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10/09/2009 at 22:23
Postie, I find the Nimbus's cushioning deeper without me losing the feel for the surface on which I'm running. I'm 13.5 stones, neutral foot plant, and had read good things about them for heavier runners. I'd had 2 prs of Cumulus and was pleased with them; switched to Saucony Trigon [2 prs], then decided on the Nimbus as a Marathon shoe. Bought a 'last year's model'.

mmmm, noodles

0630 Cooler & crisper but a cracking day on the way - saw same sunrise as Ickle Legs. Round park, over railway & across the grass to the small lake and the Marina's shore - easier to run now as it's being slowly emptied to aid engineering work. Took the tracks north past Esplanade & Marine Gardens, then side roads home.

4 miles, 34:22, JogWatch: 1 HeronWatch: 1 pair.
10/09/2009 at 23:13
Back to running in the dark now with these darker evenings.  Just a quick 2.5 miles tonight, cold a and crisp but made the run all that more refreshing.
11/09/2009 at 18:25

Starting at the Library again I'd mapped a new 7km route to replace the hospital 5k.

I'd memorised it clockwise, but at the last second decide to go  anti-clockwise. I left it til after 4 to run it as well as this is the time I'd run it next week but there was just too much school traffic and too many school kids too get a good clean run so at 1km (4:05.80) I decided to change the route (I actually went the wrong way)

Ended up back on the 5k route and followed it down as far as the turn off Countess Way and decided to go and check out a foot path over the golf course.

Ran up towards Mollington and passed a footpath sign which I didn't think was the one I wanted, but by the time I got to Mollington I'd realised it was so did a U turn.

Got on the path and then went the wrong way straight away (no signs/pointers )and did a big loop of the far end of the golf course and crossed the canal and came back up onto the 5k course.

At the 5k course 2km marker (or 3km depending which way your going) I had a choice; turn left and go back 2km or right and run 3km so I decided to go straight up Parson's Lane and along the A41 and rejoin the course at the Egerton Arms with 1km to go (5:01.21)

5.92 miles - 41;59.53 - 7:05m/m

After a decent/comfortable start I sort of lost interest on the golf course and basically plodded in and was left ultimately unfulfilled.

Edited: 11/09/2009 at 18:27
11/09/2009 at 19:30
Tapering before this Sunday's 'Yorkshireman' "HM" which comes out as 14.8 miles Mind you, I'm not complaining, as I'll be back in my spiritual home running a cracking off-road route with 1750 feet of ascent - forecast's good too! Best of all, free homemade cake, stew & hot drinks at the finish - tremendous value - techie T-shirt too last year

0630 Round the park & up into Blundellsands before crossing to Crosby Baths and back via cycle path & side roads. Cool and misty.

3.1 miles, 27:14, JogWatch: 0
11/09/2009 at 19:30

easy run planned for tonight, was going for 5m but felt hard at 2m so cut back early. think i went out too quick after yesterday, should have throttled back.

4.16m in 40.31

12/09/2009 at 17:53

Last night I found out about a race I was just thinking about the other day and although I wasn't really up for it I thought I'd do it anyway as it was only  a short one.

Frodsham Down Hill Race.

Part of the Frodsham Festival the race started from the Monument and goes down Bellemont Road, School Lane, Church Lane crosses over B5152 and goes down Fluin Lane to finish on the field of the community center.

I ran up to the start from the park on Langdale Road as a warm up and did a few little bits and pieces as I was waiting. I ran a little loop down on the Sandstone Trail and came back to find everyone lined up. So I made my way thru the bushes and braken and squeezed in at the front.

On the sound of the horn we were off and I was suprised by the speed of the start, the first 200m is offroad and I was left behind here a bit, I was about 7th thru the gates and on to the road, then the down hill starts.

On the second bend I'd got back up to third place and that's where I stayed, I was chasing hard but the two lads ahead of me were just too good, (Two young brothers who run for Vale Royal AC)

There are parts of Bellemont Hill which are really quite steep but the flatter bits made for really hard work.

The winner ran an official 5:47, second was 6:18 and I recorded 6:25 but my watch said 6:33.06

So 6:33 for 1.33 miles (365 ft descent) gives an average speed of 4:55 minute miling

I had to run back up to the top to pick up my race t-shirt which I hid in a bush and then went off for a little roundabout jog back to the car. Total mileage 7.18 miles.

13/09/2009 at 11:31

Haven't run in 2 weeks since my 10k race, and a hellish 18mile trek up Ingleborough last weekend. Thought it would be a horrible run getting back in the flow (only a newbie) but have 5k race in 2 weeks and really want to do well (in my eyes!) but wasn't so bad. A few creaks and groans from the legs at first and a bit of a stitch. 

So ran 4.7k in 32:51. Really want to beat my PB of 33:01 in 5k race. Today was hilly (first 2.5k all up hill), so hopefully my flatish 5k race will stand me in good stead?!?!




Elderly lady walking & husband in motorised wheelchair:1

Bloodthirsy rottweilers:2

13/09/2009 at 14:02

another long one today,11 miles in 1.47.05. feeling good just pushing the distance out a little each week. the rather scary consequence of that is that for the first time ever i am seriously contemplating the idea of a marathon - eek!

cyclists - 15 in batches of two and three

idiots on quad bikes - 2

horse riders - 2

quite a sociable run really!

13/09/2009 at 14:14
Just did the great capital 5km, having only ever run 4km before and did it in 25.42 so really happy now, but want my legs amputated
13/09/2009 at 14:17

Swittle thanks for the info

D2D have you sorted out your shoe trouble yet?
If you'tre anywhere near to Abingdon try the local running shop for advice as the people working there are seasoned runners who know what they're talking about.

Still benched for at least another week and my racing plans are now out the window

13/09/2009 at 19:08

Robin Hood HM today, 10 am.  13.1 miles in bang on 2 hours 25 mins.  My first ever HM, so it's a PB!  Mr S and little S came along with me to ride on ferris wheels andeat ice cream.  I manged to meet up with KatB for the warm up before hand after waiting for what seemed like an age in the loo queue.  Let's just say that the warm up reminded me why I don't do aerobics, my complete lack of co-ordination!

Anyway, the race was a lot better than I anticipated, the first 3 or so miles through the city, then into the university grounds onto Wollaton Park which gave most of the race a rather rural feel although we were in the middle of a city.  Lots of local support along the way, plenty of jelly babies on offer and even lawn sprinklers to cool us down.  I found the last 2 miles a real struggle and slowed down a fair amount, so I was really chuffed when I came into the last 300m up to line to see the time on the clock and heard little S shouting his head off tell me to "run mummy run"

Quite an emotional day for me really.  I only started running in April and struggled with 1 1/2 miles then.  So, if this ex couch potato can run a HM in (just) under 2 hours 30, anyone blooming well can.

Now to plot my next race......

13/09/2009 at 20:38

Well done S and lovely to meet you and your lovely family.  Little S is gorgeous.

Well I got a PB in the race of 2hrs 15 mins so I was well chuffed with that.  A whacking 10 mins off my time last year.  I've got to say it seemed hillier this year but maybe that was because I was running a bit faster.  I tried to keep up with the 2h15 pacer but I lost him at about 7 miles.  He was only a little bit in front of me and he had told me he was going for 2h10.  Anyway I kept to my plan and went along with my virtual running partner and was delighted with the results.  I usually slow down really badly, but with pacing myself at the beginning I found I still had the energy to finish strong.

Great day and not too hot.

13/09/2009 at 21:42

Well done Shelscrape and Katb.  I was up and out just after 8am this morning.  Took some water with me this morning as I had 3 glasses of wine last night as it was my birthday .  Went out of Hedon and through Thorngumbald, Camerton and Ryehill.  Was planning on doing 6 miles this morning but when I had got to the 3 mile point (my turn back point) I had actually crossed the road that took me on to my 7 mile route so decided to carry on.  A much cooler day today and as I was on the last stretch to home I got caught in a quick shower which was quite refreshing.  Distance of run today was 7.05 miles in a time of 1hr and 59 secs.  Av Pace of 8.37 min/miles.  

This afternoon we got the bus into Hull to see the start of the Round the World Clipper Race.  A fantastic afternoon by the marina and seeing the Clippers set off along the River Humber on the first leg of their 10 month journey around the world.  Back home and out for tea so a good weekend all round.

13/09/2009 at 22:28
Well done to shelscrape & Katb - outstanding HM performances and a neat time from BSP too. A v. healthy pace by marshallini too - you should try the Meltham Maniac Murder Mile [if my memory serves & if it's still going].

1030 start for the "Yorkshireman" off-road HM. A class BL fell race but there are several flattish sections to pick up pace. Mild, dry weather but none of yesterday's strong sun - phew! - and I had unfinished business as, last year, I blew up badly at 11 miles. Out of Haworth to Penistone Hill, past reservoir & up a beast of a hill, then followed the water conduit before some lumpier stuff took me to Top Withens [not the one that inspired "Wuthering Heights"].

Round the wind farm by Warley Moor reservoir and then a steepish descent for 1.5 miles to Oxenhope where I followed some tricky paths parallel to the stream & the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway. From Haworth Station, too soon I was faced by "Hovis Hill", steep & cobbled, and a final 300 yards up to the finish. Here, stew, bread, cake & hot beverages awaited, as well as a technical t-shirt, making this outstanding value for money. Oh yes, there's a Marathon too - might have a go next year

14.8 miles, 2:33:55 [unofficial] and 16 minutes quicker than last year.
14/09/2009 at 12:36

Great racing from shelscrape & Katb!  ... and a stunnigg 16 min improvement from the steakmesiter himself!

Well, after my 27+ miles last week and my optimistic outlook, I only managed 13 this week!  I'm afraid that Tuesday's shortish run left me feeling worn out ... I clearly hadn't recovered properly from Sunday's 10 miler. So I put the trainers away for a few days.

However, I cycled to work on 4 days last week and so clocked up almost 44 miles on the bike, which included  a "to" and "back" commuting PB on Friday. Particularly happy with the "back" PB ... it was 23:58 but became 22:40 on Monday and then 21:30 on Friday. This is because I'm finally starting to cope with hills! But a very long way to go yet until I'm a cyclist! I then managed my first swim of the year on Saturday morning while my daughter did her swimming lesson ... 900m total with 750m being front crawl.

And then, finally,  MLR ... a hilly 9.7 miler on Sunday morning at 9:10 min/mile, avHR 139 bpm. I felt good for 8+ miles but it was probably too long as my left knee started to ache towards the end ... and my legs still feel battered today!

14/09/2009 at 14:05

Wow!  Well done everyone

Went out 10am yesterday for first attempt at 5 miles in must be 3 years or so.  Have decided to stick to the same loop type route for my LSRs as can plod along and add extra minutes/distance to my previous distance.  Took the same 2 min break as last weeks' 4 miler, I'm encouraged that this short breather is ensuring that I'm getting round the full intended distance rather than my legs having enough too soon.

Was definately a plod rather than stronger run, but am v.pleased in making 5 mile distance as my plan is to be running a good 6 miles by Christmas.

 The weather was v.warm so The Prom was particularly busy with bikes, runners, dog walkers, families etc.  There was plenty of room for all, so it was nice to see people getting out before wintry Sunday turn most peoples' thoughts to sofas & roast dinners.

14/09/2009 at 16:59
Our hard earned Robin Hood marathon in 5:02

Last week Wolverhampton FM in 4:39

This weekend Robin hood in 5:02

Well what a day yesterday was, had a super chat with people and good laugh-

They gave us a super send off behind the wheelchairs - I felt fine, I went 9:30 pace , never set off fast cos I had room to do so, then came the pack -,But this run was to be nothing like last weeks 4:39 sweeping run
I knew just how TOUGH RH first half was, and again the first 10 was tough, but it levelled off after,
University and park was tough as hell, just killed my back,
But we had so much support, I was actually running crying at times - a big thanks to all those who cheered us on, patted me on the back etc

So, I was running fine, I knew last weeks marathon would take it’s toll, got through the 13 mile mark with relative ease -
Then onto the embankment, those tree roots through the tarmac - 13 - 13.5 miles ,gosh did I feel them

Then onwards things were ok, and with my experience I see it as on the way home

So just plodded on, legs tiring, then at around 16 miles, my achillies ( my achillies have been sore for weeks now )and groin started , by 17 miles I was in total agony - I so desperately wanted to give in and say stop

By around 18 and 19 miles there just before lake, and on the lake - there were Ambulances, -marshals, and allsorts got said to me - they really were great
Mick n Phil - good to see you again, everyone, police, St Johns, motor outriders, marshals - they all paid tribute to us
But for anything I could have said, I’m going to call it a day and get in ambulance - but I knew if I could get around the water sport centre that would give me 21 miles and we’d be on the way home,
When I walked I walked as fast as I could walk, when I jogged it killed me, I jogged a little, I walk fast and so no

But what with all the support, I persevered, actually I spent 2 miles thinking of the good things - and then at 21 miles it was as if I’d finished
Off the centre along the Trent river and home, I talked to runners who were in dire trouble, I was walking faster than they were jogging - and then after 23 & 24 I was really on a high, passing the pub at 24, they sang to us

I’m just so glad I worked through that bad patch, I kept saying come on I may be in pain, but I’m not unwell or ill
I saw 25 miles and walked and ran in grinning like a cat drinking milk

Marathon no 36 pushing Phillip was in the bag
Half marathons are no problem, very much like a long fun run, but our marathons are feeling tougher
14/09/2009 at 18:23

Hi all.

Lots of speedy running there, so good on you all.

Tried for a bit further today, and managed 4.1 miles in 46:40, which is a steady 11:23 min/miles. Watch has me at half way in 23:39 and back in 23:01, so not quite sure why back felt slower. Wind had got up a bit and it was quite exposed for the mile or so around the middle. Not too hot though.

Don't like out & back, which the extra distance was, so will have to work on a loop for next time out.

Dog walkers 3
Friendly dog runner 1.

14/09/2009 at 20:12

Didn't run yesterday CBA,

And tonight I wasn't overly bothered either, but come 6:25pm to stave off a fatal late afternoon nap, I decided to go down the club.

Got there and no one was around so waited a bit got bored got back in the car and was half way out the car park when Steve turned up so i reversed back and the run was on!

The old standyby Capenhurst/Sutton Way route, a nice easy pace all the way round

5.46 miles - 39:34.48 - 7:13m/m

14/09/2009 at 20:18
Nice cross-training, Dr. Dan - excellent multi-tasking too

Much respec' to MicknPhil in what sounds more like the Sheriff of Nottingham Marathon

0630 and time for a trot to ease my aching bones & muscles. So glad I got out, 'cos my left knee was v. tight yesterday evening. Eased up a treat now Park, railway & over the grass to the prom; by the Marina and north over the trail for 10 minutes before heading home through the back streets of Waterloo.

4 miles, 34:43, JogWatch: 0
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