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10/10/2004 at 21:06
Not so zippy - Alan is , Chuck not - think of kids TV (well adults if you're as old as me) It's not rocket science

Mushroom - only one Bassenthwaite
10/10/2004 at 22:50
First five american men in space were

Alan (Shepherd)
Virgil (Grissom)
John (Glenn)
Malcolm (Carpenter)
Walt (Schirra)

Sad I know this but I'm a bit of a saddo when it comes to spacemen (and the book is to hand)

11/10/2004 at 07:58
As Express has not 'marked' my answer and Dustin gave a different answer to me I did a google search on the first Americans in space.

I discover that it is a myth that the Thunderbirds Tracy sons were named after the first American in space.

Gordon was the sixth, not the fifth. Presumably Walter was not thought of as a good name for a puppet hero.
11/10/2004 at 11:16
it was scott carpenter not malcolm.
11/10/2004 at 12:02
It was Malcolm Scott Carpenter
11/10/2004 at 13:30
Who was the only player to have scored past Pat Jennings in his bare feet?
11/10/2004 at 14:14
Scott Carpenter, Virgil Grissom, Alan Shepard, Gordon Cooper and John Glenn from the Mercury flights were the first Americans in space and Thunderbirds characters were named after them. I think I remember that Gerry Anderson wrote to them all sometime and sent them signed photos of the characters.
11/10/2004 at 15:08
So Express, both Dustin and I are wrong.

Even after I admitted my mistake in believing in the Thunderbirds myth.

This page is also wrong This_is_the_wrong_answer

11/10/2004 at 15:11
Just goes to show - you can't believe everything you read.
11/10/2004 at 15:15
Only 2 lakes in the Lake District

Basenthwaite and a.n. other?

The rest are either -waters or -meres
11/10/2004 at 16:29
That looks like a dodgy site to me. Much better to stick to a Thunderbirds website, much more entertaining. Moral, never ask a question from memory when others have access to Google. One nil to you both or is that two nil in total ?
11/10/2004 at 17:34
It wasn't a matter of scoring points. I was beginning to wonder whether I was the only one who could see my posts.

I gave the thunderbirds answer at 17:41 yesterday, at 21:06 you were still giving clues, at 22:50 Dustin effectively says that I gave the wrong answer after which I conceded that I was in error. You then repeated my original answer this afternoon.

Therefore you can probably understand my confusion over my posts.
11/10/2004 at 20:00
Seems my memory is going, could have sworn there were two.
Ah well, we live and learn,
for those that may be interested

Bassenthwaite Lake
Coniston Water
Crummock Water
Ennerdale Water
Haweswater Reservoir
Rydal Water
Wast Water
(Courtesy of Google)

And, it was Tony the Tiger who saved Colin Bell's penalty in a Frosties advert !

I'll get my coat.
11/10/2004 at 20:18
Didn't have time to scan all the thread, so just posted what I thought was correct at the time.
11/10/2004 at 20:23
Which club has held the English Football Championship for the most consecutive years?
11/10/2004 at 20:43
Everton due to the Second World War.
11/10/2004 at 20:44
Which team won the FA Cup, but has not played in the competition since?
11/10/2004 at 20:48
Manchester United, May 2004.
11/10/2004 at 20:49
And which club held the F.A Cup for the most consecutive years
(i.e who won it before the war?)

Express, - didn't notice your correct answer to the Lakes question in my haste to show off with the wrong response.
Wish I'd been more observant now :0(
11/10/2004 at 20:50
Correct (as you well know.

Looks like we are the ones who know all the trick football questions, barnsleyrunner :o)
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