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20/09/2009 at 21:38

Nice runnign folks ... lookign forward to the full report katb!

MLR was a tempo run ... 5 miles in 41 min 02 sec @ 8:12 min/ pace. Ended up as a night run at 8:15 on A65 to Kirkstall Morrisons and back.

It was my 7 year-old's b'day party which I spent the day helping to prepare ... and then execute. Very noisey and exhausting ... our house is wrecked ... but good fun. Missed the Kirkstall Valley Trail as a result, so felt obliged to get out for a run afterwards despite being tired. Slight tachy attack (205 bpm spike which I felt) but otherwise a good run. Actually I did feel a bit yuk a couple of times due to drinking 2 glasses of wine and eating even more pizza + cake at 5pm ... but served me right.
20/09/2009 at 22:23

Well done Katb, D2D

This morning I went up to Gulden Sutton on my bike to watch the "Sutton 6" 10k race, came home and fell asleep, woke up and after a while decided to go for a run. Yesterday I did nothing again due to a raging case of CBA!

Set off and after about 20 meters I wanted to quit but didn't! This went on for 300+ meters, every 5-6 steps it was like someone was pulling me down and I'll be honest I was almost reduced to tears "why the f&*k can't I run!!!!!!"

Anyway I managed to push on thru this initial mental anguish and got to the A41, By the tiem I turned in ot Foxall way I was actually feeling quite good, both physically and mentally!  I ran to the end of the maze of cul-de-sacsand realised I'd missed my tunring, I sort of stopped to ask someone "how to get thru to Gorsthills School"  they gave me directions and as I ran down Berry Drive passed the school I noticed the school was no longer there!!

Along Wetheby Way I spotted a jogger and chased him down, but stayed on the opposite side of the road, Over Ledsham and round Hilcrest where I spotted a poster on a lampost for a fun run so I stopped to investigate that, but can't for the life of me remember where it was.

I went down Links Ave and turned on to a footpath towards the golf course, but nthis wasn't the path I thought it was and was forced to run about 300m offroad, under trees with no light.

Running up towards Overpool I was starting to lose interest and was about to turn right and head home when Graham drove passed beeped his horn and this gave me just the lift I needed and I went down Rossmore Rd East instead.  down to teh M/Way and along the service road then under the M/way around the Boat Museum and along the canal.  (1.8 miles - 7:10m/m)

Off the canal and thru Sainsburys and an odd loop round Cheshire Oaks with 500m splits (2.21.19 - 2.10.52 - 2.18.63 - 2.19.21) Up to the club and I got there at 1:24 with half a mile to get home I decided to go thru the groves to get a full 90 minutes.

 12.41 miles - 1:30:49.12 - 7:19 m/m

More than happy with that considering the start was sooooo bad!

21/09/2009 at 10:38

Some good running going on here. I have just decided to enter Edinburgh Marathon, so am building up a longer road run once every 3 weeks on top of my other running which is all off road.

I have no choice but undulating countryside where I live for road running. So my next test was 14 miles yesterday on a pretty warm day, from Kirkby Malzeard through little villages like Galphay, Winksley, and Grantley. Mostly quite quiet roads, but from about 5.5 miles to 8.5 miles it is uphill, then downhill for 2 miles. My target was 8 min miles, so 1:52 and I did 1:49:41 so happy with that. No knee soreness this time afterwards so I must be adjusting. My plan is to do one every 3 weeks like this and add one mile to it each time so I have done 23 miles by the Marathon next year. I'll be happy to go under 4 hours for Edinburgh but if I keep this average up I might manage 3:30-3:45 which would be great.

21/09/2009 at 12:47

Hello Everyone,

 Just been catching up on all the posts since Friday, sounds like a tough time has been had by some.  Chin up, guys.  Am sending lots of positive vibes.

Rather than my LSR, I switched my schedule & did my Hills route.  I'd overdone the wine on Saturday night, so thought it best to postpone my LSR rather than mess it up & add to my current stress/frustration levels which are peaking due to work hassles at the mo'.  I didn't get out until 1pm as I spent the morning re-hydrating & watching GNR.  Weather was scorchio & The Prom was busy, but awarded myself a Gold Star for effort & getting out.

Thoroughly enjoyed watching the GNR, I've added James Cracknell to my Eddie Izzard list of idols.  I got all sentimental for the 2 times I did it.  Then realised it was 2000 & 2001, which makes old!  OMG   It's given me a boost to continue with my plan to run the Liverpool Half Marathon in 2011. 

Have a great week, all

21/09/2009 at 13:23

hi everyone

thank you swittle for your nice words. not only for me but you write for all runners..

my encouragement for your next great races .

good training for all


21/09/2009 at 14:23
Lunchtime today with work colleague Dave - started out from the office in London E1 at 12:36 - run to Wapping and then St Katherine's Dock, Tower of London, Thames path to London bridge, HMS Belfast, Tower Bridge and back at 13:18 - good steady pace throughout dodging the myriads of tourists and other runners alongside the river - lovely day for a run and just about cooled down now.
21/09/2009 at 19:13
Our day at Tough & HILLY Great Langdale HM in 3:03

Sunday 20 the September saw us take on our 195th HM together, it was our 332nd race together in total

Only problem with it - ( if ever there was one ) is that it’s not flat or undulating , it’s not just a little hilly, in actual fact it’s HILLY as can be, and when there isn’t 1in 3 ascents to climb, there’s long drags, and short but steep climbs

There isn’t any flat bits, it’s either UP or DOWN, oh apart from the first mile, it’s sort of flattish

Oh we’d been there before and run it in the opposite direction, in 2:44 , 2:45, & 2:47 - but only this time I had still in my legs two marathons from two previous weeks, and before Phillip was younger and lighter and I was younger - not the old man I am now at 51

But it was a fabulas day - a day I wouldn’t have missed for anything - we prepared as normal, had a good chat and laugh with many people that we know, and met a few people that are new to us

We set off nice and quietly 10 minutes early, I was really looking forward to this event with a difference, we approached the mile and then came the ascent up the first HILL the 1in 3 , a tough little bugga, then came the main pack, even some of them were having trouble with it

We got to the top and moved on, down, up and down, it was so wonderful, so perfect, scenery just unbelievable.

I knew it would be tough and slow, but I was happy, we chatted and laughed on route with others, walkers cheered us on people in cars cheered - motor bikers and cyclists gave us a huge cheer on

I knew what it was all about, I had no fears at all, but I did know that come 9 miles I would tire after the marathons of the last two weeks
It hurt going down more that it did going up - one mistake going down holding 11 stone of wheelchair back and you can be in deep trouble,

The long drags were sapping, but my relaxed body and mind really helped me cope with that - but at the main road crossing at Skelwith bridge , came that steep little hill, and then the long drag until we turned left and went down to 10 miles, that drained me - I really had to dig in with everything

Then came the approach to Chapel Style were I just gently went through up the rise , the long drag, then saw 11 miles, up the drag out of the village, and moved quietly towards 12 miles and the finish-

Cars were approaching us, some were people who had finished the race, they all cheered us

We finished in real proud style in 3 HOURS and 3 MINUTES, but I wasn’t bothered about that - we had finished , we had proved we could still do it - if we can conquer Great Langdale still we can conquer anything

Now I know and have proved to myself once again that I still have plenty of running left in me,

We were told in 2003 when we ran it for the first time, that we’d NEVER get around it , strange ahh, 4 times now !!
I am just so chuffed about it I can tell you
21/09/2009 at 19:59

Same club run as last Monday, 5.46 miles but a minute slower 40:30.75 (7:25m/m) Felt full of running tho.

Well done mickandphil

Ciao Enrico

21/09/2009 at 20:55

Here's the link to my blog for GNR.  It's a bit long and I've rushed it, so apoligies if it doesn't quite read properly, I've not edited it yet.

I was 25396th - there's something to be proud of

Edited: 21/09/2009 at 21:00
21/09/2009 at 20:58

20/-9/09 Great North Run

 great day, fantastic weather, albeit a little on the warm side (saw a lot more people recieving treatment, especially on the last mile, i hope everyone was ok), but enjoyed (most) of the run this year, finishing in 1hr50min 54sec

 was comfortabley running 8min10sec miles for about the 1st 9 miles but slowed quite a bit for the last 3-4, splits of 25min 5km, 50min for 10km, 1hr 16min for 15km and was feeling really good, but my hips tightened up on me towards the end, think i lacked enough long runs from my training, was a bit gutted not to make a 1hr 40 something, but it was still a half marathon PB by 3 mins, looking forward to building up a bit more distance in my legs and putting the pace dwn for the whole run, felt really good to be passing a lot more people than were passing me.

 sore today, but not as much as previous years so i must be doing something right, going to try to push under 8 mins miles for my longer runs and go for a 1hr 45m half next time

21/09/2009 at 23:22

UpHillDownDale - what a beautiful place to live & train!  Your build up plan sounds excellent - good luck! 

That's a cracking blog, Katb, and brings back memories of when I ran GNR.  TBH, I would never call it a hilly course but that was when I was quite fit   Don't think your recollections need much editing - I had no reluctance heading for the trees at the start!

 Rob, that's a good time on a warm day and you bagged a PB

0625  Recovery run round the park, over to the dunes and back down the beach at Crosby, returning home via the lakes and trail by Marine Gardens.  Perhaps a mile too far after yesterday's LSR.

5 miles, 42:00, JogWatch: 1 

22/09/2009 at 06:36
22/09/09 -  2.2m - 18'01
A nice little run out to fit in before the madness of the kid's routine. Decided I was going to go out after waking at 5am. i thought I have to run something. So as time drifted on it had to be a 2.2 to allow time at home. Reasonably warm outside and dark. A nice unbroken run up to the top and back. No real problems other than perhaps I could have gone on and run more but such is life.
22/09/2009 at 07:19

good morning at all 

hi marshallini thank you

and ..good training to everyone

22/09/2009 at 11:12

Good morning to you too, Enrico - I hope you're well and training hard

0630  A windier day but still warm.  Headed through the park, over railway and took the trails to the Marina, where my friendly heron stood stock still at the water's edge as I ran past.  Up the prom to the smaller lake and over the grassy expanse, then home through the park again.  Still feeling Sunday's road work

4 miles, 32:15, JogWatch:0

22/09/2009 at 12:51

Hi swittle and nice day to everyone


next sunday 09/27 10k official contest and then october 4 i'm going to run an HM. twice in a week i'm training on the red athl. path .  

good run (still warm eeeeeee..... i know it)


22/09/2009 at 13:11

3.2 miles at lunchtime in 27:31. My last run this week as I'm off tomoroow for a quick work trip to China ... back on Sunday but not in time for the Horsforth 10K.

22/09/2009 at 13:11

Hello, I am new to this.

Just got in, 5miles  33.25 (bit hilly, v v windy) all on boring pavements, no other joggers/runners in sight. I (power) walker who I passed twice and she looked a lot happier than me second time I saw her!

V pleased with the time (my effort run).


22/09/2009 at 13:23

Hi Paul, sounds good, you could be on target for a 40 min 10k if you can keep/move that pace forwards.

 Personally, 7 sluggish, heavy miles last night, although went past a large selection of The Stragglers who were out on one of their club nights.

22/09/2009 at 13:32

Thanks Le Gav, that is my aim, (maybe in the spring).

Fingers crossed.

Great thread really enjoy reading about everyones efforts. All good stuff.


ps - wish I had not waited til my late 30's to start running!

22/09/2009 at 13:34

8 miles last night from London E1 to Blackheath - started slow and finished strong - run to Wapping and then on to Limehouse, around the Isle of Dogs, through the Greenwich Foot Tunnel and up the side of Greenwich Park (Vanburgh Hill taking its toll as usual).

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