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29/07/2008 at 09:45

I have done a couple of events now this year (half marathon in March and 2 10Ks). There is a lot in Runner's World about pre-race programmes for specific distances and I have found the programmes useful for ideas and shaping my own training. My issue is what to do post race. I have found that after a race for about the next 3-4 days I am more tired than normal, a bit grumpy and negative and even after a week I am not back to full training. I am not sure what I should be doing post race to recover. Below are the things I do

1. Immediate post race - have a recovery sports drink (carbs and protein, Hi5)

2. Sip an isotonic drink over the next hour or so and have a carbohydrate meal

3. Try to get to bed early

4. Don't train for 2-3 days and then ease back in with a recovery run

What do other people do as I feel I need to try something different?

29/07/2008 at 09:56

I do the same as you Michael even though I have only done 10K.

I have though the opposite effect with my general feeling after I am usually buzzing and highly motivated and can't wait to get back into training for the next one.

Are you grumpy and negative because you failed to meet a personal goal in the race or just because of the tirdness?


29/07/2008 at 09:58

Maybe because I am no elite athelete (63mins 10k PB), I just carry on as I did before the race, just start training for the next race immediately.

After my first 10k, I did rest for a week, but found I didn't really need to.
29/07/2008 at 11:08

Hi Joe,

 My 3 races so far this year I have hit all my goals, which were 1hr 45mins for the half marathon, under 50 mins for my first 10K and under 45 mins for my second 3 months later.

After the race itself I am usually buzzing as well it is really the next days when I wake up I feel tired etc. which isn't me as I am usually one of those irritatingly positive people

29/07/2008 at 14:51

Go for a post run warm down jog - of maybe 2/3 miles with club mates - disect the race in minute details - hang about for the presentation just in case they are handing out prizes that low down the field, whilst drinking a sugary coffee and eating the home made caeks on offer.

Drive home, back to training as normally Monday evening -  

30/03/2009 at 19:07

I did my first 10k road race yesterday and feel quite low today. I had a brilliant time and was buzzing afterwards.

I think my low is because I would rather be out there running than sitting at my PC at home trying to make a living  After yesterday, it feels like if I could physically race every day, I probably would {nutter}

Since I started running, I decided to retrain as a weightloss counsultant and now plan to do either sports psychology, sports nutrition as well, or something like that so I can try and make my enjoyment my work. I think running has such a great effect on us, that it's quite normal that when you come back to earth, you feel like a grizzly with a sore head. That's me anyway  

07/04/2013 at 19:40
I was pondering the same thing I did the Lincoln 10k today and was happy with my time but wonder how to train post race and for the next one. I had followed an 8 week plan for today which worked well for me but surely I don't go back to step 1.

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