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22/09/2012 at 10:41

Ok thanks for the advice, i'll stick to the 5k and the occasional 10k for now. 

Today went well though, did better than expected, the first 5k was comfortably hard and I came through in 19:20, I finished it 30 secs before the race started so perfect timing! I don't know the official time of the race but I completed the 10k in 38:20, so 19:00 or thereabouts. Should set me up nicely for a pb next saturday! 

23/09/2012 at 15:36

MR- nice one thats a good tempo session that is Cant wait to get my marathon out the way so i can make my speed work relevant to the 5k and even the 3k. i want to do shorter races next spring as part of a long term plan to progress through the distances properly where you racing next Saturday?

23/09/2012 at 15:58

The parkrun, i've decided to do the 5k once every 2 weeks, and that 10k I did yesterday every other week. What is interesting is according to mcmillan running calculator, I should be running 18:27 for the 5k, 13 secs faster than my current pb. That and i'll be doing my first ever club speed session tomorrow, should set me up nicely. 

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23/09/2012 at 16:13

Mike, remember in a 10k race you don't get a 30sec breather in between 5k sections you can't claim that as a 10k pb

good luck tho

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23/09/2012 at 17:00
Stevie- your right on the 30sec breather but he can still do the effort so that when he gets to an actual 10k race he'll have a really good idea of what to go for.
24/09/2012 at 10:15

Well, you could have a 10 second breather, but you would have to include that into your calculation of the overall finish time ! However, that is a good holding of pace over the 10km, considering that actually that pace isn't far off your 5km max pace, so that's a great session Mike, well done!

Mike, 5k and hm require quite different training. Whilst you could do a half as a long run, you probably wouldn't feel like you'd done yourself justice if you tried to race it off specific 5km training. Having said that, if you were able to get a build up of a couple of months, maybe not for the GNR as that's a bit close to the end of the track season, but perhaps something in mid to late October or early November, you could afford a couple of months of base mileage work as winter training, which would allow you to train specifically. It would have to be factored in to an overall training plan by someone who knew what they were doing coaching-wise as part of a long-term strategy, but a couple of months of slower running at a higher mileage, followed by some hardcore speedwork can pay dividends in the long term by improving the general fitness base on to which to then build the faster training, but only if the athlete and coach are patient and have a long term view, as in the short term the athlete go slower over the shorter distances.

I'm personally planning a half marathon followed by a short xc/indoor season in in the first part of this winter - I'm not planning to run well in the shorter races, but these are part of the overall plan leading into next summer's target races. I don't know if it's going to work yet though, this is my first time doing this! I'll let you know in May.....

24/09/2012 at 17:18

Haha your right Stevie, so I guess I did the 10k in 38:50, I'll mark that down as my current 10k pb then, its still below what I was hoping for anyway. 

Thanks for the advice dancing, my plan at the moment is to slowly build up the mileage while doing 2 quality sessions a week, how much is enough mileage for the 5k? I know its all down to personal preference and how your body adapts but what is the general guideline? So I plan on doing this for a year and see where that gets me, maybe doing a few tweaks along the way, but hopefully I should be around 50mpw by christmas time. Im going down to training for the first time tonight at my athletics club, will let you all know how it goes, but if I like it and im sure I will, i'll pay for the annual membership and I'll have a talk with the coach there.

Good luck dancing with your HM, wish you a injury-free season.  

24/09/2012 at 17:25

mike , you wil probably find the club will let you have a few weeks of training to see if its the club for you before having to part with your cash.

regards mileage...i would have thought time on your feet is advisable.  How about build upto a 10m sunday long run run at easy pace.  so nice and slow!   try and do the other days in smaller training runs say 3 or 4m.  Again you dont have to run these fast. and leave the fast stuff for the park runs / training at the club.   It will feel wrong as "how do i get faster by running slower" but it works.

24/09/2012 at 18:05

You mean run your easy days easy and run your hard days hard? I think thats my problem! I tend to get impatient especially on the longer run, and the long easy run turns into a progressive run, and on the hard days, im one who works better with others, so far ive been training on my own, hopefully the sight of others running makes me push that little bit harder.

24/09/2012 at 21:11

So, my first club training session done, was very happy, everyone was so welcoming.  Slightly dissapointed in the fact that im by far the youngest there, the 2nd youngest being 31. 

We did a 6 mile run easy run, I was with 3 other runners, 2 of which are sub 17min 5k runners and the other slightly slower than myself. We ran at conversation pace so was able to have a good talk to them about my training and aims and they gave me some helpful and supporting advice.

Shame we couldn't do speedwork today but they do them on wednesdays, so looking forward to that. 


24/09/2012 at 22:28
Mike R- +1 for what Dean says about the easy mileage. Seems strange at first but it is true.
25/09/2012 at 09:24

mike - glad the club night was good.   keep with it!

it doesnt make sense does the majority or your weekly miles at easy pace and you get faster ?!?  It is something every new runner makes the mistake and runs all mileage at a faster ave pace.  You need mileage and time on your feet to improve over the long term eg..not 3 secs off here and there.  I started training about a yr ago after running all my mileage same pace on a treadmill.....the difference in my times by slowing down and increasing my mileage on my slow runs and run the club nights on the track fast have seen a decent jump.

oh...and dont worry about the ages, im the youngest in my training group at 39yrs and you might be happy with my 5k time. Old timers can move too!

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28/09/2012 at 15:21
You still there Mike?
28/09/2012 at 19:48

Yeh im always here. 

Been taking in the advice and running my easy days easy by using the mcmillan running calculator paces, I had a slight injury in my shin (maybe because of the uneveness of the roads i run on and the darkness, I lose my balance time to time ) so I didn't run on Thursday unfortunately, I had 7.5 miles planned so thats ruined my weekly mileage, I decided to do some core exercises for 30mins instead.

Tomorrow will be the parkrun again, hoping for a 18:30 ish, although ive been hoping for that for the past month, I think I have a mental block and can't get past the 18:4x's  

28/09/2012 at 20:05
mike rushton wrote (see)

You mean run your easy days easy and run your hard days hard?


Glad you've started on the club sessions. Hopefully you've witnessed for yourself one thing - runners that are quicker than you are happy to be doing runs at an easy pace.  Since you mention McMillan, the pace calculator there is absolute gold, except the suggested easy run paces if anything are a little quick.

Keep the faith, your times will begin to come down with consistent training.  It's a marathon - ok, 5k - not a sprint. 

01/10/2012 at 21:11

Thanks Phil. 

Forgot to post here about what happened on saturday, here are the results:

Bolton decided to change the route, and make the time spent on the track less and include another hill apparently looking at the times around me in comparison to their pb's, the new route seems to be about 20-30 seconds harder. 

The guy who won it has a pb of 17:10 at a parkrun and he described the route as the hardest parkrun hes ever done, so I think I may be in better shape than what my time suggests, hopefully I am.  

I also scored the 4th highest age grade. 

I think last saturdays 'tempo session' paid off, im now making my training more and more structured and im doing fartleks for the first time tonight, should put me in good stead for saturday.


04/10/2012 at 23:01
Keep going Mike, the course might be tougher but it wont stop you training and being hungry for improvement keep going. I'm still reading with interest.
16/10/2012 at 21:43

Hey guys!

Been a while since I posted here, I have a few updates and a couple of questions.

Next saturday on the 27th I will be doing the parkrun and aiming for a sub 18:20 on the challenging Bolton course, I've been keeping my training consistent and im up to 37mpw now, with 2 interval sessions on tuesdays and thursdays at the club. My long run is on Sunday and im up to 11 miles and im keeping it there for several weeks, this includes 1 mile at tempo pace. Every other day is easy and every friday I take the day off.

On wednesday the 7th November I will be representing my college in the north-west colleges cross country champs, top 8 make it into the north west team and they go down to Bath University for 2 days and compete in the nationals, what a chance to impress eh!? Last year I did it and came 20th off no training.

Question: My coach wasn't at training this evening so I didn't have the opportunity to ask him a question, regardless, you lot will do.

Tonight we did 4mins on 2mins off x 4, I did every rep in 1150m or thereabouts. So around 3:27-28 for the k, was wondering if I did them too fast or too slow? so 17:20 pace but my 5k pb is 18:40.

Also how should I taper for my upcoming races, should I not do any hard session withing 4-5 days before the race, should I take a rest the day before, or 2 days before and do some strides the day prior to the race?

Sorry for the questions.  

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16/10/2012 at 22:05
mike rushton wrote (see)

Tonight we did 4mins on 2mins off x 4, I did every rep in 1150m or thereabouts. So around 3:27-28 for the k, was wondering if I did them too fast or too slow? so 17:20 pace but my 5k pb is 18:40.

Depends very much on whether you believe training should be done at current fitness/very narrowly faster, or smashed as hard as you can.

Edited: 16/10/2012 at 22:10
16/10/2012 at 22:56

Im guessing the 'smashed as hard as you can' has the most benefits but carries the most risks?

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