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22/03/2013 at 22:06

Omagh is a good course Ricky, although the route changed last year. Very slight climb to the finish line now but no major hills on the course.

22/03/2013 at 22:17

We had a meeting tonight at 7pm & decided to go ahead, but by the time we finished an hour later conditions were getting much worse & even in the town centre, which had been clear, the snow was starting to lie.  After consultation with the psni, we felt it was the only option available.  We were looking at a couple of dates at the meeting, possibly mid April, and will try to get the race rearranged asap.

Its soul destroying, the work that has went into the race since last summer, & this was the one thing that we could never have predicted. 

Onwards & upwards, will probably see you all in Omagh next Saturday, then hopefully down in Larne in a few weeks time!!

22/03/2013 at 22:32
It's really tough luck, Heather!
As Kenny reminded us earlier this week, last year you needed sun protection!

Best Wishes with getting a date sorted and I look forward to joining hopefully as many as possible of the original entries on the Coast Rd.

It would have been a shame for Larne to have been a non-counter in most people's fastest six in the Half-Marathon Series.
22/03/2013 at 22:55

Sorry for everyone who was planning to do Larne, and particularly for the organisers, but it's probably for the best.  Good luck Heather and Larne AC with reorganising it.

Paul - I'll let you know in the morning if it's worth struggling to get to the Waterworks for parkrun.  I haven't called it off as yet - I'm going to go over early in the morning and make the call then and plan to announce it on the Waterworks facebook page around 8am.  Not sure if you're on facebook so I'll also post on here if it's going to be called off.  That's assuming that I can even make it over there in the morning.

22/03/2013 at 22:58

Looking forward to Larne (version 2) and summer, at least it will be warmer and wet then.

22/03/2013 at 23:03
You're a Superstar, Margaret! Such dedication.

Thinking of going to Wallace parkrun but reckon battle with the weather this weekend is an uneven struggle.
23/03/2013 at 08:29

Got the message Mags, Waterworks parkrun called off.

Hope you make it home safely.  Still snowing here, I can't remember when it was this deep.  Glad not to have to either dig the car out (again) or trudge through the snow.

23/03/2013 at 08:40
Amazing the patchiness of this snow!
In Moira, no snow at all such that Ricky and I have just decided to meet up for a long run. Well, a long run in his case - I'm thinking of 10m or so and leaving him to it after that!
We may have to keep changing the planned route depending on the underfoot conditions we encounter.
Sad thinking we should be heading to Larne now so it will be good to get out and have the cobwebs blown away!!
23/03/2013 at 10:28

As a race organiser I feel sorry for the Larne guys. I know how much time and effort go into organising a race of this size. But I think this was the right decision

I was stuck at the international airport all evening eventually getting home at 1.00am so it wouldn't have been ideal preparation. It was a difficult drive in the snow. There was much lying but you had to concentrate real to see the road. Coming through Antrim in a back out was difficult seeing the signs.

Numbers would have been down today as a lot of runners lloking for a time had decided not to travel.

Still no snow down here. I was going to do the Portrush Parkrun but was so tired I just lay on. Few miles tomorrow then the Ballyliffin 10 miles next Saturday.


23/03/2013 at 11:48

No running here this weekend,snow is 24cm deep around my house its hard enough to walk in !

23/03/2013 at 11:57

i ran in the snow earlier in the year, end of january i think it was as was determined not to miss any days of my marathon training plan, but theres just no chance i can get out today, id be surprised if its less than 20cm where i am, hoping it clears before queens 5k on wednesday!

23/03/2013 at 12:16
No snow round craigavon/lurgan,parkrun went as time for me today as i was on marshal duty but got 71/2 mls done out and bk. Resolution run at the lakes tomarrow if any1 fancys it 5/10/15k, reg at 10 o clock for an 11 start, gonna do it as part of my long run,do a lap b4 an 1 after with the run out an bk will give me 22 1/2mls.
23/03/2013 at 12:50

Glad you got the news okay Paul.  As I left Dundonald around 7.15 this morning, I was hopefully that the parkrun would be able to go ahead, but after trudging a couple of hundred yards round the Waterworks I knew it was a 'no-go'.  About a dozen hopeful (mad) runners turned up just in case it went ahead but all I could offer them was a cup of coffee.

Sean, glad to hear that Citypark is clear of snow.  I am helping out at the Resolution run there tomorrow so be sure and say hello.   It'll be a good opportunity for people to get a run in tomorrow although it's not going to be timed.  It's for a good cause (Stroke Association) so if anyone can make it to Craigavon, give it a go.

Just need to find out how to get to Craigavon myself now.

23/03/2013 at 13:39
will do margaret. Might get a few more runners with the way things are else where.
23/03/2013 at 14:00
Not to waste my day off today, I registered for Parkrun last night after it was announced Larne was a goner. I was intending to run Wallace Parkrun in Lisburn but a Facebook update this morning confirmed too much snow on the paths.

So decided to do my LSR instead - Alwyn joined me and got his 13.1 done and I pushed on through the strong wind & snow flurries to get 18mls done at just over 9 m/ml pace. Was a tough run in the conditions and we both commented that Larne would have been hellish in the coastal gales.

Lets hope for suncream next week in Omagh!
23/03/2013 at 17:49
Well done Ricky and Alwyn , no running for me , Belfast is a mess , pacer run cancelled for tomorrow , just aswell really. Ah well there's always next week
23/03/2013 at 17:57
Martin - Amazing the difference a few miles make - took the kids to my folks place 10 miles away near Hillsborough for a snowball fight this afternoon and there was 9 inches in parts of their garden! They had a ball pelting me with snowballs - I hadn't the energy to run away !
We have nothing here near Moira
23/03/2013 at 19:50

gutted that larne was called off today as i was going for a time and had trained hard all winter .

so went out this morning with few mates and ran 15 torturess miles so in hindsight larne was always gonna be tough in the conditions , lets hope the rearranged date will work for everyone and larne ac get the support they deserve ..

23/03/2013 at 22:59
Ricky, it's still snowing in my street but I can drive a minute down the road and its still crap but no fresh snow, my long run is gonna have to be midweek sometime, when I'm not sure , still in post Larne misery !!
23/03/2013 at 23:06

Gregory/Martin - are you gonna give Omagh a rattle instead?

Paul - thanks for the info on the course... sounds ok!

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