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27/03/2013 at 22:07
Ran a 44 second pb at queens so very happy with that. Very cold out there but once you get going not bad.

Well done martin and jason.

Results are on champion chip ireland.
27/03/2013 at 22:17
Good man TG well done !
28/03/2013 at 10:10

Well done TG, brilliant time!  Thanks for the shouts Mags.  Pleased with 23.55 myself although the screen at the finish had me a few secs slower.  Numbers were well down this year.  I saw the dash to the finish between 3rd & 4th which got a bit physical let's just say! 

Pity about that new date for Larne as I'm in for the Walled City marathon too.

28/03/2013 at 11:53

Cheers Paul - good run yourself.

Anyone else enter late and think that 15 quid was a complete rip off??

28/03/2013 at 13:04

Bracken, no decision about whether to open pre-entries yet. 

£15 is ridiculous for a 5k, could explain why entries were down, why pay that when you can parkrun on a Saturday morning for free!!

Now my decision about Omagh is whether to try & keep with the 1.45 pace group, pb is 1.47 so it might be a bit ambitious!!  I'll wait & see what the conditions are like & how I feel on the day.  Forecast is looking a lot more promising than last week!!

28/03/2013 at 15:08

Go for it Heather.

The reasoning behind upping the entry fee for on the night entries is to encourage pre entries and take the pressure off the guys doing the results. Especially in a 5K when the whole thing is over in less than 30mins and everyone is looking to know the results. I did a 5K last year and had over 200 entries on the night everyone was finished and I was still putting in the entries than had to enter the times.

Some good running last night. Well done guys.

Good luck to anyone doing Omagh. I'm off to Ballyliffin for the 10 mile challenge on Saturday.

28/03/2013 at 19:20

Good running last night guys.  Great to hear of the PB's. My eldest son ran it for the first time and was delighted with his time of 20.57.  He's at Queens and works Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays so rarely gets the opportunity to take part in organised races.  He's only ever managed 3 parkruns and they were all on Christmas day (Martin, take note)

I've been in Kenny's position on several occasions where the on the night/day entries have exceeded the pre registations and it can be a nightmare, especially when you get people entering as late as 10 minutes before the start.  It's even more of a headache when there is prize giving directly afterwards and there are queries over finishing times/ages/gender/ etc.  At least when people pre-enter there is time to sort out any gaps or queries on the entry form. (sermon over)

Good luck in Omagh Heather and anyone else running it.  Hope it's not as cold on Saturday as it was last night - my fingers are still recovering.

28/03/2013 at 19:51

8th of June wouldn't suit me either as I was using Larne as a prep race for the Belfast Marathon.

Agree £15 was a bit steep for a 5k race, £5 per mile!! I wouldn't mind paying an extra couple of pound for a late entry but not £5!!

Well done TG, fantastic run and PB and thanks for the cheer on, Margaret.

28/03/2013 at 19:53
Just catching up on recent posts after some 'warm weather' training in Donegal!

Heather, as others have said, can imagine it's difficult finding a spare date for Larne. As Ricky said, you won't be able to please everyone! As an important part of the HM Series, priority has to be getting a date that works with the other first-half of the Series' races. Disappointing for Marathon runners if it counts them out but between Newry & Lisburn HMs sounds like best choice.

TG, a 44sec improvement on your 5k PB!! That is truly impressive.
I understand Kenny's point about on-the-day entries but ??15!! Was that a 50% premium or less? I was thinking the other day how much my entry fees for my target races will amount to this year! Thoughts best not shared with my wife when talk turns to possible austerity measures!!

I'm really looking forward to Omagh though not sure what to expect in terms of performance. My training since Christmas has been less than ideal but feel am starting to turn the corner on the road to recovery. Hope to be a lot fitter for re-scheduled Larne!!
Edited: 28/03/2013 at 19:58
28/03/2013 at 22:25

Well done Martin, Paul and all the running at Queen's last night - great PB TG!

Heather - if the MET office forecast is correct, there should be decent running conditions in Omagh on Saturday. Currently giving it dry, with only 11mph breeze (no gusts) and a whopping 5 degC

Never done this one before - assuming it is best to park at the Leisure Centre?

28/03/2013 at 23:13

easy 9.5 tonight sets me up for omagh have slight twinge in the groin hopefully be ok ...

kenny best of luck at ballyliffin i done this race last year was one of the best i,d been too , you,s will love it .


29/03/2013 at 08:08

Enjoy the run Kenny, looks like a good event.

Alwyn, it's definitely better not to add up race entry fees.

Ricky - you'll need to be early to park at the Leisure Centre.  They open a race car park beside the fire station on the Gortin Road (before the traffic lights) and there is more parking after the lights at the council offices.

29/03/2013 at 08:32
Cheers Paul ... Prob be 10.30am before I get there so will try beside the fire station.
29/03/2013 at 09:38

Alwyn I also hope to be in better shape for the rescheduled Larne. The thinking behind the large increase in the on the day entry is to get runners to pre enter. It doesn't seem to work as most like to wait and see how they feel and what the weather is like and pay the extra and enter on the night.

Ricky get there early parking is limited at the Leisure Centre but as Paul says there are other Car Parks.

Thanks Gregory I watched a video of the course on youtube I just hope the tide is out for the last mile and a half up the beach.

30/03/2013 at 05:37
Good luck to every1 in omagh today,weather looks good out so i hooe to hear about a few pb's l8r, no miles for me today, there's a few salmon running so im off to indulge my other obsession.
30/03/2013 at 14:50
40 race entry fees last year. Adds up ok.
30/03/2013 at 19:01
Omagh is A tough course but a p.b by 9 mins was achieved 1:49:46 delighted
30/03/2013 at 19:10
Great run ray, well done!
30/03/2013 at 19:19

I somewhat forgot how tough Omagh actually is, well done Ray.  I also got a PB by 9 minutes.  I came in at 1:36.  I thought that would be the highlight for me but instead it was the guy who ran with me who was a competitive runner at 100m/200m distance 30 years ago.  He packed it in in his early 20s.  At nearly 50 he came in at 1:45 for his first half marathon having only took up running again this year.

30/03/2013 at 19:26

I am jumping onto the pb bandwagon with a pb by 4 mins 1.43.47. In the end I didn't go with the 1.45 pacer but kept him in sight until about 10 miles when I passed him!! I loved the course & much prefer it to the old course.  To say I'm a happy Easter bunny tonight is an understatement

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