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24/09/2012 at 11:21

Hey Matt,

Cheers for clearing up the gun/chip, will have a butchers.

Well done on hitting your target, just about - I stuggled with the first 2kms with bodies in the way too!

Are you doing the Stroud Half?


24/09/2012 at 11:36

Not this year no as we're away that weekend. I doubtless will do at some point in the future though as that's very local to me.

Next race for me is the Bath Hilly Half.

24/09/2012 at 19:11

Thanks for the encouragement everyone.  Went on the Mcmillian running calc today to try and get a better idea of how to train so I did an easy run according to Mcmillian for 7.35 miles it was much faster than I'm used to for an easy run!! - 6:48 m/m.

24/09/2012 at 21:03

Mon 7.00pm - 1 hour on treadmill - a case of trying to loosen up some stiff muscles from yesterdays long run

keep it going everyone

25/09/2012 at 09:13

Up and out at 6.30 this morning for my first proper run for a fortnight. I did a VERY sedate 3 miles, and concentrated on changing to forefoot striking. It seemed to work - I had no problems with my Achilles, and it was wonderful to be out running again. The sky was beautiful - streaked with gold, and it felt very mild. What a joy!

25/09/2012 at 12:26

Hola all,

Did 8.8miles at a nice slow pace. I swear I has asleep when I started it at 6:30!


25/09/2012 at 20:26

An easy 7 miles this evening.

25/09/2012 at 21:01

Pushed for time so just 4.5 miles on the treadmill tonight.

26/09/2012 at 09:51


4.8miles - easy this morning. Just realised I broke 1000 miles for the year on the weekend too. Woop woop

26/09/2012 at 10:28

4 miles yesterday lunchtime in 34:52.

26/09/2012 at 16:09

congrats on the various Cirencester PBs.

my boss let me have two hours for lunch, so rattled off Oxford Circus-Regents Park-Primrose Hill-Parliament Hill-Kenwood House and back for 16k at 5.30m/km. very showery and autumnal, with first conkers on the ground.

club championship 10k this weekend.


26/09/2012 at 19:29

8.1 mile interval session this afternoon.  Getting faster so morale is high this evening along with with sore legs.  Recovery tomorrow I think....

26/09/2012 at 20:45

Easy 4 miler in the rain this afternoon. I saw one Frog, one Badger and one Pigeon. All dead.

26/09/2012 at 20:47
7 miles through Sutton park - very wet and muddy! Awesome
26/09/2012 at 21:00

7 miles round Hatfield in 61 mins. Rain held off til we got back too!

26/09/2012 at 21:19

welcome to all new MLR'ers - good to read about your running exploits

Wed 7.00pm - 10km (49 min)

found a window of opportunity in between thunder/lightening and persistent rain - easy paced run with a friend with whom I'm doing the Liverpool marathon - we talked a little bit about our pacing strategies and such things - the run seemed to fly by

keep it going everyone  


26/09/2012 at 21:54

Tues 4.1 miles(47 mins)

Easy 4 miles yesterday, blowing a gale and raining hard, absolutely loved it, trainers still haven't dried out

26/09/2012 at 22:02

10.38 miles round Kettering at 6.57 m/m pace.

26/09/2012 at 22:14

5x800m @ 2:50 w/ 2min recovery.

27/09/2012 at 05:48

Morning 4 easy miles my first since last Thursday.

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