Runners World Recipe book - Is there a market for it?

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19/03/2007 at 13:27
I have just returned from the Runners World/2:09 events Algarve training camp, during which i spoke to the magazine's representatives who were on the trip.
I suggested that they consider publishing a book with all the fabulous healthy meals suitable for runners that have been printed in previous issues of the magazine.
They seemed to think it was a good idea but i thought it worth canvassing some opinion, so if you would like to see this book published and think it would be useful please reply positively to this thread saying something along the lines of..."that's a great idea, yes i would buy the Runners World cookbook if it was to be published!"

19/03/2007 at 13:35
I'd buy it, but I'd love to see some of the recipes that have appeared in the forum in it too. There have been quite a few recipe threads over the years, with some scrummy recipes in them.
19/03/2007 at 13:36
Agree with nessie, to include forumite recipes too. Id buy one.
19/03/2007 at 13:39
Can I have a free pair of trainers if I supply a soup recipe? It's really good!
19/03/2007 at 13:43
It would have to be compiled by someone who genuinely likes to eat rather than by a po-faced person with a qualificationn in "nutrition" who just likes telling other people what they ought to eat.

I love "The Marathon Chef". The nutritional "facts" are mostly utter bollox, but the recipes are delicious. Whereas the recipes supplied by the likes of Anita Bean and Liz Applegate are just too joyless and worthy to be worth the bother.
19/03/2007 at 14:16
I agree vrap it does need to be realistic.
19/03/2007 at 14:28
Agree with Vrap.

Also agree forumites should contribute.
19/03/2007 at 14:29
where is the broad bean thread again?
19/03/2007 at 14:56
Ooh, Hipps has turned blue!

Is it the cold weather?
19/03/2007 at 15:08
are you seeing things Screamapillar ;)
hippo still purple with wings are you feeling ok :)
19/03/2007 at 15:10
yes its a bit cold
19/03/2007 at 15:13
Honest Bugsy, Hippo is blue in my view.
19/03/2007 at 15:19
yes from me too.

Though of course with funny little cartoons and pretend jollity to make it all seem like a bit of a giggle coz I mean - just show me a po-faced green leaf and I fall asleep.
19/03/2007 at 15:20
Hipps - where do you get so many hippo piccies?!!!

I'm all for a recipe book - preferably with a good section on free from recipes too.

19/03/2007 at 15:34
good point pavey-quite a few runners sesm to have wheat and dairy issues
My pics mostly come from google images
19/03/2007 at 15:57
Can we please have quick and easy recipes that don't require buying every obscure ingredient which will then only ever be used once and left to rot/harden/disintegrate at the back of the cupboard until 3 years after their sell by date - ooh and could we please have a good range of vegie options please.

Not too much to ask for is it?? (unless of course your name if Nigela Lawson)
19/03/2007 at 15:58
recipe book for runners sounds a top idea! I always end up eating the wrong stuff after LSRs etc so something to keep me on the right track would be ideal.

Hello blue hipps!
19/03/2007 at 16:14
After a LSR there's no way I could concentrate on a recipe more complicated than getting the cheese between the two slices of bread or unwrapping the Mars Bar before putting it in my mouth ... but things that could be thrown together and left in the oven for two or three hours so that they're ready to eat after a long run might be useful.

Actually, it's just a marketing gimmick, isn't it? Runners need food, same as everyone else only a bit more of it. We're nothing special in terms of nutritional requirements, though we like to think we are.
19/03/2007 at 16:28
Yes, I definitely need far more crisps and chocolate than ordinary people Vrap :-)
19/03/2007 at 16:29
great idea! I have some great recipes (well 2)
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