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16/06/2005 at 17:45
Hi everybody - It was a good night last night although the hills were tough. I thought I could beat 1hr 50 mins but I ended up doing 1.53.. My watch showed 1.52.40. Did anyone else notice a wee difference between the chip times and actual times.

Kenny you did OK when you take into account your medical condition, remember Lisburn is one of the toughest halfs.

Well done to everybody else on their good times.
16/06/2005 at 23:14
hi everbody hope you all enjoyed last nights race.

Was not in the shape i thought i was and came home in a time off 1.52.17.

seamus we must have finished all most together.another 100 meters and you would off past me.

scott well done mate fantastic time.would be interested to know what training you have done to get from 1.40 to 1.33

kenny a friend of mine completed his first half last night did not stop to walk at all which he was pleased with and they then hand him a walk medal what a joke.
17/06/2005 at 09:33
Jim I've been told that they know when they ran out of medals and they will post out the proper medals. This happened two years ago and we eventually got our medals. The course at Lisburn would let you know what shape you are in it is not an easy run.

Is anyone going to do the Bridges (10 mile) in Limavady on the 30 June.
17/06/2005 at 19:18
Pace making went well in lisburn, aiming for 1.45 and 1.48, guys happy as 5 mins better than last year. Nice night but a bit warm. Anyone else think there were a lot of ambulances about????

Scotty well done on the PB. Its not a bad course with all those ups because there are just as many downs!!!

Mara as you know is something else, recommend 8 min pace training. The RW schedules are dead on, ive used them for me and others and theyve worked spot on. If you need any help send me an email, im in norht down adn will gladly help. 16wks is usual training period.

Jim and Kenny well done, finishing is what matters.

Ladyluck - welcome.

Hope to do round the bridges, is it flat kenny or is it not PB potential, i need to get one this year!!!
18/06/2005 at 14:06
Hi Jim - We must have run similar runs to have come so close.

At 10 miles I was on 83 mins but I faded badly in the last 3 miles. I did the first 6 miles in under 48 mins.

What was your running rates throughout the run?
18/06/2005 at 21:55
Baldy the bridges is a good 10 miler to get a PB the worse hill is in the first couple of miles afterthat it is relatively flat. I won't be running as I have to do the computer at registeration and produce the results. Lats year we had 100 runners hoping for more this year.
19/06/2005 at 09:04
hi seamus at 6 miles i was a shade over 48 mins at the 11 mile mark my watch said 1hr 32mis exactly so i was thinking just under 9 minute miles for the last 2 and a bit miles sadly it didn't happen i ran out of gas going in to the industrial essate and slowed down right to the finish.

kenny that;s good news about the medal my mate will be pleased.

think i will run the bridges 10 miler have only run one 10 miler before ballyclare distance semmed to suit me.[however fatherhood is now just two and a half weeks away]
19/06/2005 at 20:23
Jim - I ran 6 miles today in 21 degrees C. I increased my stride and tried to increase the tempo as well. I managed a time of 47 mins 7 secs for the 6 miles. I'm going to try to have a hard run like this once a week and my times in events may improve. I also need to try and finish stronger in events.

Kenny - How's the training going? The waether is great for running now.

James, Ian , Scott and everyone else - Hope you're all enjoying your running.
20/06/2005 at 11:59
Hello all. I dont think Kenny wld scare anyone he seems lovely :) Please let me know James how that supplement drink is going. Have got Lucozade sport in the meantime though, but can be quite sickening. Jim good luck on fatherhood. From personal experience (my youngest is one) the freedom of spontaneous training is a distant memory but it so worth it. Unfortunately I won't be doing round the bridges, getting over a calf and foot injury and am taking things quite slowly but me and my hubby will be there to cheer a few friends on so if I recognise any of youse I will certainly give youse a shout.
20/06/2005 at 14:12
Hi ladyluck I am not as scary as James makes out. I'll be stuck behind the computer at the bridges. I agree children realy do change you life. Lucozade can be a bit sickening. I get gogels from a health food shop in Coleraine which I use during my longruns. Go also do a loads of different drinks but the shop does not stock them.

Seamus training away but going nowhere fast using the heart rate monitor to keep a check on my heartrate slowing down when it gets too high. Will see how I feel may do the Dervok Half on 23 July as I stuck behind the computer again at the Riada 5 in Ballymoney on 27 July. This is a 5 mile run which may interest you ladyluck.
20/06/2005 at 19:53
Kenny - What time is the Riada 5 on at?

Also - What time is the Dervock 1/2 on at?

21/06/2005 at 08:53
Seamus Dervock at 14.00 and Riada 19.00
21/06/2005 at 12:22
Think I will try the Ballymoney run Kenneth, can you send me details please. Where will ur base be at round the bridges. Me and my hubby nigel will call with you for a quick hello if that suits. he is also a runner but is plagued with shin splints. We usually fight over the ice bucket when we get back from runs. By the way my real name is Donna.
21/06/2005 at 15:37
ps what are gogels??
21/06/2005 at 16:48
Donna I will be based in the Recreation Centre doing Registration. The Riada run starts and finishes at the Jory Dunlop Leisure Centre. I think you can pre enter or enter on the night. We will have entry forms at the bridges.
Gogels are carbohydrates which you can take on the run. They are easy to take and you don't require water to wash them down.
Looking forward to meeting you and Nigel at the bridges
21/06/2005 at 17:07
Thanks Kenny for the times of the races. Its very warm for training - but I'll do about 5-6 miles of hill training tonight at a slowish pace.

I'm looking forward to the Dervock half marathon. Why does it never be advertised? A couple of years ago a guy from Dublin asked me about it and I at that time didn't know it existed. He told me that it used to be the Dervock marathon. Is this true?
21/06/2005 at 20:49
hi all, training and posting glitch due to littluns birfdy and that work thing agen. rsting today but managed good hill session yesterday.

next week is racing week, redburn forest run on wed and bridges on thu.

Heard today of a fatality at lisburn half, plus two other heart attacks. Puts first aid provision at top of list for future club races!!

glad to see you are all beavering away with training.

anyone coming to sunny bangor on friday for the international athletics????

22/06/2005 at 09:04
Seamus the first time I ran Dervock many years ago there was a marathon, half and fun run. When they lost the sponsorship the races stoped for a few years. They have now revived the half and fun run and would like to get the marathon going again but it takes money and a lot of bodies to organise a marathon. The race is run by the local community association its advertised in the local papers and whats on guide. This year a Paul Gray who runs for Pegasus and lives in Dervock has been handing out flyers at a few races to try and attract more runners. Good prize money £150, £75 & £50 in male and female races. No age group prizes. A good testing course. Have you run it before?

Baldy will not be able to make it down to Bangor on Friday see you at the bridges.
22/06/2005 at 12:04
Thank you so much james. Really appreciate the info. Will phone cycle shop now and see if they have it in stock. Whats ur verdict on this drink? Seems reasonably priced which is good. Kenneth will take a registration form at the bridges and get signed up for the 5 miler. Ran 4 miles last night and calf and foot seem to be fine although only ran at 6 mph on running machine. Dont want to push it yet just in case. Got new Asics Nimbus trainers which seem to be working well with my orthodics, nice and cushy.
22/06/2005 at 13:23
No problem. Tried the bike shop in Limavady but they don't sell Nutrisport. Also phoned round a heap of other shops, no luck. Do you know the name of the shop in Coleraine James?
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