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24/05/2005 at 23:37
Hi Ian - Yes you can enter on the morning of the race - I was talking to people who did so last year. Its about a 3 hour drive from my part of the country (Maghera) I think it is a great, friendly well organised marathon.

Kenny - I went home straight after the race so wasn't talking to many. I did a PB in Maghera (47 mins 57 secs) - I think I was so pleased to be able to run that I went out and gave it everything - I also tailed a couple of fellows and we exchanged the pace, this helped me to push on. My brother Terence did it in 45 plus. Some day I hope to cross the line with him , but it will take a couple of years or so harder training.

Did you enjoy Maghera Kenny? I hope to do Ballymena next week.

Keep up the training everyone.
25/05/2005 at 08:52
Well done Seamus you went by me at the start and I couldn't go with the pace. Thats a good time for that course. My legs felt very heavy in the warmup and during the race. I couldn't go with the guys I normally run with my time 51:45 is 2:30 slower than last year. I think I am still suffering from the marathon but maybe a hard race is what is required to get me going again. Good night for running overcast and little breeze. See you in Ballymena. We'll have to handicap Terence to give us a chance.
26/05/2005 at 18:25
Kenny I told you a few weeks ago that Liverpool would win the Champions League. I t was a great match.

See you at Ballymena.
27/05/2005 at 09:04
Hi Seamus I thought it was all over at half time. After what went on during the match I could see them loosing on penalties.
Went out last night ran the Riada 5 course faster than I ran at Maghera still didn't feel right. Hoping things get better before next Wednesday so I can keep you in sight.
27/05/2005 at 19:27
Kenny - You'll have no bother keeping up with me in Ballymena. I ran Ballymena last year in 39mins 51 secs. Its only this year that I seem to be able to break the 8 min mile barrier. I think the hill training that I started after the Connemara marathon has helped. I've also tried to do a faster training run every week. Its hard to keep up the consistency. Next week in Ballymena my body might rebell to running at that level.

What about the Carrickfergus 10K on June 4th ? Is anyone doing it?
28/05/2005 at 16:42
was doing B'mena but my other half has to work so good luck you lot. day wont be totally wasted though, have a 3M trail race at work.

missed thu and fri due to work, good club handicap run today in crawfordsburn and a steady 90 mins tomorrow.

Carrick shoould be on for me, nasty hill to start with there!!

Looks like longford is a go then seamus.

Kenny, still think L'pool were blessed!
28/05/2005 at 19:50
Hi everybody - 8 local runners in our area did a 10K today. My time was 50 mins. Its hard to do to races in one week.

I'm looking forward to the 5 miler in Ballymena.
28/05/2005 at 22:20
Hi everybody. I just discovered this website a few weeks ago and have enjoyed reading your comments and banter to each other. I've been running now for five years now and the disappointing Belfast marathon this year was my fifth marathon in total.

I was just wondering if anyone has run the Longford marathon in the past. How does it compare to the Belfast / Dublin marathons (which I've both ran previously)?
29/05/2005 at 13:29
Hi J - Good to hear from you - I've run Longford 2 times and I found it to be the most enjoyable of all marathons. Its a very flat course and you could get a PB on it. Its very well organised and the medal at the end is lovely.

You can even register on the morning of the race. I think someone even registered at the starting line last year. However that would be leaving it a bit late.

I intend to do 6 easy miles this evening.
29/05/2005 at 20:07
great 13.5 today, the sun was shining, a gentle breeze and a new pair of trainers, does life get any better. Then it was home to decorate mini me's room :-((

JM are you for longford too??

gonna have to start a thread on it soon.

hows every one else doing, gather youve still no pc at home James, bit quiet?

wher've all the girls gone too?

whos doing what on sat, Carrick or Enniskillen??

Im for carrick.
29/05/2005 at 20:21
Hi baldy and rest, been busy with evening classes that luckily finish this week. Haven't had much chance to train but started again last week as doing New York in autumn.

On different note: has any of you been in new upandrunning shop in belfast city centre? Is it worth visiting?
29/05/2005 at 22:24
Thanks for that Seamus. By the way my name is Jim which I meant to put instead of "J" - I'm not used to this new technology. Will definitely be doing Longford, although haven't told the missus yet as I'm about to become a father for the first time in a few weeks time. Ran a hilly 8 miles this morning, the best I've felt since Belfast.

Speak to you soon.

30/05/2005 at 11:59
Hi Jim - I,m at the other end of the spectrum - my youngest girl is 18 years old. I now have more time to run. Hope to see you at Longford.

Don't stay in the town on Saturday night as it is quite noisy - stay in a B&B on the outskirts. I stayed in the Longford Arms Hotel for the first marathon and didn't sleep until 4.00am because of the disco music and cheering crowds of young people.

I did 6 miles yesterday evening and felt good. I'll do a few more miles today - I'll decide how many when I'm on the road.

Its good to do hilly runs as it strengthens your legs. I do a hill session once each week.

Kenny, Ian, James - how's the training going?
30/05/2005 at 12:09
Hi everyone I did 10 miles yesterday the hip got sore about two miles from the end. Its a funny problem some times you go out nad its fine others it gives you problems. Maybe have to go back to the physio. Sent away my entry for Lisburn.
Going to the gym now and a nice easy run tomorrow before Ballymena on Wednesday.

Baldy I don't know about Carrick see how I go in Ballymena.

Hi Jim are you planning any races. Children change your life you don't have the same freedom.
30/05/2005 at 22:08
Hi kenneth,

Slightly concerned as I'm hoping to do Lisburn for the 5th year in a row but if the baby comes early then the plan might have to change. I'm not running B'Mena although I'm considering Carrick but I haven't done much speed work however
31/05/2005 at 09:19
Hi Jim you may be lucky with Lisburn but once those babies decide it time to get out there no stopping them.

I've never done Carrick do you know what type of course it is.

James the Hammers are back did you watch the match.

If anyone is free on Thursday and fancies a good 10 miler come to Limavady 7.15 start for the Jude Gallagher Memorial Round the Bridges. There are few 10 milers about these days and this is a good flat course if you are looking for a PB.
31/05/2005 at 14:05

Out for a seven miler last night - 20 mins in felt a tickle on my right calf - three paces later - rip! Know from experience on left leg last year that this is a tear - but not a big one thank goodness - but that's me out for at least a no Lisburn, and, sorry Baldy, no chance of Monday evenings in Bangor for a while.....incidentally - what time do you meet on Mondays? If I'm working, I'm not usually finished until 6.30pm.....
31/05/2005 at 16:39
Chris it may not be as serious as you think. Run plenty of cold water over affected area every hour - its a good healer.

Kenny The 10 miler is on the nia website as being on Thursday 30th June? Has it changed?
31/05/2005 at 16:45
Sorry Seamus it should have been Thursday 30 June.
Have you ran it before. Unfortunately I won't be able to run as I have to do entries and results. The 10 miles a a nice distance to race and you'll get a cup of tea at the end.

Chris cold water or an ice pack and a few days rest may help.
31/05/2005 at 21:52
Kenny - I've never run Limavady - but I hope to this year. It sounds easier than the Ballyclare 10 miler. I thought it was a killer.

I'm looking forward to Ballymena tomorrow. I hope to break 39 min barrier - my best run at 5 miles was in Stranocum in 39 mins 26 secs.

How's the hip these days Kenny?. Sometimes I have a sore hip after runs and I do squats to relieve the pain.
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