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for a race tomorrow.....

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25/06/2004 at 11:34
You probably think I'm leaving this a little late and I'd probably agree. I was looking at my running shoes last night and they are pretty broken down. I no longer get the support I did when I first bought them. I am running a half marathon tomorrow, would I be crazy to run in brand new one's if I go out and get some today ??

Any thoughts/ experiences would be appreciated.

25/06/2004 at 11:36
Everyone will say you'd be mad!!

I did it with a 5k last week though, no probs. They were exactly the same model as the previous pair though. But it was only a quarter of the distance.

I wouldn't if I was you. Not on a half marathon.
ip(FeS2)    pirate
25/06/2004 at 11:43
You would be mad...

If you're determined.- At least make sure it's the same brand and model.
25/06/2004 at 11:44
NO - run in the worn down ones...
25/06/2004 at 11:45
Crazy I reckon - new shoes won't win the race but they could loose it for you.

They are likely to make your muscles work slightly different due to the differing support and you need to adapt to this. A 13 mile race is not a good time for adapting!
25/06/2004 at 11:45
Nah... I've run a half marathon in new shoes. No probs. Just make sure they're the same as yer old ones and if you never suffer wi blisters etc normally, when running in new shoes, I'd say you'll be ok
25/06/2004 at 12:00
No, don't do it
25/06/2004 at 12:01
Use the old ones, it's not worth risking new ones (especialy a different brand)
25/06/2004 at 14:30
Don't do it. New shoes take a quite a few runs to 'bed in' as they are usually a bit stiff and inflexible. If they are different to your previous shoe you may end up with some nasty muscle aches and pains, never mind blisters.

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