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01/06/2005 at 08:54
Seamus Limavady is a doddle compared to Ballyclare. I'd love to be running it but I've been roped into doing the results.
The hip is stiil giving me a few problems I have been doing stretches the physio showed me but I must try a few squats. Last year I ran 38:10 in Ballymena depends how I feel tonight my running is up and doewn at the moment but if I have a good night will give it a good go. I think you will break 39 Seamus if you run the way you did last Tuesday. Good luck see you later.
01/06/2005 at 21:36
well all

plenty been going on over the last few days.

have taken things easy cos of the ole work thingy, body not feeling too bad, but managed a 2 1/2M race at work today and did not too bad 15.20 for a run through mud, grassy slopes and tarmac hills!!

Chris, 7.30pm for North Down we dont get too excited over time keeping though.

how has b'mena gone???

number arrived for lisburn today, how many takers for 1.55 ish or possibly quicker, i have a few dessenters at work over the pace. so am open to suggestions.

Carrick is very up hill for first mile then across the top down hill to the power station and long flat in to the castle. can be fairly quick if you dont burn out at the start.

01/06/2005 at 22:21
Hi everyone, how are you all? How did B'mena go?

Seamus, interesting to hear you say that you thought B'Clare was a killer as I have only ran 1 10 miler and that was the B'Clare one 2 years ago, where I had one of those nights where running seemed easy and I came home in 1:15, which i was happy with for my standards. Dreaming that I can get back to that level. Will probably try Limavady.

Speak to you all soon.

01/06/2005 at 23:24
Jim - That was a terrific time. I did it in 90 mins last year. It was a very hot morning - I remember it as one of my toughest runs.

Ian - I'm going to try to break the 1 hr 50 min barrier in Lisburn. I mightn't do it - but it is nice to dream.

I was pleased with my run in Ballymena - I had a PB of 39 mins and 3 secs. I tried to break the barrier of 39 mins. I'll have to run another 38 mins 59 secs of hell in order to do that.

Kenny - That was a crazy route in Ballymena - there were stretches of 50 metres or so under one foot of water. Our strides had to change and then coming out of it our shoes felt so squelchy and heavy.

I would say it added almost 1 minute onto most people's runs. I actually had a faster run in Maghera.

James - Haven't heard much from you lately.
02/06/2005 at 09:06
Hi everyone now I know what they mean by treading water. I don't think Ballymena is a fast course anyway because there are so many twists and turns. There must have been about a quarter or mile or more under water. You had just got your shoes dried out when you hit another puddle. You had to change your stride when you hit the water and you shoes felt so heavy once you came out of it. I was over 4 minutes down on last year my legs felt so heavy and I could get going. Seamus I saw you fly past me just after the start and there was no way I was going to be able to stay with you. On a better night you would have broke the 39 minutes. People were going past me who I normally finish well in front of.
Baldy the way I'am running 1:55 would be a good time. I would like to break 1:50 but unless there a big improvement in the next fortnight I will be aiming just to get round.
Baldy do you fancy Limavady good course for a PB. Couple of pubs on the course but you'll only get water as this is were the water stops are.
I think I'll give Carrick a miss as we are doing a long run on Sunday in preparation for Lisburn. If I had ran well last night I might have tried it.
02/06/2005 at 09:09
Hi Guys

Have been reading RW forums for the last few months and came across this one recently.

I have only ever run Belfast and Lisburn in NI, but I'm thinking of running Carrick on Saturday to prepare for Lisburn Half.

I have had a couple of disappointing marathon times recently, so I'm desperate to PB in both Carrick and Lisburn.

Whilst Carrick is hilly, my only previous 10k was around Stormont (very hilly - in 45:51) so I hope to go closer to 44:00.

As for Lisburn have previously run 1:48, then 1:40, so hoping for 1:36 ish this year.

See you at Carrick.
02/06/2005 at 22:32
hi Guys,

Seamus well done, very good time in B'Mena. Anything under 8 minute miles is very good.

Done 6 miles tonight, felt very sluggish. Don't seem to be able to get any consistency since Belfast. Concentrating on Lisburn now. Giving Carrick a miss.

Kenny, how far would you recommend for a long run on Sunday, with Lisburn less than 2 weeks away.

Scott, good to hear from you. I'm new to the forum as well. Your Lisburn times are very impressive. I'll be happy with anything below 1:50.

Speak to you all soon

03/06/2005 at 09:21

I also wonder what is the best final long run distance before Lisburn (and when to run it)

I am currently hoping to do a reasonable pace 12 miler next Sunday - leaving 10 days of taper.

I expect reasonable pace to be say 15 secs per mile slower than goal half mara pace

Any thoughts ?
03/06/2005 at 21:38
Hi Jim we are planing to do the Dervock Half Marathon run this Sunday as the final long run before Lisburn. One of the guys lives near the course so we are going to his house doing the run and hopefully his wife will have the breakfast ready when we get back. I think this shoud give us enough time to recover before the race. After that it will be a few shorter runs until the 15 June.
Scott sometimes you get a PB when your not expecting it. When you go looking for them you tend to put yourself under too much pressure. Good luck anyway.
05/06/2005 at 13:44
Hi everybody - I'm just in from a 10 mile run and I did a PB of 84 mins 47 secs for a training run. If I can keep this going I might be able to break my half marathon PB in Stranraer of 1 hr 51 mins 22 secs.

I mostly take 4 or 5 glasses of wine each night at the week end. Last night I only took 2 glasses and this morning I definitely felt fresher.

How's everyone elses training going.
05/06/2005 at 20:54
James, just go and run and enjoy it. forget the times.

we all forget why we run, because we like it. sometimes its good to just go and not give a hoot about how fast we can do.

poor weeks training, the work thingy happened again, and my big lad had footy this moring ruining my sacred long run time.

missed ballymena and carrick:-((

keep up the good work seamus.

Scott in my opinion a week is long enough for a taper for a half, but still keep in a speed session, remember its not the same as a mara.
05/06/2005 at 22:06
hi everyone like you seamus i also did a 10 mile run today in a time of 86mins 11secs felt fresh at finish. my PB for the half is 1hr 43mins 40 secs set in Lisburn 3 years ago. Dont think i am in that shape now but you never know as baldy says we run because we enjoy it
07/06/2005 at 10:50
Hi folks great weather for running.
We ran the Dervock Half Merathon course on Sunday. The hip started giving me problems after about eight miles struggled home. Pauls wife had fresh fruit salad and orange juice for breakfast when we arrived back the guys will be looking for this every Sunday now.
Got my number through for Lisburn if I go it will probably be a struggle just to get round.
Going out tonight to do a hill session.
Scott how did you get on at Carrick.
Seamus you are going well I think you should break 1:50 in Lisburn.
Jim keep up the training and the times will come down.
Baldy I think we all put ourselves under too much pressure we should dump the watches and go out and run for fun.
07/06/2005 at 22:45
Kenny - Keep doing the squats - they strengthen the hip muscles - maybe you're doing too many steep hills.

I did hills last night and I felt it on the knees today.

I'll try a 13 miler tomorrow evening and then do a couple of 6 milers before the Lisburn half.

James - Good luck in Edinburgh on Sunday.

Jim - You'll do a good time in Lisburn

Ian - You'll probably pass me in Lisburn even you're aiming for 1.55

Scott - I think a week is a good enough time to taper for a half marathon. A half marathon is easier to recover from than a full marathon. You could run competitive half marathons on a weekly basis, or at least 2 per month

08/06/2005 at 07:56
Baldy and Seamus:

Thanks for the advice re: 1 week taper for Lisburn half. I did 12 on Sunday and as you suggest Baldy I will fit in a speed session in this final week.

My 12 mile run on Sunday was approx 7:05 miling on a slightly undulating course, so hoping that 7:15 per mile for Lisburn half is a reasonable target

Seamus, its also amazing what cutting down on the wine can achieve !


As you suggested, I tried to relax at Carrick, and just let a PB happen - thankfully I ran well and set a new PB of 42:53 (was 46:51) - I have only run 2 10k's though ! It was a nice course, after the initial 2km of uphill.

08/06/2005 at 10:37
Well done Scott it hard to relax a lot of running is in the head if you think you are running well you can push youself on if you think you are running bad you just get slower. Good luck in Lisburn.

Seamus I think you should stick to the wine especially before a race so I have a chance of keeping up with you. Seriously though a few drinks before a run can slow you down.

08/06/2005 at 21:33
Got Lisburn number today - 874 - seems very low for such a late registration.

I thought there were around 1500 at Lisburn Half normally ?

Can't wait for Wednesday, but in the meantime will take it quite easy - maybe 2 x 30 minutes tempo runs and one other easy run (say 4 miles) - does this seem OK for taper week ?
08/06/2005 at 23:25
Scott and Kenny - Good to hear from you. I did 13 miles this evening in 1 hr 59 mins 34 secs. I was pleased with that as I was hungry and I also made it my fastest 13 miler training run over the last 3 years.

Lisburn is a hard course though. I hope you all achieve your targets.
09/06/2005 at 07:32
Hi everybody - I thought that was my best training run - I beat it earlier in the year - I'm beginning to forget - the onset of age.
09/06/2005 at 09:29
Hi everybody went to the doctor last Friday after running crap at Ballymena and Maghera. The blood test confirmed what I had thouight that my thyroid had gone overactive again. Back on the pills so it will be a few months before I am stabilized again. Its fustrating because you put in all the effort and get nothing back. Once stabilized I should be back to normal and if I can keep the weight off maybe going faster than before. I'll be at Lisburn plodding away at the back of the field.

Scott having an easy week before a half will leave you fresh for the race and hopefully a PB. I sometimes think we don't take enough rest before races and got into them with the legs still heavy from too much training.

Seamus when your hungry you run faster to get home for the tea.

James good luck on Sunday. Relax enjoy the day and if you feel good push on and you never know you might get that PB your looking for.
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