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21/09/2009 at 20:58

20/-9/09 Great North Run

 great day, fantastic weather, albeit a little on the warm side (saw a lot more people recieving treatment, especially on the last mile, i hope everyone was ok), but enjoyed (most) of the run this year, finishing in 1hr50min 54sec

 was comfortabley running 8min10sec miles for about the 1st 9 miles but slowed quite a bit for the last 3-4, splits of 25min 5km, 50min for 10km, 1hr 16min for 15km and was feeling really good, but my hips tightened up on me towards the end, think i lacked enough long runs from my training, was a bit gutted not to make a 1hr 40 something, but it was still a half marathon PB by 3 mins, looking forward to building up a bit more distance in my legs and putting the pace dwn for the whole run, felt really good to be passing a lot more people than were passing me.

 sore today, but not as much as previous years so i must be doing something right, going to try to push under 8 mins miles for my longer runs and go for a 1hr 45m half next time

21/09/2009 at 23:22

UpHillDownDale - what a beautiful place to live & train!  Your build up plan sounds excellent - good luck! 

That's a cracking blog, Katb, and brings back memories of when I ran GNR.  TBH, I would never call it a hilly course but that was when I was quite fit   Don't think your recollections need much editing - I had no reluctance heading for the trees at the start!

 Rob, that's a good time on a warm day and you bagged a PB

0625  Recovery run round the park, over to the dunes and back down the beach at Crosby, returning home via the lakes and trail by Marine Gardens.  Perhaps a mile too far after yesterday's LSR.

5 miles, 42:00, JogWatch: 1 

22/09/2009 at 06:36
22/09/09 -  2.2m - 18'01
A nice little run out to fit in before the madness of the kid's routine. Decided I was going to go out after waking at 5am. i thought I have to run something. So as time drifted on it had to be a 2.2 to allow time at home. Reasonably warm outside and dark. A nice unbroken run up to the top and back. No real problems other than perhaps I could have gone on and run more but such is life.
22/09/2009 at 07:19

good morning at all 

hi marshallini thank you

and ..good training to everyone

22/09/2009 at 11:12

Good morning to you too, Enrico - I hope you're well and training hard

0630  A windier day but still warm.  Headed through the park, over railway and took the trails to the Marina, where my friendly heron stood stock still at the water's edge as I ran past.  Up the prom to the smaller lake and over the grassy expanse, then home through the park again.  Still feeling Sunday's road work

4 miles, 32:15, JogWatch:0

22/09/2009 at 12:51

Hi swittle and nice day to everyone


next sunday 09/27 10k official contest and then october 4 i'm going to run an HM. twice in a week i'm training on the red athl. path .  

good run (still warm eeeeeee..... i know it)


22/09/2009 at 13:11

3.2 miles at lunchtime in 27:31. My last run this week as I'm off tomoroow for a quick work trip to China ... back on Sunday but not in time for the Horsforth 10K.

22/09/2009 at 13:11

Hello, I am new to this.

Just got in, 5miles  33.25 (bit hilly, v v windy) all on boring pavements, no other joggers/runners in sight. I (power) walker who I passed twice and she looked a lot happier than me second time I saw her!

V pleased with the time (my effort run).


22/09/2009 at 13:23

Hi Paul, sounds good, you could be on target for a 40 min 10k if you can keep/move that pace forwards.

 Personally, 7 sluggish, heavy miles last night, although went past a large selection of The Stragglers who were out on one of their club nights.

22/09/2009 at 13:32

Thanks Le Gav, that is my aim, (maybe in the spring).

Fingers crossed.

Great thread really enjoy reading about everyones efforts. All good stuff.


ps - wish I had not waited til my late 30's to start running!

22/09/2009 at 13:34

8 miles last night from London E1 to Blackheath - started slow and finished strong - run to Wapping and then on to Limehouse, around the Isle of Dogs, through the Greenwich Foot Tunnel and up the side of Greenwich Park (Vanburgh Hill taking its toll as usual).

22/09/2009 at 15:16

First run since I'm now officiallty healed. Out the dooer for the short route to work. Seemed a bit strange after nearly 5 weeks running in the dark but always puts me in a better mood. I did try and run one evening a couple of weeks ago but the time of day didn't suit me as my body wasn't properly fuelled and felt like I had "hit the wall" after 3 miles.

Have kept my eye on the thread while I've been benched so welcome to all the new people and well done to those compkleting their target races. Theres nothing like the feeling of finishing a big race after plenty of build up and the sense of acheivement is always great. 

3.5 miles in 25' 05" @ 7:10 mm

Jogwatch 0

YT: approx 760, MT 9.6 (including 6.1 attempt a couple of weeks ago)

Am currently reading "Born to Run" which is giving me plenty of new things to think about as I start to think about next years race season.

22/09/2009 at 16:22

"Born to Run" ... what a great book.  I was quite sad when I finished it as I wanted it to go on and on. Are you enjoying it Postie? And do you still wear trainers?  

A nippy run by the way ... especially for a "first run back".

Edited: 22/09/2009 at 16:23
22/09/2009 at 18:43

For anyone who hasn't done GNR here it is in 2 mins.  Whilst it doesnt seem all that hilly, just check out the gradient all the way along the route

ps where this shows going on the underpass, i went on the flyover so another hill.

Edited: 22/09/2009 at 18:44
22/09/2009 at 18:57

I have 2 runs to report, one to be taken more seriously than the other.

Sun 20Sept - annual chair carrying half mile. The family go to Goodwood revival meeting every year, and always sit in about the same place (top of the bank at madgewick corner, looking down the straight, between the TV camera and the marshall's post). in order to bags out favourite place, we're there before the gates open (that's 7:30 am - not a time that usually exists on a Sunday morning), with fold up chairs, picnic rugs, lots of cameras, umbrellas, coats, suntan lotion - you name it, we've got it. Any way, gates open, we pile in and the "youngsters" (includes me?!) set off with the chairs to get out pitch. So, half a mile at a slow trot carrying 2 fold up chairs, wearing hiking boots, 3 layers and a coat. Time not recorded...

Tonight, funny evening, overcast, strong breeze and humid. felt like it ought to rain hard, but hasn't. Back's been playing up, aching rather a lot (the run above didn't exactly help) so I wasn't sure whether to go or not, but decided that it might help loosen me up a bit. Same run as last week, 4.1 miles in 46mins 25. Works out as 11:19 min miles, so not too bad (for me) and a little faster than last time out. Back not feeling too bad and the bath's curently running, so a nice soak to follow..

22/09/2009 at 20:42

Wirral Multi-Terrain Series Race 4

Cherry Orchard, Arrowe Park.

4.48 miles - 28:27.17 - 6:21m/m

The last race in the series and since I missed the first two nothing to race for overall, but I was hoping to get one back on the girl from Liverpool and the lad from Penny lane who beat me last week.

Set off a lot harder than last week but settled down quite quickly. Entering the woods I had our top female runner just ahead and I soon passed her, then my sights were set on another club mate. I was gradually reeling him in but wasn't going to push too hard too soon.

As we exited the woods and crossed the football pitches everyone except me ran thru someones kick about and I even mid stride managed to kick their ball back. At this point I also passed Jon. From here on th there is a long drag and I was expecting to get passed by a few runners her, but wasn't.

I made up some more ground on other runners once over the crest of the hill and then we were on to lap two.

I was still running well and I think I made up a place or two in the woods, but on the climb I did lose two places, one of which I soon got back tho, I pushed hard to the finish and came in at 33rd place same as last week, but a fare bit down on my targets, I deffo think I made better progress than most on the particularly tough beach section last week. and just didn't have the speed for towards smoother course.

Good solid run tho, I'm happy

(Last years results as a comparison 31st in 27:25 - 6:07 m/m)
22/09/2009 at 20:49

22/09/09 - 6.9 miles - 54 mins: 22 seconds

Alright run, nothing special, then again, didn't have high hopes. Been feeling really lethargic today - didn't help that I was stuck inside freelancing. Realised that although the wind was fierce and autumnal-like outside, that it wasn't actually that cold. Realised also that my short-sleeved wicking top (over sports bra, under high-vis sleeveless shell) was making me very hot within 10 minutes so it was going to be a hot run grr.

Ran up the big long road, under the motorway bridge - passed what looked like the running club doing a speed session - get the feeling they look at me as if to say 'why aren't you running with us?' - just hope none of them recognise me as D2D..

Ran past the 'crime stoppers - did you see anything?' sign which made me think how fortunate I was to be alive. Decided to run/slide into some autumn leaves, then thought how stupid it was after I'd done it and that I was lucky to still be standing up! Still, the inner child in me couldn't resist..

Ran back up through town - thought it was peculiarly busy for a Tuesday night. Lots of swaggering folk about, looking like they were drunk. Passed an 'all you can eat' Chinese buffet sign which made me feel even more sick since I've been eating falafel and sun dried tomato on toast all day - plus the 'Taste the Difference' belgian chocolate cake that I got in the reduced section of Sainsbury's yesterday - oh deary me.

Didn't feel much at all on this run - certainly no runner's high - more like runner's heat in my 3 layers. The little bit of plastic on the end of my left lace also dug into my foot and bled throughout the run. I couldn't be bothered to get down and move it ('get down and move it' sounds suspciously dance-y) so just ran through the mild pain.. I've felt worse. I don't like my laces tied in bows and jangling out over my tongues though - it looks clown-like and makes me think I'm going to get them tangled in something and trip over. Paranoid, much?

Made it home in a normal time - still taking it easy, not really putting much effort in - just going the distance, racking up the miles in time for Abingdon. Will attempt an 18 miler again this Friday but won't beat myself up if I just manage 15 again..

OH and I are planning on going on an evening walk tonight to the midnight ice cream parlour in Oxford to get some yummy sorbet. I will have sorbet and he will have ice cream. That is generally how it goes. I'm going to wrap up snug - although it was warm and humid running this eve, I feel a chill is in the air now as the clock creeps further into the night..

22/09/2009 at 21:13

7.04m run in a circular route

wind in my face on the way out........and on my way back the wind had changed directions and was in my face again!!

It blew the cobwebs away

A easy/steady run in 1hr 6mins

22/09/2009 at 21:25
D2D get a 99 for me please - with raspberry sauce. yummy
Edited: 22/09/2009 at 21:25
22/09/2009 at 22:09

Wow some great reports on here as usual.  Tonight was back down to club and there was only 6 of us out.  Finally finished our track sessions and after Sunday's race we decided on having a nice gentle jog/run around the outskirts of Withernsea.  As we came onto the promenade the tide was in and the sea was so calm and gentle lapping against the rocks.  I love to run along the promenade and watch the sea as I'm running along.  I love living near the coast.  Finished off back at the lighthouse from where we started.  Out running for a total time of 47 mins and 43 secs tonight and that included running back to pick up one of the youngsters who was out with us and a bit slower than us.  We didn't want to leave him on his own as the nights are getting darker now and there are plenty of youths hanging about.  Not sure of distance tonight but enjoyed the run.

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