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04/05/2011 at 21:46


I'm very new to running (only had 4 running sessions) and I found the last one ,which I did today,  the hardest...not sure why...

I'm doing a route of 2.2 miles and in the first 2 runs I did a 2 min run/2 min walk , my third run I did 2min run/ 1 min walk (which was my most exhilerating run) so I thought of setting a target of 3min run/ 1 minute walk  for the last one...but I found this one really difficult...specially after the third run.

I did do my run at around 5.30 due to work commitments wereas the others were run around midday, and wanted to know if it is better to stick to the same times for running, also is it normal to have bad days?

I have also noticed another thread regarding music to run on and people mentioned the bpm, how do you know what bpm you run on?


04/05/2011 at 21:55

Everyone has bad days.

I don't think you had a bad day I just think you pushed yourself quite hard. You really need to build up running quite slowly to avoid injury. Injury usually occurs when you have not let your body recover fully from your last effort.

You don't say how often you have been running. I would hope that you are taking at least a day off between each run. If not then you need to and it sounds like you need a rest. Next run go back to your easy run - the 2 mins run 2 mins walk. You don't want to be pushing yourself hard on every run that you do.

Run when you feel that it is better for you. You may very well find that you are more tired after a days work. If so then use this as a rest day or an easy run day. As you get fitter it won't bother you so much.

Don't run with music so can't help you there, I just find it a distraction.

04/05/2011 at 21:57

Welcome to the forum!

Bad days are completely normal. They're what make the good days feel so good.

As for feeling worse in the fourth run - sounds logical to me:  you weren't any fitter after only a few sessions, but you were certainly a lot more tired. Take it easy and you'll soon see a difference.

As for bpm - I wouldn't worry about that just yet - just get out there and enjoy yourself.



04/05/2011 at 22:16

Thanks for that!

My run usually takes about 25 minutes and I target my runs for every other thinking about it and  about what you both have just said, I might be pushing myself a bit too hard. (typical me though)

I will go back to the 2/2 rhytme for say another 2 runs and then see how I go....

I will call for help if I need to, and I will leave the bpm for while.

Thanks for making me feel welcome on the forum aswell!

04/05/2011 at 22:20
04/05/2011 at 22:25

There are some very good run/walk training plans on the site which you might find helpful. They're great for giving a structure to your training as well as stopping the temptation to overdo things.

 I have a couple of beginners at work following them at the moment .  One has her first 5K next Sunday and another couple have just started  

04/05/2011 at 22:36

Thank you,

 will have a look as it seems that I need more ideas on structure!

05/05/2011 at 14:35
You tried to increase your running time by 50% in one go, and that's a big increase. Build up slowly, there's no rush as it will take time for your body to adapt to running, certainly more than 4 runs, and it's better to take it steady so as to prevent tiredness and injury. As has been said, you will have bad days, days when every step seems a chore, then you'll have days when you're leaping around like Bambi, and you won't be able to find any reason why - it just happens. And as you get fitter the bad days should decrease.
05/05/2011 at 20:48

I had not looked at it like that....50% is indeed a large increase....Thanks!

06/05/2011 at 09:58

Please, please, please take it steady.  There are plenty of threads on here about people going mad because they can't run due to injuries.....myself included.  I've just had 7 months off with shin splints and other injuries and it was horrendous.  I love to run and, even now I'm back, it's hard not to want to do more and more too quickly.  Resist the temptation and do other sports on your days off, such as swimming, cycling or even just walking.  And be sure to always have at least one day a week when you have a complete day off.  Your body needs time to adjust but it also needs time to rest and recover.

Good luck with your running and have fun! 

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