Ow, my leg hurts...

Left leg like jelly

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21/02/2004 at 12:31
Posted to the injury forum a couple of weeks ago but no-one wanted to help :-(

Now things are even worse - I have just had to demoralisingly return home by train after 30 minutes of a long run.

For the last few weeks I have had a periodic weakening of my left calf. It's hard to explain but the leg just seems to lose all strength in the push-off and if I stand on tip-toes on that foot I get the shakes in the calf.

Part of me thinks it might be shoe related - I had a bit of knee tweak in the left knee running down a steep hill during a long run in Jan. I put this down to lack of spring in the old shoes (my 10th pair of Kayanos) which had covered 430 miles (about par for the course for me). So I changed to Kayano # 11 and ever since I've had this problem on and off. I have also run for trains in work shoes a couple of time which has not helped.

My mileage has not increased more than 10% per week and before I started dedicated marathon training I had been running 16 milers most weekends since last summer.

Anyway, after the club run on 11/2 I decided to rest for a week to see if that would help. Things felt OK on Wed 18/2 in Kayano 10, speedwork was OK yesterday morning in Kayano 11 but today disaster...

I'm so frustrated - just want to run well at Bath on 14/3 and London on 18/4 - and was in the form of my life 6 weeks ago. I still feel there is time to sort this out - I have done 3 x 20 milers and am due to do Bramley next weekend.

What should I do? Rest up and can Bramley? Try some more new shoes? Try some special stretches? See a physio?

Help, please!
21/02/2004 at 13:01
Neil, haven't a clue what it might be but doesn't sound shoe related does it. I would think see a physio to get some idea of what is happening before trying anything else.

Do you have any pain/symptoms when not running?

Hope somebody else can offer more help, must be very frustating for you.

21/02/2004 at 16:05
Thanks, Barbara, hopefully someone will...
21/02/2004 at 18:35
Is it painful at all Neil?
22/02/2004 at 21:23
Not really. Very wierd. After limping home yesterday I had a hot bath and chilled. Went for very slow run with my expectant wife this morning in the old knackered shoes and was fine...

Think I might try some cycling later in the week to keep the cardio vascular going and see what happens with new shoes!


22/02/2004 at 21:52
Could be a nerve thing maybe?

Get the GP to take a look.

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