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06/10/2009 at 08:51

No, but not too far away. I am near Coulsdon, (nr Croydon ssshhhhhhh). Going to be an early start Sunday as getting the train. Fingers crossed its dry.

06/10/2009 at 09:44
Heh, yeah, know Couldsen, one of my friends worked there for a while, I'm just down the road in Surbiton.
06/10/2009 at 09:54

05/09/10 : 6.9 miles : 52:22

Horrible run last night. Felt sick from the off then spent the entire run with stomach pain. Saw a dog in the distance that looked like a snowman and thought 'why is that snowman on a lead'. Mind playing tricks on me to distract itself from the sickness!

Think I ate something dodge in the day. Got back and still felt bad, couldn't eat much tea - a bit of bread, some cooked mushrooms and a small jacket potato.

Hoping tonight is better.

06/10/2009 at 11:50

Swittle thanks for the photo link. Still looking quite good at the finish even tho I was on my last legs
06/10/2009 at 15:28

Inspired by the pic I hit the trails again, even after saying last night I was never going near them again

Starting at the Ridgeway and going up the Sandstone Trail on the bridle path, thru the plantation where someone has built a wooden reinforced bank and two circular mini mud bank fortresses?

Down out of the plantation and I saw some odd wood/metal sculpture, back on the SST and up to Snidley Moor. Along the top and up to the reservoir, there was someone on the top so I decided not to go over the fence, I turned at the main gate which was lock and there where no cars/vans and I could see the bloke more clearly and he looked like a dog walker so I did take a quick trip to the top and straight back out.

Back towards the SST and around the bottom of the fort.  I saw a small sign so I stopped to read that and it turns out there is an archaeological project going on and they are digging up the old fort, so I ran up to the top for a quick look, not a lot to see to be honest.

Round the bottom of the fort on to the bridle path and back into the plantation. I slapped the sculpture on the way back up and then stopped for a closer look and it was actually a periscope, I had a look thru it but it wasn't very good.

Followed the route back to the car and finished with an re-envigortated smile on my face.

A brilliant damp Autumnal woodland trail run the true essence of running.

4.77 miles - 43:48.83 - 9:12m/m

06/10/2009 at 17:53

rubbish run today, not sure if it's too much hard running too close together, running in the afternoon as i'm always better in the mornings, the unexpectedly muggy weather or too much wine last night, but whatever it was i felt like i was running through treacle for the first time in ages. Had to stop and walk a couple of times which hasn't happened for a while. Trying to be positive in that despite all that it's still a good bit faster than i could have done at my best six months ago.

Two and a half weeks to the half, think time for a few days rest, due one more long run this Sunday then the taper starts anyway.

6.11m in 1.00.24

06/10/2009 at 19:43

5-10-09  18:00   11.03  km   54:57

Had a heavy cold since last Wed which kept me from running over the weekend.Felt a lot better in work on Monday so thought I would go out for a comfortable run when I got in.

It was horrendous.After less than a mile my knees felt like they would explode and got worse throughout the run.I was wearing some Wave Creation 10's for the first time which I bought to hopefully help the knees as gait analysis said I was running in the wrong shoes.Felt totally breathless all the way round and when I downloaded the results found my ave HR was 9 bpm higher than 2 weeks ago on the same route when I ran 3 minutes quicker.Obviously( I think ) that was down to having not recovered from the cold but the knee problems are leaving me gutted.I think my brief running "career" could be over after just 7 months.

06/10/2009 at 22:18

Damn rain!!

I thought it would pass.  When it didn't I finally decided that I'd have to visit the gym for the first time in about six weeks.  I can't do it!  I tried, I really did.  I warmed up with a slow k, then upped it to my 10k speed for 3.2k.  Didn't make it.  I was sweating buckets after 7-8 mins, breathing fine but starting to get bogged down in my own shirt and quickly losing motivation.  Couldn't change pace, couldn't turn corners, and the treadmill was so springy that my form was all wrong, even on an incline.  So I stopped after about 10 mins something, took a rest, and tried again.  5 minutes later I packed it in.  Did some stretches then had to cold shower to cool down.  Now I'm annoyed I didn't run properly, annoyed that I didn't just go out in the rain.

But my headtorch has arrived!  I'll be reporting on the Alpkit Gamma (Camo stylee) after my next late run!  Just gotta pick it up from the office first...

07/10/2009 at 10:51

Cycled to work (5.5 miles) and then got straight off the bike and went for a 6.3 mile run. Felt a big dead legged at first as I climbed the big hill but then settled in and felt very good. Struggled to keep heart rate under 140 bpm so I just ran "easy" by perception and then pushed a bit towards the end. Millions of students passing through Hyde park and there were some folks taking advantage by handing out free promo bottles of drink ... felt like I was in a race as I grabbed mine on the fly.

5.5 miles bike (21:27)

6.3 miles run (54:06) 8:35 min/mile avHR 143 bpm.

07/10/2009 at 15:19

NIce work Dr Dan, training runs with drink stations, great!

Back on the Greenway again today for the anti-clockwise version of the 6.5k.

Resting heart rate was back down to close to acceptable so I thought I'd push it a bit today, unfortunately the legs weren't as recovered.

I worked the whole way just out of my comfort zone but not quite "hard".

2.03.57 - 2.02.61
2.03.40 - 2.06.23
2.14.07 - 1.55.30  - quick 500 from the Alley to the canal risked it a bit to get over at the lights.
2.07.96 - 2.16.23
2.14.09 - 2.11.63 [5k -21.15.09]
2.05.78 - 2.11.91

27:41:25 - 6:52m/m

I deffo think this way round is slower, the hills seem tougher and all the barriers/railings/switchbacks take a lot more off your pace and the steps on/off the canal are spaced nicely to run up but you've really got to check your feet going down.

JogWatch - 1
TriathleteWatch -1

Edited: 07/10/2009 at 15:48
07/10/2009 at 20:14

Cheeky little 4 tonight as I hit the comeback trail.

lots of hill and trail running going on at the moment, i could almost be tempted.........

07/10/2009 at 22:09

So, finally got out at about twenty-five past seven.  It was dark.  All the bright kit on, and this new toy on my head.  I did a regular eight mile loop, and fairly flew it.  Obviously all the excess energy from not working out properly yesterday.  Averaged just over 7m/m, which given how hilly the course is is pretty much threshold pace for me (some hills it was - ooh, the burn)!  That wasn't my intention, it just happened.  What can I say?  I love running at night, it was occasionally spotting with cooling rain, and the air was cool but not cold.

The Alpkit Gamma?  Brilliant.  With the full beam I could negotiate pathways and overgrown pavements, but the single white LED was plenty for a regular country road.  Cars could see me enough to worry - one van slowed right down to let me pass, and that doesn't happen in the day.  On the LED I did run in the middle of the road rather than the rough edges, as it wasn't bright enough to cope with those.  The beam was, but no point wasting battery.  The fit was good too.  Pounding down one particularly steep hill I had a little bit of jiggle, but nothing to worry about.  My only issue with the torch was that it arrived without instructions, and it took someone more technical than me a few seconds to figure out all the settings.

So I'm set for winter evenings.  Thanks to all on all forums who mentioned this little piece of kit!

07/10/2009 at 22:21

marsh, you look a damned sight better than did at the same point last Sunday - an X-rated photo if ever there was one   However, there's a terrific image of me up near the trig point at Raw Head, with views of the Cheshire plains and very unusual cloud formations.  Trouble is, I don't know how to paste it into a post

 Ran three miles both Monday & Tuesday mornings at a slow pace but stepped it up a smidge today on a circuit of Waterloo, Crosby and Blundellsands.  I'll be donning my Alpkit Gamma before long - a good 'road test', Ratzer.

5 miles, 42:01, JogWatch: 1

Great to read you're on the comeback trail, ABAB [sorry 'bout that]

08/10/2009 at 12:38

Hi Everyone,

 Have had a week off & did my usual Hills route in reverse this morning.  It's could be true that it's good to have a change and a rest. 

My first run (this Autumn) when it's still been quite dark.  The Liverpool skyline looked lovely against the pink/orange sky.  No stars twinkling as yet - always particularly enjoy that during my early morning runs (makes it worth getting up).

Am planning a bike ride tomorrow evening (in torrential rain if BBC are right) & looking forward to LSR on Saturday.

Runners watch 2

Commuter cyclist 1

(Think most of the world still tucked up)

08/10/2009 at 14:51

08/10/09 : 10.1 miles : 1 hour : 34 minutes

Feeling a bit better today so headed out for a slow 10 miler. Feel good, but a bit tired. Wore my shades to block out the sun and prevent it from giving me a headache. Will get back to resting now and see how I feel regarding a run/LSR tomorrow.

Stomach still feels sore but it's manageable - nothing compared to how it felt the other night. Made a conscious effort to run more 'straight' so that my stomach wasn't hunched over - think this may be a cause of the problem. Started out good but must admit I hunched a little towards the end when I was tired.

Not as many people out and about as I thought there would be - usually loads of people and dogs annoy me if I run in the day. Decided to brave it today though since I haven't much work this afternoon.

Edited: 08/10/2009 at 14:52
08/10/2009 at 15:12

Got out at lunch!  Feel a little disappointed, tbh, as it means no playing with new toy this evening.  However, a few of us got out together to do a local 4M loop.  Speedster gave us other two a minute headstart then overtook us within a mile, then promptly suffered O2 debt and slowed right down (enough that I could just keep him in sight at top pace).  My running partner took off quick also, for him, and felt it after about a mile and a half.  I took off at the 2.5 mile point to see if I could catch up any on Speedster, but only managed to keep pace.  I was the only one without a watch, so guessed at a bit over 29m for the 4miles.  Slower than yesterday but again faster than I intended.  Lucky it was short, otherwise I probably would have done another 8 miles this evening.  But I can't count it as a rest, so easy day tomorrow.  Maybe nothing.

JogWatch - high, maybe 12,13?

08/10/2009 at 15:13

Did a tempo run today for 10k - ended up with a time of 43.54, which was at 8.5mph - not bad at all. Legs felt about right throughout, ended up with an average HR of 156 and a peak of 168 during the last few minutes, which works out at 78% and 84% of my MHR respectively.

I'm a little bit disbelieving - last week I did 8.4mph, which - if I remember - was harder and I attained a higher average and max HR (80% and 85%).

However, the Garmin never lies (hugs Garmin 305) so I'm taking this as a good step forward to my goal of 1'35 at Silverstone in March

08/10/2009 at 15:38

Greenway 6.5k (clockwise)

(I confused myself yesterday and was going to change it from anti-clockwise to clockwise a but I've just realised that the course is a figure 8 and goes both clock and anti clock at some point, So now I'm classifying  the route by which way you run the canal, so today was clockwise)

Plan today was to get as many spits under 2 minutes and go under 20 for 5k and sub 26 overall.

1.54.21 - 1.55.45 - Started a bit too quick, well it feels too quick, probably because I don't have any warm up.

1.56.69 - 2.03.16

2.07.43 - 1.51.61 - Lost time crossing the road.

2.00.66 - 2.08.28 - lost more time on the second road

2.05.35 - 2.02.53 [5k-20.05.37] - slogged away up the cycle path but was loosing time all the way

2.00.16 - 2.06.36

1.57.59 - pushed it a bit for the last 500m to get another sub 2.

Although not technically sub 2 I'm counting the 2:00 as results!

26:09:48 - 6:29m/m

JogWatch - 3

Edited: 08/10/2009 at 16:22
08/10/2009 at 19:01

Hi everyone. Crikey, everyone's been busy.   I've not posted lately as I've been busy with the paris marathon thread.  Sorry I've neglected you all, but I've been trying to get myself sorted with hotels and flights.  Also my laptop died on me so I had to resort to the old PC which takes ages to crank up.  (sorry, that sounds a bit like the dog ate my homework).

Still no running but plenty of gym work.  Hopefully I'll have my first run for a fortnight on Sunday so I'll get back to you then.

happy running all.

08/10/2009 at 19:21

0625  Quite warm, with a healthy NW breeze as I ran through Waterloo, past the Marina & up the prom into the wind.  Turned near the baths and ran home via the cycleway and railway footbridge.  Victoria Park looked mysterious in the half-light

4 miles, 34:51, JogWatch: 0

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