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06/08/2007 at 06:15
It is great reading all your post's, it is a new inspiration! This is my latest:
05/08/07 - 7.2m C 1,180 F 152g H 200
This one not out of the top drawer but the top of the grill. It must have been 26 outside as I started off, with the sun just going down as I needed. Leaving off for an evening run just after 7pm was an hour too soon. Unbelievably hot again. The time doesn't matter but my cap was wringable! I sweated so much. Everything seemed so hard. From the start off to the final straight, the effort needed was tough. Still rather that than pouring rain. Perhaps I ran too soon after yesterdays tough run in the heat but after some beer last night at the reception I wanted to sweat that out and burn off some of the food eaten. I thinjk I've done that with near enough a days calorie count wiped off in two days, wicked. Cannot wait until my next run, hopefully it will be cooler, bring it on!
06/08/2007 at 11:00
No running Saturday as up watching a friend do the London Tri - a great day, inspirational - planned to do 12 mile LSR yesterday. It was too hot in the day and in the evening ended up walking on the beach and then having tapas, margarita and ice cream instead of LSR, sooo up early this morning to do it before it got too hot.

Porridge to fortify me and then out by about 7.30 (which is early for me)did 13.1 miles in 2:17:22 - this is the longest distance I have run and I find it pretty hard going above 10 miles - but I guess it will get easier if I keep doing it. Have entered the Great South Run - 12 weeks to go!
07/08/2007 at 06:58
"B" very impressive, One day I'll get to 13 miles.

07/08/07 - 7.2m 1:06:44
Was this the perfect morning? I suppose it could have been through a wild forest or a scenic glen but as far as suburbia goes this has to be up there. I poked my head from behind the door at about 5.20am and it was still lightening up (the dark morning's are coming). The clouds had their red burnt edges of sunrise from behind the houses. Lovely and cool, yes this was the best. A purposefull run today, definitely had more energy than the last two, that's for sure. My gait was better and the tempo faster. The sun didn't get into my eyes until the last mile at the Red Lion and there were no hold ups. i could have run for more today but alas, work calls!
Not a single runner out there today apart from me. what's more I could not find my HRM this morning.
kittenkat    pirate
07/08/2007 at 07:30
I'm not sure I would even count this but here goes:

My German Shepherd puppy is now 8 months old. I want to enter her in cani-x races in the future so her running training stareted yesterday. We ran just under 2 miles in the forest. I had to slow the pace to 8 and 1/2 min miles as she was lagging behind! She enjoyed it though and the forest is so so beautiful! We will build up slowly!
I am planning my LSR of 20 miles this afternoon - so will report back with the pain later!
07/08/2007 at 08:34
Hello All,

I’m posting 4 replies here as my pc has been down for a few days and although this is supposed to be a “my last run” thread and technically the first 3 posts aren’t my last run but I still want to share them with you.

Saturday 04/08/07 – 1:45pm - Easy jog – Guilden Sutton.

3.75 miles – 28.01.07 – (7.28/mile) – 116 ft – Nike Air Zoom Ekiden.

Didn’t run Friday as I was resting my tweaked ankle and today was just an easy jog although I threw in 2 half miles at a swifter pace, the ankle is fine, no pain whatsoever. So it’s all systems go for tomorrow.


07/08/2007 at 08:35

Sunday 05/08/07 – 9:30am – Race – Sale 10, Wythenshawe Park.

10 miles – 1:01:57.23 – (6:11.7/mile) – 113ft asc. _ Nike Vaporfly.

I had targeted this race as an attempt at Sub 1 hour but it was obvious going into it that that was out of the question. So with revised targets I set of after a PB anyway.
First lap I took it easy and felt ok although it was very warm. Lap 2 was not a good lap lost a bit of ground on the group ahead. Lap 3 I turned it around and started to catch and then pass people from the group, lap four was the similar to lap 3, finished in a disappointing time but still a pb, but I’m more I’m happy with the way I ran the last two laps.

Overall a good run.

Post race cool down jog - 2.66 miles – 21:58:27 (8:15/mile) – 23 ft asc.

07/08/2007 at 08:35
Monday 06/08/07 – 11:00 am – Easy Run – Gresty’s Waste, Delamere.

7.68 miles – 1:01:01.65 (7:56/mile) – 504 ft asc. – Mountain Bear Gladiators(1).

Nice easy jog up the Sandstone Trail and around Blakemere Moss. Pace was quite nice early on but dropped off a bit towards the end. But it’s just nice to be out in the country again.

07/08/2007 at 13:03
Monday 8.81 miles 1.30:26 long run, aiming to get this up to 10 miles, a bit crap compared to Chris' efforts (above!)
07/08/2007 at 22:55
Fatgirlslim - you shouldn't compare yourself to others and put yourself down, we all perform at different levels, you're doing great! keep it up!

“My Last Run”

Tuesday 07/08/07 – 7:00 pm – Tempo Run –Canal.

19 miles - 2:04:30 – (6:33/mile) – 399 ft asc. – Nike Vaporfly.

Was really up for my run this morning but came down with a bit of a migraine and went back to bed.

Wasn’t sure what I’d run like this evening but set off at the desired pace, in fact slightly faster. When I got to the turn around point (6 miles) I carried on, the canal has markers every half mile but some are easy to miss and this caused me to carry on again to the next one so I’d already extended a 12 mile run by 3 miles, but when I got back to the point where you come off the canal I was still feeling relatively good and the pace hadn't dropped below the original target pace so I extended again, and again (more missed markers) taking it up to 19 miles.

The time is only approximate as I stopped my watch at 7.5 miles and restarted it 8.5, so I’ve just added the time for 1 mile at the average pace for the whole run.

To be honest this is one of the best runs I’ve ever done!


kittenkat    pirate
08/08/2007 at 09:53

I set off for a LSR of 20 miles (the most I've done to date). I decided to do the very hilly 8 miles through the lanes first and then run towards Exeter over the canal. Running in torrential rain for about 6 miles wasn't pleasant! Neither was jumping behind a hedge for a pee in torrential rain. I was absolutely soaked; but if I set out for 20 miles, that's what I'm going to do.
It was a fairly tough run but I think I had complete determination yesterday. I took over a litre of water and drank it all. I was being very kind to myself looking at the overall hills and set the training pace on my Garmin at 10 min miles. However, I averaged 9.27 min miles and still felt I could have gone further. i'm now feeling much more confident of the marathon in Oct.
08/08/2007 at 10:29
Well done Kittenkat, great effort, my "last run" was a pre marathon confidence booster as well, keep it up!
08/08/2007 at 10:38
Excellent KK!

I just tore myself away from the forum for long enough to do a 5k, very easy first half and pushed up hills on second half 29.33.
08/08/2007 at 21:44
Wednesday 08/08/07 – 7:15 pm - Race – Warford, Alderly Edge.

4 miles – 24:20.56 – (6:05/mile) – 124 ft – Nike Vaporfly.

I’d planned this race (David Lewis 4) but hadn’t planned last nights exertion, so it was a bit of a mystery how I’d perform. I knew the course was slightly undulating so I was never under any illusions that I’d deffo PB but before last night I was hopeful.

Well I didn’t pb as my legs were dead after the first 2 mile, the course wasn’t that bad actually and I reckon I would’ve managed a new best if I was fresh. Still had a good solid run and thoroughly enjoyed it.


09/08/2007 at 08:51
You are all amazing, we are all amazing! Mornings like this morning are the best!
09/08/07 - 7.8m 1:07:47 c 980 F 127gm H 179
Again out before the sun even though left abouit half an hour earlier (soon be dark mornings). A little bit back to the past here by going to this distance. I know its longer than the usual but I know it is faster. It was perfect this morning. Nice cool temperature slowly rising as the sun came up. Nice and fast 9faster now I don't run it often any more. the western Ave stretch was ease in it self, Park Road stress free, Hill Rd/Ux Road casual, LLane was very fast, I only slowed from the "Circus". My strde was much better today all the way.
A very happy run.
kittenkat    pirate
09/08/2007 at 08:53
Thanks for your support guys :)
09/08/2007 at 22:45

Lovely day but kept putting off going out for a run so ended at the gym up on the treadmill in the evening. 40 mins including 4 x 5 mins at 9 min mile pace (that is fast for me!) 3.8 miles. Better than doing nothing - glad I made the effort. Tomorrow an easy trot along the seafront.
10/08/2007 at 09:48
On the road to recovery after an annoying month of niggling injuries, been building up over the last week short distances on the treadmill at the gym, went to bed last night with the intention of waking at 5.30am to do some stretches and go for a 5 Kilometer run outside my first for 45 days, woke to the sound of the smoke allarms going off at 4am, everything was fine, never got back to sleep really, woke again at 4.50am, so go up, had some porridge, sat and did some stretches, went out around 5.45am, very nice andcalming running along the canal tow path at 6am for the first three kilometers with the mist coming off the water, very relaxing got to the five kilometer point and felt i could do more, so did a loop of a local housing estate near Tamworth, passing afew dog owners and their dogs before heading back down the hill to home in Polesworth, lovely run, relaxing and calming, think i probably did seven and a quarter K's. yet to work it out.
10/08/2007 at 15:56
Good going Everybody!

Friday 10/08/07 – 2:00 pm – Swift Trail – Frodsham .

3.11 miles – 21:59.55 – (7:04/mile) – 613 ft – Mountain bear Gladiator (1).
18 degrees, partly sunny, humidity 65, wind WSW 5.5mph

Ran my 5k route from Castle Park, gave it a decent go but was nowhere near flat out. Legs felt good and strong and the worst of the hills felt flat, remarkable! Nice little run and a whole lot less muddy than it has been of late and a new course record to boot.


11/08/2007 at 11:58
11/08/07 - 7.8m
I don't know how I do it. I ran all the way around in the glorious sunshine this morning and I took note of my time splits. When I finished I completely messed up my watch, so I have no idea what I did. Fool!
Still it doesn't matter a hoot. How can when you have mornings like this. The sun shone it's fiery yellow gaze down on Hillingdon, Middlesex today in abundance, it was amazing. Fortunately the day was young so not too hot but the temperature rose during the hour plus duration of my run. Big long day today so I didn't go for 10 miles today, I'll get there soon though. I ran past a chap in his late 20's, early 30's and he couldn't keep up with me down Court Drive. Not bad considering I was pretty much wasted at that point and I didn't push on. hey! I am an athlete! :-)
Jog watch - 4 (including a same girl twice) Good on you all.
11/08/2007 at 16:27
Well done Fromage Free.

“Jog Watch” Is that how many other runners you see out on your run? If it is I’ll start adding that to my stat heavy instalments.

Saturday 11/08/07 – 2:05 pm –Sandstone Trail – Willington/Pudding Lane.

8.01 miles –1:08:31.88 – 8:31 min/mile ave. – 410 ft total ascent – Mountain bear Gladiator (2).
23 degrees, sunny, humidity 53, wind SSE 7.5 mph (nice cool breeze)

Jog watch: 1 (he ran passed 20 seconds after I got back to the car, but I’ll count him)

My RHR has been worryingly high the last few days and although during yesterdays run I at no point felt tired or weak, but I’ve decided not to race tomorrow anyway..

I don’t want to not run because I’m enjoying it so much at the moment, so today was an easy as you like jaunt along the Sandstone Trail, nothing overly taxing just a nice plod in the country. Slightly quicker coming back even though its more uphill so can’t be displeased with that.

Still happy.

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