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22/06/2005 at 15:27
Donna I don't know what the shop is called it is on Stone Row which is the road that runs up the side of Bank of Ireland in the Diamond. Its were I get the Gogels.
4 miles at 6mph pace is OK you got another month to get ready for Riada. Keep it up.
22/06/2005 at 21:32
bootiful for day for a run, sea breeze, green fields, blue sky and buckets of sweat!!! nice eight tonight but bl@@dy hard work.

dont do energy drinks, lots of water and a gel or so on the long sundays. i find a good regular diet and lots of fluids keeps the energy levels up.
23/06/2005 at 09:47
I totally agree with what your saying Baldy. I eat really well drink loads of water but have such a hectic life. Between working full time, 2 children, sick mother, cleaning, cooking, gardening etc etc I dont get to run until after 8 or 9pm most nights so at that stage I am knackered. Have tried running with just water and after a point I seem to get sluggish and fatigued. The joys of being a woman, it is so much a mans world!
23/06/2005 at 10:26

hello all

Glad to see it's all going well, and also glad to see that even Baldy finds training tough in this weather - to think I complained about the rain and wind.......

Anyway, as you all told me, calf tear wasn't as bad as feared, but I've been out long enough to have suffered a fair drop in fitness - after a few six/seven milers, tried a long run of about 10 miles on Sunday but found it v. hard going, but mad dogs, Englishmen and runners who go out in the midday sun get what they deserve. But felt great doing seven miles on Tuesday.

Dervock half sounds good. Anything else of that distance coming up between now and September? Anybody thinking of the Rathlin run in August?

23/06/2005 at 11:56
Glad to hear your back Chris its suprising how quickly you loose your fitness try not to build you mileage up too quickly agsin as thats when you get injured again.

Ladyluck I don't know how you run at that time as I am looking to sit down put the feet up and relax come 9pm.

I only use the gel and energy drinks on the long Sunday runs.
23/06/2005 at 14:56
Believe me Kenneth sometimes it takes a lot of willpower. Weekends not as hectic though so can do long run during the day which is great. I am going to try a 5 mile run tonight, injury permitting. Just hope I am not pushing 2 hard 2 soon. What is the recommended increase of mileage after an injury?
23/06/2005 at 15:12
Ladyluck they advise uping the millage by 10% a week. Great weather for running even at 9pm its still warm. When I started back running about 5 years ago I used to get up early and do my run first thing in the morning left you feeling refreshed going to work.
23/06/2005 at 21:09
Hi Kenny, Ian, Ladyluck, Chris and everyone - Its very warm this evening - I'm going for a 5 miler tonight - I'll leave it until 10.00pm.

Ian - You've scared me when you mentioned that a runner died after/during the Lisburn. I did notice the medical services attending to a runner after about 7-8 miles.

I'm coming 50 and I wouldn't want that to happen myself or anyone else.

I've noticed lately that I get sickish after a marathon or even a half-marathon. It lasts about 5-10 minutes and then I'm ok.

I do 4 marathons per year - they're well spaced, March, May, August and October. Is this too many for a 50 year old. I do enjoy them?

Does anyone else get sickish after a hard run?
25/06/2005 at 22:52
hi everyone hope you are all enjoying your running.

Became a father for the first time on thursday night.A wee boy we are calling him Joe ;I am so happy.

To early to say what effect this will have on my running.hope to do a 6 miles on sunday morning before mother and baby come from hospital.

would still love to do longford in august as i love doing marathons and have never run it before hope this is still possible.
26/06/2005 at 13:46
Congratulation to Jim and your wife on the arrival of you baby boy Joe. You'll be able to train away Jim as young babies usually sleep quite a while during the day and you can do your training during his respites.

Kenny and everybody else - How's the training going?

I did 10 miles tasterday in preparation fot the Limavady run. Hope to see a lot of you there.
26/06/2005 at 16:23
Don't worry about why I've popped in here. I just have. You seem quite nice people though :-)
26/06/2005 at 20:37
well done jim and mrs jim hope baby joe keeps you up all night, causes you constant nightmares and worries and costs you a small fortune. After all why should you be any different from the rest of us;-)

training is going fine, a nice 17 this morning b4 it got too hot nad feel great tonight.

Seamus dotn worry, my thoughts are if its gonna get ya, it'll get no matter what!!! and feeling sick just tells me how hard ive trained:-(

im doing redburn forest on wed night then the bridges in limavady thurs so will see you all there.

Kenny, hope you have requested sun and not rain for thurs!!!
26/06/2005 at 21:12
Hi everyone. Congratulations Jim, hope wife and baby Joe are keeping well.
Training away using the heart rate monitor to make sure I don't push myself too hard. Did 10 slow miles this morning had a stretch and cold bath after.
Seamus I believe that when your time is up its up so I would carry on doing what I enjoy. Feeling sick tells you you have pushed youself to the limit.
Baldy can't promise you sunshine as I have no contacts with him above. Hopefully it will stays fine so everyone can have a good run. Rain is always warm at this time of the year anyway.
See you all on Thursday.
Hi womble are you a runner.

26/06/2005 at 21:47
congrats to Jim and as the mother of 3

ROFL at "You'll be able to train away Jim as young babies usually sleep quite a while during the day and you can do your training during his respites"

sorry Seamus but mine didn't do that, you were obviously lucky

Does anyone post from Donegal?

will be in Derry and Donegal (and Gallway but i think that is pushing it a bit)
Are there any plodder types like me in Derry that i could meet up with for a run whilst i am there.
Email me if so
Mr L's family live right near the "new bridge" - "QE2 bridge" whatever.

27/06/2005 at 21:04
Congratulations Jim to u and ur wife on ur new arrival. Bet u fell in love with him at first sight. My youngest is now 15 months and I can honestly say this last year has flew in. You will be able to fit in the running but it does take a lot of planning but you can make it work. Hopefully u will be doing plenty of night feeds and spoiling ur wife rotten. That is what my hubby done so when he was going off for a run I didn't resent him. Good luck.
28/06/2005 at 10:16
Hi everyone had a look at the weather forecst for Thursday not looking to bad chance of a shower maybe.
Jim when my kids were young I used to do the early morning feed 6.00am and the go for a run as it wasn't worthwhile going back to bed.
28/06/2005 at 22:08
Thanks everyone for your well wishes. mother and baby are doing fine. I have managed two 6 mile runs since his birth. am feeling quite good but don't know which race to do next. Understandably, I don't seem to be able to focus at the moment.

Speak to you all soon.
29/06/2005 at 07:42
Good Man Jim - Glad to hear that everybody is well -

Kenny - Does the Limavady 10 start at the Leisure centre - and what road is the Leisure centre on? - Thanks.
29/06/2005 at 09:52
Hi Seamus the Round the bridges starts at the Recreation Centre (bowling & tennis). It is on the Killane Road. If you are comming from Dungiven direction follow the traffic for Coleraine. When you get on to the main street keep going past Craigs filling station and a nursing home take the turn off fo Aghanloo & Benone this takes you onto the Kilane Road. Keep going until you see a wooden fence on you left hand side. You will probably see a bit of activity. If you are coming from Coleraine directyion take the second turn for Limavady turn right on to the Scriggan Road at the T junction tyurn left and the Centre is on your right hand side. If you get lost ask the locals they're friendly.
29/06/2005 at 12:09
I went for a 5 mile run on Sunday. Felt great for 4.5 miles but got a slight tightness in calf for last half mile. Next morning still felt slightly tight but stretched and iced regularly and tightness soon went. Went for a run last night and had to bin it after 2 miles. Calves seized up completely. I was wondering if anyone knew a good sports physio local to Limavady. I was attending a physio for same injury but I am wondering if a different physio maybe spot the underlying problem. This is an ongoing injury. Please help......thanks.......Donna
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