Reflective law

Is there a law about reflective gear

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cougie    pirate
03/04/2007 at 16:21
Bike kit can be a bit rubbish for reflective stuff (my winter longs has one lil bit of reflective material, on one leg only ?) - certainly running kit has the edge - but I'd really not run at night on the road unless it really was the last option.
Duck Girl    pirate
03/04/2007 at 17:03
It's often sensible, but not the law. In my full winter reflectives & as many flashing lights as will fit apparently I look like I should be going to Gatecrasher.
04/04/2007 at 00:52
Rather look stupid and reflective than flat and dead. Even if you run on pavements you still have to cross roads occasionally, and people still turn into their drives (or M&S Simply Food.... but that's another story).
04/04/2007 at 10:04
I don't know, maybe I'm too old school but to me that sounds like obsessing over safety, is there really a risk of being hit by a car turning into a drive ? If there is a risk I'd rather take it than dress up like a lollipop lady every time I went for a run.
04/04/2007 at 10:16
someone turned into their drive on top of me while I was cycling home from work last week. Given that it was sunny, broad daylight, and I was wearing a nice bright red top, I have no doubt that he saw me, he just didn't give a sh*t and thought he could nip into his drive in front of me. Had I been wearing flashing lights from head to toe, he still would have done the same. Some drivers feel that saving 3 seconds is more important than your life, regardless of what you wear. Don't get me wrong, I have lights on my bike and a flashy armband thingy (which I also wear when running) but I'm under no illusions, it won't stop me being killed if someone thinks I can magically get out of their way just because they aim their car at me.
04/04/2007 at 13:09
That is positive negative is slightly more ambiguous.

I agree Lizzie B. On numerous occaisions have been almost run down by some (usually male) tosser. Even if I painted myself dayglow or dressed as a chicken they still would have just gone straight for me.
cougie    pirate
04/04/2007 at 13:34
If I run on the roads I wear hi viz - even in daylight. Its no skin off my nose and runners always look odd to most of the population anyway.

Since a clubmate was run down on the road from behind in broad daylight - I've started cycling in my hi viz gilet. It is way more visible than my black winter kit and again - its no hardship.
04/04/2007 at 13:45
Don't get me started on getting knocked off/over:

I got knocked off my bike by a bloke stepping out of some bushes into my path. We were on the tow path and it was very dark. He'd stop to relieve himself against a tree and never thought to look around before stepping out. Despite being lit up like a Christmas he still thought it was my fault. I have lost count of the amount of times a car has cut me up by pulling in front of me only to slow down and turn left. Oh and buses pulling out in front of me...

I'd class myself as an aggressive rider and own my road space so how people that ride in the gutter or are a bit more timid on 2 wheels fair I don't know.

The usual running near misses for me are people pulling out of their driveways. They seem to pull out at speed then stop on the edge of the kerb waiting for a gap in the traffic. How about waiting on the edge of their driveway and waiting for a gap in the pedestrians.
04/04/2007 at 13:55
Popsy "is there really a risk of being hit by a car turning into a drive ?"

erm - yes. and by a car coming OUT of a drive.

It hurt, both times. Though I MAY have bashed the bonnet really hard with my hand and overdone the 'how do I look with my boobs squashed up against your driver's side window? Surprised? Me too!'
Duck Girl    pirate
04/04/2007 at 14:19
How much reflectives I am wearing depends on where I am.
The full kit (workman's vest, LED flashing reflective wrist & ankle bands, headlamp, bike back light on back of headlamp, other bike back light on vest...) is for dark country roads where runners are unexpected. Makes me look a bit like a bike & really quite hard to not see.
cougie    pirate
04/04/2007 at 14:33
You'd prob need less reflectives out on dark roads to be honest - no road clutter around. But wear that around town and you'd blend in.

Have you seen the Illuminite Range - full reflective fabric - combine that with a dinotte rear LED and the only justification for getting run over was that they thought you were a space alien out to take over the world !
04/04/2007 at 14:34
'how do I look with my boobs squashed up against your driver's side window? Surprised? Me too!'

Jj can you please foward in a plain brown email your expected route and time you will be running......

04/04/2007 at 14:37
I came the nearest so far to being knocked off my bike on Friday, while wearing my dayglo cagoule having been in front of the culprit to start off with. He said he can't have seen me even though I was quite bright!!!!!!! Yes, and driven past me.

And I have been subject to the in/out of drives thing on several occasions, on bike and while running.
Duck Girl    pirate
04/04/2007 at 16:37
Cougs - well, given that back lights are Cateye 1100s (10 LED, 2 flash patterns at once), all flashing marvellously out of sync with each other and arms & ankles, then I think I'd make quite a good alien as is!

I did make my test DiNottes into a head torch, but I think they were so bright (5W version) as to be a bit counterproductive really, not to mention that pedestrians looked absolutely terrified when this scary monster was wobbling towards them. Good for off-road running, but so bright as to nuke your night-vision. I do think they are missing a trick not making them head-mountable for running too - a bit of duct tape & cannibalised tikka+ elastic worked fine.

really really dark country roads with high banks where no-one's even expecting cars need all the lights I can get - I wouldn't just use passive reflectives without street lighting as they only work when you've been caught by car headlights - and where my parents live roads are so twisty & hilly & banked that that's not always going to happen. I also like having lights in case I get lost or hurt in the off-road bit of my route - easier to spot in the dark.
the other advantage is that on dark country lanes only the cows & sheep are around to point & laugh. Drunk people & pretty sparkly lights are not such a good combination.

Comment by friends recently, looking out for me in the dark: 'That's not Duck - Duck's always flashing' :)

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