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27/09/2009 at 21:05

10.7 miles trail, steady pace, last double-figure run before Sandstone Trail.  Cloudy but warm, with a slight NW breeze.   Up the beach through Crosby & Blundellsands, onto Sefton Coastal path, circled at Hightown and back on trails parallel to golf course and on Burbo Bank.  Home via Crosby Baths and Vic. Park.

1:32:16  JogWarch: 3 

27/09/2009 at 21:10

I understand what you are saying and if I was trying to accomplish anything long term then this isn't what I would do, but saying that I have never trained in a conventional sense, I've always just gone out and run and raced myself into pb shape.

With this "plan" I'm not trying to achieve anything,  As i said I'm not overly interested in running at the moment and I have no running goals left, I accomplished everything I wanted to do in running last year and I've no interest in repeating them or raising the bar, so I'm not interested in improving and there in lies my lack of motivation. 

I didn't run too hard today and I only have to average  6:12m/m to break 25 mins so I should have this done in no time, then I can return to sporadic, disinterested running again.

If I get injured then I have a perfect excuse to not run.

27/09/2009 at 21:17

Marhsallini - how long have you ran for out of interest? What type of distance do you do?

27/09/09 : 6.87 miles : 54:37

Recovery run from the 15.6 on Friday night tonight. Had a good rest last night - a nice ginger bubble bath with white chocolate covered strawberries (freeze-dried though so tasted a bit like those weird fruit packets that astronauts take to space..) OH watched Casualty whilst I soaked - I don't like to watch Casualty, it makes me think of dark things too much and gets me depressed.

Went out tonight in worn down Mizunos (see 'HELP: I've worn my Nimbus down in 2 weeks!' thread for pic) and wondered when I should return to new Nimbus.. (not really a return seeing as they're new though, but you get the point)

Felt slightly queasy all the way round, maybe down to a dodge pot of reduced mushroom pasta I got from Tesco last night. Still, their finest range so tasted pretty nice. Was going to carry round and do 9.87 but then thought what's the point, I feel really sick, I'm hardly going to feel better after running a few more miles. Also, I had a stack of newspapers to get through and lots of different inserts (since I'd nicked all the other paper's inserts and stuffed them into the one I was buying to see if I could get away with it - turns out, I could)

Didn't see another runner out, except for a man 'running' in a football shirt down by a pub - didn't know whether he was just late meeting his mates or actually out trying to find his rhythm running - didn't look like he knew what he was doing, but still, respect to him for being out there.

Saw 'denim skirt woman' again. I haven't mentioned her yet in my posts, since I thought it would be unfair to typecast her into 'denim skirt woman' since I'd only seen her wearing it three times... fourth time tonight though so she's getting a mention.

First saw her when I went to the docs about my breathing... what a horrendous 90s style denim skirt I thought.. ah well, she looks nice enough, probably shouldn't judge a book by its cover... 2nd instance I ran past her... oh, there's that woman I saw at the doctors.. oh look at that, she's wearing the same denim skirt.... 3rd time I ran past her carrying a shopping bag... oh look, that woman AGAIN.. with that same skirt on AGAIN... fourth time (tonight) I saw her... sans shopping bag, but still in the skirt... I'm wondering now whether she's got an entire wardrobe filled with them in case she spills something on one of them and the back up's in the wash.. who knows. Weird though.

It's still strangely hot for this time of the year - went out in shorts (no way near cold enough for tights - it's got to be under 10 degrees for me to wear them, and even then I'll get a sweat on) sports bra, light wicking T and high-vis shell. Was boiling.

53 miles exactly this week - slightly less than last week's 55.9, but more than the previous week's 47.2. 3 weeks 'til Abingdon today. Will have to start tapering soon... bloody hell. I hate tapering. 

Edited: 27/09/2009 at 21:18
27/09/2009 at 21:18

I ran 8 miles this evening, which is the furthest I've ever run! It took me 1 hr 25 mins, slow, but I felt I could have gone further. I think I'm a plodder, but seem to be able to plod for ever!!!

I really enjoyed it, which is the main thing!

27/09/2009 at 21:42

D2D -When I'm running my weekly mileage is about 50-55 miles. At the moment I'm doing about 20-25 mpw.
Technically I've been running about 15 years but only I really count the last 10 and even during that time I've missed whole years, and I don't think I've ever run for more than 6 months without having a couple months off,  I get a cold or pick up a niggle and then just lose interest.

27/09/2009 at 22:02

Today was long run day and it was great to get out in the beautiful sunshine.  A very slow 15 something miles.  I like getting the second wind about 8-9 miles and pushing on a little faster but once I hit 13 I slowed back down to nothing again.  I tried throwing in some strides in the last couple of miles, but I don't think that gradually accelerating up to a pace that's about an inch per hour faster than my cruise really counted as a stride - still felt good to slow down again though.

I had two rest days and was itching to run both days, but when I got up this morning I was struggling to get myself out of the door.  I guess you lose the desire when the drug's out of your system.  This week coming though is a big week.  No rest days on the schedule (though there are easy days and jogs).

I think I proved to myself today that I don't want to train for a marathon.  Half is enough for the moment.  And I'm really enjoying the training.

27/09/2009 at 22:19

Interesting marshallini, perhaps some long term goals might focus your mind.

It may be worth saying occasionally, this is what I'm doing, don't copy me, I'm on a personal challenge. People on here get very confused very easy.

Me today........easy 10miles at 7:45/m. Just getting back into it, and starting to feel good. 46mile for the week. One quality, and one threshold, the rest easy or steady. Looking to hit 50m next week and hoping to hit some form come Jan/Feb.

28/09/2009 at 10:49

11 hilly cross country miles on the North Downs yesterday (Sunday) morning - glorious late summer day (autumn waiting in the wings) - too good a day not to be out for a run - third time in last six weeks I've run this circular route (starting & finishing in Cobham village) - pleased with improvements in duration and endurance (starting to work better on some of the hills) - less pleased with nearly tripping over a dog half way around.

So that's 30 miles for the week (managed 4 outings this week) which is a long overdue step up for me - let's hope the knees will hold out. A more sedate 8 miles planned for tonight (London E1 to SE13).

28/09/2009 at 11:34
Swansea Bay 10k...okayish 39.45. Fast, flat, well orgnaised, busy (Just under 3000) great vfm good day oit. Ran consistently for most of the race but flagged a bit 7-8ish before picking back up. Ho Humm.
28/09/2009 at 13:46

Greenway 6.5k.

A rather dissapointing 26:06.36 - 6:29m/m .

500m splits

1.54.11 - 1.57.05 - i thought I'd set my watch to beep, but I hadn't!
1.56.79 - 1.58.59 -  Wind was at it's worst here.
1.55.96 - 1.54.91 - and here.
1.57.56 - 2.14.96  - the canal was ok but all the time went on the steps, the hill and the bin lorry, but I got over the road ok
2.04.57 - 2.06.21 [5k-20.00.71] - Got held up on the second road and was suprisingly slow along Brook Ln.
1.57.90 - 2.06.72 - Came out behind a runner so pace picked up a bit as I chased him down.
2.01.03 - Very poor last 1km.

Would've broke 26 if it weren't for the two hold ups, but no excuses the last Km really is bad.

JogWatch - 2

28/09/2009 at 15:18

Not been out today, but I'm feeling less upset about yesterday than I was.

Certainly know what to improve on! Would I benefit from recording split times on a normal run, to try and encourage me to run to a more constant pace? I only use a watch, so I have to rely on myself to set my pace, and that's obviously not a strength!

Thanks everyone.

28/09/2009 at 15:38

Helen liz  > Don't feel too bad about the split times - I did the Willen Lake 5km too and had the same results (first and last km seemed a lot shorter than the middle three).

I started running this summer to get in shape for other sports and my aim is to do a 40 minute 10km and a 1:30 half.  I got 42:29 in my first 10km 2 weeks ago in a crowded run so wanted to go out and do under 20 minutes in yesterday's 5km.  Finished in 18:39 (6:00mpm I think) so pretty chuffed with that.

28/09/2009 at 16:06

Sunday night: waited all day for achance to run so didn't get out til nearly 9pm. I think that the frustration of not been able to get out enabled me to run hard inspite of the hilliness of the route.

6.82 miles in 47'45" @ 7:00 mm
Splits 6:45.60, 7:00.67, 7:37.34, 7:02.91, 7:03.52, 6:36.15, 5:38.63 (0.82miles)
Hills were on mile 3 and the final 0.82 miles

Today: was supposed to be taking it easy but ended up chasing this other runner who kept on speeding up every time I got within striking distance. I kept telling myself that this was supposed to be an easy run and eventualy let him go after a couple of miles.

5.13 miles in 36' 16" @ 7:04mm

Jog watch 2

YT: 790, MT: 39

28/09/2009 at 16:11
Helen liz what happened in your 3rd K the other day as that seems to be where the extra minute happened.  If you had had a consistant run then you would have hit your target. The best way to learn to pace yourself is to run with some experienced runners ie in a club if at all possible. Another method would be to use a HRM on which Dr Dan seems to be quite knowledgeable. What ever happens run for enjoyment above all else.
28/09/2009 at 19:01
Evening all.  Missed my LSR yesterday as decided to have a day out with my hubby Bobejaan in York and by the time we got back was too tired to go out.  Got in from work tonight and decided I would do a shortish run once I had got the tea underway.  Went out of Hedon towards the BP/Saltend round-a-bout.  As usual it was windy on the road out but thankfully the wind was behind me on the way back.  Made the last minute decision to put my contact lenses in before I went out and glad I did as I saw a couple of friends who waved at me as they drove past me on their way home from work.  It would have looked bad if I didn't wave back just because I couldn't see them!  Anyway tonight's run was 3.45 miles in a time of 28mins and 03 secs which meant that my average pace was 8.08min/miles.
28/09/2009 at 19:38

0620  Much darker now and the cloudy sky didn't help.  Still quite warm tho'.  Up into Blundellsands past Waterloo FC and back over the railway on my way to the prom.  Past Crosby Baths and the small lake, over the grassy expanse & home through Waterloo.

5 miles, 42:12, JogWatch: 0 

28/09/2009 at 20:35

28/09/09 : 9.87 miles : 1 hour : 28 minutes

Urgh. Is this summer never going to end? Corners of my mouth hurt as they're so salty. Good run tonight, sprinted hard on the last mile, though still didn't better my time much. Ha why did I bother? Ok, to tell the truth, two women were jogging in front of me and I couldn't bear to watch them plod along in front on my sprint stretch at the end One was in a hoody for christ's sake.

Came back to an empty house. OH is fixing his car at his parents so I'll make him do the chores tonight to make up for not coming back to a ready-and-waiting pint of water and ice. Oh, I run a tight ship.

Didn't see 'denim skirt woman' tonight, she must be washing her denim skirts. Did see a man carrying a big pole through town though. Looked like something to do with fishing, not sure what though. Thought he could probably do some major damage to me with that thing if he wanted so ran a bit quicker past him as my imagination was on overdrive. Passed quite a few other runners tonight and exchanged a few smiles. Smiled at one man who just looked straight through me and then muttered 'pratt' under my breath as we went off in different directions.

Ran past a load of people waiting for a bus and some guy had placed his laptop bag and general bag right in my path so hurdled it like a midget steeplechase and carried on. Probably amused the people waiting at the bus stop - I'd have certainly made some kind of comment and laughed if I saw someone doing that. Just thankful I didn't fall on it though to be honest, would have put me out of pocket somewhat.

Ran across a crossing around mile 8 to realise that a kid on a bike was following me. He had a Waterstones bag balanced not very well on the handlebars and was riding low like some kind of cycling gangster child. Was glad when I left him on the other side of the road. He dropped the books out of the bag after a while and I wondered whether this was a ploy to stall time as he was getting ahead of me and if he'd wanted to mug me on the next dark part of the road, he'd have to stay back. He didn't, thankfully.

Edited: 28/09/2009 at 20:36
28/09/2009 at 21:29

So many posts to catch up on!  Lots of good running going on out there.  Well done in the GNR KatB.  Well today was my first run today since the operation, I tested the water a bit last night by doing a quick 6 miles on my nice new road bike - I have made constructive use of my time at home by buying lots of "stuff" on line.  No doubt Mr S will be delighted when it all turns up at his place of work later this week.... Anyhow, I didn't keel over and die after the bike ride last night so I figured it was safe to go for a run tobight.

Just 4 miles tonight, up to my 2 mile mark and back again.  Very warm night, a half moon in the sky and a fantastic sunset.  It's just so dark now, that I set off lit up like a Christmas tree.  Plenty of cars around, but only one had a half hearted attempt to run me off the road.  Only about 5 steps into my run, I was such a happy twit, crikey I've missed running over the past 2 weeks!  A sheer delight to be out again on the roads of Lincolnshire.  Of course, I set off too fast, but soon slowed down to a more moderate pace which I maintained all the way.   After turning round at 2 miles, I watched the cars whizzing along the A15 in the distance and listened to the mad crows squawking in their roosts. No idea of my exact time, but it was round about 37 minutes. 

28/09/2009 at 21:41
Macclesfield HM in 2:22 - our 196th HM together

Super day, lovely event, cruised with a bit of work involved on the undulating bits

Felt tired after 3 weeks of gruelling running, but then I did expect that

I didn’t go to Macclesfield expecting anything spectacular - just to run really and enjoy and feel happy , and we got exactly what we went for

This is all part of our diary and our tapering ( if u want to call it that ) towards Abingdon FM, on 18 October, it will be our 37 th FM together

We have next week Local Kenilworth HM, an undulator, but nothing serious, and then Leicester HM , another slightly undulating in places but nothing much

Usually we’d push the pace on these, but our /forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif[/img]howGlossaryDefinition('taper');]taper means we just run along sweetly, getting to finish when we do

So, it’s onwards, I’m nice and relaxed, Abingdon will be good, I’ll be ready

I’ve been at it all so long now, years before I took Phillip, years before Phillip was even born, so it’s just wait until the day really

As it is all on the day - HM’s there run, jog walk able if things go wrong, FM’s , there a different thing

We do so hope everyone’s training is going well - and we wish you all well

If you all enjoy your running as much as we do, it will make you really happy and change your life
28/09/2009 at 22:01
Easy run today.  Legs tired from yesterday.  Went off-road, steep, but slow, and only 5 miles.  Problem is, goshdarnit, it's getting dark too early!!  I don't have a long enough lunch break for change-runferanour-shower-change.  What's everyone do??  Don't tell me headtorches, and the only streetlights I have round here are about a mile away!
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