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17/09/2009 at 12:39

MLR was 4.1 miles run as intervals.

After Sunday's "shot across the bows", I was wary of a long slow run in case my ITBS flared up ... and didn't see any point in a short slow run ... so I bit the bullet and went out for a hard session.

0.55 miles warm up 9 min.mile/ 135 bpm. Quick stretch, then

INTERVAL 1: 1 mile @ 6:46 min/mile 158 167 bpm (Average/Max). 1 min rest until HR below 115 bpm.

INTERVAL 2: 1 mile @ 7:04 min/mile 159/168 bpm. 1:20 rest until below 115 bpm.

INTERVAL 3: 1 mile @ 7:16 min/mile 155/164 bpm. 1:40 rest until below 115 bpm

and then 0.55 miles warm down (8:28 min/mile, 139 bpm).

17/09/2009 at 16:42

Shelscrape - OWWW!  Hope you're on the mend soon.  Blisters & hospital visit sounds nasty.

Did my "speed work" (I use the term losely) session this morning.  8 reps of 400m at 10k pace (2.30mins) & 200m recovery.  1/2 mile warm up & cool down.  Maintained a good steady pace and enjoyed it.  I'm looking to increase the pace (& possibly) reps in the future. 

I've said it before but the 100m markers over a 3 mile distance take the pressure off my shaky counting skills (I'm numerically challenged at the best of times & far from my best at 6am ).

Was dark when I left the house, but mostly due to cloud cover than it being so early.  The Prom was v.quiet as doggie walkers or cyclists heading to the ferry hadn't ventured out yet.  The temperature was cool & only a slight breeze, so perfect for my third speedwork outing & first attempt at 8 reps (have previously done 3 or 6 reps).  I was out for 50 mins.

 All in all, a great week's effort.  My 1st run to 5 miles in about 3 years, a good hill & speedwork session.  Let's hope I can keep up the momentum. 

17/09/2009 at 17:17

Sounds painful Shelscrape (the foot and the teeth not the photo).

Re GNR, It's been suggested that I park up at the 12 mile mark at 7 am, then walk to the finish to get the metro back to the start.  Of course that means an extra 2 miles on my feet, but if it gets me out of the traffic I don't mind. Mr Katb is going as well and he might prefer to be in South Shields rather than the city centre(non-driver).  He's got less chance of getting lost. What do you think? good idea or not?

 I got out the bumf they send so that I could send off a deferral and started to get excited about the race, so I'm going. I'm not expecting another PB over the distance but I'll try.

17/09/2009 at 21:11

Go for it Katb!

Down to club tonight and there were only 4 of us out for our final track session of the season.  We decided to have an easy night as we have a club handicap race on Sunday of 5.8 miles.  Started off with 3 laps of the track as a warm up before starting on a session where we jogged the bends and sprinted the straights.  We did this for 3 laps before having a 1 lap jog as recovery.  We then got in a line and the person at the back of the line had to sprint to the front and as soon as they got to the front the last person had to sprint to the front etc.  We did this for 3 laps before finishing off with 2 laps as a cool down.  A good short but fun session tonight which meant that I was home early enough to have a glass of wine to celebrate mine and Bobejaan's wedding anniversary.  21 years of happy married life! .  Hope you all have a good weekend and happy racing.

18/09/2009 at 09:49
Happy Anniversary Short Stop and Bobejaan
18/09/2009 at 18:18
ye, happy anniversary, SS & B for yesterday - hope it was full of jelly, cake & sparkling drinks

Big hello to Enrico - well done on your performance! Same message to the good Doctor, for whom no effort is too tough

Katb, you've had good advice and I'm pleased you're running - will look out for you on TV - very best of luck

Haven't caught up on MLR, so I'll post this morning's, with the reassurance that the streak continues
0630 Park, trails & path past Marina, then up beach to Crosby Baths and back to Waterloo by cycle track, footbridge & Victoria Park. Steadyish pace.

5.5 miles, 47:16, JogWatch: 1 HeronWatch: 1 pair

18/09/2009 at 20:48

5.37 miles 36:31.22 - 6:48 m/m

Club run tonight, after another couple of days of disinterest I made an effort to go out.

A decent enough run, not fast, not slow, good company,

Only 16 days until the SandstoneTrail. I can run but I just don't really want to, but I will need to make some kind of effort in the next two mweeksif I want to get round .

18/09/2009 at 22:41


15.6 miles 2 hours:24 minutes.

2 laps of a dull, dull, dull route - the 2nd lap in total darkness

What an absolutely pathetic run. Started off good - been quite looking forward to running 18 miles all day - knocked off the first lap of the route with no problems (even though I had a cumbersome bumbag strapped to me that was jiggling about like crazy and annoying the hell out of me) - ran back to house - gulped down Powerade and threw the bumbag in the door, then headed out again.

Forgot just how soul-destroying multi-lapping is. The further I ran, the darker it got - headed up the 'big long road' in my town (seems to drag on forever even though it only stretches about 3 miles) - only a motorway bridge for scenery and loads of gaps which I gazed into thinking gremlins were going to jump out at me. At one point, I was so bored I was actually wishing some kind of mad man appeared just for the company and entertainment value.

Ran back through town - feeling alright - not great - but not willing to give in the towel yet... past all the slags out on the pull.. past the greasy takeaway joints.. legged it across the junction by the roundabout so I didn't get ran over, then back up past the petrol station (fourth TIME I'd passed it now) - now was the decision - do I go left, down the tree-lined path, back up through town, then back down past the petrol station (to pass it a fifth bloody time) or do I go right and call it a night?

I tried to guesstimate what the mileage would be in my head if I cut the route short - I'd set out to do 18 miles, I knew I had only about 3/4 miles to go to complete it all, but there was just something inside me that really couldn't be bothered.

Maybe it was the running cold and lonely up that dark isolated road, thinking to myself why am I doing this? No one else is out.. at least when I run in the day and see other runners, exchange a nod, a wave, a glance, even a smug look from an elitist - at least it's some kind of communicative optimism - that I'm not the only one in the entire world who puts themselves through this sheer misery and lunacy of running 18 miles on a Friday night...

That was it. My mind has vetoed my body - my body, strangely enough, was feeling pretty freakin' fantastic - my shin was alright, my femur fine and my breathing hadn't acted up once to give me trouble.. but my heart just wasn't in it. Yes, I could have ran those extra 3/4 miles and completed the 18 mile route I'd set out to do - but what would I have achieved? I've ran distances further than that in races so I know I can do it, I wasn't going to receive a medal at the end of the night, and I was starting to think of myself as selfish that I'd left my OH at home waiting for me again as I was out 'enjoying' my running...

Going to take the night off tomorrow. Maybe I'll try an 18 miler again next week and my willpower will be stronger, or maybe I'll just take it easy then go mad at Abingdon. Blah. At least there's pizza in the oven.

Edited: 18/09/2009 at 22:45
19/09/2009 at 18:26

LOL Swittle.  I'll be the one with the red face. 

I'm sat in the hotel at the moment meeting lots of people doing the race tomorrow and the general concensus is to leave the cars here catch the metro to the start then at the end go over on the ferry to north shields to catch the metro from there back. Decisions, decisions.  Just been talking to Phil from Belper harriers if any of you know him.  Nice chap, we're going to head of down to the start with him tomorrow.

We drove down from Lanark this afternoon after a visit to my eldest daughter and intended to go and see hadrian's wall on the way.  Then we had a couldn't be bothered moment and carried on to newcastle.

DTD great blog.

Falcon or some such watch 1

Hadrian's wall watch 0. - how pathetic are we - it was only 21/2 miles from the road.

19/09/2009 at 18:49
Sounds a good plan, Katb - there are bound to be extra Metro trains on. Keep off your feet and hydrated, and grab an early night - always remembering to wind & set your alarm clock But you know all that anyway. We used to set off at 4am and get to S. Shields at 7.30am, where there'd always be just 1 or 2 parking specs about 600 yards from the finish. Toilet stop @ McDonald's, then Metro to the start. I quite fancy another pop at GNR...

Anyhooooo, 4pm Just a short run to bring up 40 miles for the week - park, footbridge, over to dunes & small lake and back via the minor roads. Warm!

2 miles, 18:00, JogWatch: 0
20/09/2009 at 13:31

had a bit of a rough week, friend of mine has been diagnosed with cancer so my running kind of went out the window. However, today's long run seemed a good time to clear my head and grab some space for myself so off i went.
Set off to do 12 miles, only 5 weeks now til Worksop half, but have the Clumber 10K next weekend so short week next week. First couple miles were ok, though the crappy food i've been eating this week was making me feel a bit rough. Got to 5 miles and really felt like it was all too much hard work, but then found myself thinking how hard is it to run 12 miles - fighting cancer is much harder. Felt like my friend was running beside me encouraging me, so picked myself up and carried on. Somehow found some strength and pushed up to 10 miles, was running strong and faster than usual by then, so thought i'd just add in an extra mile from somewhere and make this a practice half.

13.23 miles in 2.05.40

Splits 9.45, 9.39, 9.35, 9.30, 9.39, 9.31, 9.43, 9.27, 9.16, 9.11, 9.20, 9.26, 9.25, 2.15

Certainly helped clear my head, and tired me out - will sleep well tonight for sure. Over half an hour faster than the last time i ran a half marathon. I know this was a flattish run on my own on quiet roads, but it does make it possible that with more training that magic 2 hour barrier could be cracked. Just have to work out how to do it without being so angry with the world.

20/09/2009 at 18:21

Well run Hanna!

Well what a glorious September day we are having.  Today was another of our club 'handicap' races and the distance was 5.8 miles.  First runner went off at 11am and the rest of us at intervals from then on.  I set off 21 minutes after the first runner. The sun was shining brightly and there wasn't a breath of air at all.  I ended up finishing 5th today in a time of 45mins and 22 secs which meant my average pace was 7.45min/miles.  Not my best time for this distance but I did manage to overtake some of the runners who had set off before me.  Nice to be out with the club on such a lovely day.

20/09/2009 at 18:29

16/09/09 - 4.32m -    37'29
Hard to remember what I did so many days later (20/9). An OK run up to the roundabout but still slower than 16 minus's I clocked up before. The A4020 stretch somewhat slower than previous 10:30+'s. I rememer getting held up at the lights briefly so 6.10 to the library was not bad at all. Also a sub 3 from there to home is an OK finsih. That'll do.

20/09/2009 at 18:33
17/09/09 - 4.32m - 37'57
Again no real memory of what I did here. A sluugish first half up to the roundabout (17'33). Didn't pick up much along the A4020. OK down to the library (6'05) and an ok 2'53 to home.
20/09/2009 at 18:40

6.4 miles 1'19.

A bit slower than I'd like but I've not done much recently. Just glad I mage the distance, was hot too!

Nice flat run along the canal although I think it was National Don't Say Hello Day. I may have looked knacered but I could manage a hello unlike most of the walkers/cyclists who passed me. Oh well, you can't win 'em all!

20/09/2009 at 18:41

19/09/09 - 11.98m - 1'34'22
After a couple of small runs in the week I decided I had to rack up some miles. I felt really tired when I woke at 5am but decided I was going out anyway. Raced away and reached Bridge point 10'18, this was OK. the pedestrian lights next 9'47, this was a little better. The A40 10'01 was OK but pace was s,lowing, I should be under 10. Oxford point better with a nifty 9'20. Rockingham point just under 10 minutes at 9'58. the houses next were just under 9'50 and weirdly enough Robbie Bell Bridge was 9'50 also. A good run past the Hospital and up the Harington Road saw Nicholl's point click at 10'49. I had a brief stop over the A4020 then continued on to the library 11'30 and the final section was 2'54, at least under 3 for that!
Overall glad I ran the longer distance although I felt like crap really.

Jog Spotted - Only one!

20/09/2009 at 18:58
20/09/09 -    6.71m - 1'00'25
Well again I woke up much the same as yesterday. I went to bed early and woke an hour later. I also had to fit a run in before taking Billy to a bowling party for 10am. The original plan of the ritual 8+ was therefore curtailed and I had to settle for an hour. New route of just under 7 was the chosen distance. I felt realkly knackered again and o thought I would be like last week, I would feel great soon enough. Actually I felt tired and and had a bloated stomach, not a great feeling. Started off after my stretches reaching the library in 2'52. Halfway up Long Lane there was no extra zip, I was sluggish. Crossed at the far side of the lights and the chip shop in 5'57, faster this way than homeward bound unsurprisingly. i tried to open up going in to Uxbridge but I never happened, I got to the roundabout 11'04!
I got to the Park point 9'38 that was OK and I carried on over and down Swakeleys Road, reaching the ped lights 8'37. The next break was bridge point 10'36 OK as I was now feeling rough again. An inpromtu stop on the A40 slip corner and then home. A pretty poor run both physically and time wise but the addiction continues.
20/09/2009 at 19:31
3.45pm A glorious early Autumn day - blue skies, a gentle westerly and not as warm as for the GNRers. Throught Vic Park and up into Blundellsands, then off road through Sniggery Wood - love that name - through lovely Little Crosby and off road round the Wood Wall enclosing St Joseph's Hospice. Short stretch of main road through Thornton and back into Little Crosby, picking up the wide track of Dibb Lane. To the Coastguard Station & on the trail by the golf course, turning back on the coastal path, down the beach to Crosby Baths and home over the dunes & grass. I set off slowly and ran within myself, so I was rarely breathing hard

14.5 miles, 2:00:12, JogWatch: 4
20/09/2009 at 20:54

I've just got home after an arduous car journey back from GNR.  I'll blog my report and put a link in tomorrow.  Briefly - drove to Sth Shield and left car.  just caught the last bus back to the start. Toilet queue for about 3/4 hr then long walk to my pen. managed to high five Sting. Lots of fun on the way round but I'll put all that in my blog.  Weather fantastic red arrows superb as always. 2hr24 official time, but had a loo stop so I reckon 2hr 20 - 22. Verrry hilly but made it safely to the end and home. One more box ticked.

20/09/2009 at 20:57

20/09.09 - 9.87m - 1 hr 29 mins

Didn't start out with great hopes about my run tonight. OH and I have been arguing since the early hours of this morning so I've been exhausted and had zero energy/optimism today. Run started out alright - the clouds and beautiful autumn coloured trees probably helped - ran the first 6 miles or so nicely, at a fair pace.. .ran through town.. always like how bare it is on Sunday evenings.. almost like you can sense everyone is tucked up in bed setting their alarms for the morning.. back up the long road, then crossed over through all the trees... had my new flashy flashy red Crane Bike Aldi light clipped on me today and my tight HH top that I got in an outlet store - feeling gooood although also felt like my stomach was eating itself out of extreme hunger even though I slurped more than half of OHs banana milkshake earlier on and have been eating pain au choc for breakfast like it's going out of fashion..

shoved a jelly bean in my mouth and started chewing on the way up to Tesco where I swing round the lamp post and come back on myself... feeling bad about conflict between OH and I.. run back promising myself I'll give him a big hug and say sorry when I get in the door, but usual story when I get home - collapse on the door step, OH opens the door and gives me a pint glass of water/ice - I cried for a bit (bit of an emotional wreck at the moment) then got up and wrote down my time on my weekly log. 55.9 miles this week. Not too shabby.

Terrible week, want to forget it. 4 weeks 'til Abingdon - pretty sure I need to start tapering soon as I get the feeling I'm exhausting myself physically again. Took it easy last night - did bugger all which is a rarity for me - had a ginger bath and a slab of galaxy - sheer indulgence - did a quick spider check before getting in and then soaked until the water went cold... got to thinking how anyone could choose an ice bath over that..

Going to try and find an Ashtanga Yoga class for next week.. want to work on being able to breathe deeper, slower and more intense - also, want to be able to get my flexibility back on track so I can do the splits like when I used to do karate and get the muscles surrounding my femur feeling confident enough to stride out properly again instead of taking stumpy steps (good cadence-wise - nice 'n' high, but terribly boring when I want to stride out and speed off..)

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