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15/04/2013 at 23:03
Sickening Martin .... 6 others critical. Thoughts with all involved.
16/04/2013 at 08:57

Terrible scenes from Boston last night what is the world coming to. My thoughts and prayers are with all those caught up in this.

I did a wee hill session with the beginners last night. Sun was shinning when I left the house soaked to the skin by the time we had finished but at least it was mild. A change in the weather this morning.

16/04/2013 at 09:48
Blow the head of you out there today , hope the wind dies down for my run home
16/04/2013 at 15:15

My wife is running in the VLM. We'll be heading to the Expo on Saturday, where nearby there is a park - Beckton Park and Way-hay! - 

16/04/2013 at 21:38

Go for it Alan - but don't forget it starts at 9am.  There could be a top 20 finish in it for you

Have a great time at VLM and best wishes to Jacqueline for her first marathon.

17/04/2013 at 09:33

Enjoy London Alan.

Interval session last night. 3 x mile reps with jog recovery. Blustery conditions made it tougher. Happy with the session as I got faster through out. Very warm despite the breeze.

17/04/2013 at 10:08
Easy 5mile round lough fea last nite less than 3wks to belfast marathon
17/04/2013 at 10:44
4 easy miles last night lovely evening , 5 easy miles this morning ,lashing , cold and horrible , glad that's over
17/04/2013 at 13:39
This weekend i was in Vienna with a group of 5 ladies from County Antrim Harriers. Had a fabulous weekend, made better by all 5 of is getting pb's (2 half marathon and 3 full marathons). I came in at 3.53.22, so am chuffed to bits at breaking the 4 hours.
If anyone is interested in a European spring marathon next year i would recommend it. They have a full, half and relay all running at the same time. I was dreading the thoughts of a relay getting in the way but it was barely noticed and people joining in at relay points had much better etiquette than those at Belfast, lol. The weather was hot, at about 18 degrees by mid day, but it didn't bother me too much as there was a lot of space, with very wide roads so it never felt stuffy. Even at the beginning i was able to get up to speed very quickly, with no starting and stopping because there was basically a 2 mile long dual carriageway from the start. The city was beautiful, but the route for the second half of the full marathon was pretty dull, with a few out and back stretches between mile 17 and 22 with few spectators in these areas. The route was very flat and fast and the finish line was in an amazing setting in the city centre. My gripes would be that there was very little signage at the end and next to no one to ask help from. I don't know about anyone else, but after a marathon my brain is mush and even simple tasks are very complicated. We'd agreed to meet at a booked pre paid table which was handy, yet difficult to find. A bizarre thing was at the finish line was the only liquid available was fizzy water or non alcoholic beer, neither of which hit the spot. The finishers medal was the best I've ever got, although the goody bag was pretty poor. No t shirt yet a box of cornflakes instead!

Am resting up for a couple of weeks before i decide what adventure to embark on next. although other than a very very gammy toe, I'm feeling the best i ever have after a marathon. Got a massage booked this evening, so I'm sure they'll find something to hurt, lol.
17/04/2013 at 16:06
Well done LH, sounds like a cracking weekend. Super running to get under the 4 hours. Cornflakes? More of a Frosties man myself
17/04/2013 at 16:12

Fantastic LH , sounds like great craic , well done on a fantastic time

17/04/2013 at 21:49
picked a tough half marathon route tonight wanted to use it as a test for first half of belfast 1hr41mins well pleased . If am anywhere near that on the day i'll be happy though long way to go !!!!
17/04/2013 at 23:07
Good man Gregory , great time over difficult ground , roll on Belfast
18/04/2013 at 00:29

VLM live tracking.
18/04/2013 at 09:24

Well done on the PB LH but I'm with HMM Frosties every time.

Good running Gregory.

I'm hoping the weather picks up for this evenings run.

18/04/2013 at 14:12
14 miles done , changed my long run in order to do Titanic 10k on Sunday ,weather absolutely terrible for the most ,driving wind and rain, freezing cold , sunny for last 2 miles so I dried out a bit, Tell me why we're doing this again ??

Away to Mary Peters tonight , 3 of my boys are going over to take part in some Junior track n field ( Power N.I 5 series), being hosted by Lagan Valley A/C, should be fun, and gives me a good excuse to get a look at the new track !
18/04/2013 at 14:53

Well done Martin.

The Power NI 5 series is a great event it lets youngsters try out different events. Great value at £2 a night. There are always some good races.


18/04/2013 at 22:56
My new garmin arrived today,big thanks to my lovely wife who kindly bought it for me.Took it out for spin tonight an its a great piece of kit,done hill session,10 repeats 5:50m/m pace up with 10m/m pace down, 4.4 mile total.
18/04/2013 at 23:01

Sounds like a great running break LH - congrats on the sub 4 also!

Martin ... you & I are singing off the same sheet -  I also did a 14 mile LSR this evening as I'm also doing Titanic on Sunday..... that's handy for you tonight - you can pick up your pack for sun when you're at Mary peters

18/04/2013 at 23:17
Ricky I got stuck in traffic got there at 6:05pm , office deserted , have to go back over tomorrow

So you broke your own rules and went for the 10k, Titanics great , big turnout and flat course, plenty of atmosphere , you will enjoy it and as you said before an automatic pb
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