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15/08/2003 at 00:03
excellent strawballs, the makings of another classic event report here. Why do you always get involved in these complicated things?

Good luck all, I won't be trying to get there as it's too far and I'm having a crack at Welsh 3000s, or as many as I can get a day pass for.
15/08/2003 at 12:46
good luck all

i expect to be the only one wearing a blue spotty coventry triathletes top

so say hi

(unless i bottle out for something more subtle)
Monique    pirate
17/08/2003 at 17:46
Sorry, I didn't see your message till just now Alan, hope Nicko got sorted- never bumped into him at the Race but then there's a lot of folks there.

Well did a pretty rubbish time , but only to be expected as I haven't run that far since London, chose to break in my new Walshes as well- what's life without a risk? So had sore feet but a dip in the sea afterwards sorted them out.
Time- 1:58:42
I was 16th and amazingly got 3rd v35, won a brilliant head torch- which was very useful for seeing my food at the barbecue at the camp site afterwards.
Swam again this morning then headed back.
I hope everyone else had a suitably good time.
18/08/2003 at 08:51
What a race and what a time to run 14miles cross country, mad dogs and english man.

An excellent weekend and what an amazing part of the country.

Managed to do the lot in 2:05, 15mins over my half marathon, but its not really a course for PB's


18/08/2003 at 21:49
well beleive it or not.. i lost my spots.. just found them in a bag with my racing flats.

anyway.. AYE CARUMBA

kept the train behind me up to 10miles.
was in fear for my life for most of the return leg. Really struggled with the slow climb in the last few miles. 2:08 or so.

sadly my spectators rated being able to view me risking life and limb quite highly so i guess we'll be back next year.

so basically i have to run a PB first 10k & survive on marathon pace for the remainder...?
22/08/2005 at 13:23
This was my first ever race and it was fantastic.

My legs still hurt and feel like they will for another week. I could feel my lungs pushing my ribcage like a baloon ready to burst and my heart was pumping just as fast as the wheels on the train I was trying to race. In the end my efforts were futile and the 'hills' err, mountains methinks, got the better of me.

After this everything will be like a stroll in the park. Until I do it next year...and the year after, and the year after that etc etc...I'm hooked.

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