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16/07/2005 at 10:55
That good news Donna don't up the milage too quickly. After injury when you feel good you are tempted to try too much too soon and thats when problems occur.
I had another good run yesterday at lunch time ran a 3.7 mile course in under 30 mins for the first time this year. Resting today long run tomorrow. Will leave the dcision on Dervock until Saturday morning. May do it as I will be stuck behind the computer at Ballymoney.
Have a god weekends training.
17/07/2005 at 18:56
hi everyone how is the training going.I done a 13 miller this morning and at last i felt good on a run.I start slow but felt stronger as the run went on and finished in a time of 1hr 57mins.i will rest tomorrow and try a speed session on tuesday night.

17/07/2005 at 19:46
Kenny, Jim. ladyluck, Ian, James, Scott and everyone - I hope your training is going well.

Jim that's exactly 9 min miles - very good running.

I did a 15 mile run from 12.00 to 2.20 or so. It was very warm (25degrees). I was glad to have a long run in the heat, in case Longford is warm at the end of August.

Kenny - that's a good time - you've inspire me to keep at the speed work.

I'm going to do hill training tomorrow evening.
18/07/2005 at 16:16
Hi everyone hope you are all well.
Seamus I don't know how you ran in that heat but I understand what you are trying to do. Its difficult to race when its that warm a bit like Ballyclare last year when we tried at all times to run it the shade of the trees to keep a little cooler. I went out at 8.15 but it was warm by the time I was home took nearly 2 hours for 12 miles. Still strugling in the long runs I seam to run out of steam at the end.
Jim your going well are you getting a good nights sleep or is junior still keeping yuo up.
Baldy - Good luck tomorrow night in Portaferry.
18/07/2005 at 21:23
Seen this thread and thought I would say hello. I moved to England about 6 years ago from Northern Ireland. I grew up in Antrim and visit home as much as possible. Got into running a few years back and hven't looked back since. Wish I had been incourged more in school to run but mainly football was the call of the day. Thats one of the promblems in Northern Ireland lack of funding for sports. Ive noticed since I have been here how much more different varieties of sports school kids are incourage to do and how much better the coaching is. Its a shame realy, maybe its just the school that I went too but all that was on offer was football 5 a side and even then there was no attempt to coach or help players improve.

18/07/2005 at 23:10
Welcome to the thread Anthony - Running is a good hobby. Some of us will be running the Dervock half-marathon this Saturday.

I did 7.5 miles of hills this evening.

There are plenty of marathons over in England, in Ireland we only have 4 marathons all year.
19/07/2005 at 08:55
Hi Anthony I agree a lot of runners don't get into it until later in life. I find that a lot of footballers eventually end up running once they reach the age they can't hold down a place in the team. When I was at school it was mainly football and sometimes we were sent out running but there was no coaching. I think you have to get young people interested and make it fun but a lot of them prefer team sports. What sort of distances do you race?
20/07/2005 at 21:51
I hve completed the Taunton half marathon, Kenneth thats my furthest distance to date. But my favarite is 10k.

Your right seamus there is a lot to choose from here in England the problem is getting a place. I only enter two or three runs a year but I train regurly at the gym and long runs at the weekends. I am very lucky as I live in a little village in somerset so the views are great and there is not much traffic to dodge.

Still trying to get over a knee injury that I picked up in April I have just recently started running on the treadmill but I still do most of my training on the rowing machine and the bike.
20/07/2005 at 23:35
Anthony - Half marathons are very enjoyable runs. My best time for a half is 1hr 51 mins. I am a bit of a plodder.

Kenny - I can't wait until Saturday. I think I have over trained this week. From Sunday until today Wednesday I did 42.5 miles. The 9 I ran today were definitely JUNK miles.

I won't do this again - two consecutive days of training are fine , but 4 in a row just sickens you.

I can rest from now until Saturday.

Best of luck to everyone else in the training.
21/07/2005 at 09:09
Anthony my favourite distances would be 5 or 10 miles. I've ran 2 marathons and the feeling at the end is great. I thgink if you have a good race it dosn't matter what distance it is you rae on a high if you have a bad race you can be hard to live with for a day or two. Its just good to be able to get out there and run. Keep up the training.
Seamus going out for our pre race 3 miler tonight still havn't made up my mide yet.
You need a certain amount of rest Seamus but when the weather is good nad you have the time it difficult not to want to go for a run. See you on Saturday I'll be there even if I don't run.
21/07/2005 at 20:14
I am afiard im a bit of a plodder too. My best time at the half is 1:56. I have improved since my first one at 2:32 three years ago so Im proud of my 452 place this year!!! Looking forward to the Taunton 10k in September its a flat route so you can always get a good time.

I have been throwing some swimming into my training its supprising how difficult it is. I mananged 400m today but I am still resting every 50m. Hope it as some positive effect on my fitness.
21/07/2005 at 21:37
Anthony - 1.56 is an excellent time. Although I classify myself as a plodder I'm very content to be able to run at that speed. There's so many people who would love to be able to run a half-marathon in 3 hrs.

Kenny - How did the 3 miler go this evening?

I can't swim, but most people say its the best all round form of exercise.

Kennt - Is the Dervock course hilly or fairly flat?
21/07/2005 at 23:23
Anthony - It doesn't matter what time you finish, its the taking part and sometimes there's better fun at the back of races.

Swimming should be good for overall fitness. I can't swim, but I do some rowing. But I would need to do more.

Kenny - How did your 3 miler go?

Is the Dervock course hilly?
21/07/2005 at 23:25
I thought the first message didn't go through -
21/07/2005 at 23:25
I thought the first message didn't go through - I see it did
22/07/2005 at 10:26
Hi Anthony you have plenty of variety in your training which stops you becommming bored. You swimming is simalar to mine my technique is poor and I have to rest after each lenght (25m). Any type of exercise is bound to do some good. Stick at it and maybe someday you'll be able to do a triathlon.
Seamus the 3 miler turned into 5 as we went round and measured and marked the course for Wednesday night. Nice easy pace.
Dervock is far from flat a lot of hills but no real steep ones similar to Omagh.
22/07/2005 at 11:30
Thanks for that Kenny. I haven't done any running since Wednesday.
23/07/2005 at 21:15
Hi all. Done 9 miles this morning with no calf tightness. Really enjoyed every step although time not great but really delighted my calves are giving me the chance to progress. Glad to hear youse are all training hard. Kenny defo doing run in Ballymoney but going to sign up on the night if that is ok as I dont know for defo who else is doing it with me.
23/07/2005 at 21:35
ladyluck - that's great to see that you're running well again. 9 mile is no mean run.

Kenny - That was a great Dervock run. The weather was perfect - it was quite hilly - but it was well marked and signposted. I would say I enjoyed that run better than any other one that I did. I had a PB of 1hr 46 mins 39 secs. I don't know how I did it as my previous PB was in Stranraer of 1hr 51 mins.

Kenny - You were going well - Did you enjoy the run?

I'm looking forward to the Riada 5 next Wednesday.
24/07/2005 at 19:04
ladyluck 9 miles is a good run for anybody to do keep it up.

well done seamus on the PB and what a great time.i am sure you were on such a high after the makes all the hard work worthwhile.on this form a sub 4hrs could be on in longford.

done a 15 miller this morning in 2hrs 17mins felt good the last few miles.need to get a few shorter runs in during the week along with a speed session but finding it hard to make the time for this at the moment.
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