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03/10/2009 at 21:19
Good luck to little S from me too.
03/10/2009 at 21:57

Whoah, it was windy today!  But the drizzle was lovely and the temperature nearly cool enough.  First run since the disaster with Badminton that made every leg muscle ache.  Well, not the first one, but I didn't want to put in any details about the last as it was a mistake.  Anyway, just prepped today for tomorrow's LSR, a 7 mile loop to loosen up.  Threw in a few fast miles with stop-n-stretches in between, and got home in a good state.  Not too tired, not too achy, really thrown off the badminton aches.

I really must get a decent watch, and then wear it on the runs.  It would been nice to see some times and splits.  I'll know I'm getting serious about this when I start posting splits.

04/10/2009 at 09:17

Early run this morning as on call so had to be at work by nine, up and out with the dogs first thing to stretch the legs then home and changed. Was running short on time so the planned 6 mile route became the 5 mile run instead, but figured if i was going to cut down on distance i would have to up the pace a bit to make up for it. Started steady and was going nicely, figured i'd push it into a tempo run and push out the middle miles hard then slow it down at the end again.

5.01m in 44.20  Splits 9.13, 8.49, 8.38, 8.28, 9.08    Ave pace 8.51mm/mile 

First run with average pace under 9 mm/mile. Felt fine at the end too, not blown, just like i'd had a good run. There's more in these legs, i know it!

Ratzer - not saying i wouldn't be getting faster without the Garmin, but my running has come on in leaps and bounds since acquiring it - just the buzz of knowing you've just run your fastest ever mile while you're running it gives you the umph to carry on and run faster! I know it helps that i've trained consistently this year unlike others where i've been lazy, but i think the Garmin motivates me to beat previous times etc, and gives a much more accurate measurement of routes, particularly off road. Btw, if you do try the headtorch, give us a review, as i'm very much like you, i'm surrounded by country roads with no street lights, and i fear running in the evenings will result in squashed me, but still need to get the runs in.

04/10/2009 at 11:18
Hi all.  Missed my club run on Thursday night as I was out with a friend.   Got up this morning and had a large cup of coffee before taking the nutty staffie out for a walk.  Got back in from dog walking duties and had a banana before getting ready for a run.  A fine windy morning but thankfully not as wild as yesterday.  Was trying to plan a route that didn't involve running into the wind too much but not very easy.  Went out on the foot/cycle path and it was really hard going with the wind so when got to the first round a bout turned back so the wind was behind me.  Rather than doing my usual short out and back route I decided to change the route slightly and it meant the distance was also slightly extended.  The run felt really hard today so I was pleasantly surprised with the average pace when I got back and checked my garmin.  Distance today was 4.11 miles in a time of 33 mins and 18 secs which gave me an average pace of 8.06 min/miles. 
04/10/2009 at 11:24

Morning all, 

Beautilful morning for running, but did my (short) hard run, which may have been a mistake as I had a few beers last night (maybe a few too many) Very nice through the golf course and round the green a few older couples out buying their sunday papers. I joker coming out of a side road hardly looking was interesting!!

A v little bit disappointed but not crying about it.

5.81k in 24:07.68  @ 4:09m/km

for what its worth

1st   4:23.04         uphill

2nd  4:00.79         uphil/level

3rd   3:56.36         level/down hill

4th   4:13.49         up and down

5th   4:14.46         up and down

6th  3.19.52   (806.84m)    down and hill to finnish

JogWatch: 0 as usual

Have fun all!

04/10/2009 at 11:28
Has anyone tried Hebden 22 (or the 14 alternative)?  I'm thinking of including it in my training for Paris but a bit concerned about all 'them thar 'ills'  I want to get all my entries in then Ive got something to aim for in the interim. Other reason:  I've been told there're pies at the end
04/10/2009 at 13:24
Just completed my 7th long run in prep for Beachy Head Marathon in three weeks. 19.25miles in 2.20.04 avg pace 7.16, total ascent 2856ft, you have to love the Garmin working all that out! Lovely morning for a run, early morning paper buyers were far and few between this morning. Saw a few farmers out feeding cattle plus a few cyclists going for it. First time I have carried water with me today plus High5 gels, consumed 4 of them and it definately helped. Training going well for this, first time I have run a marathon, should be good.
04/10/2009 at 13:59

Yesterday, 8 easy miles interspersed with 3 x 2K intervals @ 6:15mm.

 Bloody hell it was windy! Turned some corners and felt like I'd come to a standstill. Had a nice race with an old giffer on a road bike when doing when of my intervals, he was only just getting away

04/10/2009 at 13:59

Sandstone Trail "A" Race.

17.1 miles - 2:15:22 - 7:55m/m - 21st.

Met swittle before the start, NIce to meet you swittle

Lined up on the front row as my race plan was go hard for the first 1/2 mile and get past the potential log jams at the start and than settled down.

Went off like a whippet and was well up at Maiden Castle somewhere in the top 10, this didin't last but I was still running quite well.  Had a little dip before  Chickflick Farm and Graham from my club passed me here, but once over Rawhead (21:47.40) I was feeling ok-ish.

I took the "racing line"  off Bulkely Hill and ran ok down to and past the "B" start in 49:28.90. HIt the Beeston Checkpoint in 54:11 (2008 - 53:11)

After Beeston on the run down to the railway/canl there is a stile but the gate next to it is hurdleable, but as I checked my stride to take it I slipped and slid right into the bottom of it and grazed my shin, this took the wind out of my sails a bit.

Was feeling ok again by Pudding Lane. Crossed the fields ok, but the Fishersgreen corn field was very slippy again I was running on the grassy bits at the edge and getting whipped about the face by the corn leaves.

At the bottom of the climb up to Wilington/Rock Farm checkpoint 2 I blew up. I went thru the CP2 in 42:43 (2008 - 42:02). I really struggled up the bridle path and at the top Mike from the club caught m, I tried to make an effort on the drop from the Tea Shop but he passed me on the sandy climb.  Then on the little drop just before the detour over the fields I took another tumble and now I was not enjoying it.

Paul form the club and a couple of others passed me just before the Yeld Road climb and now I was just plodding really, a number of "B" race runners flew passed me as well.

Back into Delamere and ther wasn't anyone close enough to pip me of any places so it was just a mtter of crossing the line.  Last leg split 38:28 (2008 - 34:49)

Target was set 2:16:48 (8m/m) so I'm happy with my time, but dissapointed that I lost all those place in the last 3-4 miles. If I hadn't've lost my race fuel with in the first 200m maybe I would've held them off.

I hobbled back to the car and got changed, but couldn't face the walk back to the finish so went straight home.

Hope you got round ok swittle and enjoyed the longer one

04/10/2009 at 14:03

thought I'd add a pic of my shin

04/10/2009 at 14:03

Nice time and report Marsh

I ran the Liverpool 10k today, not bothered about a time but wanted to see if my Achilles was OK, it seems to be so fingers crossed it's OK tomorrow.

Nice race and well organised as seems to be the norm with these Liverpool races.

04/10/2009 at 14:43

OUCH!! Bet that's sore. 

Great report Marsh. Where was the race?

04/10/2009 at 16:37

Ye, Katb, I can't improve on that - indeed, it is great to re-live the locations, albeit at my more conservative pace.   Great to meet you, marshallini, and interesting to chat about your approaches to running - which must be working exceptionally well - apart from staying vertical.  I hope that your hurts heal soon and can report one stumble on the way to the canal which didn't have consequences.

 A beautiful day for trail running: bright sunshine, crisp & cool and only 1 or 2 very short shower.  The first 6 miles are the pick of the 'A' race - good forest trails, staircases and breathtaking views.  A kind female runner was happy to let me run with her as far as the high corn but after that, I rather impolitely pulled away, hindered only by a blister on my instep in shoes I've used for many, many trail/beach miles.

At the 7 km to go point, all was OK but hills were lurking and the uneven ground tweaked my sore foot and a drop in pace resulted.  At 3.6 km out, I did my sums, slogged up Yeld and took on the never-ending forst track back to Delamere & Barnsbridge.  Few runners  came with me and I even managed to out-plod a Tattenhall man to the finish.  I made my apologies to the Cheshire Hash House Harriers female runner who finished 4 minutes behind me - she thought it was hilarious that I was bothered!  More of a challenge than I'd anticipated but superb all round.  My target was sub-3 hours....

 17.1 miles, 2:52:47 [unofficial]

p.s.  Katb - pies   nom, nom

04/10/2009 at 16:39

Oops!  The Sandstone Trail race: Duckington, nr Tarporley, Cheshire to Barnsbridge in the beautiful Delamere Forest, not too far from Helsby. 

One for next year, Katb? 

04/10/2009 at 16:51
Marshallini - your blood looks like jam! What a colour. I thought blood was more of a dark maroon
04/10/2009 at 18:13

Just had a big sleep, that race has done me in big time, I feel terrible, I'll probably be having a few days off now.

Result are here

Nice one swittle, will you be going long again?

I love this race but every time I've done I've been destroyed at the end.

04/10/2009 at 19:33
Mmm, marshallini, that's put me off my victoria sponge...
Took off on my Liberating, Stressfree Ramble this morning in the cool. Wasn't cool for long with the sun coming out, but stayed pleasant, and I do so love metabolising vitamin D. Because my LSR previously has been uphill all the way round, I decided to reverse the direction. At first it was lovely, downhill or flat for about 3-4 miles, then the rest of the run was all uphill again. It's a weird zone where I live that defies physical geography.
I decided to take a gel with me. Damned if I can remember the name but it's something like Power Gel and you can buy it at Tesco. Well, I might as well have taken cough syrup, that's what it tasted like, only cough syrup probably has more sugar. Not having that one again.
Maybe it did work some though. I was still feeling runworthy until about a mile to go - which given that I'd tacked on an extra mile was probably about right.
At least one other guy was out doing his Sunday trot, but he looked to be doing it at speed. Definitely doing Cardiff. And then, spotting some of the other runners (female) got me to thinking. Women, in general, dress better for running than men (which given the pink, sparkly, glittery, slinky, tight crap they've got to choose from must be tough!). Is this because most of the men I see out running are out on a Saturday, and only because they're Sunday League Footballers who've just remembered they were supposed to do some fitness training in the week? Ooh, better get it in before the beers...
You can see I tend to spend a couple of hours thinking about the most mundane things!
16.5M, ~sorta2:20ish
Hanna, still looking for a Garmin, but headtorch on order!
04/10/2009 at 19:54
ye, marsh, i had an involuntary snooze an hour after getting home, but since then, I've been hoovering up food at regular intervals and popping parakeets for a sore back.  I enjoyed the sense of achievement for running that distance but suspect it's going to be a short, slow outing tomorrow morning.  Will almost certainly run the 'A' next year to try for a course PB
04/10/2009 at 20:29
Oooo Swittle, I don't know about that, I've not tried any of those harder trail races yet .  I think I'll stick to the roads for now, but I'm sure we'll meet up again at one race or another. Hope your back soon feels better.
04/10/2009 at 21:44

04/10/09 : 9.87 miles : 1 hour : 27 minutes

Good run tonight - if you don't count the tears.. Was running my usual 9.87 mile route, going along pretty well, 8 minute miling, feeling refreshed from my rest yesterday. Only when I turned the corner into the dog-rough estate that I hate running through, did it live upto its name. A dog, none other than a slobbering doberman, the size of myself, was dashing across the road, back and forth as 4 small children threw a stick. God alone knows how the kids/dog hadn't got run over yet...

FFS I thought as I tried to work out a 'game plan' in my head... I know, I thought, I'll cross the road and sprint past - they look pretty wrapped up in their little game, they won't even notice me.. How wrong I was. Not only did the lot of them (except the dog) cross the road before I had a chance (which meant the offenders were now on both sides), I was now in an even bigger state of panic as the dog had now clocked me and was looking at me with suspicion...

I decided the best thing to do would be to jog r e a l l y slowly past the kids/dog and then they could continue their game and I could continue my run. Wrong again. As I crept past, in the same kind of fashion as kids creep past sleeping dads or mice creep past hungry cats, the dog suddenly leapt up and made a bee-line right for me.

'AAAAH!!!!!!!!" I screamed (literally 5 feet between me and the dog by the way) - the kids looked mystified and stood with gawping mouths even when I pleaded 'please get that dog away from me - I'm petrified of dogs!' - nothing. They either didn't speak English (unlikely) or stumbled upon the word 'petrified' (more likely). The dog thankfully stopped just before me and I think a car must emerged from some junction to aid my rescue (don't really remember much - I was almost in tears with my hands over my eyes pleading with a group of 7 year olds) - I ran on, and I mean REALLY ran and told them they should 'HAVE THAT DOG ON A LEAD'.

Pretty sure they'll tell all their mates at school tomorrow about the 'mad woman runner who started crying because our friendly Doberman wanted to play with her'. Psh. Really annoyed me, but I was over it by miles 6 or so.

Wore just a vest and shorts tonight but was still rather warm but cooling rapidly as the night grew darker. Ran through town past a 'modern day Romeo & Juliet' (a woman in a 2nd floor apartment talking down to a man in a cheap looking pleather jacket) - had to run on the road since they (well, he) was taking up the entire pavement.

Ran past the petrol station where I dashed in and grabbed an Evian on my LSR and smiled to myself when I thought back to how bewildered the people in there were Friday night

Home in 1:27 - not too shabby at all. 53.1 miles this week, 212.2 miles this month. And a stack of Sunday papers to get through. Glorious. 

Edited: 04/10/2009 at 21:54
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