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23/02/2013 at 19:46
Good luck for tomorrow all.
23/02/2013 at 19:55

GN good going ,will do my best int morn,but my quads are killing me from my spin session thursday,that will teach me to run and spin the same day

23/02/2013 at 20:13
55 miles for me this week ,my record lol
24/02/2013 at 13:41


GN 55 Milesgood going ,only 25 for me

just back from a very cold pontypool 10k a poor 43 mins with a big climb between 2 and 3.5 miles my quads were still sore from spin class icing them now they to painful to strecth outi can only think my slow time was down to the cold conditions i hope so

lamb dins now

24/02/2013 at 16:20
MM61 those spin sessions sound hard,lol enjoy your lamb dinner it's off to work for me 3x12 our nights, rest day for me today tired omg.
24/02/2013 at 16:27

Griff- well done- more than me!! In fact, double!!

MM61- well done on the chilly 10k

Got my sorry butt out of the door today for a 16 miler (recovery week- although I may have taken that to extremes- lol!) Bit of rust in the legs, but it was ok cos the plan was to run it comfortably- last mile at pmp though 6m all up, 2m flat, 6m all down = 16m in 1.54.19 (7.09 av) splits for those who like that kind of thing :  7:29 7:27 7:26 7:25 7:25 7:29 7:29 7:24 7:21 7:25 7:12 6:43 6:42 6:37 6:30 6:13

27.9m, for the week!!! lol!

24/02/2013 at 16:38
JD I wish I had rusty legs like that mate ,by the way how old are you lol
24/02/2013 at 16:50
Just turned 45 on Thursday
24/02/2013 at 17:52
Happy birthday mate
24/02/2013 at 18:12
24/02/2013 at 18:12
MM61- have you done more miles than me this week?
24/02/2013 at 21:49

Evening all

Happy birthday JD.

MM61 - it was cold for racing today. 

I didn't race today as my knee was playing up.  my total mileage for the week was only 25 too.  Haven't done so little in years.

Well done on your training GN.

24/02/2013 at 22:01
NR- hope the knee is sorted soon.....
24/02/2013 at 22:56
Thanks NR rest that. Knee.
25/02/2013 at 07:34

Morning all

THanks all.  May have to give a spring marathon a miss again.

Have a good one all

25/02/2013 at 09:26

NR - sorry to hear that  you work so hard too. There's always Snowdon 2013 though

JD - belated happy birthday to you! and well done for the long run...it's twice the distance of my current long run, but hope to get to 14 by the time I go on hols in April.

Griff - well done on the weekly mileage too.

A good week of running for me - managed 5 runs this week without my stomach playing havoc. Did a scenic 9 miler on Saturday along Clydach canal and the West glam yesterday. Speed is irrelevant - it's just nice to run without feeling like I've been punched in the stomach...makes it much more enjoyable.

Miss the old PTH gang...wish I could be a member of two clubs, is that even possible?

Have a good week all. Excellent weekend of sport

25/02/2013 at 11:11
NR sorry to hear your knee is still bad,fingers crossed hey,LST stomachs getting better at last,excellent running, I'm going to try a new route this week when I come off my night shifts,canal path Briton ferry -neath,to resolve and back not quite sure of the mileage though I'll use it as my SLR,lol.
25/02/2013 at 18:07


JD  penblywdd hapus for thursday so your a vet 45 know well done on your run in bitter conditions
theres no way could i have run more than you this week
my run yesterday was very poor i'm suffering big time after my spin class quads are wrecked,& to make things worse i'm gonna after miss this weeks class

NR yes way too cold for racing i'm part blaming that on my poor time
hope you knee improves

GN yes those spin sessions are a lot harder than i thought will miss this weeks to let quads recover also a rest day here

LTS yes you can have a 2nd claim club,nice running too

25/02/2013 at 21:41

Evening all

LTS - glad things are looking up.  Well done on the cross country.

Happy running all

25/02/2013 at 21:52
Gym time for me now 5k in my break time????
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