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26/09/2009 at 11:35

10 min warm up then 5 x 1K intervals, 400m rest in Richmond Park, managed to time it spectacularly badly so that my last 1K finished just at the top of Test Hill. I thought my lungs were going to explode on that last one, or I was going to see my pain au chocolat again.

 Either way, it was a pretty good run, good to get some speedwork in, sorely needed if I'm going to try and get any decent times in my upcoming HMs!

 Jog watch: About 50.

Labrador's running in front of pair of joggers nattering resulting in jogger/pavement chin grind scenario: 1

(PS if that was anyone on here, hope you're OK!)

26/09/2009 at 18:40

thanks for the support Le Gav!

today's was a recovery run, getting ready for tomorrow's Clumber 10K. nice easy run out early with the dogs again. Thankfully my Lab knows not to run in front of me or he gets his back end booted!

3.15m in 32.45

26/09/2009 at 18:47
Just did 13.5 miles at around 9:15 pace.  Fairly sedate but my hips were hurting at the end!
26/09/2009 at 19:27

The usual short Saturday saunter today, all on the road, which is most unusual for me.  After Victoria Park, I ran into Crosby and under the railway line at Blundellsands before heading back on a parallel route t' other side of the line.  Still warm but no sign of the sun.

2.5 miles, 22:39,  JogWatch: 0 

26/09/2009 at 23:03

25/09/09 (yesterday) 15.6 miles : 2 hours : 24 minutes

Ok, so I am officially a loser. Set out to do 18.9 again and cut it short at 15.6. I think the problem is that I'm running my LSR on a Friday night - as my OH says, it's the end of the week, you're thinking, it's dark - I'm the only one out here, everyone else is probably either in bed or eating takeaway, and I'm putting myself through this hell...

Ran sans-bumbag this time though and preferred it (who wouldn't prefer not having a great big 90s eyesore slapping against your groin every time you pound the pavement) - took a swig of Powerade before I left, then ran back into the close, grabbed the remaining Powerade (which I'd left tucked under a bush) and carried on back round for the 2nd loop. Tired and bored as usual, 'Tears in Heaven' by Eric Clapton almost sent me to sleep - I actually thought to myself is it possible to fall asleep whilst running? - whilst running. (Also thought about the comment my mum made earlier on about seeing a horse 'lying on its side' in a field and not being able to decide whether it was dead or asleep..)

Thankfully (though quite ironically), Faithless' 'Insomniac' picked me up for what I like to call the 'long hard road' in the pitch black around 8:30pm. A few cars dotted down the almost invisible route ahead which made it seem a bit safer than last week. Decided not to look into the big gaps of blackness and imagine monsters this time and didn't feel too paranoid about getting chucked into the back of a van and never being able to see loved ones again.

Ran round the usual route and decided way before I'd got to the end of the road where I usually decide whether to carry on/wimp out & go home that I was going to cut it short again - decided that I definitely had the physical stamina to carry on and was actually feeling pretty strong in my body, though again, my mind and heart just weren't devoted to the distance - boom boom

Turned my iPod off around mile 14 and just listened to my breathing/sound of the distant cars going past, almost heaved at the greasy pub churning out the usual extractor fan crap. OH had got Powerade and ice cold water ready for when I collapsed on the front porch which was nice. Got inside, blow-dried myself to get warm and wrapped myself in a big fuzzy blanket. Thought about how rubbish it was that I had to get up this morning but then thought it's not so bad since I was picking up a 2nd hand violin that I'm going to try and master.

Spent the entire day doing boring things like getting new Asics off the crap shop who sent them off for inspection. Not really looking forward to breaking them in again since I'm quite accustomed to these Mizunos now.. we've been through a lot together in a short space of time and I'm pretty sure they lost their endurance virginity when they bled on last week's LSR - nothing major, just a little piggy rubbing.

Learnt to play Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star earlier on the violin and decided it didn't sound too screechy at all. I'd be lying if I was saying I was taking it up solely to enjoy the beautiful music that will one day echo out of the wood - a hidden agenda of getting back certain neighbours with migraine-inducing screaming brats seems more fitting somehow.

Obviously, took the night off running tonight. Feeling good. Liking the feeling that I am actually a person and not just a runner. Also, painted my toenails and only one of them is slightly grey - no blackies for me atm

Hope everyone else's training is going well..

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26/09/2009 at 23:46

You're quite funny D2D.

Join a club, you shouldn't be doing all this running on your own.

27/09/2009 at 10:50

Thanks ZZ, that's quite a compliment coming from you.

I would join a club, but I've been put off somewhat seeing as the entirety of my local running club lapped me twice the other night not sure whether they were doing speed sessions or something but they were going very fast. (I wasn't exactly going slow but wasn't pushing myself seeing as I was going to be out for a while)

Also, didn't seem to be a group of 'mixed abilities'. Maybe it was the 7 minute miling group or something. Does get a bit lonely on my long runs though.

27/09/2009 at 11:03

You are more than capable. You are already above average for a female club runner.

Club runs are usually quality based, so the sessions will be shorter and faster. This is what you need. All the long slow runs can wear you down.

All clubs are mixed ability, there will definitely be a group you can train with.

27/09/2009 at 11:10

But will there be a group that don't know me as D2D? Ha. Wouldn't say I'm above average either. How do you figure that?

Are you in a club?

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27/09/2009 at 11:26

Of course I'm in a club.

I think most people will admire your commitment. Average female club runner is about 45-50min/10K or 1' 40"-1' 50"/half. OK there will be a few that go faster, but not many will be going under 40min/10K.

You need structure to improve. It's not just a simple matter of pounding out miles.

27/09/2009 at 12:12

Yeah, I've realised that. I didn't even used to schedule in proper LSRs to be honest, just did whatever distance I felt like doing. At the minute, I run every day in the week then do an LSR on a Friday night. Take the whole of Saturday off then run either 6.9 or 9.8 miles on Sunday night.

Where did you get that average female club runner info from - or are you just generalising?

If you liked my blog, you'll probably like this.. - other random, bizarre stories. Some connected with running, some not. 

27/09/2009 at 12:20

My last run was complete and utter crap! I'm really really cross with myself.

Big fun run at Willen lake, Milton Keynes. 5k, reasonably flat, some inclines, but nothing you'd describe as a proper hill. field of ~ 500 runners. On paths/gravel rather than roads, no traffic, but not closed paths. rather warm, little shade and no breeze to speak of.

Set out with a target of 30 mins and completely fluffed it. 5k in 31:08. 10.01 min miles.  Yes, it's a PB by ~ 30 seconds, but I'm furious! Splits of 5:19, 6:33, 6:21, 7:14, 5:39. OK, so it might not be the most acurately measured course in the world, but there's no excuse for splits as utterly random as that. I went out too quick, I knew it while I was doing it and still I did it.


27/09/2009 at 12:22

Ah, Willen Lake is pretty Helen, full of dogs though. (The area, not the lake)

It looks rather sunny today though - haven't been out yet. Was it warm there?

You were only 1 minute off and got a PB? I don't understand why you're annoyed...

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27/09/2009 at 12:45

Because I didn't achive what I'm sure I should be able to.

And it's purely down to my lack of control or discipline or what ever you want to call it. My pacing (always a weak point) was dreadful. I went out far too fast, worked that out, so slowed, but then continued to slow up too far. OK picked it up in the last k, but left myself far too much to do to get the 30 mins.

It should be easily achieveable, and I didn't do it. Probably makes no sense outside my warped little mind, but I'm fuming.

27/09/2009 at 13:31

Oh dear. Don't beat yourself up about it, sounds like you had a good race, and got a PB? That's got to be a reason to celebrate at least.

I've never raced a 5K so I'm not really the best person to give advice, but I'm sure if you enter another and go out a bit slower at the start, you'll get what you aimed for?

Don't go thinking 'I didn't achieve what I'm sure I should be able to' either - if you go out thinking that, you'll only be disappointed (as you are) if you don't do it. Focus on the positives - I'm assuming you're not injured so at least you've got your health and you just ran a strong 5k with a PB. Why not train for a 10k and when you reach the 5k point you could even smash your previous PB?

27/09/2009 at 13:52

Clumber 10K this morning. Nice day, used to live in Clumber though has been a few years, but meant i was familiar with the course and knew where the hills were. Started steady and then eased into it, worried at one point i was going too fast and would lose it in the end, but felt good and still managed to sprint finish. PB by over two minutes!

Helen that must be so frustrating, my only advice is take the first split steady, you can always catch up. I definitely seem to have the negative split thing going for me.Trouble is, the shorter the race, the less time there is to make up for a slower start

10K in 57.26     Splits 9.43, 9.20, 9.11, 9.12, 9.10, 9.06, 1.42

27/09/2009 at 15:17

Helen liz - those splits are outrageously "random", congrats on the PB tho

Today I ran a new course I mapped last night, although now I've just checked it I actually ran it short.

Starting from the Lime Woods Fields Park in Newton, I followed the Greenway cycle path down to the canal, (1.78 miles - 11.33.05 - 6:30m/m quite pleased with that pace, even tho it is all downhill)

Along the canal dodging a few pedestrians and off at the next bridge (0.39 miles 6:09m/m wow!, didn't feel anywhere near that quick!)

From the canal it's nearly all uphill ,  I got to the A540 as the lights changed but the bloke in pole positition let me cross.  Made it across the A5116 with no problems.  There is no pavement as you go over the railway so I had to cross over and then back over again before getting back on the Greenway (0.82 miles - 6:49m/m the hills told here).

A short sharp climb and a switchback turn to get back on the cycle path and follow the course back to the start/finish. (1.03 miles 6;47m/m) I ran on a little further which is actually where I should've and will in future start from. (the route should be 6.5km)

Overall 4.03 miles - 26:39.17 - 6:37m/m more than happy with that

jogwatch -1

This new course is replacing the "Hospital 5k" course from a couple of weeks ago and will be run everyday with a target time of sub 25 mins in both directions.

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27/09/2009 at 16:13
 marshallini...Do you run every day hard?
27/09/2009 at 18:41

Zanzinger - When I'm keen and going well I will run every day and I will race every week.  But I won't run hard every day. Including a race I'd run hard 2-3 times a week.

A couple of weeks ago I ran the same 5k course on 9 consecutive days and ran them all hard.  But at the moment I'm not really motivated to run, but little challenges like this every now and again will grab my attention.

Just cycled the route I ran this morning and made a note of every 500m point, so I'll have some proper splits tomorrow.

Edited: 27/09/2009 at 18:43
27/09/2009 at 19:49

I'm not suggesting it's impossible to run 4miles hard every day for a short time, but physiologically what are you trying to achieve?

You must know that this isn't the way to improve in a consistent way. 4miles hard is an excellent threshold type run, but your body can't adapt if you're doing it every day. If I wanted to get injured then this is the exact type of training I would do.

A little unconventional. It seems alot of effort for little return to me. Each to their own.

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