it was time to do the last 2 laps fast followed by 2 laps as a cool down.  We were all pretty tired by the end of the session but pleased that we had made the effort to get out there and have a go.

09/09/2009 at 15:24

Lovely day today, and the off road bit has been pretty dry the last few days so I decided to switch to road shoes instead of my inov-8s which I have been running in for another go at my Hospital 5k.

PB  = personal best and/or puke bucket?

1k - 3.37.47 - no hold ups on this section. I knew I was running quicker because I was blowing a bit more than yesterday.

2k – 3.47.65 - managed to squeeze across the lights before getting run over.

3k – 4.03.16 - A little slower on this section today, no real reason, but still well up.

4k – 4.20.84 - crossed the wooden bridge and made a concerted effort to keep woring and hold form. Got to the A41 and was balked by traffic and ran an extra few meters to get round the back of them so I kept moving, still went passed the end of Kingsmead up.

5k – 3.43.12 - Because I'd run around the traffic I was running on the opposite side of the road to normal, which is probably marginally shorter but due to the detour I'd say it evened out and I deffo still lost seconds. Hit Church Road and was really pushng. The slight decline helps but the incline at the other end is tough when you're at your limit. Crossed into Wealstone and was flat out pushed right in to the library, crossed the line and collapsed on to the grass and the threw up, first time ever.

19:32.24 - 6:14m/m  - smashed 20 mins for the clockwise direction, so now just to do the same for the anti-clockwise route (which I think is quicker)

A very light parkfit and stretch to finish off and then on to Morrisons for my scrambled eggs on toast, which when I went to order the lad said "scrambled eggs on toast?", guess I must be considered a regular now

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09/09/2009 at 16:16

Congrats Marshallini

Great effort.....

09/09/2009 at 16:48

Nice report M.
Been gyming since Sunday's HM but after this morning's sesh decided a run after work was in order so got the kit on and sauntered out for  a five miler, steady rate run. Stunnong day, light breeze and clear sky. Up over the back of the castle then over the vauxhall fields to the Osbaston road. Up and down past the vineyard and then out along the route to Treigate turning at 2.5 miles at the farmhouse. Undulates a bit more undulating than remembered but quite fun.  On the way back, passing the school, must have been about 20-30 cars and no-one standing at the school gate. Weird, such a nice day and no one out in the fresh air, socialising this a sign of the times. Sped up on the way back and felt really good but a bit tired at the end.
Live squirrelwatch 2
Dead squirrelwatch 1
Jogwatch 1
Mum's at schoolgatewatch 0
Mum's stuck inside hot cars 20+

09/09/2009 at 16:51

9.87 miles last night.

Good but very, very humid. Got really hot in just a vest and shorts.

Farthest I've ran in one go in my new Nimbus - felt good towards the end, almost like I'd broke them in like old friends I think I may get used to them after all..

iPod wires really annoying me. Considering going without it tonight. May just swim instead, gotta build on mileage so I'm ready for Abingdon. Will try and do a 13.1 miler this weekend, then tail off in the week back down to 7 miles a day, then back to 10/13/15/18 etc.

Took some banana 'ride shotz' with me last night - ate one just before I finished (1 hour 28) - was REALLY chewy - don't remember them being that chewy at Stratford!

09/09/2009 at 20:39
went down to beginners night at local club last night, nice bunch of people. 5m ish run across fields and a good natter. as the nights draw in will be nice to have some company on some runs.
09/09/2009 at 22:24
Congratulations, marsh - you've joined the Chunder Club! Respec' on massive PB - and having your brekkie afterwards too

D2D, I love my Gel Nimbus for the cushioning and for their versatility: they're happy enough on beach and dune, as well as off road/trail if not too gloopy. Was a big Cumulus fan before that. Good luck for Abo

0620 A fine, bright morning with a gentle NW breeze - over railway and on the trail parallel to the dunes; past Crosby Baths for half a mile before turning back along the beach and tackling the one remaining mega sandbank on the prom. Over the trails to Marine Gardens, finishing with a big tour of Vic. Park.

5 miles, 42 min. JogWatch: 3
10/09/2009 at 07:04

Hi all

My last run was Tuesday morning in Parma, Italy. After Sunday's mega ego-bosting effort, the kit went in the bag and I asked the hotel reception for a suggested route. So down the boulevard, into the park and up a slope onto the top of a castle ramparts. (If it was in the UK, I'd have said it was Napoleonic in date and style, a 5 pointed star, brick built, bastions) They had a loose dressed surface path that is obviously well used by local runners. 1 lap and back to the hotel. I still don't quite understand italian drivers and narrowly avoided being squashed more than once. Also took a morning phone call from hubby, that slightly delayed me - I can't yet run and extract the phone from the back pocket, let alone run and talk!

3.1 miles in 33:17 at quite a relaxed pace (first time out, so not sure how far it would be, nor how hot), 11:06 min miles.

10/09/2009 at 13:17

Hi Everyone,

Was out this morning for what felt like a real taste of Autumn.  The Liverpool city skyline was still turning from orange to "full" daylight colours.  River Mersey was still and the tide was out. Am looking forward to running at sunrise in crisp weather.  Sorry, was wittering on a bit there. 

Did my hill run this morning - 35-ish mins for 5 up & down hills of differing gradients and length.  Nice steady pace, really enjoyed it.

Moggies stalking creepie crawlies or tucked under cars 8

Robin 1

Commuting cyclists 3

Friendly Jog Watch 1

10/09/2009 at 14:20

Swittle Whats the difference between Nimbus and Cumulus apart from the £10 in price?

Ran 6.1 last Monday evening as we had run out of milk and my route went near the shop at the end. Apart from that I'm having to wait until I have finished my return to duties stint before I can resume full training running into work again. Have also had to bin my race plans for the rest of this year as I can't afford any more time off work through injuries til next April (though I reckon I'll sneak a race in before the end of the year if no ones watching!)

10/09/2009 at 15:54

Thanks swittle,

Helen, Sounds nice in Italy .

The clockwise hospital 5k today.

1km - 3.41.00 - Over onto Church Ln no problem, wasn't up as much as I thought I'd be at Kingsmead but up none the less.

2km – 3.41.62 - Again no probs crossing the A41, passed a police car and police man on the railway bridge (there were 6-7 police cars out yesterday as well?) 

3k – 3.52.63 - I was feeling a bit tired around the back of the hospital on the off road section but was still pushing on.

4k – 3.53.61 - was holding up the traffic myself on the road out of the hospital, but I wasn't crossing over or runing on the grass. Worked hard up Countess Way and into Countess View, lost a second crossing at the lights. I knew if I was up at least 20 seconds here the sub 20 still was on.

5k - 4.06.10 - the climb from the railway bridge to Egerton Drive is a lot tougher than I remember, the beeps went off about here so I was up, but was it enough, I kept the pressure on and turned into Wealstone and again pushed to the finish. I think I knew I had enough to spare so never ran to the point of hurling again.

19:14.96 - 6:12m/m.

I think that will be the last full on effort on that course (although a sub 19 doesn't look impossible). I think I'll measure up an new slightly longer course (4 mile?) and run that easy tomorrow and maybe a LSR on Saturday and then start pushing it again.  9 hard 5k's in 9 days (well8 off them where hard) has got to take it's toll.

parkfit and scrambled eggs to finish.

10/09/2009 at 17:24

loving the running right now, daring to push myself rather than just tootle along as usual. Have decided if i can do sub 10m/mile for my long runs then what on earth am i doing that pace on my short runs for, so went out for a quick one this morning

usual 4m route round the village in 36.40, splits 9.25, 9.04, 8.57, 9.11. felt hard but not ridiculously so, and thankfully no need to puke - though i sympathise marsh, having been there before! PB by nearly a minute from last weeks 4m which so impressed me then...

Very pleased with this as have always been 10m/mile but seem to have run this down this summer and can see myself being a 9m/miler, which means the magical 2hr half may be within distance at some point...

10/09/2009 at 19:46

Hanna, I feel just the same at the moment. if I concentrate I can run faster than I thought possible.

Went out tonight to prove to myself that Sunday wasn't an aberation. Weather warm, but a stiffish breeze most of the way out. Same 3.1 mile route in 26:08, or 8:26 min/mile.  That's a minute faster than sunday, so I can do it.  Had a stitch ~ 15 - 16 minutes in, so didn't push too hard up the hill to 20 minutes, but really concentrated on running hard down it and then home. Ache like blazes now, but it's worth it.

Decided that I'm going to concentrate on building up the distance now, just throwing in a hard, fast run occasionally. I ran a 10k in my last running stint and missed the hour by 6:46. Now I seem to have found some speed from somewhere, I'm going to crack that hour.

10/09/2009 at 20:06
Hanna and Helen, outstanding efforts, made up for you and your progress. Onwards and upwards
10/09/2009 at 21:49

Another club track session tonight but tonight we concentrated on building our stamina.  Slightly cooler tonight so those Autumn nights are definitely on the way.  Started off by doing 3 laps as a gentle warm up before doing 400m + 200m recovery, we then did 600m + 200m recovery, 800m + 200m recovery and then finally 1000m +200m recovery.  After a quick rest we then went back down to 800m + 200m recovery and then lastly 600m before finishing off with 2 laps as a cool down.  A good session and worked hard.  Once back home and out of the bath I tucked into a bowl of curried noodles!

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