Possible Derby Parkrun

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07/01/2012 at 20:40
I am trying to find out if there is enough interest to set up a Parkrun in Derby?

Derby is a big city not to have one, and I am thinking of Markeaton Park for those of you that know the area.

I am waiting to hear back from the Parkrun organisers, but am just putting some feelers out there.
07/01/2012 at 20:50

Hi Andy,

I'd definitely be interested in this. I'm at Darley Dale, near Matlock.

09/01/2012 at 19:59

I currently run in Darley Park, but would happily swap to Markeaton if it was early enough to avoid the crowds in summer. 

I love the idea of a local park run.

09/01/2012 at 20:12
Sounds like a good idea - Darley would be a lot more convenient for me too - plus it's free parking which Markeaton isn't !

Can't really think of a flat course for Darley though - you'd have to start at the cafe and run up the hilly bit to the gate and then down past the rowing clubs over the bridge and do a loop of Darley Fields. The grass down by the river is probably too soft in this weather just to run along the park.

What would your Markeaton route be Andy ?
11/01/2012 at 10:55

I am sure many at Hanley Parkrun (Stoke) would welcome another parkrun locally for a change of scenery.

 The man who organises the North parkruns was at Hanley last week.  He also visited a possible site in Leek and Congleton whilst here. 

11/01/2012 at 13:48

That would be Tom Williams who's now UK Country Manager for parkrun.

As regards Derby, if you build it, they will come I'd suggest contacting the local running clubs and you'll probably come up with a few core volunteers who are actually experienced at organising races.

I'd also strongly recommend you try to design a route where course directions can be covered by signs rather than marshalls - that way you need a lot less volunteers, and the runners get used to finding their own way. If you have marshalls and one week you're short of volunteers and have marshalls missing you'll be amazed how many people will get lost because they're so used to being told when to turn they've never bothered to actually pay attention to the route. We have no marshalls at all on our course, just signs, and as a result we can comfortably handle 300+ runners each week with just 7 or 8 volunteers, and could probably get away with as few as 5. Finding 7 or 8 has never been a problem, but I suspect finding 15 or 16 per week as we would have to if we had marshals would be much more difficult, particularly when we were starting up.

Edited: 11/01/2012 at 13:51
11/01/2012 at 14:41

Where do you organise BOTF?

 Hanley only gets 50 at the mo but I think the infrasturcture is there and it is about to take off with the clubs, who bar a couple have been anonymous.

11/01/2012 at 14:47
Andy - I only run in Derby once or twice a year when visiting my parents but I suspect Markeaton Park is not big enough to do a 5km race without involving laps. Is that an issue? Good luck.
11/01/2012 at 16:12
Andy Vickerman wrote (see)

Where do you organise BOTF?

Black Park, near Slough.
11/01/2012 at 16:18
Tricky Dicky¹ wrote (see)
Andy - I only run in Derby once or twice a year when visiting my parents but I suspect Markeaton Park is not big enough to do a 5km race without involving laps. Is that an issue? Good luck.

Laps aren't really a problem, many of the courses have them. If you can avoid them then I would, simply because it a) gives new runners the opportunity not to complete the course, and b) can be an issue if the leaders start lapping backmarkers. We have an alternative lapped course that we can use if filming in the park stops us running the usual course. Fortunately we've only had to use it a couple of times, but both times it was noticable how many people stopped at the end of the first lap and didn't complete the full 5k.
13/01/2012 at 13:39

definate interest from me. Do loads of running round Derby area. Elvaston Castle another area to consider? Really flat with plenty of pathways/riverside path/Rayneway area to create the distances. Never looked into these Park Runs to be honest, are we talking off road only?

Think ill be offroading around Allestree this weekend as well so will suss that area out.

 Keep us posted Andy

13/01/2012 at 14:03
RW4 - most are in parks as far as I knowor the like and not off road - may be gravel tracks. Newport has one section that is on grass that can get very slippery and another on a bark mulch path that is energy sapping
13/01/2012 at 14:17
RW4 - one of the beauties of parkrun is that all the runs are different and all have their own character. Some are entirely on tarmac, some on grass, some on tracks, but most are a combination. They should all runnable in road shoes, but there are some where at certain times of the year trail shoes would be a definite advantage. Because you're dealing with all ages and standards and a lot of beginners however you really need a route that's going to have a decent surface year round.
13/01/2012 at 14:28

well Elvaston definetely has that. Is used as part of Tara Kinder and Sinfin10k organised runs plus big public car park. Never gets mudded up but has tarmac, compacted park paths and tracks and sounds ideal.

Complete loop around the edge of the park is just over 6 mile with plenty of other options for inner routes as well.

13/01/2012 at 17:39
Does it have a year-round cafe and a decent car park?
13/01/2012 at 21:03
Elvaston - yes - it's pay to park again but it's a very nice place with a cafe, shop etc

Allestree - nice park for running cross country loops but not sure you would get a park run in - I suppose if you started from the car park off the A6 and ran down and round the lake path then in dry weather you could maybe loop round the grass and do another lap of the lake ? Don't think there's anything else round Allestree - I grew up there and can't think of owt.
13/01/2012 at 21:03
cafe situated in the middle of the castle grounds and a good enough car park for the local 10k races to be held so yeah.
04/02/2012 at 19:34
Any update on this? I'd definitely be very interested - been to the Conkers Parkrun before.

Elvaston Castle has excellent potential and doesn't get too busy - close to the A50 and A52 too. A loop from the car park round the grounds is almost bang on 5K. Only issue would be other users (dog walkers, cyclist, horseriders).
Alvaston Park might work too if it goes down by the river. It has a car park and cafe also but busy on a Saturday morning with football and BMX.
I live next to Allestree Park and would agree it is too small plus the A6 is a busy road which would need crossing to get the distance. Small car park and no cafe.
Darley Abbey might work but it's extremely busy (even this morning) on a Saturday morning with dog walkers, BMF and Derby Rowing Club.

11/03/2012 at 10:23
Would love a derby parkrun- have ran at conkers 15+ times and would definitely welcome one closer to home. If Swadlincote is busy I'm sure derby as a city would make a great parkrun
12/03/2012 at 13:27

I would defintely be interested in a Derby parkrun as travelling to Conkers is just a little bit too far to make me go every week.

How about Shipley Park in Heanor as a venue? 

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