Pasta Recipes for Carbo-Loading

Any tasty low-fat, low-protein pasta recipes?

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11/06/2003 at 18:07

I'm just starting to carbo-load for a marathon on Saturday and wondered if anyone had some tasty recipes for pasta that are high in carbohydrates and low in fat and protein?

11/06/2003 at 18:08
sorted out your pants and sherpa yet?
seriously hope it goes well
11/06/2003 at 18:20
My sherpa is out getting some last minute training in just to make sure that he can carry me for the last few miles if required.

As for the pants: I've bought some new shorts which are much snugger fitting so will be going commando on the big day. THe way I see it, Sweden have a fairly liberal attitude to nudity so there shouldn't be too many problems even if my worst fears come true...

Thanks for the support!
11/06/2003 at 18:41
Six portions of cooked pasta, any shape.
Lots of vegetables, boiled or steamed.
Drain, add passata to taste, heat through.
Serves one marathon-runner as a starter, or six sofa spuds as a main course.
11/06/2003 at 18:42
Vary it - rice, bread, jacket spuds, ruce pudding, bread and butter pudding, sponge puddings etc. There's a lot more that you can do than just pasta!

Some of those sauces in jars are good - I like the honey and mustard one with chicken, mushron and pasta.
11/06/2003 at 18:48
Oooh, have you ever looked at the fat content of the Sacla pasta sauces?

I did out of morbid curiousity once and got a shock! The pesto was the worst.

Still eat them though.

Cous cous is a good and not boring, specially when you add spices and fried onion and raisins.

Polenta is also, good, dripping in melted cheese and butter. Oh, sorry, you said low fat. I'm not very good at this low fat thing.

11/06/2003 at 18:53
Ah yes - I forgot that - I love cous cous. Safeways does some very nice ones ready flavoured - I have them for lunch at work. Just add water and butter and slam in the microwave for 2 minutes.

There are some nice savoury rices in the same section.
11/06/2003 at 18:55
Hi Lawrie - I'm doing marathon next weekend so will also be on the low fat high carb diet for a few days before.

Not looking forward to it. I don't eat cakes or chocolate (don't like them) but love cheese and butter and olive oil too much .....

So any tasty menu ideas are welcome (specially meat-free ones)...
11/06/2003 at 18:57
Hi Fruity - ooh, yes, the ready-flavoured cous cous can be really good - there is a brand called "Sammy's" which is really yummy.
11/06/2003 at 19:46
Add to V-rap's recipe - some slivers of grilled red pepper/tinned artichokes/chilli and sliced olives.
Or add to cooked pasta - lemon juice and torn basil leaves and toasted breadcrumbs.
11/06/2003 at 20:19
go Lawrie go

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