My toilet seat won't stay up!

This is important - advice please!

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16/04/2005 at 13:15
My fetching new loo seat just won't stay up, and it's driving me potty (ahem). Muttley Jnr and I have an all-male household, and he's a bit wayward with his aim, so this is important. Adjustment hasn't helped, so what now?

Any devices, bodges, come to mind?
16/04/2005 at 13:20
does something need tightening?
16/04/2005 at 13:21
youve bought a female one?
16/04/2005 at 13:22
blue tack it up
16/04/2005 at 13:24
16/04/2005 at 13:25
I've thought of blue tack, but it won't stay stuck long to the cistern (porcelain or whatever material it's made of, not porous enough to stick properly to).
16/04/2005 at 13:38
But this is the problem - it won't go any further forward.
16/04/2005 at 13:48
Looks like you'll have to buy a new, thinner, seat.

Might I recomend this,
or choose your own
16/04/2005 at 13:58
Funny you should post those links, BT. That's where we got it from, and our tasteful new seat is the "marine life" resin one. Muttley Jnr chose it. Nothing to do with me :-)
16/04/2005 at 14:14
ok, get a bit of string and drill the seat and tie the dtring round the flusher :¬)
16/04/2005 at 14:38
You might have the hinges the wrong way round. When I fitted mine it wouldn't stay up until I turned the hinges round, which moved the seat forward. It's hard to describe but easy to do.
16/04/2005 at 14:39
Sell the house so you can move??
16/04/2005 at 14:42
Pee outside?
16/04/2005 at 15:19
And apart from everything else, it means I can't install my href="">Toilet Nanny.

16/04/2005 at 15:21
href="">Toilet Nanny already
16/04/2005 at 15:21
16/04/2005 at 15:23
16/04/2005 at 15:26
16/04/2005 at 15:47
I want one
16/04/2005 at 16:06

Just use this

It's easier :O)
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