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29/08/2012 at 07:25

Thanks TG training away for yet another marathon, Amesterdam which is near the end of October.I have a coulple of 20 plus runs done already and ran them at a quckier pace than my normal LSR so here's hoping that i can PB at the marathon again its long over due 

29/08/2012 at 07:41

Jim....I was thinking of doing Amsterdam but the hotel prices went a bit over the top!! what price did you get a room for??

29/08/2012 at 09:59

Mark to be honest i am not sure how much my room is costing as a club mate booked it but seeing he's a Ballymena man   I am sure it won't be to expensive. Going from another fourm I read there is another big event in Amsterdam that weekend  so that may of put prices up 

Got return flights for 92 quid so you can't be bad to that 

29/08/2012 at 11:56
Good luck jim. You robin and hmm always seem to have something up your sleeves and thought you'd been a bit quiet!
30/08/2012 at 11:56

I'm still around TG. 6th week of Heart Rate training and just keeping a low profile. Running the Run n the Bann 5k next Thursday and main target is Bangor 10k on 29th September. Could I be the first person to disprove this Heart Rate Training plan? I hope not.

30/08/2012 at 12:54

Good to hear from you again Rodney. See you next Thursday in Portglenone.

30/08/2012 at 15:54
Good to hear Rodney. I may try and get to that race too.
30/08/2012 at 16:30

OK....where should I train for cross country (ideally on grass for spike use). The obvious place would be playing fields but...dull. Can anyone suggest any slightly more interesting locations ideally around Ballymena, Antrim?

At long last I'm back to running pretty normally. Did the Downhill Demense race which exposed just how much fitness I have lost over the summer, and the remaining weakness in my hamstring which was still a bit painful after. Did 7 miles with club on Monday which was OK, still some pain and a bit of limp after for a day or two.

The best news is that I did a 4.5 mile run this afternoon with no ill effects at all! Think I'll run the Bann next week too Rodney.

30/08/2012 at 19:28
Paul i'll pm u my number ref xc Give me a buzz on it.
30/08/2012 at 19:38
Paul uve got email
30/08/2012 at 22:08

Heather - that is so impressive!  Well done! You never know in a marathon how you're gonna feel from one mile to the next but it's great the way you kept going.  I'm training for Dublin mara  - is that an option for you?  Also doing Laganside on Sunday so perhaps see some of you there.


30/08/2012 at 22:36

Irene where are you at the minute with regards to mileage for Dublin?

31/08/2012 at 06:57

Can anyone tell me if the Waterside is now confirmed as one of the 8 races mentioned here-

"Any runner completing all 8 races will get a commemorative garment."

Larne Half Marathon – March 24th
Omagh Half Marathon – March 31st
Newry Half Marathon – June 3rd
Lisburn Half Marathon – June 20th
Ards Half Marathon  - June 29th
Dervock McArthur Marathon and Half Marathon- July 21st
Cookstown Half Marathon  - July 29th
Waterside Half Marathon-  Sept 9th (Awaiting final confirmation)

31/08/2012 at 09:17

Yes Mark Waterside is the final race in the Up&Running series. I entered online last night.

Good luck to everyone racing this week end. I'm hoping to get another bask at the ECOS park run tomorrow.

Good luck to Springwell's Sally Brown who goes in the T46 200m heats today at 12.05.

Good luck with the XC training Paul it helps if you get a few runs in to get used to running in spikes. Most of the XC are round playing fields. We're hoping to run a real XC which will definately not be around playing fields. I should have more details after Tuesday nights club meeting.

31/08/2012 at 10:34

Real cross country sounds great Kenny! I don't mind racing around fields, not sure I can face too much training around them on my own .

See you at Ecos tomorrow morning hopefully.

31/08/2012 at 13:29

Great run Heather - especially with your problems in the last 6 miles!

Kenneth - when do entries close for Waterside? (cant seem to see a close date on website). Still trying to run/cross train through a niggle and have been leaving entry as late as possible.

31/08/2012 at 15:44
Would I be right in saying that ferdy has got herself an international vest for the mountain running?? ( not 100% sure on name but think it's her)
31/08/2012 at 17:03

Yes TG - it's her and this is her second.

Congratulations Ferdy

31/08/2012 at 21:03

Hi Mark - did 16.3 miles last night and hope to do 18 next wkend. Hope to get a couple of 20 milers done but also want to do a few half maras so it's a bit ad hoc.  How are you getting on? (and any other forumites doing Dublin mara).


31/08/2012 at 22:42

Irene, I'm in for Dublin also. I got in a 17 mile run last week and currently putting in about 30 - 35 miles/week. I'm doing the Newtownabbey triathlon on Sunday, and after that will concentrate more on the running and ramp up the mileage a good bit. I  won't be able to get to the half marathons, but should be able to make the Causeway marathon which I'm really looking forward to. The HR monitor is useful for keeping the pace under control on the longer runs, so thanks for that advice, C75 & TG.

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